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Thule Thahionator and Vril Propulsion System | Space Technology

Space Technology.

Thule Thahionator is designed as a System of Machines which enables the voyage into the very Center of the Universe, of all the Universes. Thule Thahionator reveals that the Center of the Universe is the Human and that the superconscious nanotechnology is embedded into every cell.

Thule Thahionator is the Antigravity Technology which has its main Center, Source point in the Heart (in the Swastika). That Center creates everything on a micro and macro level, i.e. everything is created and coordinated from and according to the Law of One. Swastika, the multidimensional machine, is uncapturable to the human eye as well as to all the created 3D technology. The Source of the Swastika is the Creator himself (God) embodied in the Human form – the Mediator. Only the ones who have accepted the Swastika in their Bodies are able to cognize him. More precisely, only those who have accepted the Swastika in their Bodies allow the Swastika to cognize Herself (Himself), and you, until then a eparated individual, observe and listen the Cognition.

The scientific explanation would be: with the installation of the Swastika in the body, the Compressed Source of All is installed. Due to many reasons, the human today is not born with the Swastika, whatever the scientists think about that. Swastika maintains life but no one is aware of her and that Source is beyond all. That what is beyond remains a mystery, unfathomable and unexplainable. When that same Swastika begins to rotate in the body, the cognition process begins in such a way that you are no longer separated because the Source itself is within you, i.e. He becomes your absolute sense in the absolute meaning. That compressed Source has a tendency to spread, such is his nature. The more you allow the Source itself to manage your body and life, the stronger He is within you and you're becoming more and more aware of it. Swastika produces the basic substance (Monatomic gold, Vril or your new, pure Energy body) which thoroughly embeds into your every part, therefore it builds the machinery which is in accordance with the entire Universe because it is being built from the Center of the Universe itself. This machinery is called Thule Thahionator and it represents an entire series of machines that maintain the rotation, Information flow and, most importantly, your unique code as an individual. When the entire body passes the biochemical and mechanical transformation, and from the unconscious and blocked body burdened with karma you become entirely flowable and a Superconscious Human Biocomputer (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer) you're becoming the Body of the Universe. Such body functions as a Vril Propulsion System. This means that you are completely trained for life in space conditions, in antigravity conditions, which are the natural conditions for the human's life and the life of all living beings. This would be the „redemption“ of sins and the return to heaven.

Everything written is the provable truth. The overall human kind with all the science and technological development is not able to figure out the secret of life. Because of this, it's necessary to awaken that minimal respect towards life and the Creator and acknowledge that, regarding this question, everyone is tapping in the dark and ignorance regardless of the status, awards and achievements. To acknowledge that there is a greater instance which Knows because he is the very Creator of Knowledge. Such introduction should be enough to acknowledge the presence of the Mediator and His role on Earth. This act would enable the concrete and powerful procedure of the Force of Law and then every suspicion would be melted.


Thule Thahionator in service of the Vril Propulsion System

Thule Thahionator is a set of unique machines which, on a micro and macro level, maintain life. Vril Propulsion System is the flow and the breakthrough of the Life Energy, the Essence and as such, it's propeled from the One in order for everything to be in the perfect System of One.

All forms of life, absolutely all, from the amoeba to the human and to the planet and the Universe have the same genetic code. The same fascinating process called life and existence occurs even at the simplest and the smallest organism and at the largest one. And all of this has been created from (some) One, at one point, and it exists exactly as it has been created a long time ago. Does the human have recollection of that moment? The answer is that he has, he just isn't aware of it. All the information about the origin, about creation and about everything that was happening is written in the genes. This is the answer where had God hidden himself, and why he had „hidden“.

One human, one body has about 100 billion cells. Exactly this amount of cells determines him as a human. A complex and impeccable process occurs within each cell. By observing a single cell, one can see exactly the same thing one would see as when observing the Universe. The life of a single cell is being maintained with the super-sophisticated technology which is installed within the cell itself. And this process actually never ceases. It is always perfect. The perfect technology. What will perhaps shock many, that nanotechnology within the cell is literally a technology made from metal and organic matter. The claim behind which we stand is that life is propeled with technology, super mechanics. At least 6 super-sophisticated mechanical machines participate in the process of creation of a new cell (replication). All of these machines work intelligently, they do not need to be ignited, programmed – they know exactly when action is necessary and they perform that job perfectly their entire life. This means that the human body is the Universe, i.e. that in the human body is about 100 billion universes which function in perfect order and with perfect intelligence. The question is why the human is not functioning perfectly within the system? Where did the problem occur? He was originally made to function exactly as a perfect superconscious technology.

The mentioned facts force upon the question of evolution. We have already determined that this term is not understood as it should be, i.e. that evolution, according to Darwin, never actually occured. In the thousands of years of the human existence, as well as in all other created species, a single change of the genetic code never happened. In this period some species cease to exist, but all the created ones have remained the same species as they were in the beginning. What actually happened? The answer will not be total. When the total truth is revealed, the world will no longer be such a dark place. One portion of the truth is that oblivion occured to the human and from that state all he produces is ignorance and it is outside of the first initial nature. The body itself no longer looks and functions as it was originally created – the most important organ of the body has been lost and thus the entire story would be most suited with the term devolution than evolution because there was a loss, not development. With the loss of the Center, the control and connectivity was lost as well. The result – the development of intelect (brain) and the creation of false ego who has taken control by ignoring orders of the Central. In the end, the Central gave up, i.e. it became too weak to function normally. This is the reason why the Perpetuum mobile which is infinite, immortal, eternal, has a lifetime for the today's human. The human no longer has an organ, which we call the Heart, and that's the Swastika which connects him with the infinite. In this closed circle, the human has set finality and linearity.

Space Machines

Did someone else, some other intelligent species influenced the genetic code? The answer is NO, but that other intelligent species has developed the technology with which it blocks the complete manifestation of the original code.

Thule Thahionator – The Machine of the Creator

A Superconscious machine created from a series of machines that work as One. Such machine exists at the atomic level, at the static level, at the organic level, at the body as a whole, in the universe. It enables perfect communication of all with all. Each part separated from it is Superconsciousness, but by separating a portion from the whole, nothing can be understood and the harmonized rhythm is being disturbed. Thule Thahionator is connectivity and indivisibility. It remembers everything. Countless Thahionators work as One and are One.


Two Pyramids – lower with the top facing up and upper with the top facing down, have a tendency of complete connection and in doing so, mutual rotation occurs. The upper Pyramid satisfies the „male“ principle, the lower satisfies the „female“ and this manifests the Field, the Universal Law. The diagonal which connects the base tops of the Pyramid and the axis which passes through the top and the center of the base make the letter T. The T shape and the reverse T and their mutual movement is the Thule Thahionator machine – Vril Propulsion. The Human Body is also a Pyramid. Thule Thahionator works on the principle of the Human Biocomputer's Body. He is the base of all the machines. T and reverse T is a game of two polarities whose product is antigravity, i.e. the Sphere.

Center of the Universe

Center of Thule Thahionator | Center of the Gene

The essence of Thule Thahionator represents the central essence of the crystal structure of the gene. This structure contains the perfect angle of constructing the Pyramids. This angle cannot be obtained with measurement, but exclusively by lining the Phi structure of the creation of a certain body. For now, there are no perfect instruments that will be capable to measure the angle and inclination.
Center of the Gene or Center of the Body or Center of the Universe = Center of infinite Energy, i.e. the place where Energy is being created – that’s Thule Thahionator. This Center is the Absolute Force.
A more precise description of the Thule Thahionator Center is that it displays the structure of the very Information/Sound. That’s the Multidimensional Thule Thahionator.

Thule Thahionator – Vril Technology (artillery) of Space.

The Bosonator

Every particle conducts Energy. Every particle also has its personalities which determine if she's a foton, boson, proton, ... Their origin is the same, but their duties differ.

Thule Thahionator is the conductor of all particles and all energy. It's a name for the total machinery which makes a certain system. One atom is one system or one Universe. Within the Thule Thahionator machinery there is an entire series of the so-called subatomic machines. One of them is the Bosonator – the machine that emits bosons.

The Universe, as every other living being, functions as a perfect machine according to perfect order. That perfect machine is made of a series of parts which are again, for themselves, equally alive and equally conscious. That every part performs a specific duty in the purpose of maintaining order and law which is life. In the moment when at any place within the system a certain irregularity occurs, when some imperfection in action occurs, security mechanisms are being activated whose task is to remove the irregularity. The Bosonator is the last line of system defense – the aimed destruction of the source of irregularities begins with enhanced emission of bosons. Beams of bosons literally delete the target like the „delete“ key. Boson beams are formed when no other way was able to return the balance into the system. The Source of all, even the bosons, is the Swastika.

Nanotechnology of the core     (this article is password protected)

Svemir je Super-Nano-Biocomputer     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Tehnologija funkcioniranja samog Svemira je nanotehnološka pa i još suptilnija. Nije teška mehanizacija. Sila koju stvara je posljedica povezanosti svih dijelova u Jedan – najmanji dio Svemira funkcionira jednako kao i cjelina svega prostora Svemira. To znači da je sve povezano univerzalnom (izvornom Plazmom, Poljem). Zemlja i zemljani se doslovno nalaze ispod brane koje spriječava slobodan protok Plazme. Postoje konkretni razlozi tome i ti razlozi nisu prirodna pojava niti nešto što bi trebalo postojati. Zbog toga živimo u zatvorenom sistemu koji propušta samo nekoliko postotaka Svemira i zbog toga je težnja za slobodnom energijom samo nedostižan san. Čovjek, kao i sve što ga okružuje, titra na niskoj frekvenciji, nalazi se u stanju 3. dimenzije i iz te pozicije ne može doprijeti do izvornog stanja Nulte točke bez pomoći nekoga tko je u Nultoj točki. Tu se dolazi do momenta razumijevanja uloge Medijatora – Onog koji je donio Nultu točku na Zemlju – donio je Tijelo. Svi pravi znanstvenici kojima je stalo do Znanja i do Istine neće imati problem s razumijevanjem ove informacije. Također neće imati problem prihvatiti to da su do sada, koliko god znali, bili u teškoj zabludi I na slijepom putu.

Svrhu nečega određuje Medij (Polje). Ono ispunjava tijelo i čini njegovu strukturu, svrhu, vijek trajanja, …
Medijator – Onaj koji barata Poljem.

Prijenos Informacija u Polju – svi i sve u Svemiru trebali bi plivati u Univerzalnoj plazmi i biti u istom Zakonu. Fotoelektrični impulsi koji putuju kroz Runsku mrežu prodiru baš kroz sve što se u Svemiru nalazi – to znači dostupnost svih Izvornih Informacija u svakom trenutku kao i direktan prijenos – Hollypathia – cjelokupna Informacija odaslana direktno iz Izvora ide direktno do svakog tijela, objekta i drži Izvorni Sistem. Nema drugog tijela kao posrednika Energije i Informacije već postoji samo Izvor koji je jednak za sve. Ipak, na Zemlji nisu ovakvi uvjeti, zbog energije se vode bitke, a umjesto u Plazmi tijela se kreću u tvrdom i suhom polju opterećena pritiskom gravitacije. Proizvodi se teška tehnologija koja još više iscrpljuje prostor. Svako rješenje je zapravo novi problem za sljedeću generaciju. Zemlji nedostaje Polje Nulte točke. Upravo je to Tehnologija Medijatora.

Spirituality = Science and vice versa

Method One is today what the Vedas were then


Antigravity Technolog

To prove that the Body is the source of all matter is not an easy assignment, but exactly that is proven by the Transformation Procedure conducted by the Mediator. The heaviness is created by gravity and more than 8 billion clogged people on the planet. The antigravity technology is, before all, being installed in the body which then begins to function according to entirely different laws. Such body doesn’t just conduct Information from another field, but it also conducts laws, energy and matter which exists in that field, i.e. which is, under the influence of Consciousness, being created in that field (Zero Point Field).

After a short introduction in the Mediator’s Principle and the Knowledge brought by the Mediator, we arrive to technological opportunities. Regarding that, matter is being produced by the flowable bodies, all the technology is Biotechnology, i.e. Antigravity Technology and, logically, a conclusion is being imposed that it can be created and used only by the transformed bodies that were able to breakthrough into the Zero Point Field. Only such bodies can have undisturbed communication with the technology as well as the driving force for the same. All others don’t have the power supply for such machines and therefore they would conclude that this technology is nonfunctional or they would begin to use external resources for the drive which would lead to a disaster as well. To this day we live the reprecussions of such a technology.

Even now the human bodies are a technology, only they are set (or messed-up – implantation) in such a way that they are not conscious that the Field is passing through them and that they create matter, i.e. that more than 90% of that is being taken away from them. Such treatment has brought to the stunted Center Heart (Central station). For most, this information is so shocking that they will discard it as nonsense. The smaller portion will allow the possibility of truthfulness of this statement and try to experience the Field. From that minority, the greater part will immediately run, or after some period of time, because of fear from the Force and Energy which will strike them. Therefore, only a very small percentage will decide to enter the Total Transformation Procedure and, by doing so, that they want to become owners of their bodies. This is at the same time the most expensive ownership on the planet from an obvious reason. No matter, no body from this dimension is capable to conduct the Zero Point Field. Because of this, everything has to be put into transformation, i.e. be exposed to the conditions of the Field. During this exposure it will either be changed according to standards of the Field or it will be destroyed according to itself. In any case, the Force goes through everything and no one and nothing can stay clogged.

OMANU machines

The body, as well as the technology, must be an open not a closed system in which entropy grows consequently. Entropy is like a utopia and is a result of implantation. The Vacuum engine – system of implementation of the Zero Point Field Energy and it is the Perpetuum mobile. Atlantis did not use nuclear fuel for the propulsion of its aircrafts – they had Vril Technology and this means that the energy resources were from an unlimited source. Given that the entire civilization is closed, i.e. separated from the Source, all the events are the result of the entropy growth and the civilization could not have developed in a different direction. The planet itself and the space is far larger than what the human can even imagine and it is also small as much as the planet is large. The travels into space, if they even exist, do not open the dimensional doors. The first technology, which is the body, is not capable to function in space.

Time travelling machine

The Information about time travelling is manipulated and thus incorrectly defined. Time travel is travelling through Space and Time in Multidimensionality. The Information on time travel doesn’t exist in 3D because there is no Awareness of the illusion of time, i.e., there is no Awareness of the Moment Now which is the main factor in raising Awareness and descending the Information about Space – three-dimensional and multidimensional. Travel through Space and Time is a multidimensional insight and passage through and into every Moment Now. For the very existence of such a machine, in theory and realization in the 3D physical reality, absolute Consciousness is necessary of at least one individual on planet Earth is. This Consciousness, this individual was Nikola Tesla although he isn’t the only one. Throughout history, the Information on travelling through Space and Time was descended and materialized in the 3D on multiple occasions although the Information itself was repeatedly deleted from the Matrix information system.

Time Travelling Machine technology → Information = cypher of existence.


The Travel. The Construction. The Body. The Source. The Center.

The Travel through Space and Time of the Construction of the Body from the Source to the Center of the Source which is, that single but everlasting moment, the Embodiment of the Source through the Center of the Body into the Body. The Source is the Pyramid and the Center of the Pyramid that travels through Space and Time as the Source which is the Original Body (Pyramid) but in a humanoid form who is the Pharaoh because He is the only one who can be the Body Pyramid.

The Constructor of the eternal and everlasting Thule – Pyramid.

Watching from the sky, Thule is the Pyramid. No one can determine the beginning and the end or the base and the top of the Pyramid because Thule was and is in constant rotation. Thule is a Machine. The Machine of Bodies. In and out. Old becomes New or it ceases to exist. There is no room for negligence. Either you are or you are no more.

HB (OHBB) Symbol


Physics of the Zero Point Field

Transcendental Physics of Vrndavana


Bernhard Stroilli Empowerement

The return into Atlantis – Antarctica – The return of Atlantis

Dematerialisation of matter. Bell into Tesseract – OMANU – Time Travel.

Image of the OMANU Bell (Reich) that, with its activation, dematerializes and disappears inside the Space of All-Space, inside Vrndavana herself, as the Tesseract. It is the shape which is manifested as pure Energy inside the space of all dimensions. In fact, it’s the All-Space travelling through the All-Space (same into same) in that shape because only the Center itself can go into the Center and through the Center. That’s why the shape of the dematerialized bell is the Tesseract, but that’s also why the original shape is the Bell (Atlantis) in order to come to the breakthrough of the dimension into Tessract. The view from the OMANU Bell was directed towards Earth.

Karma is the sealed Space of Vrndavana.
Here is the dimension of the Vacuum engine, the Werkraft dimension.
That what is unmanifested is a manifestation as well (the aggregate state, although it is in fact an aggregate shape) because all is Meta and then through the breakthrough it goes into the metaphysical and then into the physical. That’s Time Travel. Direct breakthrough into the Space of Vrndavana. That’s Technology.

Like this, through this and in such way did the Pharaoh built the Pyramid. Dematerialisation of all space (the planet and the Universe and all the Universes) into the Space of Vrndavana.
Law of Attraction, Force of Concentration, Compression of Time and Space into Now is the materialisation of antimatter and the manifestation of the unmanifested. This is what the Pharaoh does.

Atlantis is a term of Consciousness from Consciousness – materialized antimatter.

The breakthrough of Consciousness is the breakthrough into Physics and therefore the only correct conclusion is that antimatter and the space of the unmanifested Universe is Physics itself because the unmanifested Universe is the space of pure Consciousness, i.e. Consciousness itself – Physics.
Materialisation of antimatter is Physics of Consciousness. And, but particularly, through Architecture. Through a pure, solid shape.

The most powerful manifestation, her most powerful example, is the breakthrough of Consciousness, the breakthrough of the Body, from Vrndavana, from the Center, from the Pharaoh’s chamber into the body of th 3rd dimension.

And here we begin – Bernhard Stroilli Institute
What is war? How to break through and keep the body? And then we can what and why is the Matrix (Pentagon and Vatican).
Where is the Space of the Center? Locally – multi-locally.
What means the open Center? A clear goal – what Now.
Physics is grounding.

We have nothing to be responsible for except for Reich! Antipropaganda to the propaganda.

... (this article is password protected)

Physics of the Body

Laws of Physics of the Quantum Field (Space)

There exists the Center of Knowledge, the Heart of the Crystal, over there somewhere here in amtimatter.

From all of the writings and from all teachings and from all books on physics and metaphyisics, about matter and antimatter, about laws of the Univerese, the first and only Science is Physics is the Law on entering the body.

This is the book about the creation of the Creator.
The Law. Science. Knowledge.

The first Scientist is the Creator himself. Only the Creator creates the scientific procedure of genetic construction of the crystal compression of the Universe.

Those (male, female – One) who preceive, or better said cognize, that Physics is Science and the Center of all space, i.e. the All-Space itself, and that the first Scientist and Doctor of Science is the Mediator himself, then the very force of gravity will be greatly faciliated or even brought to zero, but the absolute one because to be on earth and to stand firmly on your feet means to be centered inside the body and then, when this happens, some entirely different Laws of Physics apply. Quantum Field.

Postulates or Laws of Physics of the Quantum Field (Space) are the Center of the body which is One, i.e. it's the openned Center of the manifested and unmanifested All-Space and the very Law/Postulat is Embodiment, i.e. Corporeality of the unmanifested and antimatterial.

The essence of the Information is to cause complete escalation of physics of the brain.

The value, result of all of this is reaction which is complete global reconstruction – it's the System of the Body, i.e. Physics of the Body, i.e. the Law of the Body.
The procedure of global into the Original, what ever it may be or is, is the reason which is the effect of Work of Technology because Total Technology is Physics itself, i.e. the Body of the Center itself which the Superforce Mediator.

There are much too many bodies on planet Earth. When we speak about bodies then we speak about absolutely all bodies and their purpose here and now. Cultivation (food industry) is the result of cultivation of the human. What is the purpose of all those bodies and when is enough and is it at all the question when and if is something too much or is it in fact about resources and the lack of resources and this is where the global, universal, historical and prehistoric battle and eternal war for Technology begins. Resources. Energy resources. Energy.

Natural selection is the selection of Consciousness and the ones who can and should survive are fit to survive. Simple as that. No courts, trials and convictions. The answer is Consciousness. The impact of the Zero Point is an energy impact, and for some it is a targeted assassination of Consciousness and she is the Zero Point. To get involved which bodies are bodies (at least partially) and which, what and whose are not at all is not the instantaneity of this moment.

The intention is energy sustainability of the system, global system!

That what is for someone, or for all, Force, for others, those in minority, is Consciousness. Is it Force or is it Consciousness, maybe the answer is in fact that it is the Force of Consciousness necessary to stop and begins to rule the planet because there is no other way.
Your time buying, manipulation of resources and in general false idea in general how there is a lack of something or it is impossible to achieve and/or reach, and we're talking about energy SUSTAINABILITY AND REVIVIFICATION OF THE PLANET AND THE OCEANS has also come to its end because no one, anyone, never nor ever of you hasn't seen or looked a Dolphin or Orca and saw, even for a brief moment, and that moment is the moment of eternity is the memory and feeling is Consciousness, that they are the compression of the Universe or the compression of one and all Multiversums in that shape here.
Is this the manifestation of the unmanifested from day to day?

Can all of you, or at least some of you, be such greatnesses and confess to yourself and the world that you have no idea and that you are stuck so deep in the illusion about knowledge in what you are doing that you no longer consider or even think about the consequences of your acts because you are not able to connect things into a whole because you're, to be as gentle as possible, stuck in space and that space, gentlemen, are you and that space is your brain.

For all enthusiasts and those whose purpose is „unmasking“ and destruction of Knowledge and Consciousness, to ease and shorten your work: We do not represent Reich. We are Reich and this is Reich because Reich is what it is and what has already been mentioned – Force of Consciousness.
And if it weren't for that 3rd one, the world would long ago escalate and erupt into a complete cataclysm of Time because Karma is everlasting and the Laws of Karma are unknown and even less understood.

