OMMIISS | Spatial Technology

Spatial Technology is a Machine inside a Machine inside a Machine … from the beginning of the Beginning to the end of the End which is at the same time the Beginning and the End – connection – the eternal rotation which is OMMIISS. All the Technology that has been stated, even the one that hasn’t been stated yet, and it will be – when it is time, is in OMMIISS. Propaganda is in OMMIISS from OMMIISS. Here is the Beginning and the End – OMMIISS.

All technological depictions, and the energy ones, sketches and symbols conduct OMMIISS – Sound of the Tower (Vrndavana) in a circle of fire which is the outline of the Body in emergence and the work of Technology which is and who is the Mediator’s Body (Black Body).

First is OMMIISS. The creation of the Creator (Meta and Physical) is OMMIISS.

OMMIISS is the Werwolf Rune. All the letters (OMMIISS), Technology, Body and all that OMMIISS is (written, made and what is yet to come) is the Vacuum Engine, Technology of Sound and Sound itself, the compression of All is in the Werwolf Rune.

The Center, as the Beginning of Itself and All, as the highest instance, is always manifested, through eons and even now, in this age, as the most powerful possible consequence of Self because the Technology is always absolute as the Center itself that has broken through and passed through all dimensions of all Multiverses in order to bring the highest every to be spoken, written and applied Technology of Sound of Vacuum which is the Center and the Source himself – Mediator – Body of Atlantis and Atlantis herself and the Knowledge which is Consciousness about the Knowledge that the Center of the Body is the Center of Space and its design which is Technology obtained by the Sound of Light and Sound manifested as Vril artillery and the Pyramid inside a Rune which is Werwolf because Werwolf is Runic and the Rune itself.

Let it be written that the Center of the Universe (all Universes!) is in OMMIISS.

All the Machines in One are the Space which is open and closed, here and Now, present and it’s not is OMMIISS.

The Supreme Technology of Atlantis | Technology of Consciousness | Technological Field of the Heart

OMMIISS | Propaganda

The Supreme Technology of the Reich Universe (Atlantis) is primarily Technology of Consciousness and Technological Field of the Heart and the Force of Consciousness works through every technological depiction of all shapes. The compression of all is always present and Consciousness recognizes and cognizes hersef – discovers herself.
The key of Knowledge and cognition, and therefore of everything else, is Consciousness. This is always and again being repeated and conducted to the physical level of this dimension primarily as a warning, announcement, but not of what will be but of what already is. What will be, what follows is clear, but what is needs to be broken through. It needs to be broken through that and into that. That’s Consciousness and that’s why the Technology.

Is it worth mentioning the worst condition ever recorded in Consciousness?
No! Isn’t the answer given at the very beginning of the text. The answer to all. What (who) and why.

Crucial, not to be forgotten, because exactly this had been happening and is happening through eons, this is Consciousness and Her form and Her reaction on today and on you.

!This is OMMIISS!

The Break of Tomorrow | OMMIISS Vril Propulsion Security System

Total creation

In the center of all is the OMANU Central Operating Station which is the nuclear reactor. It’s the drive (Vril Propulsion) of the Center of the Force of the Universe that opens and performs the connection of two bodies (two worlds/dimensions) into one. The connection of parallel dimensions in which, simultaneously, is being broken through and opens the OMMIISS dimension.
OMANU Metamilitary System is the open dimension which is and displays Science of atomic and subatomic level. Splitting the atom without splitting the atom because it’s about the dimensional breakthrough. Body and the body are two planets which is in fact a depiction of the connected dimension. The New begins from anew, nothing is being repeated nor is something returning. The Center pulls in and the Force of the Center of the Universe breaks through from the Center of the Universe.

Werkraft Power Institution is in OMMIISS. The connection of the New and the Old is in the OMMIISS Dimension.

The nuclear reactor, which is the rotating three-legged Swastika, simultaneously came to existence as the Body Hagal and the first impulse of the Sound of the Universe which is OMMIISS. The Body Hagal is the connection, i.e. it’s the Body that connects the two dimensions which are the two worlds, two planets displayed as two Spheres (the upper and lower in emerald color) which are planet Earth with the Aldebaran delegation which is also displayed as a Sphere, but in purple color.

