Metamilitarism is primarily created for the protection of bodies and space. In the end, the body is a space. It can be concluded from the mentioned that this is about knowledge far beyond any formed institution on Earth. Methods of action are more sophisticated as well. Furthermore, action takes place at the highest level possible, and that is – Space. This declares that regardless of the mentioned content and the Swastika and Runic symbolism, we do not support fascism, anti-semitic, as well as any other pro or con ideas. This is the Technological Knowledge of the Heart about the Body, about Space and their mutual law.

Disclamer is dictated by the Law of One, that same Law had created the Mediator and that’s why the Mediator is the Law of One and nothing else can originate from Him. All the Information on the websites (at Spherein Network websites) are given from the Body/out of the Mediator. Regardless of the force that produced the Information, all the Information are given only and exclusively for informing and as an invitation to a demonstration and experience of the Original Field. The contact itself with the provided information will not change the dimension of life for anyone, it will not cause Deimplantation, not a single system will be overthrown (the only thing it can do is to send the Zero Point Impulse into the heart as a call for the Method One Training Procedure). No one can, by reading the provided materials, produce any of the mentioned effects and states nor produce OMANU Technology or realize any of the mentioned projects. All of that is only possible in the controlled conditions of the Method One Scientific Training Procedure (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology) and in the spaces of the Mediator, i.e. exclusively in the Zero Point Field (Physical Space of the Zero Point Field Power Plant (drive)/Technological Field of the Method One Heart).

Misconceptions that lead into wars and aggressiveness are being deleted in the Method One Field (Zero Point Field). This explains that no destructive and war technology is being produced here (this is Metamilitary Technology → see: Metamilitarism, OMANU Technology). No one is being tought and trained for terrorism in any form which means that no one directed against some system, country, nation, belief, … Here, each and every individual is offered the possibility to exit his/her own limitations and to enter into the other dimension. Terms “war technology” and “weaponry” refer exclusively to the level of Consciousness and State of Heart, Body and Mind and to the Space Technology that arose from that. All the Technology obtained from the Zero Point Field has absolutely no similarity with the technology that is being used and produces on Earth nor is intended for the same or similar goals.

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