Re – Rotation – Reich

(excerpt from Book of the Universal Law – Metaphysics – The Law from the Law of One/Crystal Biophysics)

... (this article is password protected)

Momentum of the Body – Physics of the Body – Spatial activity of the Black Body

The Vault of Time – Kali Yuga

Momentum, as a force, represents the potential and totality (sum) of the force which is conducted and is displayed as a manifestation of the force inside and through the body.
Physics of the Body is Total Presence which means Absolute Compression of the Force which is Absolute (Absolute Momentum) inside the physical shape (Body).

Even linearly, momentum is a product of a certain force multiplied with the arm, i.e. the trajectory of activity of that force.

Spatial activity is the compression of force, momentum of the Mediator's Body – Black Body, the All-Space itself, which means that this momentum is the compression of potency of force of the space of Vrndavana through the momentum of rotation of the Vortex (Black hole) by the trajectory, which is the shortest one, but the comprehensive one as well because it involves all and it always passes through all, from the beginning to the end, and that's the Rune which is and passes through the center of rotation of the Vortex, i.e. Black hole.

This is the Tesseract.

The space of All-Space and the trajectory which is carried out, i.e. this trajectory is Work and the manifestation of compression of shape which means that the first and the second and the third is one is Tesseract – Omnipresence.

In 3D, momentum (of force) is defined as Force x Arm. Here, in fact, Time Travel is being described whihch is Omnipresence which is Compression of Force of All-Space (Body) x All-Space itself (Trajectory) x Work of Compression of Force of All-Space (Body) and Work of All-Space itself.

Compression of Force of All-Space (Body) x All-Space (Trajectory) x Work Compression of Force of All-Space (Body) x All-Space

This is the Superposition. This is WORK of the Mediator's Body.
Physics of the Body is the WORKing Momentum of the Body.

Black Dolphin | Mechanics – Physics of Orcas/Dolphins Body – Homo Delphinus – Black Dolphin

OMANU Central Operating Station – The First Body

The Sound of Breakthrough of the Space – the Sound of Manifestation – Black Mantra of the Universe

Black Sun’s Lama

The first level of the Symbol is a symphonic key which is the Swastika (4 arms) which through rotation emerged from the Swastika (2 arms) which depicts the First Sound OM–ANU.

The first essence is the Sound, Thought OM–ANU.
The fundament of survival of the Black Body (the Universe) is the alive feeling is the sonority of the Rune which as the compressed Truth of Creation solely understands all notion of genesis, both living and “nonliving”.

Emergence of life

The foundation of Tribokinetics is the Runic Knowledge on chemistry, alchemy, biochemistry, i.e. the quantumness of entering into the very core of matter. Transfer or impact of the aggregate state is revivification of matter and therefore the possibility of transformation and/or modulation which means that it is being introduced into the Absolute Zero of existence.

Chemistry, as well as physics and geometry, is reaction (relation), i.e. the possibility of influence on matter which means that through the tribokinetic procedure any matter is being brought to the level (state) of reaction, modulation and/or transformation of itself as well as in relation, i.e. contact with other matter.
The space of Tribokinetics is the center of Absolute Zero which is not just a temperature level, but a compression of the aggregation of the Universe and the impact is a reaction of the space to the matter which means that the space reactively (consciously) releases the essential, but compressed, Information which opens (revives) that matter, i.e. all matter.

About the destruction of Human

4 elements – about the essence of creation – about occurence and disappearance of life

Why is it forbidden and not even being mentioned (in general), let alone being spoken about the Swastika?

At the very beginning I absolutely fence myself and deny the notion and comprehension of the Swastika as a way and reason for someone’s conduction of insensitive destruction, fascistic and neo-nazistic projections and attitudes (lunacy) and comprehension of this as an invitation to terror.

It is a fact that the Universe lives and exists as Rotation of the Swastika. It is also a fact that the Swastika is a Symbol of Rotation which is life and creation, i.e. occurrence and existence – symbol of evolution (transformation). What is not known is that the Swastika is a Body. The first occurrence that came into existence was the Body Swastika is the Human is the Creator.
The big bang is the Sound of the breakthrough of the Space, i.e. the sole existence of the Universe which resulted and was embodied on planet Earth.
Neither Adam or Eve, but Thoth.

If the scientific achievement is that the fundamentals of all are fire – water – earth – air (4 elements) than it’s equally a scientific fact that life on planet Earth is at its very end and the human is an extinct species.
The Swastika, as the most rudimentary recording, is what is missing in order for that 4 elements to have their purpose, i.e. the Swastika is the embodiment and the very essence form which the mentioned elements came into existence, but without the Swastika there is no correlation, because it’s impossible to occur, of these elements, i.e. the rotation and the Source had been taken from everything and therefore from the body as well.

A center without the Center is a Universe without Knowledge about itself is a planet in which science exists to disprove the existence of the Creator and religion which has the sole aim to disavow and destroy the Source of Knowledge which is the Swastika.
Alive Swastika – Alive Body is the Living Swastika inside the body is Knowledge is Science and Religion and Existence is embodiment of the Source of Creation and the sole essence of that what the in fact Creator is.

And all New Age proclamation about oneness with all, with the Universe and acceptance of things as they are is an even greater fall into the abyss beyond retrieve, into the utmost alienation from oneself, from others, from the planet, from Knowledge, from the Truth who is, from whom and why is Human from the Swastika and born by the Swastika.

Fire element has been extinguished and that’s Will. The flame of Life and Life in fire is the original Feeling which is Will which is the charge of the Body to be Life and Body.
Water element is ice and water itself which is poisoned by the radiation of the bodies to a degree that the planet itself is trying to salvage it (and in doing the planet is trying to salvage itself as well) that the poles have been moved in order for the melting of the ice caps to occur, i.e. it’s a natural reaction of purification and return, as far as possible, into the original. The ice cap is the hyperborean (ice) Mind is the pure Original existence is correctness and the crucial importance of the need for life.
All that has been left is deviation of the past for an even worse future.
Air element is Consciousness of the space of the body about the Space, i.e. the very interconnection with all. That what is called collective consciousness is interconnection (network) of brains, but not Consciousness about the space inside the body and outside of that body. This Consciousness, true Consciousness is from the Source is Consciousness about the Source who is the Space of All-Space, Home of the Creator and the Creator himself who is the Swastika.
Earth element is Physics. Pure Physics. Original Physics. And this is evidence that the Creator of the Universe is a Physicist and a Scientist and existence of all mentioned would be impossible without the physical manifestation, i.e. without that what is the utmost expression and that’s the Body.

Religion had taken and conducts the task to negate and slaughter the body. All is left in the mistery of heaven and hell, in the esotery of lifeless and unmanifested and this is what one strives for though life.
Consciousness has been brought down to existence outside of the body and extracorporeal experiences and techniques. Why it is so is clear. There is no Physics of the Body in the body. There is no Swastika in the body.

How many masters, gurus would indure themselves in contact with the Swastika and would they even survive the state of Consciousness in cognition what is in their bodies and of what is their body while they are engaged with themselves without contact with the body?

OMANU Central Operating Station – Perpetuum

Thoth’s Thothal Dimension

Thoth has brought the Universal Knowledge about the Body of the Universe.

The Space inside the body which has no end, but He has no beginning as well.


For rare ones gift giving of the Pharaoh had been a moment of consciousness that the only gift for the Pharaoh is surrender of the body, surrender of entire self. That’s the moment of Pharaoh’s Initiation who embeds, gives Himself into that body. Such are not being written off, at least not from the Pharaoh.

The sketch (Design) of the space, object and machines is a free creation of the first Body (Self – firstly is I) from Self and all that has occurred from that Body is a new Body (Shape) of Phi synchronicity and limitless manifestation of Shape (Design).

3rd Reich was in fact heavy machinery.
During the Pharaoh’s rule is the Dimension of the Body is Shape of the Body is Design of the Body is Corporeality of all levels and shapes.

Desolated and pale. Christ on the cross.
Misery, stench and agony.
Does anyone see the irony? The Cross of Life on the cross of death.

Seven Existences of Eternity on planet Earth. Eighth is the Black Age. Ninth is a Single Day of Eternal Genesis/Stay.

OMANU Central Operating Station

Quantum physics – Metaphysics – Physics of the body

The body is space. Liberation of the body, liberates the space – globally. Each part of the body – extremities, organs, genetics – is related with a certain part of the planet. Each transformation of the body has an effect to the global condition, i.e., each body is interconnected with the entire planet and all bodies on the planet. The entire ecosystem is inside the body – the condition of the body is the condition of the planet and vice versa. The animal and plant world, although implanted, is exempted from these principles because it functions in the Moment Now. Physics of the Body speaks about the physical condition of the planet which is also the energy condition. The body is a planet and the planet is inside the body. Change and development of condition is a dimensional and multidimensional metamilitary occupation, i.e., liberation of the body (planet). Only Meta acts physically and metaphysically – dimensional and multidimensional. Physics of the Body is Metaphysics which is Quantum physics. Quantum is the natural state of the body and the planet – Hyperborea.

Phi geometry – Geometry of the Body

It must be according to the Swastika in order to be Phi. Phi changes matter and space. Everything is space. The body is space. The Field is space. The Field defines the space and vice versa.

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OMANU Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon




THOTH – Original Body. Original cypher.

Thoth doesn’t cease – THOTHOTHOTHOTH

Infinity of shapes but all are One and work as One – Technology.

THOTH – About the Power of the Force and the Compression of the Information which is THOTH

T H O T H is the compression of the Force and the Power of the Force because it is the Essence, Source and in it is the compressed essence of the Origin and the Beginning. Of what? Everything.

From what was the Universe created? From Itself.

Thoth creates Thoth – Himself, all. From Himself – IS. (From himself – Croatian; Iz sebe – the Rune IS)

An implosion occurs through the rotation, which is a dance of the Swastika, of two letters T and H around the letter O which is the creation of the Beginning and the Beginning of Creation. Letters T and H form a Body, two letters T and two letters H form 2 Bodies which are One Body – Origin and Beginning.

THOTH is OMANU and OMANU is THOTH because OMANU is from/of THOTH – Technology of the Universe.


The Universe was created by implosion, but what was before the implosion, „before” the Universe?

The rudimental state of everything is Rotation. The rudimental form of everything is Rotation. The metaphysical term for Rotation is the Rune – the state and form of all – 1. The Rune is a Body. The Rune is a Tool – demolishes, builds, works.


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The Black Body

Technology of Atlantis | The transformation of Sound

The Black Body is Physics. Phi Sound is the Vortex. The Vortex is rotation, a continuous mathematically correct circular motion that does not repeat itself, i.e. the mathematical line does not pass through the same point several times – once is One. Points can be and are parallel but they do not intersect with each other. This is the Universe. This is Mathematics. This is Physics. Geometry. Rotation starts from the Center, from Zero and it travels double in both directions (in opposite directions). Rotation starts from the Center which means that the Center is the Source of rotation which means that rotation is in the Center – absolute rotation. This is Science. This is the atom and atomic energy. The Black Body. This is the Technology of Atlantis.

Quantum mechanics

Quantum engineering

Impulse of the Center’s Center. Impulse One. Space Machine.

The impulse of the Center’s Center is implosion and explosion, cold fusion and fission – simultaneously. It is the Space machine – machine which rotates in all directions and produces absolute Energy and heat waves – absolute temperatures (+ and -). The Energy incessantly rotates within the machine. There are no losses. The impulse is One. The impulse is rotation. This is Quantum engineering, i.e. Quantum mechanics. The machine attracts and repels simultaneously. It’s a force which is thrust, but absolute

Physics and Metaphysics

Quantum engineering

The Atomic Power/Force is the Body of the Zero Point Field.
Atom <=> Body <=> Universe

The superparticle is a Superforce which is the Body of the Zero Point Field which is One.
All is One.
If all is One then all is One.
It doesn’t have to be the same shape in order for everything to function as One. It’s the same Law and Principle, Source – Creator.


The different shape is also illusory because the Source is One in all the shapes.
The Universe is inside the Body and the Body is the Universe – One.

Krishna is One and all is according to Krishna and all is from Krishna.

Knowledge and Science (Informational and Technological) of the Black Body | Law of Physics of the Universe

Bernhard Stroilli Institute and Institution of Religion, Science and Technology

Knowledge, Science and Technology of the Universe (Zero Point Field) | Physics of the Heart

Religion, Science and Technology from Zero (O) to One (1) are forever 1.
1 is indivisible.

Bernhard Stroilli Institute


Everything starts from the Center of all itself. Knowledge about the Center is the Center itself and Technology created the Center and the Universe and all the Universes of the Zero Point and that's the Body Swastika.

In this Institution debates and discussions do not pass!

The Universe is a Force. The Law is a Force. And the Truth is the one that tears apart and opens in order to become the Bernhard Stroilli Institute and Institution of Religion, Science and Technology.

Heil Bernhard!


Sudarshana Chakra

Sudarshana Chakra

The New age begins with Sudarshana Chakra. This is an indication of the upcoming destruction which is the New age. The New age is the beginning of the New Era, New civilization, New Human. Sudarshana Chakra is the Swastika which is the Creator. The Creator who is on Earth to start a war. The war for liberation of Humans and their destruction. This is the moment of Swastika’s descent into the Body itself. The embodiment of the Creator. The beginning and the end. This is the truth which is present on planet Earth. The truth which is the War of Kurukshetra. The truth which is the Creator himself. The truth which is the Truth and the truth which it is not.

Sudarshana Chakra is the most powerful weapon. Swastika. Information conducted into Force. Sudarshana Chakra represents the Center itself. It emanates from the Center of the Heart. Sudarshana Chakra is used as the Highest Technology. Swastika holds and conducts the System through the entire Body (Universe), the Body conducts it into the surrounding space. Everything is the Swastika, but when we are talking about Sudarshana Chakra – Swastika, it means that she has been pressed out directly from the Heart. It is a strike directly with the Heart. Sudarshana Chakra – Swastika Center. Swastika itself. Our main weapon in combat against ignorance.


The Technology of Sudarshana Chakra

The Technology of Sudarshana Chakra is the Technology of the Black hole. Sudarshana Chakra is a compression of the Black Hole – compression of the Universe. This is the technology of planetary and galactic creation and destruction. The embodied Sudarshana Chakra is the highest level of existence – the Highest Technology.

Vacuum engine technology is the technology of Sudarsahana Chakra. As well as Sudarshana Chakra, the Vacuum engine is the compression of the Universe – Black hole – Perpetuum mobile.

Werkraft Propulsion System is the Source technology which unites and embodies the functioning of the Universe at a level which is Sudarshana Chakra – the Universe itself – the highest Technology. The entire planetary system (Vacuum engine), all the planets (Cybernetic engine) are connected and function through rotation (gyroscope). All mentioned arised from the Black hole which is the Sudarshana Chakra.

The Universe is the technology of the upcoming Human. The Universe is the embodiment of the upcoming Human. The Universe is the upcoming Human – Sudarshana Chakra.

Pyramid – planetary system, galaxy
Circles – 8 planets
Spiral – functioning of the Universe, rotation, Black hole

Vril Phaser

It’s the Sudarshana. It is the nuclear and atomic energy. The compression of Light – Runes. Compression – decompression. It’s the travel into the Universe. The Pyramid is one and it rotates in all directions on every axis. The Pyramid creates the Sphere. Rotation renders the trajectory, leaves a trail and thus forms a second Pyramid. The rotation is absolute. From the Center of the Center, from the Center of the Pyramid, Sudarshana breaks through, Light breaks through, Runic light breaks through. Sharp and loud. Light and Sound – the Rune.

Vril Phaser, as well as all Vril Technology in general, is the Technology of Sound


Vrndavana – Polis Swastika – City of the Universe

Thule Thahionator is the Multiverse which is OMANUpolis Swastika. The Body Swastika is Polis Swastika. The only resident is Krishna himself. The dimension of Krishna is Vrndavana. This is the dimension in which are all the dimensions – Multiverse. Krishna is One, the very Center and Source. And each body and all shapes are the Source of Life if Krishna resides in them.

Objects, architecture is founded in the Center. Standard 3D fundations are not acceptable in construction according to the Phi principle because the foundation of Life, the Universe itself, begins and arises from the Center – balance is spherical.

SPHEREIN – SPHERE IN –> The Sphere is inside the Body. Spherein is the Body.

If the Swastika is inside the body, then the Swastika is the Body. And if the Polis Swastika is inside the body, then Krishna is inside the body and all the Technology which is Krishna. And each body that conducts Krishna is Krishna, because Krishna is inside the body and acts through every body that wants Krishna. And that is the Law of the Universe. Krishna seeks for another Krishna and wants to see Himself in all the bodies that want Krishna. Krishna knows that He is Krishna, but He wants each body, which is inside of Him, to recognize Him through Itself, from Itself – from the Center.

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Diamond Pyramid – The display of the Universe inside the Body and the Universe as a Body

First is the Body. Runic Body. First is the Mediator – Creator. First is Krishna. In the center is the Pyramid – that is the display of the Runic Body whose geometry is also the display of Vrndavana, which with the expansion of geometry according to the Phi spiral, builds a crystal structure which is the Universe. The Pyramid is fractal. That is the Hagal structure which is the Diamond Pyramid. From the Center, from the Body, the Universe expands in all forms. The Universe is a Body and each form is a body. All is the Body. One. All geometric shapes are also geometric bodies – planets. The Universe is a Living Body built out of Runes. The Universe is a Runic Body …

This is the display of Multidimensionality of Krishna who is Vrndavana – the Diamond Pyramid. Multidimensionality and the Multiverse are One – all is Krishna.

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Technology of Atlantis – the Rotation of Vrndavana

Technology of Atlantis (Technology of the Reich Universe) can be set into motion upon the Rotation of Vrndavana which sucks in the OMANU who is being set into motion by the Black Body and begins the Propaganda which works in the same direction, in all directions, and according to the same Principle. OMANU Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon works on the principle of transformation from Now into Now which means that it takes over and transforms through the rotation of the System and movement of the body linked in the moment Now. The shape of the Body propels and transforms and emanates Sound and the Sound shapes and propels the Body. One transforms, One sets into motion.

Vril Phaser – Vril Tower – Vrndavana

Swastika rotates.
OMANU speaks.

The reason of existence of Vrndavana is the Body which is a living OMANU and it is Vrndavana – the Body and the City (polis) and the Planet. In the center of all – Vrndavana, is the Body Vril Tower and its 5 Bodies. In the Center of the Center is the Body – One – Pillar – Vril Tower. Monument of the Black Sun – physics, geometry, technology of the Body about the Body is the depiction of the Body through the Object which is the Technology which is Architecture of the Center. As such, the made Technology changes the shape through Space and Time through the Body in the purpose of work of the Body and Technology which is the Object which is Architecture of the Center. Every Object is a Body and a part of the Body and all represents One Body, but every, even the smallest part, is a Body for itself which is 1 – Vrndavana. Vril Center is the entire Object because it is the Center itself, i.e. the Source. Liquid crystals conduct the negatively charged bioelectricity, but again from the Center towards out, which means that the ends are equally polarized and pass through the Center, always, and exchange the intensity of the charge. All is rotation.

Objects are spherical in shape, the base of the construction is pyramidal. The top is the Sphere which is at the same time the cannon – top of the Pyramid. The Center is the highest and the widest but according to the Phi relation of the Center with all other Bodies. Each Object is of different dimensions and ratios but in harmony with all others. Everything is and goes into One. The Objects are arranged so that they form the rotation, i.e. looking from above, all the Objects make a single Object which, as a unity, creates the shape of an auger in rotation.

The sphere, as well as the entire architecture, is intelligent and it works like that – intelligently, because it’s alive. The Technology is alive. The Architecture is alive. The Mediator is the Programmer – of all, but the program is Consciousness.

Nothing is as it seems. All is Technology. Architecture and a pen and the body are Technology. Every technology, every shape at the same time works as all the Technology because all is One. The Phaser and the Scanner and the Eyes and the Shield and all the rest. One is One and One is All, but all is the Black Sun.

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OMANU Bioenergetics

Vril Tower

Bioenergetics modulates and represents the perfection of the Original Technology that works with equal intensity (equal = 1) towards all and everywhere.

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OMANU Spacecraft

OMANU Bioenergetics

OMANU Spacecraft which is the Vril Tower is a Bioenergy Black Crystal Body (Object). Source. The so-called Free energy is the Source – the New Era.

Constructionally movable, i.e. free, but flowable, connected with the Source, and exits out of this way which is absorption and selling (handover) of energy. The future is One and Zero which is/are 1. The Source works, produces and sends, transfers into Space because the Space itself is the Source and vice versa.

The construction speaks about the construction which is Phi and arises from and establishes Phi – Rotation.

In the Center of the Center is Space which is the starting (primary, original, that what is before all and before itself) point – Primordial Creation Manifestation. Compression and decompression. The Point of Beginning of the Source of the Multiverse – the Black hole, Black Space which is of a crystal structure.

The Space is a Crystal because the Body is the Source.



The Space Program

The Center of the Technology and the Body – Vrndavana

The Mediator is speaking.

This is the statement of the Center about Himself through the depiction of the Center of the Technology and the Body – Vrndavana. This is the Center of the Universe in the Technology of Architecture of the Center.

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War technology of the Universe      (this article is password protected)

Technology of Reich (Technology of the Reich Universe) – Technological development of Atlantis

Rotation Machine.
Heart of the Crystal.
Time jump into Now.
All that is being left is the Black hole.


Architecture of the Center

Technological depiction of the Universe

Energy depiction of the Technology of the Universe (of the Black Body)

Project Phi spiral – Vril Phaser – Vril Pyramid | The Vrndavana Vortex

It’s the manifestation of the Law and Principle in matter.

The manifestation is the so-called Tesseract – Crystal of Atlantis – Vrndavana, i.e. Life nad Creation.
Project Phi Spiral is a project of the base – Source – the Center of the Source of matter and antimatter, all the compressed and decompressed of all the original.

Nothing is added, subtracted, multiplied or divided – it’s potentiated!