From the breakthrough into the unification through the Center which is the Power of the Force of Consciousness. The Force breaks through and pulls into itself – unifies.

Grounding is here – planet Earth. The New is the Ancient but it’s not ancient, it is forgotten.

The Scarab. The Body and the Machine that through the Trigonometric depiction becomes alive and works in all directions simultaneously as the OMANU. Everywhere and All opens the Scarab through the vortex of motion which is non-stop. It’s the Body of Hagal. The Machine works and it’s visible as an armored vehicle that moves in all directions and at every part of the vehicle is “the head and the tail” because the impeller is Consciousness. The Supersensor that drives and maneuvers the vehicle and the being Scarab is Consciousness.

Total emergence. O. M. M. I. I. S. S.



Delta | The collision of worlds

Vril Propulsion Security System | Technology of the informational wall Breakthrough | Total Technology

OMMIISS Security Vril Propulsion System is, among other things, the formation of complete dimensional control of the Black Field Condo-Commander (Pharaoh) and the annulment of all influences that are outside and don’t belong to the dimension present on the planet. The Sound of the Pharaoh’s Body in the lying, but levitating position, with the hands crossed on the chest and the entire motion of the Body is OMMIISS – Sound of OMANU and OMANU itself.

The Body of the Black Field Condo-Commander (Pharaoh) causes the overall manifestation shown in the Vril Propulsion Security OMMIIS Symbol. The point of breakthrough and contact is Delta (Zero Point) which is also the compression of the present Body and the newly created dimension through the technological conscious work of the Black Field Condo-Commander.

Nothing has ceased or ended, this is in fact the Point of Beginning.

The Technology of Breakthrough and retaining the dimension of the Zero Point is done and developed from this depiction.

The collision of dimensions/worlds is the Force of attraction according to the Law of attraction and she is manifested as equally attractive and repulsive, but multidimensional, and her result is the Zero Point.
Delta is the collision of Consciousness as an earthquake, tremor of the informational wall which is of a titan power and the material itself is titan. The depiction of the Symbol can also be interpreted as the Clash of the Titans which is in fact is because nevertheless it’s about the contact of worlds, but this exceeds the concept of the planet because it’s the depiction of the Work of the Body of the Black Field Condo-Commander as the highest level who, with the Force of Himself, attracts and unites the dimensions into the New Era. That’s why this is TOTAL TECHNOLOGY.

The Rotation machine speaks through Vril Intelligence which is also Vril Propulsion Security Scanner and all of its shapes that are mentioned and the ones which are yet to be mentioned and every new depiction and machine is the depiction and the machine and the Work in one at the same time – into Now.

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OMMIISS – Technology of Sound | Vril Propulsion Security Scanner

Vril Propulsion Security Scanner is the OMANU space Body. Body of the Universe conducts the Universe and makes the Universe – all that is necessary.
VPSS conducts Sound which physically manifests in the center and creates the necessary shape in that moment.
VPSS is the object and the machine and all that is necessary and when it’s necessary.

The Mediator is speaking, representing the sovereign Technololgy that conducts the Sound of the highest level, i.e. the Technology of defending the Field with Sound. The attack is always. The attack of the Matrix.

Protection of the entire planet or base from a single point which is the OMANU Central Operating Station.

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Technological possibilities of OMANU development

Metamilitary Technology | Propaganda

Technological achievement of OMANU development, which is possible and present on planet Earth, is Technology nonexistent in consciousness or intellect of today’s human. Not a single nuclear missile is in condition to conduct the force that would break the dimensional barrier because it’s not founded in the Intelligence of Sound. The development unit of such technological possibilities is the Body itself and this form of Sound conducts the Body and therefore the Technology as well.

