Introduction and conductment into the natural functioning system of the Universe
» Multidimensional Method One & OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology.

OMMIISSWW Special Training – Superconscious Metamilitary Construction and High-intensity Training of Meta Humans.

Special development, parapsychological and parapsychotronic training of high political individuals.

MetaSystem Metamanagement and Control System.

Proposition of resolving the global warfare problem and explanation of action from the Zero Point position » Metamilitarism – the new concept of resolving the global crisis of waging wars, by installing a new, healthy Zero Point Field. Exit from the concept of warfare. Vril Power Demonstration. New politics.

Runic Shield. An extraordinary program of setting a one-time protection over territorial waters and air space in the moment when a country asks, with signature, for protection of the Law of One. After the signature, installation of the Runic Field begins with which a portal is being opened for the entry of the highly–technological dimension (New Atlantis). The Mediator conducts the installation which brings the statesmen into reason for the need of such action.

OMMIISSWW – Precognitics system reform – internal and external. Creation of the system of a country as a one body includes incorporation of the universal principles and the technology of the future. In corpus of one center that governs and holds the entire system in the state of the Center. Embodiment of the Center from one individual or a smaller group means the acceptance of carisma necessary for introduction and conduction of planetary changes. The Center is built with isometric structure. The principle „how“ is the Center and in the Center so it must be satisfied outside the Center.

Those who govern states and a specific number of people should know that those exact people are the main weapon in implementation of a certain program and, In this case, we are talking about a superior program – independence from any imposed force.

Development of human potentials must go through Information and publication of the Zero Point and the technology of its action which the conscious ones will know and recognize, And then it will lead to the domino effect and opening of the Heart.

Survival depends on the mutual impusle and reaction. Also, the technology must be as such.

OMANU Technology – OAT – Original Human Living Technology of Body and Space construction and creation of Matter.

Modus Operandi – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.

Werkraft Problem Resolution – Energy Impact of the Zero Point Field – Capacitation for direct problem solving.

The Phi Signal or Energy Impact of the Zero Point Field is the strongest Information. It works instantly.

Werkraft – the breakthrough of the dimension.

OMANU  Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System – OMMIISS  is the security system for the future. The country that will lead in the New Era will have to be a leader in OMMIISS. Same goes for individuals.

Every official person, institution, country which is ready and willing to execute the highest duty of body protection (institution, people, country, …) and the planet and is ready to recognize and accept the new level of technological possibility and achievement (OMANU Zero Point Field Science and Technology/OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System - OMMIISS)  and, in doing so, can accept that this is the only and absolute way of protection and development in general, is hereby invited and free to contact for the purpose of execution of the Information Intelligence Procedure (DirectFromCenter - DFC – Information Intelligence Staff/WPI Global Security Office – SIIP).

Every comparison with the level of todays technology is unfounded and inaccurate.
Such level had been present for the last time in the Technology and projects of Neuschwabenland.

Metamilitarism is much more meaningful than development, of everything in general. Metamilitarism is development.
There is no development without breakthrough if one wants this level and this dimension.

Demonstrative understanding of everything in a concrete situation is possible in the presence and under the conditions of the Mediator Method One.

Contact OMMIISS via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or phone + 1 646 583 1110 to request an application.

Or apply through DFC website

Under the Law of One Jurisdiction

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