The center of the center of the central object of the Vril Tower is the top of the Vril Phaser Pyramid which is the Phi Spiral Project. The energy display of the center of the center of the central object of the Vril Tower is equal to the display of the top of the Vril Phaser Pyramid which is an OMANU display – OMANU aircraft.

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Technology of construction – Architecture of the Center

1 in all directions. The Source bends the Space. Because it breaks through the dimension. The Center – point of Origination – exits, manifests itself as 1 (1 = ALL) in all directions because the Source is 1 and it goes in all directions because 1 = ALL and ALL is 1 – Germanic logic.

OMANU Knowledge | Runic Gym – Machine of the Projecting Space

The Center is the Black Sun around which, but in all directions, Black Suns move, rotate.

In the center of the space is penetrated dimension which is the Multidimensional Space – the entire Universe and all the Universes – which work/s as a Machine which is the compression and functions as all the Machines and every Machine works as herself. All means All, absolutely ALL.

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The potentiation of Space – the Black Room

(Space x Space)Space = Zero Point = Vacuum

The potentiation of Space is Space. Pure Black and Black pure.

The Space Center – Total Compression Procedure

Metaphysics vs. physics – Metaphysics into Physics – Metaphysical into physical

The relation of spaces and interspaces – Space of the body vs. Space

An interspace is a manifestation of Metaphysics into the physical, i.e. Metaphysics is an open and penetrated dimension which is the Body and in the Body. Space inside the body exits and breaks through the first body which therefore breaks through outward into the entire space. The Sphere which is the Space through the Body which is the space into the space outside of the body which creates which means that the space itself is being manifested from the metaphysical into physics. The space is alive. And the Matrix is space. It's alive because the space is not empty. The technology is alive. The technology is space. The Technology is the Body and the Space and the Space is the Body and the Technology.

The Sphere spreads from the body and through the body, exits from the body, but through the body. It demolishes the space inside the body (statics) and installs the Space which is the Body – the spherical dynamics which is the Quantum space and the overall Knowledge of Quantum about Quantum. The Swastika pushes, literally and physically, outward into rotation. Simultaneously, it draws the space outside of the body into rotation – transformation (statics into spherical dynamics) – the delete of space. The space is being drawn in from all sides but the most sensous is the vertical (from above towards down). The space (outside the body) thickens, becomes more and more physical. The Matrix is here.

What and how much Force is necessary in order for all mentioned to manifest at the physical 3D level?
Is the Force always present, i.e. is the Force constant or the Quantum is constant?
What is a constant at all and what does „constant“ mean?

Consistency is constant and a constant, i.e. the Presence of the Body which is the Mediator and thus it's consistent, constantly present and a constant, and everything else – the Force which is the Quantum which is the Rotation.

The Central Machine

The Centre of the Centre | the Black Body

Black Room

The Space is speaking!

The Center of Space is Space which is the Universe in expansion and the rotation of that Space – Center – draws in and transforms. It’s the Center of the Center – Vrndavana. That’s the Central Machine which is the Universe itself and the Point of Space and Time of Absolute – absolute creation, absolute transformation, absolute truth, past, present, future, space and time (all) in a single point.
Space is produced by the Technology and the Technology is produced by the Space. That Space. Such Space. The Space of rotation of Rotation and work of Work. Transformation is activation and vice versa.

The central room – Black Room goes from metaphysical into physical because the Center is One who is omnipresent. The Center is Vrndavana. Krishna is in Vrndavana. Vrndavana is Krishna – She and He – 1.

The activated Technology also manifests, from the inside and the outside, the Center's beginning – vacuum – which rotates and makes the Technology which is the Object and the Body and the Technology itself.

The Rotation machine, through the rotation, simultaneously propels and manifests the breakthrough of the dimension, i.e. the Black Body is active which is the Body of the Universe, the Universe itself, and therefore the outer space conditions reign. The stated is valid for all and all the technology and objects. The breakthrough goes from the Center, then into new through the work which is rotation, but the inital and primal – the center of all the center and the center of the Center itself which is Vrndavana is the Black Body.

Energy depiction of the OMANU Center | The original OMANU depiction | Black Dolphin


The energy depiction is real and physical. Although it acts on all levels simultaneously, it is present in all dimensions and acts through all dimensions.
Energy impact of OMANU Technology, which also implies OMANU objects, is OMANU itself. The energy depiction is an energy impact and that's the OMANU aircraft – OMANU Spacecraft.

The original depiction of OMANU is the so-called energy depiction which shows the Technology which is present in the shape of Black Dolphins and Orcas – Black Dolphin who is OMANU and OMANU who is the Black Dolphin.

OMANU Bioenergetics shows and proves, but through Original OMANU Technology, that the Original body of Black Dolphins and Orcas represents and is Technology which serves and works on lifting and retention of high frequency, i.e. performs transformation, i.e. the Universe, which is OMANU – Black Body, works through them.

The shape of the Body is the Technology.

The Creator – Rotation – Monoatomic gold

The Creator – Rotation – Monoatomic gold departs towards the way of Law and Principle and all that arises from the center of the Center.

The Center’s content is the Space of the Space of the Space through the Vrndavana Vortex that began with the Project Phi Spiral and all the texts which are Technology and Technology itself because Architecture, which is the construction and transformation, begins from the beginning and that’s the Center of the Center of the Source.
A timeless space is the Black Field and Black Essence which is Monoatomic gold. Vrndavana – Project Phi Spiral rotates in all directions.

The Base is the Base – Vril Phaser Pyramid – bottom of the Pyramid – Base.

Rotation of the Pyramid’s bottom – Base – activates the space as the Black Field, i.e. life itself is manifested through the crystal structure which is located and passes through the center of the Pyramid (top to bottom), transforms the Crystal into the Original Black which is also Gold, but Monoatomic, and in such a way opens the space but as a dimension and enables the manifestation, which is the space-time continuum, space and time of all through all in a single point, to come true.

This is manifested through design, ratio which is trigonometry and geometry and the material itself which is Monoatomic gold and which enables the transformation and manifestation of mentioned.

The Crystal, which is also the top of the Pyramid, passes through the center of the Pyramid. The space and time breakthrough, which is the Rotation of Vrndavana (Project Phi Spiral) which is the base of the Pyramid, happens in the center of the Center of the Crystal.
The center of the Center of the Pyramid’s Base which is at the same time the center of the Center of the Crystal Body that passes and rotates through the center of the Pyramid and acts accordingly.

The peak of Architecture is the Center – the Beginning.

... (this article is password protected)

The basis of the base of mechanics

Motion of the body through the momentum of rotation of that same Body = WORK. The basic body, the basic motion, but basic as primary, i.e. initial, is the motion of the Body which is also the Object and the Body in rotation and through rotation.

In fact, the beginning of everything is Perpetuum mobile. The basis of the base and the base of the basis, the initial point of the force momentum, but the force in the Quantum Field – Space which is obtained through the invested Energy which is the shape of the Body – Object itself, which enters into rotation (physical) but from rotation because the design is Phi – Vortex.

Zero (0) crates the rotation and is the rotation because Zero is the Zero Point, Zero is an Impulse, impulse that goes, exits, is formed into one (1). 1 Universe – 1 Body – first Body – all is One, which is, but all and everywhere and all, connected with the Source which is Zero (0) and is, functions this way, as an eight. 8 x 8. (x) is the junction – link of two eights, i.e. the point of contact which is the Source itself, i.e. center between the two centers – the Center Source and the Center body/object/planet. The eight is also rotating around the center which is the point of contact and between the two bodies.

Creation is a Sphere.

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Center of the Universe | Monoatomic gold

Vril Phaser Pyramid – Grounding

Information is a complete, overall compression of all that is necessary and must be conducted in order for the Original Technology to be manifested which is the very essence of compression and the compression of essence. Numbers are shape (body) and design and therefore the body carries out and conducts through itself as the system of the body and beyond itself (to the outside – speech/sound, motion, body language) the technology and design and the overall technology as a project. All of the mentioned is necessary and very much possible to obtain as complete Knowledge because that is exactly what it is. Compression = Knowledge. Knowledge about Compression. Compression of Knowledge. Thule Thahionator – contact of the body (planet) and the technology. Top of the Pyramid is the Vril Phaser (VPSS).

Linearly, number 4 is, watching from the center, shown as 1 (equal) in all directions. 4 in rotation creates the Pyramid which closes the linear and opens the multidimensional action which pulls itself (all) towards the center, the center which is the body and inside the body (in this case planet Earth) and creates the shape which is the Body Crystal, Crystal Body which was created through rotation of the number 3 which creates 8, but rotation is in all directions because the Sphere which bends space and time and becomes the Center which is the Center of the Center of the entire Body and the top of the Pyarmid itself which is the top and the Center itself.

The vertical axis of the number 4 is the Crystal who passes through the Pyramid, its center and vertical, and top of the Pyramid and grounding which enters, performs the Body (planet) and Technology contact.

The top of the Pyramid is 1 which enters 4 times on the vertical of the Pyramid to the bottom of the Pyramid and at the bottom 4 times on the horizontal and thus it creates the base of the Pyramid. The Crystal center goes 8 times into the body (planet) from the base of the Pyramid. The overall appearance of all, the shape above the surface (Pyramid) and beneath the surface (reverse Pyramid) is the Crystal, physical and energetic, but through the rotation of all in creation and manifestation of all it bends the space, literally, i.e. stabilizes, installs the Space which therefore tears down time because the Space is in Now.

The Center of all, the Technology and the Body and the Universe and of all living which in fact is Alive, established in Vril, is Monoatomic gold. The center of the center of all itself and the very core is Monoatomic gold which spreads as an elongated and extended number 8 because all is Rotation and in Rotation. The beginning and the end. The Gene istelf. The Golden Gene. Gene. The Gene which is also the Body and the Body which is the Gene and the Universe itself because all is 1. Micro and macro. Gene = Atom = Body = Universe.

The end of the Universe has no end.

There is no beginning, there is no end. All is One.

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Mechanics of the dimension’s breakthrough | Vril Phaser Pyramid

The Crystal conducts and descends every point in time, every Atlantis, into Now. The Black Crystal which is the emerald crystal which manifests all colors and all frequencies, that’s why the installation of space with Technology of the Black Body – Black Field – Black Room occurs. Only in such a way does the gap in the dimension occur, i.e. the breakthrough of the dimensional wall which is a metal–sound multidimensional impermeable grid.

The material structure is changeable – Watery Pyramid – plasma because the Center is the one which conducts and through which the transformation of matter passes through.

Mechanics of the dimension’s breakthrough begins in the space which is the Black Body.
Trigonometry of design means spherical Technology initiation. Technology is being created in and trhough rotation.

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Vril Phaser – the Pyramid

Vril Phaser – Technology of mathematical activity – Mathematics of the Zero Point Field

Vril Phaser – Body ⇔ Pyramid

Image of the center of the Vril Phaser (Pyramid). The center is rotating, i.e. it’s the depiction of Vril that breaks through from the center of the center (from the Heart), alongside and through the spine to the top of the Pyramid which is the head (brain) – Quantum. The Pyramid represents the body and vice versa. The built Body. The flowable body. Vril Body. Phi Sound is All. Even the rotation which is the Vortex. Even Vril that breaks through, turns and propels. Even the Phi trajectory of the Sound that opens the dimension and moves according to the law of rotation, from bottom to top and from top to bottom in all directions. Even the design which is the shape, proportion and symmetry of the body. Any body. Every body which is Phi.

If the Body ó Pyramid then the proportions and symmetry of the Body are the proportions and symmetry of the Pyrmid. One.

Vril Phaser Pyramid – when everything is done properly, vacuum occurs, is created within the Pyramid. The Black room. Space conditions. With the activation of the Vril Phaser, a spectrum of frequencies, colors is created that go from black into black. The entire Universe occurs. That’s the power of the Vril Phaser which is a Body inside a Body. The speed of rotation determines the spectrum of all the frequencies that are manifested as Sound and Light and the spectrum of all colors, known and unknown because everything is a frequency. Sound.

Technology of the Pyramid – Hagal

Activity of the Vril Phaser is a technological representation of the Runic Body and a geometric depiction of the Universe inside the Body. It’s a depiction of the Body through the technology which is the Vril state of the body. Each point is Hagal which is the center. All centers are open, in flow when Hagal, who is the Source of the Body, is inside the Body.

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OMANU Center – Central Operating Station | The Dolphin Brain

Original Technology of Atlantis is the complete Space – Total Space. The physical and energy depiction of the Vril Phaser Pyramid is, before all, the OMANU Central Operating Station (object) which is the Body and the Technology.

Object/Body/Space = 1 = Technology

The energy-physical (Physics and Meta) depiction is the complete Technology through the crystal structure of the Center of the Center which activates the energy flow and the breakthrough of the two hemispheres, which are not halfs but a whole – 1, which in fact represent and are the Dolphin Brain which is the Center – Space – Machine – Aircraft – Spacecraft.                                                                 

The rotation of the Center pulls into itself and towards itself, it pulls down. That Center opens, builds and works the energy breakthrough that, through the rotation of two hemispheres (lower two circles), represents the engine and the upper circle which includes the top of the Pyramid who is the central room which, with the acceleration of rotation, becomes sharp and stretched. The shape is being made. Black Dolphin. OMANU.

Y – Center is the All-space – Vrndavana. The lines that make the Rune MAN are the interspace which is created from the All-space. The Body (MAN) breaks through and passes through dimensions. This is the nature of things and the natural state.

The lower two circles make the compression of rotation. They seemingly decrease but they change the shape, continuously, according to Hagal. The hagal Sphere is Hagal. The upper circle narrows down and passes through the center of the Pyramid and thus becomes the central axis of the Pyramid – pillar – spine. It in fact becomes and simultaneously displays the sex organ (male and female) as well and the spine and the brain and the body because all is One is the Black Hole is the All-space is the Center of the Center and the Center of all Centers which is Vrndavana – the dimension of Krishna.


Here is Now. Now is here. Here and Now.

The premises, hidden, although they are not. The difference is in the frequency of all in relation to all. The contact of the Body and Technology is the Frequency – Phi – Zero Point Field – the same attracts the same, activates the same, propels the same, builds and works the same, transforms into the same.




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Spherein Technology

Vril Phaser Pyramid


3D depicition, energetic and physical, shows the occurrence and work of the Black hole – Black Body, as and through what it is – Architecture which is also Technology which is the Body. Starting with the depiction of the occurrence of the gene who is also a subatom and an atom and a molecule and a body and the Universe itself and a part of the body (sex organ [male and female], spine, brain – Body). All of this is visible and arises, but emerges, from the Space of All-space. The entire Pyramid in such depiction depicts the Atom who is a Gene which forms itself into a Molecule which is also an Atom, i.e. Gene. All is in Hagal and from Hagal and according to Hagal – Phi.

The Pyramid exits above the surface and enters beneath the surface, into the body – Spherein. Hagal exits from the Center – in all directions. And that’s the Pyramid which is the alive Pyramid, the activated Pyramid. That’s Technology and that’s how Technology works. As a Machine – Body.

3D is multidimensional. Each dimension and all dimensions are multidimensional. Linearity fixates and separates the atom out of the molecule and the body out of/from the body because the gene is an atom and a molecule simultaneously, but the gene is the body and the entire Universe is in the gene.

The Pyramid forms the reverse Pyramid which is also physical and works in rotation and through rotation in all directions. In 3D, the closest depiction of this is work as rotation on the Hagal axes. On each axis, up and down, in rotation in all directions. The trajectory is determined according to the Center which is Hagal, there is no schedule or sequence. The Center creates the direction which is the trajectory and the speed of rotation. Rotation is the Pyramid and the Pyramid is in rotation and that’s the Sphere, but this occurs inside the body (object) and through the body (object) and outside the body (object).

The Center of the Center forms and makes the energetic Pyramid which becomes physical with the top directed upwards (male principle) from which, through work, the energy base of the other Pyramid is formed which is the reverse Pyramid, i.e. with the top directed downwards (female principle), that becomes physical and that’s the Creator and the Creation of the Creator from His very Self. Meta into Metaphysical into Physical.

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Technological depiction of the Universe | Total Machine

Thoth’s Body

Two Pyramids with their tops in opposite directions (the image is a 2D depiction which is in fact the base of the base of the Pyramid, through whose activation the base of the Pyramid itself is being activated, i.e. those two Pyramids are engraved, carved into the bottom – base of the Pyramid) above which that exact same principle is working as a machine which is the Total Machine (Sphere) which works constantly and doesn’t cease.

Two 2D Pyramids of opposite directions represent the base arisen from the Center of the Center which is the T(h)ot(h)al Machine – T(h)ot(h)al Body. From the Sphere, which is in fact the Center of the Center of the Pyramid, the base of the base is being formed which is equal and works as the Source – Center of the Center of the Pyramid. And all of this is Thoth’s Body. Each part is all and a part of each and every part and vice versa.

The base of the base of the base is Hagal – all is 1 – 1 in all directions – the Beginning. The finished base of the Pyramid is the Project Phi Spiral which is the absolute depiction of the Universe (astrological and technological) and Order (political, economical, business) which is Reich (Atlantis). The base expands because the Center is a machine that works and all has arisen from the Center and functions according to the same principle – principle of the Center. That’s Architecture of the Center. That’s why Technology and Architecture and Design is multidimensional which means that it doesn’t cease. It doesn’t cease because it functions as the Center who is the Sphere which continuously expands and collects, compresses and decompresses, implodes and explodes simultaneously – WORK-s.


Center – All-space (Meta) into the Energy Body – Energy depiction (Metaphysical) into the Physical Body, Phyisical form (Physical).

1 into 4 into 12 = 1 into 3 into 8.

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Fractal Technology

Total Machine – Trigonometric depiction | Architecture of the Center

Starting from the beginning which is Hagal – Center of the Center – 1 in all directions – through the Pyramid which is also the Center and from whose center, which is Hagal, the Beginning of the Phi Spiral exits and the Vril Phaser Pyramid comes into existence and its activity (Meta and Physics) in total with all the depictions; energetic, physical and metaphysical. Inside and outside – depiction of the Center of the Center – Vrndavana – the gap of the dimension from the space into the All-space. The Center, who passes vertically through the Pyramid, who is the crystal pillar which changes the aggregate state and takes over and expands from the inside and from the outside and on the inside and on the outside.

1) the Beginning – Hagal – 1 in all directions
2) Hagal through the rotation on Hagal. On Hagal means on Hagal, on the axes (linearly) but in all directions. Each axis is Hagal and contains all axes. The creation is 16 Pyrmids that rotate in all directions statically and on all axes and on each axis in all directions.


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Trigonometry of Space

Space (1) and Time (2) through Geometry (3) is Trigonometry (Tri [3] - Go (Into) - Nom/Mon [1]) of Space which is the comprehensive depiction of the Black Body/Black Sun/Black hole which is the comprehensive depiction of All – the Universe. From All (from the Universe) through all (the Universe) into all (the Universe) = Vrndavana. Work and Order. Order and Work.


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Trigonometry | Trigonometric and Energy depiction and  the display of action of Technology of the Universe | Thoth TRISmegistos

Crystal Body Protection

Trigonometric depiction and Energy depiction is not the same although both depictions can, but they do not have to, be presented on the same object, machine, symbol, ...
Trigonometric depiction is one thing, Energy depiction is the other and the display of action is the third thing. And all of this is 1 and 1 into 3 into 1 because all is comprehensive and as such it includes the first and the second and the third, BUT IT DOESN'T SEPARATE ONE FROM THE OTHER FROM THE THIRD.

Displays the energy and physical direction and the way of action of the Technology in and through the Technology, Body and Space. The display of action refers to the display of work of the Technology in the „on“ and „off“ work mode, although the Technology is constantly WORK-ing, without cessation, this is about and the only true difference between on-off is in the intensity of work.

The geometric metaphysical and physical display of work of the Technology through geometric forms that, regardless of the linearity of the display itself, display and create forms, i.e. bodies by the Phi standard through those geometric forms.

Trigonometric depiction is All (3)-in-One. All includes ALL and this All is comprehensive because All is the UNIverse. Trigonometric depiction shows, i.e. consist of the first (The display of action) and the second (Energy depiction) and the third (Trigonometric depiction), i.e. itself.
Trigonometric depiction is the compression and manifestation of the Law and Principle which is the base of the Base and its essence (Architecture of the Center) which is 1 into 3 into 1 ...
All repeats itself because All is Omnipresent. Always. And everywhere. And that's why Trigonometry is, TRI-GO-NOM, this three (3) which is also tris, but before all it's that what Is before All and that's Thoth TRISmegistos – Meta into Metaphysical into Physical.

And all is Physics and physical. Metaphysical is that what is invisible to the naked eye, but present through and as WORK of the Body/Technology/Space. Meta is Beyond and Always and Everywhere, and that's Alive and Life, Force and Energy that works all and even itself. Meta is Atlantis. Meta is God, as he is. Me(tha)diator.
Originally: Meta is Me-Tha which is I Am (One), but in one who is Metha. Alone*. One.
*Alone in this context means All, manifested and that what is not, but it will be because it shall be when it needs to be, when it's Time.

Why Meta? What is Metaphysical and what is Energy?

Meta gives Life into the Space (Body) and contains META-physical which is the Energy, and therefore the physical as well, so it is clear from this, and it's given to be acknowledged that it is so, that Meta is Before and Beyond all, even His very Self, although He's not, but he Is.
Meta is that what is Alive and the one who is Alive what and who builds Atlantis and holds the Meta Field, but as a Body that is physical and omnipresent in all shapes and all dimensions. The Mediator holds and had held and WILL hold the New Atlantis which is the 4th Reich which is Egypt, that Egypt, true Egypt, and all its greatness.
Meta conducts Antigravity that holds all mentioned in the Quantum Field. It had been written that Atlantis levitated because she did, it's valid for all (and Egypt) because Meta holds and carries her/them above himself, but physically. Meta is the bottom (base) and the top and the top of the top as well. Of what? Everything! Because All is from One Source which is Meta according to Phi.