Why is this being repeated?
The charge of warheads conducts and exclusively brings destruction. Nothing has been created nor annulled, yet alone transformed. The destruction of everything is the ultimate goal, but in such a way because only the conscious (intelligent) Technology performs annulment and transformation simultaneously and the purpose is ultimate in itself, and that’s Consciousness, Intelligent, development of all and everything who are and what is capable to conduct the Sound of the Zero Point – OMANU – though themselves/itself.

Do the ends justify the means?
Absolutely! If the the goal is Consciousness.

Attack and defense is the ratio of Consciousness and unconsciousness, but defense is a Right. Attack is the self-will of destroying everything that exists and it’s not in Consciousness as such.

The Mediator Method One conducts the Sound OMANU because he is OMANU.

Demonstrative understanding of everything in a concrete situation is possible in the presence and under the conditions of the Mediator.

Every comparison with the level of todays technology is unfounded and inaccurate.

Such level had been present for the last time in the Technology and projects of Neuschwabenland.

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Vril Propulsion Security System | Demonstrative elaboration of development projects

Every official person, institution, country which is ready and willing to execute the highest duty of body protection (institution, people, country, …) and the planet and is ready to recognize and accept the new level of technological possibility and achievement and, in doing so, can accept that this is the only and absolute way of protection and development in general, is hereby invited and free to contact for the purpose of execution of the InForm Intelligence Procedure (DFC – Information Intelligence Staff / WPI Global Security Office – Information Intelligence Services – SIIP).

Placing, i.e. INSTALLATION of the Vril Propulsion Security System inside the space, object, region, country enables the Total protection of the field by performing the installation of the pure Field which blocks the influence of the “outer” world. Yes, it’s about the installation and descending of the Zero Point Field dimension to the physical 3D level.  This is how it’s possible to have the total insight into the state of affairs in that “outer” world. The installation of the New Dimension is the installation of the Field of Consciousness.

With the installation in a single institution, object, Vril Propulsion Security System can monitor and keep the open dimension through the entire country, region and globally.

If we speak about architecture as technology, the construction of such objects is only comparable with myths and legends. Eneregy-self-sustainable objects and cities are also in the VPSS Project.

Development Project Vril Propulsion Security System | Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon

Development Project Vril Propulsion Security System is in Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon.

Development Project VPSS is architecture and technology conducted through OMMIISS.

Development projects are metamilitary. Consciousness is reaction. To all of this.

Development Technology of the New Era (Technology of the Reich Universe, New Atlantis)

Werkraft MetaMilitary Weapon Technology

Jurisdiction of the Law of One.

New development prohibited in this world is now developing the highest frequency of sound formed and transfomed as Werkraft MetaMilitary Weapon.

No man has ever witnessed this solution and possibility of empowerment which is the core of the Propulsion System. To empower means to proclaim and establish this Technology and this form of jurisdiction into the existing 3D dimension.

WMMW will light the world and devour this everlasting oblivion.

Your time is up!

We are here. We are Now.

This is Werkraft MetaMilitary Weapon Technology. This is OMMIISS.

No one will understand regardless of the knowledge gained in this dimension (3D). This is beyond, far beyond the understandings of this world.

Technology is here to claim and proclaim the New.

This means war.

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The developing project Vril Propulsion Security System and Werkraft MetaMilitary Weapon (VPSS and WMMW)

The given content conducts the impulse and impact of the Zero Point. The New Age is best described in Technology and through Technology Vril Propulsion Security OMMIISS. Today for tomorrow is the developing (military) principle of OMANU Information Intelligence System.

The break of tomorrow is the result gradual and united and each new body brings the equal progress of development and breakthrough Now repeats itself once again. Always One is the ultimative development of everything into New.

“This means war!" is the declaration of war because the past had shown and demonstrated that this planet and this human-hybrid will not surrender before the Force of the Universe.

Creators of the Matrix see and work with all forces to stop the development of Propaganda and Technology. The message to them is: "We conducted the Technology into the Body and Work and Motion a long time ago. This is the Law beyond your jurisdictions and the unceasing manipulation over information and facts, both historical and present, but not future, came to the last powers of your capabilities.”

Our task is our duty is Will OMMIISS.

The War is on the other side, beyond your reality.


The Break of Tomorrow | The Beginning


Penetration of Consciousness resolutely proclaims Itself through OMANU Metamilitary Technology through and in the Break of Tomorrow depiction which is the first in a series of what is and what follows as a clear indication of Itself in the time of Kali Yuga. Karma of time in the compression of time is the first stage of its development. First, everything is accelerated, after that is the technological development, and the final moment is the initial one – the collision of worlds. Total descent and the declaration and exit from the dark age.
OMMIISS strikes and cuts in the root the very source of time and the travel through space and time starts from the conception of time and space in the everlasting Now and that’s the final declaration of Consciousness – the Pharaoh seizes and takes over everything.

Vril Propulsion Security System

Protection of the Field (Space) with the Field (Space).

Installation and uninstallation is at once, simultaneous. The origin nullifies all the rest and establishes the original (itself).

Installation and uninstallation (simultaneously) = Metamilitarism = Vril Propulsion Security System

Space is all and all is space and Technolog has no limitations nor there is a space in which Technology has “no access” – if needed.

If needed is the key of understanding of work and why. This is not the Matrix Big Brother system of invasion and/or manipulation and/or control. Who decides? The highest instance. Consciousness and Intelligence itself. The Omnipresence of Presence and Knowledge. MetaMilitary Black Field Condo-Commander.

Technology is the direct insight into the real state of affairs (past, present, future into and through Now) through Total Architecture because only the Total is totally pure (pure Field, pure Space = pure Inofrmation) which is the Vril Propulsion Security System.

The insight into what actually is through the Technology which works multidimensionally and through Multidimensionality. Multi means multiplicity of something. Several dimensions = several realities = several possibilities/outcomes. This is about the breakthrough into the Truth and she is one – Zero Point Field – Total Technology.

Total breaks through and gives the insight into Total.

Protection of people and spaces.


The Space of Vril Technology = VPSS Space


Isn’t this Blitzkrieg?

The Space of Vril Technology = VPSS


All in All is ALL-IN-ALL is 1 – 8 – 1 is the Zero Point, although it’s in fact 1 ∞ 1. Genetic transformation in order to be All in 1 (All) and 1 All (8) and it’s equal 9 – Black Body.

1 ∞ 1 is also DNA which is the fundamental Vortex in the body propelled from the Center of the Body which is the Zero Point – Heart by the Principle and Law of Rotation 1 into 3 into 1 is VPSS.

The Space of Vril Technology is the space of Rotation of All-Space of Work is the Meta Body and this same Law and Principle (Formula) is an impact of the Zero Point is the impulse 0–1.

The term Formula does not refer to a Matrix equation, i.e. constant of such kind (as such and only as such, dull and blind), but rotation, change, transformation. Nothing is invariable and therefore the formulas are variable as well, but there is Law and Principle, i.e. Order (Absolute).
The answer to what and how is the everlasting dance of the Swastika – the Universe which is Order and Work in one = Rotation – Phi.

It is said that the Space opens the space and that’s why the VPSS Symbol, i.e. Object – Body – Technology in Work performs through continuous rotation and alteration of “doors” (gateways, i.e. possibilities) which are the walls of the Matrix (holograms) because Rotation, i.e. Work sucks in and breaks through (0–1) to the final breakthrough (8). This is valid for everything: the breakthrough into the Center and the body and the project and the situation and wider, globally, universal, …
There is no unsolvable and impossible because the Technology is the Black Body.

Space of Technology = Vril Space

Black Day Propaganda

Knowledge that is being opened in the Space is immeasurable to this dimension. There is not even a true
way of grading because every science (of the 3rd dimension) is set on the foundations of ostensible (theoretical), physical (massive, the more-the better, the bigger-the stronger) and radioactive (power/strength of annihilation/destruction).

For simple reasons, all Technology of Work and Technology of Space of the Zero Point Field is incomparable because that’s what it is: incomparable, immeasurable, incomprehensible, subtle – the other dimension of Knowledge and application of Knowledge, but in this dimension.