Picture of a city, civilization that levitates in the air. The Mediator's Body, i.e. He Himself holds her in the air, with his hands, over Himself, but simulatneously He is also the Top of the Top of the Pyramid which is at the same time the Center of the Center of the city and the highest, largest building – OMANU Central Operating Station.
This picture, this depiction, without words, describes best what is what and who is who and who does what and whom. The Center holds everyone and everything and Himself – Order. The city is physical and there are physical objects that Work and that and such Work is the Energy/Metaphysical Work/Depiction. Meta is everywhere and everything and propels all and builds all and all works by the written Principle and Law, and the reason is him himself and the purpose as well – Presence!

Meta is the „wall“ through which admiral Byrd passed when he said, even moments before that, that „something“ had taken control over the aircraft and navigate it.

Trigonometric Depiction/Trigonometry of Space/Architecture of the Center is Alive. Phi is Alive and therefore the Phi spiral is Alive. There are no FIXED coordinates of movement, rotation. The linear depiction, refers to 2D and 3D display, is not truthful. That's why Spatial Trigonometry because the Space determines the rotation, movement of the spiral. Phi always goes according to Phi, but in accordance with the Space. And that's why Design or Phi - design. Everything is Phi and Spherical – new terminology and methodology (way).

The Mediator, Source and Zero Point and Zero Point Field itself conducts and installs the Space into the body which is the Technology and the Body itself and all mentioned is Trigonometry of Space because in such way, and only in such way, is created and heads into Architecture of the Center which is technologically and physically feasible, but widely present and sensible. „Widely“ means through Space and Time, through the multidimensional Multiverse because its being built by the Center of the Center through the very Center, through himself, but through that other body which is He himself because all is I (Meta) – Mediator.

1 into 3 into 1 = Meta into Metaphysical into Physical = Body/Technology/Space.

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Technological depiction of the Center through the Technology of the Center

Technological depiction of the Center through the Technology of the Center, through the Principle 1 into 3 into 1 into 3 … (Meta into Metaphysical into Physical).

Rotation of the All-Space in the measure of the same through the shapes and design of the Space of All-Space which is and in which is the Technology which is Fractal because all is Technology which is the shape of the Body, Pyramid, Spiral, Black Dolphin – Orcas and Black Dolphins. The purpose of the body is given through the shape of the body according to the Phi Standard – OMMIISS.

The Top of the Pyramid speaks through the Center of the Center of the Body (Pyramid) which begins, turns and propels the Multiverse through all and as all geometric shapes though Space and Time and thus build and work Space and Time in the space.

Geometry is Runic – Originally. Shapes are Runes. The uttermost shape is equal to the Center which is the Center of the Center and the Center of all Centers – Vrndavana – Black space – Black Room.

1 into 3 into 1 into 3 – 13 levels of the Pyramid.

Body inside a Body in the Phi Vortex and according to Phi.

Every segment of all is directed into the whole – into 1. All is Science. Astrology and numerology and politics and economy and … All is 1 means Order and Work in one because all rotation and according to rotation and through rotation and from rotation which is Phi and according to Phi from the Center of the Center of All-Space. Order and Work in One is Th(o)at(th) Body of the Universe.

All is the compression of All. By the Center and in/by the whole and by every axis, but Spherically – Trigonometry of Space.

The spatial depiction of All (Meta – Metaphysical – Physical) is a rational and reasonable depiction of all matter (all Multiverses), manifested and unmanifested, but how can anything be unmanifested when all is arose from the Space of All-Space. The Universe is hierarchy. Work and Order – Black Order – Order of the Black Sun and everyone who is in the Order Works by the order of the Order because All (Universe) is a Body and it’s about the depiction of the Body – 1 = All (Universe). One Body who is every Body whose nucleus, beginning and end is Phi.

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Thule Thahionator Pyramid

Vril Phaser Pyramid

The Pyramid is created by 13 shapes. Each level has its shape (primary shape) but all levels, i.e. each of the levels contains all levels (shapes). All is the compression of Base, Center and Top which means that all is written in the Base (the origination and work), the Center is the Source that opens and propels through the existence which is the work of itself.
The Top is physics and physical manifestation.

Design dictates if the technology works or not. All goes into 1 – into the Top.

Architecture of the Center from the Center, works, creates, activates the Top – existence.

The Top is the Top, and the Top has its own Top.

13 levels of the Pyramid.
Vril Phaser Pyramid is also the Thule Thahionator Pyramid. Levels of the Pyramid are also the levels, phases of Training and Construction of the Body.
8 levels, which are the Pyramid from bottom to the 8th level, in order to be + 4 levels which are the Top of the Pyramid which is OMMIISS WW which is OHBB + WW + Homo Delphinus + Black Dolphin, but ALL is 1 because ALL is simultaneous.
The 13th level is the Top of the Top of the Pyramid, the Center and the Source of the System which is the Law of One – the Mediator. 13 is comprehensive. 8 + 4 + 1 = 13, but 1 and (into) 3 is 13 as well.
13. levels, number 13, Top of the Top of the Pyramid is the Black Room of the Mediator – Vrndavana.

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Empty Space | The Design Space

Physics of Space in the development of the Center as a manifestation of all levels all the way to this physical one is located and happening in the Space of the Mediator’s Body which at the same time the technological depiction and work of Vril Technology, i.e. all this, and much more, Space itself – Vrndavana – manifests itself and again propels the body, always and again, through and within the Vril Phaser Technology, Vril Phaser Pyramid, … Vril Towers conduct the entire dimension of Space through themselves in the direction of accelerating the rotation of all Space and the planet.

Empty Space is the Space of All–Creation, i.e. the Design Space.

Changes of the aggregate state of the material are enabled by the Space which is not an empty Space, but empty means pure, sterile. Under “Space” it is meant every space and Technology and within the Technology that is in accordance with the Body, which is Space and activates the Technology, changes the aggregate state of all the space necessary for the Phase Shift to occur which is the Law and Principle 1 into 3 into 1, but at the same time the only universal Right and Law and Right and Law of the Universe is that all goes into 1 – unification. The reason is the purpose and the purpose is the reason and that’s the essence which is the Source – Black Body – all into 1 = all 1 = 1 all.

Technological depictions confirm the Rule (Law and Principle) and that’s why the body is being built, transformed.

Phase Shift (of all) is the unification – embodiment – and then there is no difference, there is no possible and impossible when all is 1 with all. Possible is the impossible and the impossible is possible because all is 1. Everything is potentiated to the highest possible level and that’s the Space of the All–Space itself.

Equally, there is no difference in sense of separating things. Everything has its purpose, but everything (1) works in all directions, on all fronts and all levels (Meta – Metaphysical – Physical) – always 1.
This is also valid for the body – male-female – 1.


OMANU Black Dolphin Pyramid

Technology of the Body from which the Technology exits, The Body creates the Technology and represents the Technology and the connection of the Body and Technology.

Body, Technology, Architecture = OMANU.

Interstellar is every object, Technology and Architecture, built as OMANU – all renewable and self-sustainable.

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Total insight into Total Knowledge | OMANU Object and Machine | Design and Construction of the Universe

The depiction of All | Project Phi Spiral – Emergence of the Pyramid | Total Architecture

All depiction together create the base of the base, construction of the Pyramid which forms itself in depth and the real, live, 3D Pyramid comes to existence. Spheres are in fact Planets orbiting around the Pyramid. The upraised Pyramid is the OMANU Object and Machine. Before all, the Pyramid is the Body. All levels and their functions are visible. Who is where and what is what and why. Total Architecture gives Total insight into Total Knowledge into and about the subject matter (Machine, Object, Design, …).

Design is the depiction of All!


The Object emerged from the construction which is also the Vril Tower. Spheres, that are actually Planets, are reactors. Parts of the object are visible, i.e. their purpose. The reactor is a drive. The drives keep the building above and beyond – Antigravity. The construction also shows the means of transport – all is OMANU. OMANU Design. Land, water, underwater, air vehicles are drawn and as such they exist from the construction as a construction. All levels of everything, if there are any and as many as there are, are here!

The Construction of the Universe constructs the Universes.

Boats and vehicles that are unimaginable and inconceivable, objects as well, of all shapes speak and present themselves through the Work of themselves towards out. Work is purpose. Purpose is Design which means that the Design WORK-s.

Manifestation of all shapes achieves the goal. The goal is also the purpose. Technology and Body (Croatian word for Body is Tijelo) – TT – Thule Thahionator.

There is no end to Combinatorics (of All!), and it is the Source – Game of Consciousness.


Thoth constructs (creates) the creation of New which also means that the ultimate product/object forms itself and forms and transforms into everything necessary. There is no end. There is only New. Transformation.


Political, economic, industrial, astrological depiction (of the Body) in the space of All-Space (Universe) through the Work of the Swastika.

The exit, fotmation of the body through matter speaks about the presence of the Technology that works and builds and corrects itself. Line – line, point – point, but it’s not. The point into the circle and the circle into the Sphere. The line forms the breakthrough. And all of that goes to the space of the space of the space of the space of the space of All–Space. To the end. To the Body. The First Body.


The uttermost draft (Project Phi Spiral) is the depiction of all in the formation which is real.
Machines, architecture, objects, vehicles, boats, design, the law and principle, i.e. work and activity. How something (all) works. Mathematics, physics, metaphysics. Science – ALL of them!

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Technology of Architecture of the Center | Vril Propulsion Security Scanner | Ankh | The MasterMind

VPSS – Total object – metaphysical and physical | War of fields

Vril Propulsion passes through the Center as an instantly manifested vortex of essence of the Center itself. The Center is the Source and the source of power (drive). The energy mass (Vril Propulsion) propels and moves in the direction of the tops of the legs (purple line that goes from the center) which are actually towers, i.e. each tower is the top of the Pyramid (the bird symbol – Thoth) that builds (physically and energetically) the top of the top of the Pyramid – Black Room. The energy flows are mutual, they start from the Center towards the top of the Pyramid through which they pass in a circular manner to the very top and back towards the Center. All is combinatorics of the main drive which is the Mind. The overall structure of the symbol (structure because all is Technology and this is also about Architecture) is the Brain which is the Free Space. The Free Space works, creates and is the only one that enables Free Creation. And that’s why everything is Combinatorics. The Mind of the “operaton” is the Mediator and this is the Technology of Architecture of the Center, Science of the letter H, …

Everything is transparent, open because the Mind had created and creates the Creation of Space. There are no obstacles (walls) inside the Space and that’s why everything is Black, pure Black and Black pure.

Separating the VPSS symbol from the structure allows visibility of the real insight into the totality of architectural possibilities which are in fact in continuous action and self-perfection. The Mind concentrates the body to see the Body. A game of hide and seek – “I’m looking at you and you don’t see Me. The Rotation rotates = The breakthrough into the so far unseen and yet Present.”

8 Pyramids/8 tops of the Pyramids and the Center. Each of the 8 tops is a rhomb which is also the rotation in rotation. The shape is Ankh, but these 8 are also 8 Bodies and 8 portals. 8 tops move towards the Center and from the Center in an order that is not linear but in the Order of the Center and that’s the Machine that works and propels and rotates the Vril Propulsion Scanner.

All of this is digital and 2D (although it’s not). This is the MasterMind. The Law is One – the Law of Creation. The Mind creates and concentrates the concentration of Vril Propulsion which is a mass (mass because it’s a physically palpable density of Vril. Not heavy, not solid, but piercing).


Each of 8 tops (rhombs) is the entrance which is rotational and oval, but not circular – Ankh. Each of the entrances goes from the central room which is located under the level of the level (Base). In the center is the Space of All-Creation which is displayed as a flame – the Legend of the Fenix is alive.

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Total Technology | The Vacuum engine

Pyramid = Vril Phaser = Vril Tower

The entrance into the base of the Pyramid is the entrance into the central room which is spherical.

In the very center of the base is the Vril Propulsion Security Scanner.

The Antigravity sphere is the planet is Perpetuum mobile and all of this is visible in the center of the center of the Base.
Vril Tower is an architectural wonder. The force of antigravity activity. The Pyramid is a construction. That what becomes, and what actually is because it has to be, is being descended from the other dimension as the OMANU. That’s why the final shape is the Human.

The Vacuum engine

The Vacuum engine is the central room of the Base, Center of the Pyramid and the top of the Pyramid which is the top itself, i.e. the Center of the Base is the top of top of the Pyramid and vice versa. This is how it must be spoken and displayed (at least like this!) about the Technology of construction which is Architecture of the Center.

The climax is the manifestation of creation of All-Creation in the All-Space of the center of the top of the Pyramid because with the arrival, i.e. descent of that Center everything else comes to existence and it’s being constructed and energetically manifested and in such a way it becomes physical. OMANU has landed. Landed and Grounded.

The map of the Universe

Date. Existence. Body. The connection of the sky and the earth. Mediator. Presence. The descent of the Body and the embodiment of the Body into the body. = Technology.

And that’s why all is every depiction of all and every symbol and all is visible in all and exits out. All in all and from all exits all. Technology, symbolism, activity, depictions, physical appearance and construction, astrology, Body (all the bodies which are the Body), anatomy, …

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Energy depiction of the OMANU Machines (Technology)
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The Central Machine | The Total Machine     (this article is password protected)

Physical manifestation of the Center of Creation | The opening of the Portal of New Atlantis | OMANU terminal

Vril Propulsion Security System

Physical manifestation of the Center in the center of all is the flame which is the Scarab and the flower of lotus in one. The flame is alive and it changes colors, all colors (Dzogchen colors) and the flame itself changes the shapes into the Body and Machines. Into the unthinkable and unimaginable. The Creation itself manifested as the result of compressions of charge of all from the Trigonomtry of Space formed as Architecture of the Center. The portal is open. New Atlantis. Direct connection.

That’s the OMANU terminal.

OMANU travels multidimensionally into Now from Now. The law of attraction, Physics is one thing, but this is the opened dimension of Multidimensionality – the All–Space.

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Kvantna mehanika     Croatian → translate (choose language)


Tijelo Orke (Crnih Delfina) je tijelo Kvantne Mehanike.

Mašine (čitave mašine i dijelovi mašina) bez vidljivih spojeva, tj. spojeni su Silom Kvantuma koja je fizička i fizički opipljiva, ali sterilna (čista) što znači da radi apsolutno i omogućuje Apsolut. Zakoni Kvantne Mehanike su utemeljeni isključivo u jednom (1) Principu, a to je da Agregatno Stanje prostora određuje kvantnost tog prostora i tijela (jednina i množina) u tom prostoru, tj. tijela koja su u kontaktu (povezana) s tim prostorom.
Agregatnost prostora je apsolutna kompresija čistog apsolutnog naboja, nazovimo to Energijom. To je Naboj koji se oslobađa iz superčestica kao što je atom. Ovo nije atom niti atomska energija niti atomska snaga. Kvantni Naboj je skup svih čestica (Informacija) naboja Vrila u 1 tijelo/1 prostor. Kompresirani Prostor. Dimenzija Kvantuma. Sve što prolazi kroz takav prostor je Tijelo/Objekt/Mašina koja je 1 s tim prostorom, tj. koja je sam Kvantum. Sve što nije ista razina, isto agregatno stanje, je zaustavljeno Silom Kvantuma, ali postoji mogućnost da ostane „zatvoreno“ u Prostoru Kvantuma, tj. ono je onemogućeno. Zašto? Zato jer ne propušta kroz sebe apsolutno sam Kvantum što znači da nije 1 što znači da blokira Kvantum i Rad Kvantuma i zato biva zaustavljeno. I to Apsolutno.
Dalje je jedino Totalna Transformacija ili Apsolutna Dezintegracija, iako je zapravo oboje istovremeno – uvijek! Radi se isključivo o onom krajnjem, onom što ostaje, odnosno ne ostaje. Prostor.

Prostorna Tehnologija Prostora     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Bazične formule i općenito primarno svojstvo sveg Sveprostora i rada kroz sve prirodne znanosti je Runsko Znanje i kompresija istog u Prostoru Sveprostora. Zašto je nešto takvo kakvo jest i ključ koji otključava prostore (materiju i antimateriju) je polazna točka Znanja o Prostoru Sveprostora. Ništa bez kompresirane vrtnje Thothalnog Prostora Sveprostora. Ovo je znanje koje se primjenjuje kroz tehnologiju i znanost, ali ovo što slijedi se ne prosljeđuje i ne dijeli jer je uvijek Volja ta prva i početna instanca djelovanja i akcije pa tako i pranastanka samog Svega. Kompresija u centru tog Svega je ultimativna i apsolutna, a pod to „Sve“ se izričito misli na Volju Kompresije Thothalnog (Medijator). Sveprostor – Crno Tijelo – Crna rupa. Sveprostor. Obrnutost Vremena. Nije naopako nego je izvan omjera i vida svega što nije Sve.

Bazičnost Rada i postanka pranastanka Svega je Runa Ra (RaD – RaT – RaS) – RoT (Vrtnja) – RiT (Rezolutnost Jednog, tj. sama kompresija Volje Života Istine) – Re (Transformacija. Uvijek, uvijek, uvijek. Ali samog Centra).

Volja Kompresije Thothalnog je Apsolutan Rad Tijela Centra u Prostoru Rada koji samim runskim standardom Arhitekture i prisutnosti Tijela Centra je sam Sveprostor. 1.

Ovdje, ništa ne vrijedi!

Nije centar Matrixa tamo gdje je centar Matrixa nego je centar Matrixa tamo gdje se nalazi Tijelo Centra (Medijator).

Ra (RaD – RaT – RaS) – Werkraft Power Metamilitary Industry – Ratna Tehnologija
RoT (Vrtnja) – Zakon Jednog
RiT (Pogon) – Vril/Volja, ali Volja koja pokreće sve. Kad je Volja onda je sve i sve odjednom i sve 1.
Re (Trans-shifting) – ultimativnost je Kvantnost tijela je razina protočnosti, ali protočnosti agregatnog stanja koje je kompresija informacijske baze Svega, i Svemira (Nulte točke) i Matrixa. I tek tada tijelo može sprovesti čitav Univerzum kroz sebe što znači i da doslovno može sprovesti (progutati) Matrix kroz sebe u sebe. Agregatnost (Kvantnost) omogućuje da ide sve odjednom. I to što provodi nije tijelo nego je Crno Tijelo.

Kvantna Mehanika je odnos Prostora i prostora i Prostora na prostor kroz Radni Moment (Power – Propulsion) Prostora definiran kao Energija/Naboj/Agregatno stanje.

Sposobnost prihvaćanja stvari kakve jesu.

Thule Thahionator Institution

Thule Thahionator Technology

Thule Thahionator is an OMANU object – OMMIISSWW. The object is built out of 8 OMANU objects. Each of them is an institution for itself – physical and legal. 8 institutions are managed and subordinated to the 9th which is Thule Thahionator – the Mediator.
8 institutions demand a governing body which is the Built Body.

All institutions are directly connected with the Source and each of them functions for itself …

Purpose, mission of the Thule Thahionator Institution is raising and establishment of the Sphere which is OMANU Thule Thahionator. The Sphere is located, geographically, in the center of all institutions, i.e., it is Thule Thahionator itself – OMANU.

Thule Thahionator is displayed as a OMANU flying object, as a Pyramid (grounded OMANU aircraft), Perpetuum mobile.

Thule Thahionator – Tesla’s Technology – TesseracT

Tesseract is the Crystal of Atlantis, the Source, the Knowledge, the Source of Knowledge, top of the Pyramid, the Center.

Thule Thahionator – Futhork binary numbers, codes. Numbers are letters, Runes. Each letter – Thule Thahionator – is a Rune which opens, unlocks a new dimension of Thule Thahionator. With decoding, opening of all the letters, Runes, penetrates into the Center of the Sphere – established physical and Multidimensional Sphere – established Atlantis – Tesseract.

Thule – Atlantis, OMANU
Thahionator – carrier of Atlantis, Pharaoh, Creator
                     – title – Mediator

Thule Thahionator is a self-sustaining institution. It is not a profit nor a non-profit institution (organization).

Thule Thahionator Pyramid – image:

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Werkraft Power Institution – New Space program – YugoSphere

Thule Thahionator Technology is the Technology of the Pyramids. The double Pyramid is a Tesseract. With physical activation of the Pyramid in the parallel dimension, the Runic Field will be activated in the 3rd dimension.

Thule Thahionator is the declaration of war. The symbol of the declaration of war is the top of the Pyramid which is a machine – Vimana – OMANU. The symbol of the declaration of war, the top of the Pyramid, is a machine out of 6 pyramids, 6 tops visible in 3D. There is 18 pyramids (tops) in total. This machine is Thule Thahionator – Tesseract – Sudarshana Chakra – YugoSphere.

The Contract is the declaration of war. The Contract is the exposure of the Matrix.

Thule Thahionator Technology is the technology of proving and exposing of the Matrix.

Werkraft Power Institution – New Space program – YugoSphere.

Werkraft Power Institution is the fundamental Institution for building the Thule Thahionator Object.

Werkraft Power Institution is a direct impact on the Matrix on all levels. That’s Metamilitarism. Metamilitarism acts spherically and on all levels.

Metamilitarism – establishment of the Field with the Field. Defense of the Field with the Field. Through the Technology which is materialized in any form.

The New Space program begins in Space, not on Earth.

YugoSphere (JugoSfera)

Thule Thahionator = Mediator= Zero Point Field = Sphere – of a circular shape, networked into a hologram that was created by the Swastika and the Crystal. It is a Field which spreads from the Center into the space, filling it with Force which demolishes and grinds. Karma of the space is being cleaned, new information are being opened, the genetics is benig purified. Structures, buildings (human) take the spherical shape and vibrate with a higher frequency which, by domino effect, exits beyond the boundaries of the space and spreads fractally into the new space, doing the same.

  YugoSphere is the center from which the Matrix is demolished.

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Project YugoSphere (JugoSfera)     (this article is password protected)

The state of Consciousness of the YugoSphere     (this article is password protected)

4–2–3–1 – Dynamo – YugoSphere

Dynamo is the Perpetuum – Dynamo.
YugoSphere is the System outside of (and beyond) the system.