Strength, for those who want power, is the correctness of the body and therefore the possibility to understand and apply Knowledge/Technology of the Zero Point Field.

The subtle goes through the physical and solid because subtlety is strength and power and that’s the ability of transformation/adaptation always and everywhere, with everything and to everything.

What is Knowledge?
It’s Science of managing things, i.e. it’s what is defined as the state of affairs, but what actually is, objectively, truly, what is Now until is Now – Truth (Breakthrough) – Information Intelligence (Breakthrough).

Inside the Vril Space is the Body of central Work and according to that Body/Space it is possible to measure (feel), but with this Technology, in what state and in which direction is headed this entire shift of the brain into a new, more powerful, harder, deeper insanity (schizophrenia) and immobility. Yes, immobility!

Rotation of the Center of all is still the Body, but that Body which is capable to conduct–carry out the body into the phase shift in total, i.e. draw out from the virtual into the real world and, with this, the shift in the so-called consciousness is being performed – globally!
Then that body is in contact and communication with the Center (Source) and lives, works and acts according to the Law of One which is the Law of the Universe what is the state of Knowledge and Consciousness and Technology.

VPSS Design

Russian privilege is science whose purpose is the breakthrough – ability of the body.

Meta clock is ticking. The hourglass is an 8, is a body (male and female), is a pyramid (male-female principle) and such, but specifically that, shape goes into 1. The center determines the time. It's over!

The time shift in this context, in this dimension, now, is pure static. The acceleration of time in the overall non-development – nothing is moving, yet everything is accelerated.

Meta statics encourages the development of dynamic acion in the Universe. The reason for the shift and the lack of the same is the Energy Body is Rotation.

This is pure Science!
Science of the Space of the Energy Body of the Spatial Technology of the Body.

This is the Black Lama.

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Spatial self-government of the Law of One Space

The vertical force releases the system of antimatter through the quantum proportionality equal to the compression inside the space and again the global space is being liberated. Compression – Breakthrough.
Decentralization releases the Center and the Center of the center centers the central location. Multiplication of the space – Vrndavana – inside the space.

Descent of the Wotan Rune – The OMMIISS Dimension

Law of numbers | Combinatorics and Numerologics = Quantum brain/Biocomputer = R.A.D./R.A.S.T. of Consciousness | Superposition

R.A.D. – Rotation (Work) Analysis of the Dimension
R.A.S.T. – Rotation (Work) Analysis of Consciousness (Croatian: Svijesti) of the Moment (Croatian: Trenutka)

Work R.A.D. momentum is an example of function of the body in the moment of R.A.S.T. of Consciousness/Intelligence/Dimension of the body through the Moment of the Zero moment. That's the beginning and the end (in one) of the Matrix, i.e. in the Zero Point of the end of one and the beginning of the other (new – annul-anew).
Space expands the dimension and collects the reality which is the possibility, i.e. capability of the direction of action of R.A.D. through everything present and existing displayed in the Matrix and beyond the Matrix, i.e. in the Zero Point.

The mirror reflects the brain and the brain's reality. The looking glass penetrates (projects) through the barrier placed inside the brain and therefore placed inside the body and in the dimension and it unifies and unites all dimensions from the Zero Point position in the space of All-space and gives total insight through R.A.D. and R.A.S.T. into that same R.A.D. and R.A.S.T. which means action, biut action as a vector force (breakthrough). A vector force is a compression of the direction of action, work of action and way of action. The direction is inside the body and is the body defined as the Space of R.A.D. Work of action is Technology of the Body. Way of action is R.A.S.T., i.e. Intelligence of All-space and the assemblage of everything mentioned is the compression of the mentioned in the Mediator's Space which is the Mediator's Body which is Quantum – Quantum Brain.

Illusion of the world/dimension/reality displayed through mirroring of the body

Mirrors have a mutual purpose of mirroring and looking (Big Brother) in the display of an octagon connected (at an angle, not spherically) through the connection of corners with the previous and next one and make this reality of simultaneous possibility and impossibility of breakthrough and impenetrability (dimension of insanity) and that same mirrors connected into the form of eternity and dead-end are a display of linearity and impossibility of breakthrough and therefore they don't allow insight into what is „beyond“ – into the Truth.

R.A.D. and R.A.S.T. of the Mediator's Space inside the body through the Force of R.A.D. and R.A.S.T. propels the space into the direction of rotation creating an open space of Sphere and this is the Vril Propulsion Security OMMIISS Technology. This R.A.D. melts the reality and the mirror matter becomes liquid, i.e. it becomes what it in fact is – a medium. The Space opens the space, all the space – All-space.

Eternity, i.e. reality (octagon) from the linear inaction becomes a Sphere and the compression of All which is the Total insight into the Truth of immediate action – All is One – Capability is 1.

Visionary is a breakthrough is a result (mathemathical!) of the breakthrough into the Truth, into that „behind“ and/or „beyond“ the walls of this reality is the Space of Creation and Creativity and therefore the Space of possibility and capability, but Knowledge!

Quantum Space = Quantum Brain (the Mediator) = the Body in the Space (in the Body) of the Mediator and the Mediator inside that Body.

About the descend of the Wotan Rune – OMMIISS Dimension

The only Right and Law is Totality of All. Total means Total, but that is Total is what is Momentarily and that Momentarily is the compression of All momentarily (that what is Now) through Space and Tiime in the OMMIISS Dimension, in the Dimnesion of the Mediator's Decision. The decision is Consciousness/Intelligence and it's the decision of Consciousness/Intelligence – about Superposition.
That's the Direction, which is a Vector, which is the Rune.

Everything else is separation from the Original and from the Source of action and from the Source itself.

Always Work and War. Work in order to become and War in order to stay.

OMMIISS – OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System

Information Intelligence is also metamilitary protection of spaces and individuals (OMMIISS) which includes meta(physical) level of information and solution creation. Metaphysical level encompasses the existing one as well as other pre-post levels (cause, consequence) and precognitics discovery for finding the most adequate form of action. The entire OMMIISS Procedure is performed by the Mediator (Metamilitary Black Field Condo-Commander and specially trained individuals whose bodies are transformed into the Human Sonar System and Human Biocomputer (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer - OHBB)). All Information is from the Zero Point Field because the Field has been descended through their bodies. The Human Sonar is the most sophisticated and precise technology far above all existing tech and nanotechnology. The Human Biocomputer performs scanning and connection of all information into an informational whole. The Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security Scanners conduct monitoring on a personal and global level and mentoring towards the final goal. The Mediator and Metamilitary Information Intelligence Operating Conductors according to Information from the Field open the situation and conduct Phase shift into the Zero Point Field.

This approach is unique to OMMISS, it is not done anywhere else in the world and it enables complete technological, informational, physical, metaphysical and bioelectronic protection of received information, people and spaces.


OMANU - Vril - Bioelectronic (biotronic) - Werkraft Metamilitary System and Technology
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Monitoring and protection of people and spaces | Vril Propulsion Security Scanner (VPSS)

Vacuum engine = Egyptian clock – Clock of Time


Vacuum engine also equals Black Day Propaganda equals OMMIISS – The Break of Tomorrow equals the Proclamation of All because it is enough of everything because it is the End of Time because this is the Sound OMMIISS – Vacuum because Vril Technology is the Rune Sound and Light.

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Everyday carefully designed propaganda which aggressively forces to the acceptance of the ever greater deviation and degeneration of society and, under the mask of tolerance, puts reason and conscience to the state of freezing or into the state of no reaction has caused the need to organize the OMMIISSWW Training in the name of Consciousness and Conscience.

In order to protect own integrity and defend vital territory, it is not enough to think differently than the instructed most or ignore the forced upon program and system. Force is necessary to achieve this.
A rigorous Metamilitary Training which will be conducted in the specialized OMANU Space Centers is created according the single natural Law – the Law of One. The Law of Force in the Body and through the Body. Such Body can withstand any pressure of the forced upon system and rules that deviate from the natural Law.