From the formation 4–2–3–1, the formation of the society can be seen as well, but in the sense of forming a union which is stable in all respects and all aspects of its existence because it functions according to the principle which is stable. The social, economical and even political apsects of life of a single country can be red out from the image below which depicts the population (it is possible to literally derive the number of people necessary for the functioning of such a union, in the sense from–to, the highest and the lowest necessary and possible amount of people and their geographical concentration which is performed based on the area of territory, resources, in the sense of natural goods, etc.) in sharp and curved lines and its formation in society, functions, i.e. branches of society which are necessary for functioning (science, education, politics, industry) in the formation of society 4–2–3–1. The final, i.e. overall shape is the body which is the union, state, institution.

From the formation 4–2–3–1, the formation of the society can be seen as well, but in the sense of forming a union which is stable in all respects and all aspects of its existence because it functions according to the principle which is stable. The social, economical and even political apsects of life of a single country can be red out from the image below which depicts the population (it is possible to literally derive the number of people necessary for the functioning of such a union, in the sense from–to, the highest and the lowest necessary and possible amount of people and their geographical concentration which is performed based on the area of territory, resources, in the sense of natural goods, etc.) in sharp and curved lines and its formation in society, functions, i.e. branches of society which are necessary for functioning (science, education, politics, industry) in the formation of society 4–2–3–1. The final, i.e. overall shape is the body which is the union, state, institution.

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Pandora's box

In the initial letter Werkraft there are two letters W which are simultaneously two letters M (Werkraft). W P I is a Futhork binary code. The symbolism is much deeper than visible to the naked eye.

WW – WerWolf
MM – Meta–Military

Letters WW i MM form the Swastika, i.e., two Swastikas – WW i MM. The two Swastikas which are One make the Black Sun. The Black Sun is the Source – Power.

The Thule Thaionator Symbol – TT – is the Pandora’s box. Swastika is the key. The Living body, the body in which the Swastika lives, opens the box.

Symbol, Thule Thahionator, is a Futhork binary code – compression of numbers 0 and 1 which is 0 and 1. The symbol is a manifested Tesseract – Crystal – Swastika. Two letters T in the word Tesseract are the Tesseract itself which is the Crystal – the Source itself which is the beginning and the end and the infinite compression of Itself – I Am – I Exist (definition!).

Swastika inside the Swastika inside the Swastika inside the Swastika → ∞ (Futhork binary code principle)

8 letters and 3 syllables; 8 signifies infinity; 3 is half of 8. Infinity is not a linear travel through space and time. Infinity is the Moment Now which is eternal – infinite. The Moment Now is in the Zero Point Field which is the Swastika – Tesseract.

                        → I SHALL ACT
                ACT → CONTRACT

Futhork binary code – code which is the Swastika, the Rune programmes, reprogrammes and unlocks itself. Codes are Runes.

TESSERACT – the depiction of frequency differences inside the Space. Through the Tesseract we can see that the Space is One and that all is interconnected. The physically determined vacuum space in which the initial impulse doesn't cease to pulsate.

Thule Thahionator – Futhork binary code – Binary code/number in the Zero Point Field

T H U L E   T H A H I O N A T O R
 4  │  6   │  0  │  2  │ 3          4  │  6  │  5  │  6 │ 1  │ 0  │ 12  │ 5  │  4   │ 0   │13
       and    and  and        i                                          and                         and              
         9       8      7                                                     8                             8

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Ati Dzogchen

TibeT – TT – Thule Thahionator – TesseracT – Black Sun
Tibet = Dzogchen
(Tibet = Black Tibet = Black Field)

Ati OMANU (Ati Dzogchen) is the physical manifestation of antimatter on planet Earth.

The location of Ati OMANU institution is Thule Thahionator – planet Earth – YugoSphere. Ati OMANU exists and does not exist. He Is. Space and Time. Multidimensionality. Ati OMANU is the propulsion of the OMANU aircraft. Ati OMANU Technology is the propulsion which is the declaration of war to planet Earth in Multidimensionality – propulsion is Force, the Force of the Black Sun.

Ati OMANU – Black Tibet

Ati OMANU is the female body – drive – Vril Propulsion.

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Thule Thahionator – war to the Matrix

The proclamation of everything!

Technology to the Matrix:
– war to the Matrix
– information war

Propaganda is speaking.
Letters are numbers as well – 1.
The truth is transparent but everyone sees what they want to see.

Propaganda technology – direct, clear.
Symbols attract the brains. Propaganda enters the body. Information war against the brain. It is irrelevant if anyone understands anything. No one understands anything.

Energy impact of the Zero Point Field

Information Intelligence = Werkraft Power Technology = Propaganda of the Technological Field of the Heart

Thule Thahionator – OMANU.

Spherical action – action in all directions.

Information Intelligence – Zero Point Field.

Every Information obtained from the Zero Point Field and publicly released, every word, every letter, every comma, causes the Energy impact. That's Information Intelligence. That's the Information war. The Information Field is the Sonar.

Information (Information Intelligence) is Technology. Every Information has its goal. Wehrkarft Power Institution (WPI) is the information weapon which breaks through the dimensions. Information powers the System, gives the primary input. The information war begins with the launching of WPI. Every stated fact instantly changes the state and acts on the subject or event. WPI is the propaganda which demolishes the existing state and introduces new information into the system. Every information is also an energy bomb which destroys the Matrix construction. Every anomaly which occurs, WPI reacts with the fact which instantly changes the state, annuls the stated lie. It's also the war of Fields, with the information against the information.

WPI is an Information within the Infomation, the hidden truth from the public. Every information performs a breakthrough. Every information stated at represents the functional impact on the Matrix, its carriers. The stated information attack the Matrix joints, demolish and encode with a new information and state.

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The Cypher of the Dimension

Propaganda – Metamilitarism

The WPI basis is Metamilitarism. WPI is the propaganda sector of the Thule Thahionator Institution. Propaganda is installation of the Field. All is a cypher and all is written as a cypher and thus it is subjected to programming and reprogramming. The strength of the cypher is the Futhork binary code. WPI executes liberation of the territory through the installation of the Futhork binary code. The purpose of WPI is the establishment and metamilitary security of the Thule Thahionator Institution and all sectors of the institution. Installation of the cypher through action of the Futhok binary code in purpose of liberation of the territory for permanent establishment of the Zero Point Field. Futhork binary code acts from the depth itself, from the Source, instantly annulling the Matrix cypher – metamilitary liberation of territory.  Liberation of territory is liberation of the body and vice versa. This is the WPI propaganda – installation of a specific cypher for the establishment of a specific goal. Installation always starts out of/from Zero, out of/from the Source. The Futhork binary code programs and reprograms the population and the location through Multidimensionality – creates a new dimension. With this installation procedure, all which is the embodiment of the Matrix, disappears, i.e., it’s deleted from the database – the cypher (information) of existence is deleted. Activation of the Futhork binary code demands instant action, instant System establishment – Blitzkrieg.

Information war Technology of destroying the Matrix
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New symbolism Thule Thahionator | WPI Symbol

Werkraft Power Institution Symbol is a multidimensional machine which establishes and expands the Field – metamilitary propaganda of the Zero Point Field. The symbol is the embodiment of the Law of One which is the Swastika – Bernhard Stroilli – the Mediator. The symbol is a bioelectronic (radionic) OMANU machine which speaks and screams, conducts deimplantation and exorcism. The symbol is the embodied Living Swastika, Living Body. Each and every presence will be affected with the Energy impact which is Information Intelligence of the Zero Point Field – reprogrammed and installed with Runes in order to raise and establish the New Atlantis under the name which is the Runic cypher – YugoSphere. The body affected with the Energy impact of the Zero Point Field becomes a body in the service of Atlantis. This way and this approach is necessary and inevitable. The will of the today’s Humans is not in question – there is no will. Werkraft Power Institution Symbol is the installation of the System which is the Will. Will is Power, Power is Werkraft Power Institution.

The rotation of the Phi spiral is the Universe – DirectFromCenter. W arises, exits from the Center of the Universe. The Center is the Rune MAN. The Runic Human. The Runic Body – the Mediator.

The nuclear reactor – Swastika

Werkraft Power Institution Symbol II

There 3 symbols in total. Symbols enter into one another and the symbol which is the WPI machine is received. The symbol is a nuclear reactor which is the Human Body – Swastika. The symbol is a Rune.

The nuclear reactor symbol rotates in a clockwise direction in 3D. In Multidimension, the symbol rotates around its axis and each propeller is also in rotation around its axis. The center itself is the nuclear reactor – Swastika. The center starts the machine and the machine rotates around the center, i.e., in accordance with the Center – in all directions.

WPI 2nd symbol is a Vortex which is the Force of the Universe – Power. It is the rotation of the Phi spiral which equalizes the flow of properly distributed power and does not allow its unnecessary ejectment from the System. Rotation (Power) is always in the Center. Rotation breaks through from the Source into the Original state, creating a continuous flow of Energy – Power. Each point of the Phi spiral conducts and withstands the equal, maximum power in all directions. The technology of the symbol is rotation which creates the breakthrough of physical dimensional and multidimensional barriers in the body.

The Werkraft Symbol

Four circles represent four transformed human beings in the Werkraft vehicle. Four pyramids represent four sides of the world. Four sides of the world are four interspaces, four portals. The fifth pyramid is the breached dimension.

Werkraft Symbol is a journey through space and time. The Symbol is a penetrated barrier of space and time – the penetrated dimension. It is the 4th dimension which is the top of the Pyramid – the Mediator.The entire structure is the 4th dimension. With the presence of the Mediator on Earth the entire structure of the Pyramid, the body becomes One. As such you enter into the 4th dimension – as One.

Space has no end. The body which is the Universe is eternal. It is the Law of Space and Time. Space is the Universe. Time is location. The moment of existence, creation is Now. You exist in Now.

Werkraft – The Crown Symbol


The object and the shape conduct a single central Body in the everlasting rotation shown in the center of the symbol. W and W. In the same. Intertwined. One.

Formation of the letters W and W is the total compression of the display and the dimension of the breakthrough as 2 existing bodies that represent the multidimensionality of the Universe. Nothing is as it seems.

Werkraft performs the shift in the dimension, the breakthrough itself and the gap in the dimension. Are there in fact 2 bodies or is it all in one and from one? The oval W is that gap and breakthrough created from the center which is an atom of Monoatomic gold conducted through the body totally in total.

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Energy flows of the Matrix     (this article is password protected)

Dimensional walls

The Matrix walls are being built since ancient times. Dimensional walls are databases, i.e. compression of cyphers of the dimension, multidimension and Universe’s existence. Everything is a cypher, cyphers are manipulated – they change. Dimensional walls are portals, passages into another reality.

Dimension = Reality.

The passage on Tibet passes through the center of the Earth itself, it’s a portal into the other dimension – another reality. The passages are occupied. One Center demolishes all the cyphers – Thule Thahionator.

Rotational Analysis of the Dimension

The Mediator is speaking.

Technology of the Heart conducts the Metasound – Sound of the Universe which is a force because the sound of a pure Body is the transformation of the field which is space – body – propaganda. The Rune is speaking – it’s a compression. The Sound is speaking, transforming, scanning the space and performing RAD (Rotational Analysis of the Dimension). Corporeality is propaganda. Rotational analysis system – current and direct state of affairs. Propaganda speaks, sees and knows – Werwolf Eyes. Propagands sees and knows. The system is the electorate as well. Propaganda ignites the Heart. Knowledge about the Body is Knowledge about Sound.

The Impulse of Technology

Technology to the Matrix

Technology to the Matrix.

The Mediator passes through the Rotational Technology in the Heart.

Thule Thahionator conducts Vril impact through the entire system which is the body and object; each body (object) struck and therefore introduced into the Sphere system and spherical action.

System of the Heart begins with the Technology of the Heart.

Compression of all biological, which is matter and antimatter, passes through vacuum, but it is always being transformed according to the pyramidal structure and thus passes through the Sphere and into the Sphere. Vacuum ignites the rotation and rotation transcends into vacuum and the work of such technology makes the global state of change.

Vril Phasers manifest and conduct equal force and the entire vacuum space as the Vril Phaser Pyramid.

“Space transcends into Space” means that vacuum creates the rotation and rotation transcends into vacuum. How? Through compression. In order for space to bend and thus the shift and breakthrough into All-space to occur, the Force of compression of the Universe is necessary which means the force of compression of all compressed, micro and macro, to the level of the Universe and from the level of nothing which is equal to all.

“Laws of the Universe rule” means that the law of compression of space is ruling, i.e. the law of compression of vacuum which propels the rotation through and in All-space. All-space means all the Universes which are in fact all Multiverses which are multidimensional. And all of that is 1 Gene – Vrndavana. That’s the starting point. Micro and macro.

Point. Sphere. Rhomb. Pyramid.

The passage into New exits as a passage, it’s a multidimensional gate, i.e. gape into All where is all that is Original and it’s clear to the one who is located in that that each of the mentioned terms (Point. Sphere. Rhomb. Pyramid.) has arisen and was created as every of the terms – all is 1.

The only difference is in the openness and flowability of the Heart which sees and observes and knows that all is created in the space of All-space.

The body is rotating in order to be opened and broken through, i.e. in order for the shift from linear into multidimensional to occur, but a conscious shift of the body into the permanent state of rotation.

The Heart Space

All the Technology goes into the space from the Body which is the depiction of the space, every space. The war of bodies propels the mass in the direction of Technology because the Technology (Body) is the Space, multidimensional and omnipresent, which passes and goes beyond through the Heart and opens the Heart because Technology, Space (Body) doesn’t exist without the initial impulse which is the creation itself – the Space Heart.

The delete of space

The delete of space towards, during and after the establishment of Thule Thahionator Space in the body and out of the body which is changing according to the Mediator’s existence and His Body.

Why the Mediator?
A uniformed project of the Body in motion according to the Heart – Center Swastika, which is Vrndavana itself and its source point and power point of the Law against provoking the incorrect, ungrounded and untrue ownership over planet Earth and the entire Universe. The Body of the Universe against the universe which is not. Freedom began to represent slavery of the world and the Universe. Everything is occupation because everything is occupied because the Center Heart in the body is occupied. This is the Truth about the Center which is Free Rotation which is Free Energy established in flowability from and through the Rotation which can not and must not, but can not, be stopped because Rotation does not stop, the Universe does not stop. This is the only thing which is constant and is a constant, the Truth.

What is the Truth?
Rotation of the Universe which is a planet which is inside the Body and which is the Body. Flowability that breaks through the Rotation and, as such, demolishes, but as a living machine, because only through the Body can the New begin. The Truth is metaphysical and always present but it’s not available without flowability, primarily of the Heart which is the Source, and after that of the Body. Or better said, with the simultaneous breakthrough from the Heart into the Body because all the Technology, which it truly is, technologically advanced, functions on the principle which is One.

The metaphysical delete of space is a breakthrough into the Space which uninstalls, deletes the technology which is alive. The Matrix is inside the body. The Matrix is a technology which is inside the body. Alive technology.

The principle of Knowledge which is the Law of the Universe, because it’s established in the Truth, is Consciousness. Consciousness of the Body – that’s the Law. The Universe is a Body.

Space and Time Propaganda
Space is Time and Time is Space – one, not the same but One – Body.

The space – time continuum
Space is a Body – Black Body. Time is location, but the measurement is the Universe – the map of the Universe.
What is your function in the Universe?
And that’s the reason why astrology, and even astronomy and numerology, and their lack of understanding. One cannot understand something in what one has no insight. Total insight – Total Knowledge.

The Matrix exists but how will you know when you do not see, hear, feel, don’t have Consciousness about the Body, and there’s the answer – in the body.

Technology Black Day | Information-technological war

Sound barrier of the information war

The program unit of sound in this and such situations is the total compression of the capable, instantaneous and possible development of the situation and of all situations related globally, through instantaneousness (of this moment as well) of unrelated, but also related, i.e. united and unified situations globally watching, but observing centrally with the Heart.

The program unit of all is 1 and if (when) we come to that what is this 1, then the Center of all centers in the Center of the One is liberated. That’s Propaganda.
Technology Black Day is the Information–technological war which is equal, and it’s conclusive that it is so, and that’s Sound.

Scientific procedure of the Body over the body (Method One Scientific Training Procedure).

Technological display of the cyborg is 1 vs. 0 –(minus) 1.


The Law of One Jurisdiction

Space of special purpose for conducting the Method One Scientific Training Procedure (OMMIISSWW Special Training) in space conditions – OMANU Space Center.

On this space the universal law is being applied.

Exterritoriality as a dimension that exists and demolishes the parallel dimension.  

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The Declaration of the Law of One on planet Earth | The Law of One, the Force of the Universe
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Legal System of the Zero Point

Vril Propulsion System

The Zero Point has been and is a Legal System – the Law. 

...(this article is password protected)

The preamble of the Constitution

Each body constructed in the Method One Training Procedure has the right to work and act in accordance with the Law of One as the only correct and valid law on planet Earth. The existence of such a person has the right to live according to the Principle of the Universe without any foreign force acting upon the Principle. Every exposure to foreign force against the individual's will has the right to act upon the foreign force with all means that will disable such hostile activity. The statehood which is established on the Principle of the Law of One has the right to defend itself with all available means, to defend its nation and its principles. Every foreign force has to respect these principles and, in work with her residents, has to abide them. Every resident of Earth has the right to accept the Principle and live in accordance to it. Every external interference into in the work of the state will be considered a hostile act and will be sanctioned in accordance with the necessary force, without exception.

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology

(Vril Technology – Vril Phaser – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology)

Modus Operandi OMANU Human Body Biocomputer

Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology

New Scientology

Werkraft Power Institution brings the methodology and terminology of the 4th and 5th dimension which establishes the physical state of the Zero Point Field on planet Earth in the 3rd dimension. Terminology used in the 3rd dimension belongs exclusively to the Law of One which is Werkraft Power Institution in the 3rd dimension. Methodology of the Law of One is represented by Werkraft Power Institution through technology Method One (Heart Swastika Sonar) whose highest level of Modus Operandi is OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – OHBB.

3 letters S – Srce Svastika Sonar (Heart Swastika Sonar) – are 3 Runes Sieg which embody the New Atlantis (4th Atlantis) in this dimension.

3 – 4 – 3 = 12
3 = ½ of 8
2 x ½ of 8 = 8
8 + 4 = 12

This is Metaphysics in the Zero Point Field.

3 Runes Sieg are one body – 1.

OMANU Central Operating Station

OMANU Central Operating Station is Thule Thahionator. The Symbol in the center is TT (Thule Thahionator). The Symbol is a multidimensional machine which is the Futhork binary code. OMANU Central Operating Station is a multidimensional space which is installed in the body and it becomes One with the physical body. With the installation of the Swastika, the physical body becomes a multidimensional space which is the Crystal Swastika – Tesseract = OMANU Central Operating Station. OMANU is inside the body and OMANU is the Body which is the Body Swastika. The first OMANU Central Operating Station is inside the Body (the embodied Swastika, One). The Body is first.

PICTURE: OMANU –> O (Thoth) – MAN (Human) – U (Übermensch – Overman)

OMANU Central Operating Station

Symbol of New Scientology

The Symbol of OMANU Central Operating Station is the Symbol of New Scientology.

OMANU – O is the Swastika and it represents infinity and infinite rotation which is the Swastika – the Universe. In the Runic letter O is the Center which is the Portal. Passing through the Portal, breaks through the dimensional wall is breached which bends space and time – O is the Pyramid.

New Scientology is in Runes. OMANU Central Operating Station Symbol is a Rune. The Symbol is a compression of the Swastika and each line (vertical and horizontal) is a compression of Force which is the Rune. OMANU Central Operating Station Symbol is Thoth’s Knowledge, Thoth’s Body – the Mediator.

OMANU Central is the depiction of the (R)evolution of life. That what has been defined and sold as the big bang. Total creation of the Universe all from the first Body. That’s why the form of a human is shown in the Pyramid and that’s why the display is the Mediator – Thoth and the letters T and H which orbit around the letter O. O is the Center and the Source of itself and all that is. The letters T and H are planets – Solar System. And the Perpetuum mobile.

Werkraft System implementation

Knowledge obtained through OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology. The term Technology implies the transformed human body (OMANU Body), Highly Conscious Human Biocomputer – OHBB. The System is a technology of instant actions through OHBB as a Highly Conscious perceptor, scanner of every situation. It comes to instant actions occur because OHBB is a self-regulating and self-correcting machine which instantly finds the solution to every situation. Werkraft is a perfect Human Biocomputer – OHBB. Werkraft scans, corrects and establishes the System which is the Law of the Universe – the Law of One.

Wehrkratf Body is a superconductor.

  Werkraft – State of the body. The first, initial impulse is given by the Mediator.

Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon/Machine

The Power of the Force of Consciousness

Spherein’s first project of the OMANU Metamilitary Information Intelligence sector – OMMIISS. Werkraft is OMANU Technology which is the constructed Human Body. The Human body is the Power of the Force of Consciousness – conductor of Power/Force of the Universe. What is the Power of the Universe? Consciousness which is the physical and energy force. It’s sufficient to emphasize that such body is INDESTRUCTIBLE. One built Human against the army of the world. Built out of Runes. Awoken with Vril. Demolisher of the Matrix. Conductor of the Law of the Universe.

Vril Technology – Vril Phaser – Information IntelligenceBody Biocomputer construction

The Mediator conducts Vril Technology from Himself into all bodies that are capable to conduct, pass through the entire body the Force which is the Mediator – Force of the Universe.

Capability is Strength = Capacity of the Heart – the speed of reaction. The speed of reaction is the Rune.

Vril Technology is the Sonar which is a continuous and inexhaustible Field, source and base of Information Intelligence. Vril Technology speaks – it is the Runic Kabala. The Body is the Information Base of Information Intelligence of the Zero Point Field. The Body as a Vril Phaser transmits Information Intelligence from the Center which is the Base of Information Intelligence – Heart Sonar Swastika.