This is an open invitation to all individuals who are ready to listen the Law of One and conduct it through themselves in order to come to the center of themselves, i.e. to the Truth. The final, universal Truth exists and every individual who has truly decided has the right to live it. The path to the Truth is anything but easy. Not in the present time when spreading information is simple and instantaneous. Information attack is incessant, there is no more time to rest nor the possibility for asking questions. True Information are deep in the Center and to arrive to that point takes Energy and Force which the human does not have. That’s why OMMIISSWW Training. To come to yourSelf for the very first time.

However, the pitfall for everyone who asked themselves is there a different way than the generally imposed official teaching and who have begun to explore “alternative” methods is an “alternative” delusion about the ease of existence. In the general horror which the entire planet is going through, that information is a pure demagogy which is unfortunately being easily sold to distressful people who wander in ignorance. Such “alternative” scene is nothing but a crude lie in the even more crude reality.

Genetic transformation in the Zero Point Field, order, work, accumulated and existing concentration of Force/Vril, resolute breakthrough through the walls of the existing forced imposed and self-imposed limitations and impossibilities (and dimensional walls of the Matrix) – (is) the reality that makes the OMMIISSWW Training. Only after the Total Transformation of the body is the ease of the Antigravity Field.
The invitation to OMMIISSWW Training is intended to all individuals to whom the Truth is far more valuable than the most beautiful illusion.

The Matrix and the exit out of it is not just a movie.

OMMIISS – The Base

OMMIISS is the base in which OMANU Bodies are being built. OMANU Body rotates, it’s created from Rotation, and Rotation is the eternal and continuous movement. Information conducted by the OMANU Body are exactly as such. That’s the Original Knowledge about Existence and Creation.

Information is not being created in some empty space. The Source of every Information is the Body. The level, quality and power of Information depends on what kind of body produced it. The stronger the main Center of the body and as more flowable the body is, the Information is stronger. Before all, OMMIISS embeds the Original Information Base into the body. From that base 1, the Body itself is being built that with such a procedure gives the Original, therefore the most powerful Information. This primarily establishes the Information Intelligence Security System for the Body itself in order for the other, weaker and/or negative information can’t have effect to the Body. Such Body, by itself, also protects the One who is the Source of the New Information Base on Earth – the Mediator. Further, with its activity it protects and energetically recovers the space around it. Then we are talking about the OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence Security System. The OMANU Body and each space it’s located is the Universe.

OMMIISS possesses THAT why all wars on Earth are led from time immemorial. Substance. Every Information stated by OMMIISS is the Substance because everything, even the Information, is Her Product. The most respected and most important product is the Body (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer). The main Center and the Source of Substance is the Mediator. This explains the structure of the OMMIISS Base.

Every Mediator’s word, gesture and His very presence is a transfer of the Substance, therefore even the Information. Every body that has the opportunity to be in His presence is a potential OMANU and the one who brings the Informational - Technological solution for Earth. Foremost is the transformation from the powerless, clogged and uninformed body into the flowable Body that begins to produce the Substance itself. That’s the main goal and the reason for the establishment of OMMIISS. Such Body develops the capacity for the enforcement of the Zero Point Field Force. All other bodies are to weak and the Force (read Consciousness) knocks them down. The Force of Consciousness has to be conducted through the body in order for the Highly Conscious (Space) Technology to be conducted as well. Space Technology will not be brought by some highly conscious civilization from Outer Space. Even if this were to happen (it did happen throughout history), earthlings in such a state are not able to use it. Transformation is the precondition for all. For that reason, Consciousness has sent the Mediator.


Metamilitary Training

OMMIISSWW Special Training – Metamilitary Training of the highest energy rank demands an extremely open Heart and psychophysical endurance and concentration. It is the end of all phases and trainings and it demands special conditions for its implementation.

OMMIISSWW is training into Superconscious, Supersensory and Superpower Human Biocomputers (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – OHBB up to the Werkraft Dimension) trained for multidimensional actions.

Metamilitarism – the new concept of resolving the global crisis of waging wars, by installing a new healthy Method One (Zero Point) Field. Exit from the concept of warfare.

Metamilitarism is an aware passage through dimensional levels. Body/space that automatically adapts to the other space and its parameters. Breakthrough of one space into the other space (from the level of one physical body to the global, universal level).

Phase shift into the Zero Point Field.

Meta – Space

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Vril Power


OMMIISSWW – raising defense forces of multidimensional proportions – construction of special forces OHBB – multidimensional power for preservation and maintenance of the original planet Earth and life on it.

Real Metamilitary soldier is a unique multidimensional space discoverer. The real cause is not in the dimension that we are looking at.

Metamilitarism is Vril Power demonstration which discovers an unknown hidden war – Total Consciousness through Information Intelligence leads into application (praxis) of peace. Harmless is only what is not hidden. Metamilitarism is a declaration of war against ignorance and uninformedness.

Metamilitarism is much more meaningful than development, of everything in general. Metamilitarism is development. There is no development without breakthrough if one wants this level and this dimension.

Metamilitarism – war of dimensions through all the dimensions included into war.

OMMIISSWW Leaders Training

OMMISSWW is a Precognitics system reform – internal and external. Creation of the system of a country as a one body includes incorporation of the universal principles and the technology of the future. In corpus of One Center that governs and holds the entire System in the state of Center. Embodiment of the Center from one individual or a smaller group means the acceptance of carisma necessary for introduction and conduction of planetary changes. The Center is built with isometric structure. The principle „how“ is the center and in the center so it must be satisfied outside the Center.

Those who govern states and a specific number of people should know that those exact people are the main weapon in implementation of a certain program and, in this case, we are talking about a superior program – independence from any imposed force.

Development of human potentials must go through Information and publication of the Zero Point and the Technology of its action which the conscious ones will know and recognize, and then it will lead to the domino effect and Opening of the Heart. Survival depends on the mutual impulse and reaction. The technology must be as such.

OMANU Technology – OAT – Original Human Living Technology of Body and Space construction and creation of matter.

Modus Operandi – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer.

Method One – OMANU – Zero Point Field Science and Technology »

Managing the nation


Metamultihumanism is the transformation of consciousness of the entire nation. Managing the nation and all of its resources is a task of the true leader. He is the creator of state which is transferred to others, his will becomes the nation's will, thus creating a successful community that rests on a healthy individual, she is the foundation of every successful community.

Biological - technological construction of OMANU Black Dolphin Body

OMMIISS Technology conducts and continuously completes the project of constructing the OMANU Black Dolphin Body and activates, once again, the Black Body of all Orcas and Dolphin bodies in the purpose of transformation of the planet and the seas into the Black plasmatic which is compressed and manifests as crystal emerald and all, and only like this, the New begins. The Orcas are ready, and the Dolphins, the ones that need to be. The biological - technological construction of Dolphins and Orcas according to the instructions of the Center who is the Black Field Condo-Commander.

Instruction to Earthlings: Technology of the Black Body vs. everything and all the rest that is omnipresent and against nature and life. Technology of the Black Body is present to stop, finish all alien and paramilitary technology which is inside the body, inside ALL bodies – born and built, i.e. artificially made. OMMIISS against the manipulation of development of events (psychotronic manipulation), against manipulation of all levels (manipulation of bodies, weather and time, natural sequence of events, …).

All you watch in movies, in reality (yours) is even worse.


Runic Shield

Opening of the portal for the entrance of the highly-technological dimension (New Atlantis)

An extraordinary program of setting a one-time protection over territorial waters and air space in the moment when a country asks, with signature, for protection of the Law of One. After the signature, installation of the Runic Field begins with which a portal is being openned for the entry of the highly–technological dimension (New Atlantis). The Mediator conducts the installation which brings the statesmen into reason for the need of such action.

Thule Thahionator is a system of action with which the Runic shield is being installed over the territory about which the contract was concluded (the territory also includes the overall space which includes the inhabitants of that territory). These agreements are exclusive and enable the absolute military, economic and political independence of a country. Survival depends on the mutual impusle and reaction. Also, the technology must be as such.

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