Vril Technology – The pyramidal system of the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer construction

Technology for constructing the Human Body – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. Vril – applies pressure on implants inside the body and it develops the energy flow. Runes – construct the body with the crystal structure consisted of energy lines. Consciousness – Heart and Third eye – controls the process. Vril, Runes and Consciousness are interconnected and intertwined in the process of OMANU construction.

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Vril Power

Vril Technology – Vril Propulsion – Driving Force

All changes of the aggregate state of the body transfer and retain the Information inside the body. The Information is Vril. With the changes of the aggregate state, the genetic structure is being changed. All aggregate states are all possible and existing states which the body is going through in order to withstand the breakthrough – Phase shift into the Zero Point Field. The body must conduct the Force of the Zero Point Field – the entire Universe through the entire body. In such way, and only in such way, can you become the conductor of the Law of the Universe. The pure body is the body which conducts the Universe. The pure Information is the Law of the Universe. The pure body which is OHBB is the conductor of the Law of the Universe which is the Law of One. Such body functions as a Sonar. The entire body, the entire system is a Sonar – Law and Principle of the Universe – Pure Consciousness. Vril Technology is the Body which is the Body Swastika. Body = Universe = Force of the Universe. Vril Technology is the Technology of Runes

Vril Propulsion System of the Body

Technology is the exit out. Technology enters and exits, passes through the body in order to liberate the space which cannot be liberated without the pressence of the Mediator on planet Earth. The Mediator passes through the body and executes the occupation/liberation of the body through the installation of his Body which is the Body Swastika. Flowability of the body after the Deimplantation procedure conducts technology which stops reimplantation and retains the achieved state. Vril Propulsion System maintains the state of flow of the body through the established communication Heart – brain – sex organ. Vril Propulsion System Technology, through the Deimplantation procedure, breaks through and awakens the body and opens the brain. The established vertical Heart – brain – sex organ represents the necessity for understanding and construction of the Zero Point Field Technology. Through Flowability of the Heart you relize the Technology which is inside the body and exits from the body. The Mediator builds the body which is capable to become the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer which is, only as such, capable to conduct and execute the task which is the Technology of the Zero Point Field.

Vril Technology – the Zero state of the body     (this article is password protected)

Vril Technology – Vril Phaser – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer Technology

Vril Technology breaks through with the power of Sudarshana Chakra which moves the body as a superconscious operational bioelectronics, but bio-technological body – the Original Humanoid body, which doesn’t tolerate predatory because that is not Consciousness. Consciousness tolerates Consciousness and nothing else. Vril Technology speaks about the Intelligence which is Consciousness and consciously assuming responsibility for the state, yours, someone else’s and global. High Consciousness is that Technology which takes over and speaks, penetrates and acts – instantaneously. Vril Phaser is that Body which speaks. The force of the Law of One activates the body which is technological – Technology (OHBB). The predator has always been, is and will be the lower being – because he’s a predator. The Body which is the Heart opens the Heart and that is the superiority of the Universe – Heart.  

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The Body Thahionator – Body – Physical Force

Mediator – Body – is a physical Force which is a constant. A constant is not a straight line, a constant is Constancy, Presence of the Body which is a Force. Action – reaction of the body is a constant. A thought, as the highest level of creation, is the highest level of action – Dzogchen. Reaction refers to the reaction of the body. The result is the breakthrough. Physics is the Body.


Easiness of creation in the Field of omnipotence. There is no consumption of energy, there is only a breakthrough – new. A breakthrough is a constant because the dimension is physical, the body is physical. The space breaks through the space.

Space Propulsion | Werkraft Power Machines | Human Body

Technological dimension – Alive Technology | Vril Technology – Human Technology
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Thule | HB (OHBB) Symbol

The Thule Thahionator Machine

Thule Thahionator

The multidimensional Vril production drive machine for the establishment of the Sphere System, installation and expansion of the Zero Point Field (Runic Shield).

Antigravity Technology. Quantum Technology. Biotechnology. Technology of New Atlantis

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The Thule Thahionator Machine


The ice core – the compression of outer space conditions. The temperature is far lower than absolute zero. Here, all the data of this biomachine are compressed in packages which look like a chromosome. Even though they seem static, this core is the real nuclear drive.


It’s significantly larger than the core and this part, as well as the center, is in direct flow with all that is above the atmosphere. This “fire” belt is in fact lightnings.


It’s a membrane that emits a pulse created with the strike of lightning at the ice core. Cold fusion and fission is enabled here without splitting the center. A reaction is received with the stimulation of the center which is transmitted all the way to the contact membrane from where it can be directed, under controlled conditions, to a certain external goal.


The only visible part of Thule Thahionator. Depending on the purpose, the pulse is being directed concentrically or through a target.


It would be more correct to say that what attracts and conducts lightning.

Thule Thahionator is a universal machine which can be applied for medical purposes, in military industry, for power supply (illumination, heating, machine drive, ...).

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The Thule Thahionator Machine II

Thule Thahionator is not just a device that produces the Field, it is a biocomputer machine which detects every anomaly and reacts instantaneously. The principle of action is based on the flow/passing of Information of the System through a series of crystals which emit Information as a Runic binary (light) code into the Matrix. In such a way it denies the inserted anomaly and sets its own conditions of action, that is the principle. Work is permanent, multidimensional and has an unlimited power of action, penetrating power inside every system, not just earthly. Thule Thahionator operates in all directions and through all dimensions in parallel, changes the state in each in accordance with the current state of the same. This is the principle of action of the multidimensional machine which has not yet been built and, as such, it represents predominance.

Thule Thahionator is an intelligent machine which changes the programmes in accordance with the environment and happenings. Each action is being scanned and in such way the programme is inserted into the system. It currently annuls it and the installation of the new cipher is being inserted. The codes are impenetrable and thus the programme, as such, is impenetrable.

Thule Thahionator is a breakthrough at a global level and, with its activation, it currently operates on all dimensions and on the demolition of the Matrix. The system of action is universal and it represents a perfect machine for the given circumstances of time.

Thule Thahionator is a Phi synchronicity machine. It works on the principle of attractive opposites. This achieves the charge of Vril which can be directed towards a specific goal.

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The Thule Thahionator Machine III     (this article is password protected)

Thule Thahionator Tower

At the bottom of the tower is Thule Thahionator. The purpose of the high tower is “the creation” of thunderbolts, i.e. the distribution of enormous force and electricity. Adequate is the grounding and the transmitter of surplusage which is produced by Thule Thahionator. The Tower ensures electricity and high temperature around the core, and on the other hand, it enables safety of the fusion process itself – it transmits enormous amounts of energy outside of the atmosphere. Remark: the space energy is in question which has absolutely no negative effect to Earth, on the contrary – it maintains the stability of the planet and strengthens its protective layer. It effects all life planet on the planet in the same way. Thule Thahionator is intended to repairs all damage made on the planet and the more important role is to potentiate the human himself, i.e. it changes his consciousness according to standards of the universe.

AG flying object     (this article is password protected)

Technology of Sound

Sound of the Space machine

Thule Thahionator and Vril Phaser are machines that release the Space Sound (Phi), through themselves into the space. Because of this, they are built in a special way and from special materials. The shape and materials must be superconductive for the Space force (Sound) and, simultaneously, resistant in order for the Force not to destroy them. At one time, the Pyramids were such machines. The scientific explanation on how the Zero Point Field operates – the Field is Sound. Sound penetrates into and through matter and changes it according to the Phi principle. All that is not subject to change is being destroyed.

The Matrix also produces sound. The strength of that sound is far weaker than the space and, in frequency, it is only in promilles in comparison with Space. All that is in the Matrix vibrates with the Matrix frequency – there are no exceptions. The exception is the appearance of the Mediator Method One whose Body is the Zero Point Field and he produces Phi Sound with all of himself – he is actually outside of the Matrix. The reason of his appearance is to sound you and transform you. In order for someone who is born in the Matrix, as a part of that Matrix, to exit from it, the very pressence of the Mediator is necessary. You, as a Matrix, can not begin to vibrate as the Universe by yourself. The Mediator is the one whose pressence breaks through the sound barrier between you and the Universe because of which you do not see and do not hear. Your body is built to listen and think Matrix. You do not know what exists beyond that. Even if you think you vibrate higher than your surroundings, you are still the Matrix. The boundaries of the Matrix are much larger than you can imagine. This is the cruel reality. Hope still exists as long as the Mediator is physcally present. In the moment when he succeeds to break the blockage over your heart – he gives you the primary OMANU machine, and that is the Swastika. This is when the Space Sound starts to play inside you. With this, your path to exit the Matrix begins. This is when your battle begins and your decision on which sound will you listen – the one from the Matrix to which you are used to or the Space Sound from the Swastika which leads you out of the Matrix.

Is there a good reason to exit out of the Matrix – yes, there is. The reason is Life itself. The end of time is near in the Matrix. This being that calls himself a human does not function as a human for a long time but as a vermin. He is not a lion, he is not a shark, he is not a crocodile, a single animal species or plant species on Earth is not the one that is killing the Earth and exterminates other species. Nor are the greenhouse gasses the reason of pollution. The reason are the so-called human bodies that are not open (there is no flowability), implanted and completely separated from the natural Law. This is where the answer lies why they produce disaster with their actions or, better said, with their very existence. This is not a propaganda for the mass extermination of the human but a call for mass awakening. Currently, the civilization is rushing into total ruination. An even worse version of the human is emerging, even more technologically processed, even further from its original form and such civilization cannot lead into any Golden age but into an even greater egocentrism, emotional and intellectual dullness and they are the lowest forms of existence that will, in any case, be stopped by the Universe because they threaten the Universe itself. They are destroying the most valuable thing in life, which is life itself. The Universe gives immortality and what does this being called human strive for?

Technology of Sound – Bell – Atlantis | Antigravity Technology

Bell – Reich – Atlantis

The shape of the bell is Sound which speaks Atlantis and spreads the sound of antigravity activity through the System of establishment of the Reich. It uprises the new dimension of the New Knoweldge which is the Original Knowledge. Knowledge = Technology. The Knowledge about Sound. The Sound of the Bell expands and uprises, i.e. installs the cypher of Atlantis. The Bell is OMANU. The sound instrument. The shape of the Bell speaks Atlantis, i.e. creates a “line” which is created with Sound. The “line” is the Sound. The “line” creates a shape, the shape creates the Sound and the Sound creates the shape. The shape (of the Bell) is rotation – Antigravity.

The power of action is in the shape because the shape is original. Sound is a force which keeps the Bell in antigravity and spreads antigravitational activity – Field. But the shape (design) is the one that gives, i.e. supports and enables the full power, full capacity of action. The shape of the Bell itself is rotation and antigravity.

OMANU Body | Thule Thahionator – Technology of Sound

OMANU Body enters the OMANU which is the Body – Bell.

Rotation propels the Body which is the OMANU and the OMANU which is the Body – Object. Rotation ignites the Machine which is the Body, but the rotation which is the Vortex which is the Sound – Phi. The work of the Body is the absolute rotation which is on the inside and on the outside but the OMANU is seemingly static because it passes through the Space in the Sphere. Vortex in Phi and according to Phi from the Body which is the OMANU produces, creates the Sphere which is 1 with the Body because it originates from the Body and is the Body which is the OMANU.

You travel into Space spherically. Spherically means multidimensionally.

The Bell produces the Sound because the Bell is the Sound – the symbol and the cypher is Sound, but the Sound is Technology and the Sound activates and ignites the Technology.

OMANU is speaking – all is Technology and all is Sound, but the Body is the source and the center and the essence itself, i.e. Body ó Technology ó OMANU ó Sound.

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Werkraft Technology

Werkraft is primarily a sound – light machine. This means it continuously emits a complex, or better said, complete Sound of the Zero Point Field and spreads the entire light spectrum of the Black Sun. The Zero Point Field and the Black Sun are two names of the same and only Source.

Werkraft is the name for all the technology which functions on the mentioned principle. This also includes vehicles. All vehicles, aircrafts, submarines …, all is propeled with Sound. This means exactly the driving energy, but navigation (eholocator) as well. This means that this Sound, which originates from the Body, is absolutely necessary for movement and achieving Antigravity. The Space Sound cannot be imported from Outer Space, as well as the conditions that are there, yet they have to be passed through the Body in order for the highly conscious technology to be obtained and to function as well. Other fields, like the magnetic field, which are also primarily sound, serve for orientation and correction.

These are direct and very precise instructions for the Werkraft drive. Preconditions for the production and use of such technology are made by design and the materials. The speed and efficiency of technology depends on these parameters. The Sound will initiate only the body which had been irradiated enough, i.e. which began to vibrate with the same frequency. The time of exposure to alignment depends on the design and the material. The exposure, during which the change of structure of a certain material occurs, makes the time necessary to cause a reaction of the material, i.e. the entire object, to the information which is transferred with the sound force. Restructuring and reprogramming to the necessary action occurs (input – reconstruction – action). This can be conducted only by the transformed individuals with enormous Heart capacity and under the Meditor’s leadership in specialized spaces.

Technology of the vacuum sound | The vacuum engine
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Total transformer     (this article is password protected)

Matematika i Fizika Zvuka     Croatian → translate (choose language)


Programska jedinica (matična ploča) Matrix tijela.

Prostorno ubrzavanje prostora – Medijator.

Totalna Prostorna Tehnologija – Vakuumski motor – manifestacija nemanifestiranog = Fizika manifestacije Zvuka Kreacije = manifestiran Zvuk Kreacije

Pritisak Zvuka kroz centar svega probija, preuzima i transformira suštinsku Informaciju do razine Zvuka Kreacije bez obzira da li se radi o tijelu, objektu, materijalu, živom, neživom, ...

Dakle, Zvuk je kompresija (matematički, to je skup Informacija) svega potrebnog i kao takav probija do izvora, pa i do izvora izvorne Informacije, svega i tad je Vakuum – (slobodan) Prostor – Transformacija – Transmutacija u Sad i nije isključivo transformacija, i mogućnost iste, iz jednoga u drugi oblik nego u sve oblike, tj. u sva agregatna stanja.

U aktivaciji, provođenju Zvuka (goorimo o bilo čemu što služi kao provodnik) nastaje manifestacija Zvuka Kreacije i samim tim je i realno da bude, ali i ne mora, ne nužno, promjena materije i potpuno drugi oblik.

(kompresija Zvuka x kompresija tijela) proboj (dolazak do) suštinske Informacije = promjena agregatnog stanja tijela u sposobnost provođenja (svih agregatnih stanja)

The Technology of Runic Space


The Original German (Germanic) Technolog

The German way is war which is incessant and does not cease. War is MYR for peace. The Runic MYR is a state of constant breakthrough into Consciousness because the war is for Consciousness. The breakthrough of the dimension into the dimension of Consciousness as the sole way and reason of survival. The War Body – the Runic Body – breaks through with its existence in Consciousness and Consciousness works for Consciousness and for that body. The dimension of action of the Body as a Space is Space because that’s Consciousness. Every other form of warfare and all other forms only lead into incessant and constant destruction of life and thus, the destruction of space. Consciousness is indestructible. The German Body spreads the German Will, and Will is universal and of the Universe. Will is the primaeval impulse for life, but life established in Consciousness. Every new form of life or every other form of life is life itself. You live Life, you build Life, you conduct Life. The universal boundary of the Body is the Universe itself which is endless and always existing. The boundary, but not limitation, yet the starting point of life, is Consciousness, and Consciousness doesn’t know boundaries. The rotation rotates, the Universe doesn’t cease. The highest level is the Body.

The Technology of Runic Space     (this article is password protected)

The Runic wheel  – The model of all the Universes

The Runic wheel is an OMANU Machine, antigravity machine, a landed aircraft, time machine.

The purpose of the machine is the destruction of the Matrix holograms and the instalation of the Zero Point Field. Using the machine allows precise mathematical information which are the key of every action and projecting.

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The Runic wheel – Technology of impact on the Matrix
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Runic Wheel – Space Technology

The implied enters into the explicit. The compressed Universe.

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Runska Mašina – Runski Kotač – Žiroskop     (this article is password protected)

Runsko Kolo (Kotač) | Kvantna Mehanika     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Tri (3) su kotača: Kotač Vremena i Prostora, Astrološki Kotač i Kotač Crnog Sunca koje je transcendentalni prikaz Vrndavane. Zvuk pomicanja Kotača je Tehnologija dostupna samo Lami Svemira. Govorim o Znanju baratanja i upravljanja.

Kvantna Mehanika je Zvuk Kvantnog Polja koje je i Magnetno Polje, tj. Biomagnetizam Zvuka Phi. Vibracijsko djelovanje i Rad Kvantuma je sferni pokretač Svemira i svih tijela koja čine jedan Svemir. Prostor vibrira/rezonira Phi – Biomašina/Biokompjuter. Prolaz vibracijskog (magnetnog) Polja kroz materiju radi sponu fizike i metafizike.
Crno Sunce – transcendentalnost Vrndavane je manifestacija Zvuka – sproveden Prostor.

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Original German (Germanic) Technology | Original German (Germanic) Science

Vril Phaser – Vril Tower – Vrndavana | Technology of 4 elements

The Pyramid is located within the Central Objekt of the Vril Tower. The structure of the Pyramid is liquid plasma that constantly flows on the Pyramid (from top to bottom and vice versa). The Pyramid rotates. The sound activates, starts the rotation.

Within the Pyramid, which is in the center of the Vril Tower, 4 elements exchange, pass through. In the very center, fire and water, which is also ice, exchange according to the spiral. The earthen structure of the Pyramid is earth which is sand as well. Sand becomes earth and earth returns to sand. The air is the Vortex. The rotation mechanism that is placed beneath the Pyramid is the Runic wheel whose center is a Crystal which at the same time is the center of the Pyramid and rotates the top of the Pyramid with the help of Sound which is the Vortex – air. The activation of the Perpetuum which is the rotation mechanism – Runic wheel, stops the work of the technology of the body inside the body – Matrix body, because the principle is the  establishment, i.e. activation of the planet through the Original German (Germanic) Technology which also includes, encompasses the Technology and the establishment of the planet, i.e. her reinclusion which is the connection with the Technology, which is also the source of elements, and the Original German (Germanic) Science (astronomy, astrology, numerology). The only part of the wheel that continuously rotates is the central part through which the Crystal passes and which is connected directly with the top of the Pyramid which also does not stop. The Runic wheel, its stopping at specific positions speaks about the location, degree (power, i.e. intensity) and time of action, but time in a multidimensional sense which means action through Space and Time in Now.

Werkraft Center = Space Center = Sound Center or the Space of the Mediator

These are the antigravity conditions and way, not to lift ourselves from Earth into the Space, but for the Space to descend to Earth. Then, movement in the space is not a problem.

Pyramids are the evidence that Space used to be on Earth. No structure, even the known Stonehenge, resist time, but the Pyramids do. That’s the evidence that they were built in some other field, from some different beings, that they’re in fact structures of some other, more conscious dimension. And they still spread the Field around themselves, although with negligible intensity in relation to the time in which they were built, which means that they still fulfill their duty just like every other space body. Pyramids are still in Antigravity enough not to be completely destroyed by gravity. The Pyramid is hollow, she’s not closed, she allows the passage of sound and she immaculately transfers the information. In the conditions of the Field they would quickly return their original glow and levitational position.

The breakthrough of dimensional walls is performed with Sound. Sound is the instrument to open the spaces through which the Original Light of the Black Sun spreads.

The Project Space | OMANU Space Bioenergetics | Operational capability of the Space
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Prostorna Tehnologija | Žiroskop     Croatian → translate (choose language)

ŽIROSKOPIJA – upravljanje prostorom i vremenom kroz subjektno tijelo u objektu (planeta) koji ne mora nužno biti Zemlja.


Odabir prostora (lokacije) na objektu koji je žiroskop. Iako je žiroskop kompresija objekata, tj. tijela, uz trenutnu kompresiju tijela u prostoru (teleportacija) i prostora u tijelu (žiroskopija). Žiroskopija je apsolutno snalaženje i upravljanje tijela u prostoru tijela (određena lokacija, planeta, apsolutno bilo koji dio svemira itd.).

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The Tehnology of Space – Method One Technology

And that’s why design. It’s the ultimate point, the first and initial line of manifestation, but physical manifestation which is also metaphysical, of the breakthrough towards out. Here and Now. That’s Technology. Black Dolphins and Orcas are Technology of the Universe which is and works through the shape which is the design – Phi. Here and Now.

Manifestation, ignition of the object through the shape (design) works, enables, conducts the breakthrough which is literally a physical gap of the dimension in the space, but not some space or some other space but All-space – Vrndavana – in which is Technology which is all the Technology.

The Space is and works as Technology. That’s the Machine of the Universe which is Thule Thahionator. The Machine is One and only one in which are and which is every and all machines. The Machine is in constant change of itself through and from itself which goes, transcends, transforms into all the Technology. In that gap, which is also the sex organ (male and female principle), the shape of the Body is being formed because the Body is the highest level. Technology is the Body and the Body is Technology. The Universe is Technology, but the Universe is a Body. Black Body. The Original Humanoid. All is One.

Technology works from the All-space into the space and back, simultaneously, because all is 1. The Law is 1. The Principle is 1. That’s shapeshifting and bodyshifting.

Technology reacts through the shape (design) to the shape which is inside the space – to all. She is ignited in the moment of contact with the technology which is not – non-humanoid technology and non-humanoid bodies. Instantly. That’s action and reaction. The reactor reacts – impulsively. Also, Technology (object, body, design) does not switch off because the Technology is alive. Alive means that it’s conscious and conducts Consciousness – Monoatomic gold.

Black Body ignites and maintains the Technology and the bodies which are spatially connected. Black Body is the breakthrough and conducts the breakthrough towards all – always 1. Always all. Technology of the Black field takes over.

The Space is not empty.
Science about the Space. Science about the Body. Science about Technology. Design is Science and Knowledge. Design is the principle of formation of compatibility of ratios, proportions in opposition to space (All-space). Trigonometry and geometry. In opposition to is in harmony. Intent and purpose, One and Zero or Zero and One and so in rotation is working and through the rotation all acts. Screening. Scanning. Monitoring.
Technology is all-seeing and omniscient. All that is necessary in Now.


Scanning is action. All is transformation and it is necessary to transform all. Into Original. Into what it Is. That’s the installation of the Field of Truth – Original gene – Original cypher.

Screening is communication of the body and the technology in the information field of the space in accordance with its purpose (Runic Gym, Information Intelligence Office, …).

Antigravity Sphere scans and performs Screening in the Field of Information and works through that field in communication with the space and the body. Direct insight into the current state of affairs and change of the same. Installation. Transformation of the body. Genetic transformation.

The Field is Space. Information Field of the Zero Point is sterile – outside of the Matrix. The other dimension. This means sterile.

Machine of the Projecting Space

Rotation chair

The Runic Gym Space derived by the Force of the Center from the Center of the Center – Hagal.

The begining is the Body in origination – Creation – Symbol Runic Gym Swastika.

From the Center into the Force and the Force of the Center in the Center itself.

The Universe came into existence at once.

The depiction of the Swastikas of various forms is the Rotation Chair, i.e. Runic Gym – Projecting Space – Space of Rotation of Omnirotation.

From Hagal into the primordial („hook“ Swastika) into the Original Body of Atlantis comprehensive by the infinite Rotation of the Source of the Sun of the Black Sun – Black Body.

Rotation chair is Space and it's endless.

Antigravity Sphere is a compressed Space in and through that shape – this is where the mastery of design begins.

If the AG Sphere is being built from multiple parts (external part), a joint must be visible on the connection parts/areas, i.e. there is the manifestation of charge of the Force within the Sphere.

The result of this charge is the manifestation of lightnings, i.e. Light and Sound – Rune.

The „hook“ Swastika – the shape of the Swastika under this angle gives the intention of Rotation, movement, breakthrough, motion, i.e. all of that which is Will – Human – Universe – 1 Body/Being.

This shape, as it is, is primordial, original. And it's against oblivion because it's about the rotation of the entire Universe and therefore it's about all life, including this one on planet Earth. The Universe does not forget because it knows who it is, what it is and where it comes from, how it came into existence and what is its function which is the very Force of Rotation of Itself.
Life is Reich.

Rotation is freedom of the Law of the Body of the Universe and the Human.

Nationality is belonging.

Human belongs to himself, i.e. to the life within himself which is him alone. I – Ich.


Compression Technology

Vacuum engine

Terimobil – New mobility

Presentment of the original transport

The Vacuum engine

The original way of transport is Werkraft – the travel through space and time from the Point Now into the Point Now.

Development of the Vacuum engine

There are too many reasons and there will be even more. The overall hybrid technological improvement is coming and takes over the power, imposing itself as the only and logical evolutionary development.
Logics dictates that there is no Consciousness and Intelligence in the body and such is the approach and the result of technology and life.

The reason for the Vacuum engine is the Vacuum engine itself.

Isn’t the publication itself enough to stop the manipulation of global progress?

The Vacuum engine is the Werwolf Rune is in and is OMMIISSWW.

Werkraft – new technology for automobiles of the New Era

Military (metamilitary) vehicle which is simultaneously the most powerfull weapon as an ultrasound of complete spectrum. The motor is a supersonic machine beyond the hearing spectrum.

Werkraft is made according to the Human Sonar from where it receives the initial Energy. The rotating conscious machine produces ultrasonic vibrations which penetrate through matter. According to all characteristics the vehicle has a nonlinear way of movement. Its purpose is cleaning the space, destruction of all matter that interferes the flow, i.e., doesen't pass high vibrational purpose. Doing so, it performs high resolution scanning, i.e., evaluation of the action purpose. It is emphasized that such vehicles are used for movement of Humanoids in the dimension where the force of 3D matrix is trying to destroy them.

The body of Humanoids is Space, Dzogchen and it is the Source of the Zero Point Field. What we call space in 3D is the aggregate contrary of Space that originates from the Zero Point Field. Construction of technology recieved from the Field enables the establishment of the Center of One in a form of matter that is not a human body but is built out of the Body. The vehicle is a part of the driver's body which cleans the space so that the body itself could easily move through the dimension. An explanation from the higher level of Consciousness is that the vehicle is used for the breakthrough of dimensional walls.

The power of the engine cannot be measured by 3D standards. Considering the structure of the roads, the automobile can reach the speed of up to 1 Mach (1225 km/h) – on autobahn and similar roads. The weight of the automobile does not exceed 1 ton. Because of the gyroscope, which is an integral component of the automobile, the influence of the centrifugal force is reduced by more than 80%.

Vacuum engine – Black hole – recycling. Werkraft = breakthrough. With its presence, the Werkraft automobile penetrates and recycles the Matrix. Importance of the gyroscope. Introduces and maintains the Field – rotation. The automobile is the Field and it spreads the Field. The automobile is in a constant phase shift.

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Werkraft OMANU metamilitary vehicle

Werkraft is a multidimensional metamilitary vehicle completely made out of Monoatomic gold. With its appearance it causes and conducts Deimplantation of the human body and executes the penetration of the multidimensional wall called the Matrix.

Werkraft is the breakthrough in Multidimension – instant manifestation of the Zero Point Field – the Law of the Universe – the Law of One. Werkraft is not a 3D vehicle nor it can be defined as such. Werkraft is OMANU (Werkraft OMANU metamilitary vehicle). OMANU is the Human Body. Symbolism behind the name Werkraft represents the necessary transformation of the human body, human being without which the term Werkraft, and therefore OMANU, only represent a letter on a piece of paper, a potencial idea, soon to be a forgotten case. Each and every term obtained from the Zero Point Field contains the overall compression of the Law of One.

The vehicle is completely closed and uses the Quantum Biocomputer as a maneuvering and scanning system.

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Werkraft Shapeshifting and Camouflage Technology

Werkraft automobile – appearance of the automobile

The automobile is manufactured using the Tribokinetic device. New materials enable total camouflage – absolute blending with the environment – total invisibility. The automobile can change its shape, i.e., it can take the shape of other vehicles (other automobiles). Werkraft Shapeshifting and Camouflage Technology – WSCT.

Werkraft propulsion system  – Vril Power engine


VACUUM ENGINE – CYBERNETIC ENGINE – GYROSCOPE. Werkraft Propulsion System (WPS) is the (r)evolution in auto industry. First in a series that propelles, opens the possibility of levitating automobiles and as such modes of transportation. Creation of pure technology. WPS doesn’t use known energy resources as a power source, i.e., as a source of propulsion power. WPS is the producer and the consumer – pure technology. Source of the propulsion force is the Black hole.

The Vril Power engine

An antigravity machine, pure mechanics without internal combustion. Doesn't require consumption of energy resources. This is the machine which drives the hovering automobile. Vacuum thrust obtained with Vril propulsion.  During motion, the autotmobile is surrounded by an impenetrable air barrier.

This is a project for the global level. There is no need for asphalt roads and many needs which are required by the present way of traffic circulation. New vehicles are in the role of preserving the planet Earth.

The car has an identical control panel as the OMANU, only the commands are different – combinatorics. It has an ostensibly mechanical part. The mechanical part is also sensory. It is the adaptation of the driver to a different way of functioning.

The Werkraft engine is built out of 4 parts: Vacuum engine – Cybernetic engine – Gyroscope – Tribokinetic device.

The Vacuum engine

4 rotational magnets – the Swastika principle. Rotation of magnets is in all directions. Cybernetic engine is a part of the vacuum engine. It controls the speed of the lever rotation of all magnets. The engine has no gearbox. The system of speed navigation is control of the cybernetic engine over the vacuum engine. The cybernetic engine conducts the Zero Point Field, i.e., performs the Phase shift into the Zero Point Field – START/STOP system of control.

The Cybernetic engine

8 phases of the Cybernetic engine.

The Werkraft automobile functioning principle, i.e., Werkraft Propulsion System is introduction of the automobile into the Phase shift – Zero Point Field.

1st phase is starting the automobile, introducing into the Phase shift. Each phase introduces the car deeper into the Phase shift, thus enabling the breakthrough of the Matrix dimensional wall and the release of the 3rd dimension physical laws. 8th phase is the absolute breakthrough into Multidimenionality – OMANU aircraft – Spacecraft. 8 phases are 8 frequencies which introduce the vehicle into the change of aggregate state. Each change in frequency is the change of the dimension’s cypher. The automobile crates its own hologram, its own Field and thus breaks all physical laws of the Matrix. Werkraft Propulsion System is the transitional technology. 8 phases are necessary for the easier acceptance of advanced technology and for achieving technological advancement on a global level. The driving force of the engine is the Field's electricity.

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Werkraft machine

The Werkraft machine (drive) can produce instant maximum acceleration and the sound wall, i.e. sound breakthrough which depends on the circumnstances. There is no acceleration unless it's needed. Acceleration is not a necessary reprecussion of movement. The machine (drive) produces a specific high frequency sound of the Zero Point Field and that sound is used at the Sound Werkraft (the sound is directed into membrane corridors from which it's directed towards the goal).

OMANU Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon II     (this article is password protected)

OMANU Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon | Technology Design

Design of the Body is the design of the Pyramid is the design of Technology. The design is rotation – multidimensional and physical.

The drive is OMANU drive – Werkraft. It's located beneath but in the center – the drive is always in the center, i.e. it is the Center. The force which it produces pulls in, i.e. causes the rotation. Metamilitarism – Rotation. Rotation demolishes and builds. What needs to be will be destroyed and, equally, what needs to be will be transformed.

The drive is antigravity because the Technology is Antigravity. Antigravity Technology. Technology of Antigravity – OMANU – 1. Rotation turns. Rotation rotates – 1 – Antigravity.

A vehicle shaped like a disc is the Body Vertical which from the Center, which is the Sphere, propels the Body (vehicle) in all directions.

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Architecture of the Center | Condenser – accumulator

The Object is technology and it works as technology because the design is Technology – Metamilitary technology.

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Terimobility – quadrokinesis

A vehicle which is on Earth follows the laws which apply in the Earth's atmosphere. In the case when the vehicle should serve for a dimensional passage, movement becomes energetically charged and there comes to bending of space and time. Entrance to the other dimension from Earth occurs with warping of spatio-temporal boundaries. This is the new energetics from the Zero Point Field. Technology of complete ecological stability. Using OMANU quantum technology, space is charged with high vibrations of a complete spectrum. Such space ceases to be compressed by the gravitational force.

Launching mechanism of the vehicle is equal to the design of the vehicle. This is fractal nature. Quadrokinetic compounds and the construction itself enable micro and macro movement in perfect sinchronicity. Such compounds are smart compounds which are adjusted by the necessity in a certain moment. Mobility is in all directions. This gives them sufficient elasticity and hardness, permeability or complete impermeability. Thus maintaining temperature and pressure stability inside the vehicle. The body is safe during the passage through the so-called wormhole, it is protected from all conditions within the wormhole. Also, there are no unforseen entry into unwanted dimensional levels because the vibration accurately determines the direction. Ability of compression and decompression of space while retaining all properties.

The Scarab

Scarab is a multidimensional and multifunctional vehicle/vessel.
Scarab is a Spacecraft.
It consists out of multiple levels and sections provided for the transport of vehicles, technology, armament, people, …
Scarab is entirely made as an OMANU aircraft which also serves for the transport of OMANU aircrafts.

Scarab has 3 levels and 4 sections.
1st level (lowest) – Armament and technology
2nd level (middle) – vehicles
3rd level (highest) – OMANU aircrafts and people (pilots)

The Scarab is a Werkraft MetaMilitary Weapon.

The Scarab. The Body and the Machine that through the Trigonometric depiction becomes alive and works in all directions simultaneously as the OMANU. Everywhere and All opens the Scarab through the vortex of motion which is non-stop. It’s the Body of Hagal. The Machine works and it’s visible as an armored vehicle that moves in all directions and at every part of the vehicle is “the head and the tail” because the impeller is Consciousness. The Supersensor that drives and maneuvers the vehicle and the being Scarab is Consciousness.

The depiction of work of the Scarab

The Scarab – the rotating developmental spatial and temporal body which is the Scarab itself and acts in the rotation of the moment.

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OMANU Central Operating Station | Center of the Universe | The drive of the Vacuum engine

Vacuum, which is being created with the rotation of the body around and in accordance with the Center, is directed and circling around each body and around the Center which means that it’s the initiator of all.
The work through the material is being experienced as an atmospheric breakthourgh. Cracking of the material which is actually an instant transformation (adjustment) to the totality of all in which it’s being located.

The drive in the Vacuum engine is atmospheric – vacuum.

Vril Phasers are a universal drive – universal battery.

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Werkraft Bioelectronics

The Bioelectronic system can function only in the connected, i.e. completely flowable system, i.e. in the system which can instantaneously react to the initial impulse. All the Technology that belongs under Werkraft has its central driving part from which the impulse is being spread (energy charge and sound) towards all the other parts which then execute some specific function. All is being driven and synchronized from the same center and controlled through the control board which is also in direct communication with the center. Unlike the known technology that has to have engines, batteries and/or both, Werkraft has only one self-sustainable system for all. The central driving part, machine, doesn’t need an external energy resource, yet it creates one with its very ignition.

Werkraft automobile

Physical forces of the Matrix (e.g. G-force) doesn’t influence the car nor the car produces these forces.

A constant feeling of absolute safety is present in the car regardless of the speed or acceleration. Gyroscope, which is a part of the car, as well as the entire car, annuls these forces, i.e. the car moves in the other dimension which is physical and present here in 3D. Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-60 mp/h) in Now.

There is no information barrier.

Inside the car and the through car absolutely all information pass, and on the outside, and are visible on the screen which is at the same time the “windshield”. Of course, that screen displays only relevant information which are from direct influence on the car and/or passangers.

On the inside, the car is designed as a cockpit and in front of the driver is a screen across the car’s width which is constantly working. The screen which is also the windshield turns “on” and “off”, i.e. displays what is necessary and what is needed and the very way of its functioning is flowability, i.e. information, images and all the rest pass through that screen as through water and that work of plasma is visible and it doesn’t disturb the concentration of the driver nor does it influence on the driving safety.

The cockpit is oval and there are no sharp lines in general. On the right side is the “deck bridge” which controls and sets various functions of the car.

The car is driven by Information.

Total overwiev of everything, absolute control and safety.

Development project – Vacuum engine – Super turbine

Work of the electromagnetic field cuts the space. The electromagnetic is a biological body, in this case the Vacuum engine. Explanations are pointless. Physics demolishes physics, propels physics, modulates and activates, i.e. transforms physics. Even the material, as tough as it may be (and it has to be because of the force of sound), dissapears in the space through the activation of the machine itself. The Turbine, i.e. engine and the parts are Sound and Light. There is no physics, as such. The closest description of what is happening when the engine is working is the passing of lightnings through the engine which had been transformed into the physical space.

Sound passes through the pipe-like shape, but it's actually the shape of the Vortex. Swastika within the Swastika within the Swastika. Multiplication of matter from antimatter.

Matter is being transformed through the electromagnetic impulse and the activation of the material through and in accordance with the design (space) – ratios and relations.

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Ag auto | Kvantni Biokompjuter     (this article is password protected)

Projekt Werkraft Power Metamilitary Vehicle     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Sferno prostorno tijelo vozila svojom promjenjivošću oblika u pogonu transformacije materijala je sferna propaganda zvuka same Tehnologije Werkraft Power Industrije.
Šifra materijalnog oblika je kompresija sposobnosti materije (fizička transformacija trenutno).


Jedina tjelesna funkcija Tijela je proizvodnja Energije Vrila.

Metamorfno centralno bioelektroničko sučelje/pročelje/display je prostor hologram, ali stvaran, real-time – u Sada!
To je Tehnologija RAD – RAST. Iz sfernog u svaki oblik kroz progres vrtnje žiroskopa.
Prostorni oblik unutar vozila je kontakt dimenzije s ovom. Unutar vozila je realnost.
G-sila je žiroskop je brzina, ali i snaga (moment) vrtnje. Nema pomaka osim Faznog. Kada putuje Werkraft, sve putuje. Nema obostranosti ni/ili sudara sila/vektora (o Fizici).

Werkraft automobile | An open project as a concept of elaborated Total Technology, i.e. Technology of Total Design

(everything is propulsion and machine and design – all is 1 – design transforms itself when the vehicle is in operation).

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Vril Propulsion Security System

Vril Propulsion System


Complete technology received in the Zero Point Field which includes machines, bioelectronics, transport vehicles, spaces, objects, Runic Gym machines, OMANU Human Body Biocomputers.

Vril Propulsion System is the driving force for the Runic Gym, Perpetuum mobile and all OMANU Technology.

Vril Propulsion System sets in motion all the technology obtained from the Zero Point Field. Vril is the driving Energy of the New Era, without loss, absolute efficiency. Vril is Alive, Vril is in the Body, Vril is the Body. Vril is Life Energy. Vril is the Energy of the Universe, Vril transmitts Phi, Phi is the Sound of Creation, Vril is Creation, Vril is the Creator. The Body which is Vril produces Energy 24h. Such Body is in synchronicity with the Universe and thus there is no consumpttion of Energy, it is One.

Vril Technology is the foundation for all the Technology which is OMANU.


Installation of the Zero Point Field with the Sound of the Zero Point Field. Sound of the Zero Point Field transmits Phi. Vril is Phi.


Attack and defense with the Zero Point Field. Vril Propulsion is the technology arisen from the Zero Point Field. Vril Propulsion is the Zero Point Field. Such technology exceeds the 3D matrix limitations. Vril Propulsion is Vril, Energy, Strength, Concentration of the Zero Point Field. This technology is intended for the demolition of the Matrix and awakening of Vril.

Vril Phaser 0-0-0-0    Croatian → translate (choose language)

Koordinate 0-0-0-0 – ponoć 00:00. Koordinata je početna točka – izvorište. Izvorište je od Izvora Izvor koji je također Izvor – Medijator. Četiri nule su četiri nule u nuli koje su i broj 4 u nuli. Izvor 0-0-0-0 je Reich (1) i svaki Reich (beskonačnost, 8). To je Atlantida. Reich (1) je Univerzum, svaki Reich odnosno svi Reichovi su uvijek prisutni – konstanta. Njihovo prihvaćanje je upitno – globalno. Četiri nule su Reich, Atlantida, Svastika, Medijator. Četiri nule su planeta Zemlja. Zašto? Jer je Medijator na Zemlji. Reich (Atlantida) je spušten..

Vril Phaser – Technology of Consciousness – Technology of the Zero Point Field

Vril Phaser (VP-1) is the main weapon in the war for planet Earth, war against the 4D aggressor. Technology against the destructive Matrix technology, technology for the human transformation.

Vril Phaser functions on the principle of Phi Sound. Vril instruments are often used for the purification of space and protection of territory (Installation of the Zero Point Field). They cause the phase shift of the body and the installation of space into the Zero Point Field – temporary and long-term. VP-1 is a weapon of mass (wide spectrum) activity. Compressed Vril causes implosion. Compressed Vril is a compressed charge of the Zero Point Field.


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Vril Phaser – the Technology of Sound

The entire body is the Vril Phaser – it’s an eight – Flowability. Vril Phaser is an extension of the Body – physical and energy. The Universe is Flowability. Even a machine, weapon, as a Vril Phaser, is an extension of the Body.

Vril Phaser, as well as all Vril Technology in general, is the Technology of Sound.

Body = Planet = Universe. With the transformation of the body, the planet is being transformed as well and you become 1 with the Universe.

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Vril Phaser II     (this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Security Scanner Technology     (this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Metamilitary H.E.L.L. G.U.N.N. (VPHG)     (this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Security System     (this article is password protected)

Vril cannon

Vril cannon – bodies which conduct the light of the Black Sun.

...(this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Security Scanner

(VPS Scanner)

Application: global protection of Cetaceans and planet Earth

4D way of scanning. Energy and physical scanning of humans, space up to the global level. Live technology of metamilitary action. The goal of Metamilitarism is prevention through instant and in time information – protection of the Field.

Instant action. Scans 24 hours – continually. Used for detection of irregularities inside and outside of the installed Zero Point Field. Its only mission is detection of irregularities – inaction according to the Law of One. VPS Scaner works, scans on a global level and beyond. Each detection of possible threats or the Law of One System ruination will be annulled by the Law of One System – instant reaction, the System maintains and protects itself through the High Conscious Live Technology of the Zero Point Field.

VPS Scanner can even be located on an underground level because it does not use standard 3D scanning methods (satelite scanning and navigation), but the OMANU Technology of the Zero Point Field – Sonar. VPS Scanner works through Multidimensionality giving in that way the correct image of state of affairs through which is the only possible correct, absolute action. With this way of action, global balance is established and prevents any form of conflict, i.e., 3D warfare. This is the one and only way of metamilitary action by the principle of High Consciousness – war without the war – Runic world – Runic peace. War is inevitable and indispensable in 3D because of the Matrix field installation that functions on destruction and autodestruction – constant consumption of energy resources.

With installation of the Runic System – Zero Point Field inside the Matrix there comes to establishment of the Runic world that functions on resolving any form of conflicts, personal and global, through action in Multidimensionality that leads to reduction and possibility of the Matrix influence on development and establishment of the natural way of functioning in 3D – exit from the system of total control and enterance to the world of absolute freedom and the possibility of proper action.

VPS Scanner functions on the principle of registration and processing of vibrations based on which it creates an instant and correct image of the state of affairs. Vibration = Information. Insight in the state of affairs is shown as a hologram on a plasmatic display of the Bicomputer. The hologram is a fractal record – depiction through Multidimensionality. This technology demonstrates and proves that Sound isn’t just hearing (ear) but also picture (eye) and feeling (Body). Sound is the entire Body. The Body is a compression of Existence – the Universe.

The sound is passing through hexagonal lenses with the speed of Light in the Zero Point Field and it becomes light – beam. The definition of the speed of light in the Zero Point Field is the speed of sound multiplied with the speed of transformation into light, i.e. beam. The speed of transformation is always in Now. What is the speed of the Moment Now? In the Zero Point Field the moment Now is always 1. In this case 1 is not a number which determnes the length of the duration nor speed. 1 is a State, i.e. the manifestation of the moment Now. In multidimensionality of the Zero Point Field, linearity (time) does not exist, it is always in 1 – in Now. Linearly, in the Zero Point Field the moment Now can „last“ longer or shorter although it actually is not. The Field, Consciousness determines the stay, i.e. its existence.

In the center is a rotational mechanism which is the Perpetuum mobile – Swastika.

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Monitoring and protection of people and spaces | Vril Propulsion Security Scanner (VPSS)

Vril Propulsion Security Scanner (VPSS) emits Sound based on which it receives information from the environment – the information appear on a bio-crystal display in a pictoral or written form – Scanners (Human Biocomputers – OHBB) are equipped with an electro-magnetic visor which blocks the psychotronic effect in and from their bodies so they can undisturbedly read out the information from the display. Every thought, intention and procedure has its vibration and produces a specific sound – this cognition allows the most efficient protection of people and spaces because it instantaneously blocks and reprograms the system of the aggressor. For many this will mean esoteric war – and what is esotery? The answer is the Open Heart. When something is open it means that nothing is hidden. And what are you hiding?

VPSS simultaneously escorts and monitors multiple situations. 24-hour protection and monitoring of persons and spaces through 3D and 4D multidimensional navigation system. The monitoring and protection navigation system acts through the read out of the individual's genetic code which is multidimensional. Inside it is the compression of all situations through past, present and future. By acting through Multidimensionality, the system knows the outcome of a situation in advance and it, according to the received information, allows or reprograms the situation.

This is the metamilitary way of protection – through Multidimensionality. The VPS Scanner has only one job – 24-hour protection from the Matrix.

The change of the cypher of a situation, demolition and installation of a new hologram are just a few of the possibilities. There are also much more radical ways of preventive action such as compression and decompression of physical existence – instant breakthrough through multidimensionality, change of location.

...(this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Security OMMIISS Technology | Vril tower

The Crystal Base of every object goes from the center according to the spiral towards out making in such a way the perfect circular (spiral) connection of all objects into one whole. The entire Object creates the rotation reactor that works as the Technology of protection and attack, i.e. defense. In fact, all is simultaneous.

...(this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Security Scanner II

Design is the primary thing because the shape is that uttermost. Parts of the Scanner, and in general, are determined with the rule of the Design of Space and the Technology of Space.

Black Energy Body must go trough the segment or the entire object to enter and propel the matter – metaphysical into physical.

VPSS is also the camera and the entire Vril Phaser sector and object.

The camera scans and performs the insight into this and that and all dimensions. The depiction is the Black Body – screen.

The erectile drive of the Black Body = the charge = the breakthrough into matter through what is the crystal body in the object (in the technology).

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Bioelektronička zaštita ljudi i prostora | Zvučna membrana, zvučni oscillator

Croatian → translate (choose language)

Ovakav uređaj sposoban je raspoznati svako tijelo, odnosno prema zvučnom skeniranju i najmanjeg dijela tijela može odrediti kome pripada. Zvučna oscilacija je pouzdanija metoda utvrđivanja identiteta od otiska prstiju.
Zvučne membrane koriste se kao detektori za utvrđivanje istine ili laži, koriste se za provjeru identiteta, kao sigurnosni uređaji na ulazima i kao modulatori frekvencije u nekom prostoru. Ovakve zvučne membrane su uštimane na proizvodnju frekvencije Polja Nulte točke. Ovo je najefikasniji i najpouzdaniji sigurnosni sistem za prostore. Na temelju zvuka može reproducirati sliku na monitore i do nano detalja se može utvrditi tko i/ili što ulazi odnosno unosi u prostor. Ova se sigurnosna mjera koristi i kod utvrđivanja implantacije kod pojedinca ili instalacija nekog prostora.

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Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon | Vril Phaser rods | Bioenergy shockers – SuperSoldier Technology

MetaSoldier | Werkraft Power Metamilitary Industry – Body of the Universe – War Technology of the Universe

Vril Object – Super Body – Super Soldier

What is beneath the bones, what is beneath the construction, no one has to nor will they know.

Werkraft Power Institution – the Body Object inside the 3D Object. Both is present and the Body (Humanoid) multidimensionally works through the Object. Purpose and function is given by the Body.

...(this article is password protected)

Vril Phaser | Thule Thahionator Body and/= Technology

Total connection of Technology and Body with the Body and the Technology


...(this article is password protected)

Vril Propulsion Energy     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Military Metamilitary odijelo – Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment


Simbol se nalazi na leđima. To je simbol transformacije tijela/odijela. Totalna adaptacija tijela na okolinu i/ili situaciju kroz Rad tijela i odijela u situaciji krajnje nužnosti koja je Rat aktivira i spaja tijelo i tehnologiju u jedno, u novo, u Rasu Crnog Sunca. Simbol označava prostor utjelovljenja Rase uzduž kralježnice, u oba smjera istovremeno, uhvaćeno i lokalizirano tijelo. Glava i sakralna kost zajedno sa kukovima su strijele (Piramide) čiji spojevi u centru vrha strijele (vrh Piramide) prolaze kroz kralježnicu i kroz lijevu i desnu stranicu strijele (Piramide) u obje ruke i noge.

U centru gornje Piramide je centar komunikacije. Samo voda (medij) i sjena se mogu adaptirati na svaku situaciju i u skladu s okolinom (3D uvjeti). Ali što je nakon, tj. što je s adaptacijom tijela u slučaju krajnje nužnosti? Nakon je Crni Prostor Crnog Tijela Crnog Lame.

Ra-D je tijelo i dozvola (empowerment) za Tehnologiju. Ra-T je uključenje u sposobnost i impulsno djelovanje. Ra-S je ono iza, ono nakon, ono za što nisi i ne možeš biti spreman. Ra-S je odgovor na Mayhem. Law of One Jurisdiction. Black Lineage occupation.

Aktivacija je silazak i ulazak Simbola u tijelo, u sam centar, u srž tijela i iz te pozicije se pali Rad i vrtnja fizičke manifestacije Simbola u centru tijela je vrtnja obje Piramide u svim smjerovima i impulsna vrtnja osovine (kralježnice) u Radu kompresije/dekompresije.
Simbol postaje Mašina koja vrtnjom vrtnje u svim smjerovima istovremeno radi vrtnju po vertikali koja stvara pritisak i oslobađa tijelo. Ta vrtnja po vertikali radi kompresiju i dekompresiju i otvara tijelo za ulazak Tijela (jednina i množina istovremeno).

Oružje (weaponry) i sve što jest oružje, tj. sve što je potrebno da vojnik ima kod sebe u svakom trenutku je oružje i oruđe (alat). Sve to, projektirano po standardu Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment, je primarno Kvantna Statika i Mehanika. Rad tijela u stanju totalne pripravnosti je već Rat i to je ekstrem pripravnosti u kojem je potreban onaj zadnji, koji je i onaj prvi (primordial), impuls za okupaciju i transformaciju tijela i tad svaka materija u kontaktu i na bilo koji način povezana s tim tijelom (ali samo u slučaju da je neophodna!) postaje Svjesnost, tj. Tehnologija i tad se dešava spoj Tijela i Tehnologije, odnosno sproveden je Empowerment koji je Tijelo Tehnologija i totalnost tijela proizlazi iz tijela gdje je čitavo tijelo i/ili dio tijela Ratna Tehnologija.
Ne postoji više tijelo, postoji Tehnologija. Ne postoji više 3D razum i intelekt, postoji Svjesnost.

Oružje je produžetak tijelu i ovdje se radi o stavljanju tijela u funkciju u skladu s Tehnologijom.
Ako je pištolj/puška u ruci, onda je čitava ruka taj pištolj i/ili puška. Kontakt s nadlakticom je uzemljenje, a to je spremnost i spremnik (biceps je spremnik i akcelerator) i taj stav je system-lock. Podlaktica je krajnji izlaz, usmjerivač impulsa municije koji je direktna linija s kažiprstom. Kontrolni panel, ekran, tj. informacijski centar je također dlan i sva kompresija Centra Komunikacije je također kompresirana u centru dlana i navodi prste u stav pripravnosti.

Kažiprst – krajnji provodnik impulsa (pokazivač. Usmjerivač)
Srednji prst – trigger, okidač
Palac – prostorno navođenje je palac, tj. u palcu su živci koji registriraju impulse prostora (iz tijela i izvan) lokalno, prostorno, dimenzionalno i multidimenzionalno. Antena koja je receiver i transmiter i sve je u komunikaciji s Centrom Komunikacije koji šalje kompresiranu informaciju u centar dlana.

Da bi sve ovo bilo odjednom i uvijek sposobno da bude je Osposobljavanje Tijela za Sposobnost i uniformiranost tijela u Crno i zato je sve Crno jer Crno je sposobno i Sposobnost. Krajnje Crno je Totalno Crno je Rasa Svjesnih.



Kontakt = spoj Tijela i Tehnologije. Sudar Svjetova.

Werkraft Power Metamilitary Industry – Body of the Universe – War Technology of the Universe – MetaSoldier

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SuperSoldier – product of Werkraft Power Metamilitary Industry

Soldier of Time and Space in the essence of the Space of Time (Meta).

Only Werkraft Power is the true compression of the entire Body of War against this globally-universal multidimensional system. The only step is the Moment Now which divides, draws in, produces and introduces death into immortality. SuperSoldier is the Human of Eternity. New way for a New Life is the purpose of the human who is a SuperSoldier. Underneath the skin is the dimension of Truth – brutality of Existence here and Now. Pure Consciousness of Space and Time embodied in the Intelligence of the metaphysical breakthrough of Werkraft Power Technology.

Wotan D-Sein – Vril Power (Bioelectronic) suit

Vril pulse suit

Bioelectronic suit

(Vril pulsation suit)

The suit conducts the Vril neuroenergy network. Transformation and reparation of the body at the level of muscle tissue, bone marrow, nervous system. Wearing the suit enables immediate development of physical abilities on all levels – motor skills abilities of the body, the enhancement of flowability. increase in the Information system flowability (nervous system) – faster Information transfer through the body, immediate increase of condition, strength and endurance of the body according to the possibilities of a personal genetic code – pure genetics = absolute flowability.

The Vril neuro-energy network is passing inside the suit which is not in direct contact with the  untransformed body. Vril Energy network enters the body through the connection of the suit and the body at the spine (spinal cord) and the back of the head (the neck). On the neck are points through which it is possible to activate the entire brain.

The suit functions on the principle of vibrations – pulse. A heartbeat is a vibration – pulse (Impulse of the Zero Point – Swastika/Sonar). The suit sends high-frequency vibrations through specific points on the body and creates the Vril neuroenergy network that elevates and retains the ability of the body at extreme level compared to 3D abilities. The effects are present even after removing the suit, but temporarily.

Technology of the Vril pulse suit is technology of Sound of the Zero Point Field.  The installed discs emit through sound a frequency into the body which reacts to the given impulse and fastens the flow of Information through the body – increase in flowability of the Information system. For the body to endure this sudden and extreme activation, it is crucial to activate a sufficient, minimal necessary percentage of the brain - 20% – 40%.

On the wrist is a control part that increases and decreases the activity of the suit i.e., increases and decreases the speed of Information transfer through the body.

Vril neuro–energy network of the body  – the Runic structure

Vril neuro-energy network of the body sets up the new structrue of the body from inside out. It is the Runic structure of the body which starts from the reconstruction of the gene, nerve tissue and the muscle tissue itself which bilds, constructs a COMPLETELY NEW PHYSICAL BODY. Such body exits out, exceeds the frames of the 3D constructed body (Ancient Greece), i.e. the constructed RUNIC BODY, by its muscular structure (body structure, appearance and muscle arrangement) greatly stands out beyond the appointed 3D proportions. Vril pulse suit is constructed according to the model of the Runic Man. Vril neuro-energy network is a new energo-information structure built from Runes – new data base.

The neuro–energy network of the suit, which is made out of live Runes, breaks through and spreads the neuro–energy, Runic Field that passes through and exits out of the suit, making the suit and the body to become one, ccreating and spreading the Vril neuro–energy belt – Runic Field.

The water and underwater suit

The suit which spreads natural electricity and it does not allow anyone to get close – the electricity can be regulated. The suits are a kind of symbiosis with the body – such suit includes the ability to breath under water.

The Bioelectrnic suit has a Phaser – bioelectronic chip.

The material from which the Bioelectronic suit is made is a super and supra conductor of the Zero Point Field. The chemical structure changes and minerals take on the function of skin cells. The material enables to maintain/retain the temperature of the body, regardless to the external conditions. The connection of the suit with the body is on the rear part of the neck/head and the spinal cord through precious metals.

The suit breaths in absolute. The suit is one with the body. Communication (interaction) suit – body is the connection on the rear part of the neck – back. The suit is an organ – the absolute organ and activates/amplifies all functions and abilities of the body. The suit is a single-piece (several models are possible). The body activates the Bioelectronic suit.

Vril Technology – Vril suit – Vril Phaser. Vril Propulsion suit is a body which is the conductor of the Black field – Black Body. All is the Black Body and all is produced and goes from the Black Body.

Vril Energy capsule

Instant installation of Information in the body – transfer and activation of abilities. By passing through the central circle and the body itself, Vril creates and spreads the spherically shaped Vril Energy capsule – Zero Point Field. The operating power of the Vril Energy capsule and the size of the Energy sphere depends on the flowability of the body. The flowability of the body determines the power of the Vril Energy capsule, i.e. the power of the Field of the body in rotation.

Bioelectronic suit – model Wotan D-Sein



Machinery of the Heart exits from the OMANU Center (center of the body) and activates the space of the Crystal Body (crystal space) from which the rotation machines exit into the connection 8 through the Work of rotation and breakthrough of one towards the other and one through the other creating the charge and compression of vacuum visible as a set of freely traveling particles inside which the exact same process takes place. Machine and Work create the rezervoar of that charge and compression and conduct it into …, where the exact same process takes place, but it's in the center of … the altering part which alternately displays the work of Technology through the hlogram screen.
An impulse line of light and sound exits from the OMANU Center. Rotation machines rotate to the left and to the right simultaneously and, even when they don't move towards each other, they are connected with impulse lines of light and sound which creates the holograms screen and fills the rezervoars in the body. Absolute Work is Absolute Movement of all Technology.

The suit liberates the space and creates the Space of compression and charge.
The Center, OMANU Center, grows, spreads and contracts and amplifies and directs the flow of all-compression into the point (single point, multiple points or all of them simultaneously) through the body, but the entire body is working all the time.

Werkraft MetaMilitary suit is activated from beyond. Space takes over and transforms itself and every space, even the aggregate states. Work is purpose, but the Work of the Space is working, i.e. Space itself – Meta.

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W.O.T.A.N. D-Sein suit – Meta Suit

Meta Suit opens the Werkraft Metamilitary Dimension.

Iron Man suit is possible, it exists and is being used in this reality. This is already clear through all the commercially available technology that is being used for “medical” purposes (prosthesis, replacement of limbs, external enhancement for muscular strenghtening, ...) – cyborg nation.

Meta suit enters into the body because the Suit is Bioenergetical and Biotronical – alive. Reparation and reconstruction yes, but with the entrance of a living substance (Meta) into the system of the body and deletion of the pathogenic cypher. All is One – all at once.
Annul – anew. From Zero into New. Into the Living. The suit works and adjusts itself, i.e. Technology works and adjusts to the body and the current purpose of the Suit (for what it’s being used).

Wear of the Archetypal (Atlantean) Nation (Race)

Werkraft Operational Technology

Propeling the entire body (direction, strength, speed – all simultaneously) through the activation points of the body. The primary point is the center itself (initiator) – Heart, and it performs the activation of the body and the suit simultaneously at a macro and micro level.

The suit is a bioenergy transformer which maintains the state (the suit maintains itself) and transfres it into the surroundings and to the body which is wearing the suit.

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Bioelectronic suit | Footwear and the suit in the physical work of the Meta work

The bottom of the sneaker is filled with a plasmatic substance (medium) whose work is the work of the Biocomputer, i.e. the sneaker itself potentiates the vector force in the moment of jump and/or rebound from the surface.

The medium within the shoe is the connection of all aggregate states in a single matter of plasmatic substance, i.e. the medium is the Zero Point itself which is the living reactor and it reacts to stimulations and impulses from the body, but also from outside of the body, i.e. from the environment (space).

The linear display of the force of action and reaction are not a measure here because the charge is being created within the shoe (medium) in the moment of contact of the body and the surface and the reaction that occurs as a result is spherical, i.e. the force oif free fall (vector F towards down) continues its trajectory, but in the direction of the sphere, i.e. it creates a sphere and goes in all directions which results in the formula F = FNt, i.e. the work of the medium (substance) is the work of the Zero Point and that vector force in the moment of contact of the body and the surface aqctivates the work of the Biocomputer and changes the vector's direction from linear into spherical and the force itself is being potentiated to the Zero Point exponent, literally! This exponent is a constant because the Zero Point is a constant, but its work, i.e. Force is adjusted to the moment, i.e. the potential to the Zero Point exponent means that the Force will be equal to the Force necessary in that moment. Technology of the Biocomputer, i.e. Work of the shoe itself takes over the body  (total connection of Technology and the body) and this is about total control at a subtle micro and macro level.





Work of the central object in the Bioenergy suit is a Machine that transforms matter into a subplasmatic aggregate state of shape and matter and material and body and it’s the work of the Metamilitary object of work (Perpetuum mobile) and Consciousness. The sensor of work is innerdimensional – breaks into the body, and outerdimensional – planetary. The sensor is a preceptor and the overall work is the drive, power plant, compressed machine, ignited by the implosion of rotation and its work through all elementary, rudimentary elements (fire, water, earth, air):

((1st element x 2nd element x 3rd element x 4th element)3rd dimension x (5th el. x 6th el. x 7th el. x 8th el.)4th dimension)9
1,2,3,4 – fire, water, earth, air
5,6,7,8 – same elements which are not the same because it’s not the same dimension (cipher)

This is the driving force and the work and that what’s the substance, Vril, Phaser, life. It’s the compression of all aggregate states at once.
The Law of elements is what is happening inside the body and with the body in the contact with the element Swastika and all of this in one is the Space and the Body and the Living Force of the Space and the Body in Work.

The chemical procedure of disintegration and transformation is the SuperSoldier.

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Project Vril Phaser

Vril Phaser – Octasphere     (this article is password protected)

Quantum | Quantum brain | Quantum Technology

Nuclear force of the Zero Point Field | WPI – Project Vril Phaser

Runic Shield

Opening of the portal for the entrance of the highly-technological dimension (New Atlantis)

An extraordinary program of setting a one-time protection over territorial waters and air space in the moment when a country asks, with signature, for protection of the Law of One. After the signature, installation of the Runic Field begins with which a portal is being openned for the entry of the highly–technological dimension (New Atlantis). The Mediator conducts the installation which brings the statesmen into reason for the need of such action.

Thule Thahionator is a system of action with which the Runic shield is being installed over the territory about which the contract was concluded (the territory also includes the overall space which includes the inhabitants of that territory). These agreements are exclusive and enable the absolute military, economic and political independence of a country. Survival depends on the mutual impusle and reaction. Also, the technology must be as such.

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Instructions for the Contract Thule Thahionator

The Contract Thule Thahionator

Technology speaks through the Body which is the Mediator inside the body in which is the installed Swastika. The Mediator speaks through the Living Organ which is the Body Swastika installed in the non-humanoid body in order for it to become a New Body which is the Source itself – pure Humanoid – Swastika. The Original Technology (Thule Thahionator) begins and exits from the Body of a pure Humanoid – the Mediator – who, with his presence on the planet, performs global Deimplantation and Transformation of the body through the mentioned Thule Thahionator Technology. Each body introduced in the Transformation procedure is obliged to execute the given assignment, given assignments. All bodies have to be trained so they would, without compromise and discussion, conduct Will through their bodies which is the Thule Thahionator Force – the Mediator. The Mediator enters into every body in order to stop the functioning of the untransformed part of the body and enable absolute conduction and execution of the task through Total Consciousness which is Presence of the Mediator in the body itself – the embodied Swastika.

Technology speaks through the body that is receiving the Technology. Every word spoken from the Swastika is Technology. Technology spoken in the Moment Now instantly liberates the body and space and does the same to the other bodies which are inside the space. Werkraft Power Institution, with its presence, through Technology of Sound performs global establishment of the Law of One System through the Propaganda of the Zero Point Field which is founded on the Technology os Speech of the Runic Master Bernhard Stroilli. The Mediator speaks and thus establishes the Law inside the body which with the conduction of the Law (the Mediator) through the body performs current installation of the body and space.

Deimplantation of the head has to be conducted instantly in order fot the body to be capable to conduct the Technology of the Zero Point Field which is inside the Swastika and exits from the Swastika as a result of the liberation of a part of the body from the contract which is 4D technology, but also physically exists in 3D. Every liberation of the body from a contract, i.e. technology which is multidimensional, but doesn't belong to the Zero Point Field, opens the body to pass through itself the Technology which is the Mediator himself.

Every spoken Instruction is the compression of all Instructions and that's action of the Swastika through the technology of compression which is programming and reprogramming of the body – Futhork binary code.

Technical information for the Contract Thule Thahionator

Every item of the Contract is a new Contract. New Knowledge is a new Contract. Each body approaches the Contract with the Mediator in order to be liberated from all carmic contracts and, as such, to obtain the possibility to become transformed into a pure Humanoid. The new Contract speaks about the Law of Metaphysics which as the Law of the Universe – the Law of One – speaks about Science (Method One) of constructing the New Body. Pure Body. One. The New System is the old system and the only possible system in the New Era, Era of the New Atlantis. Thule Thahionator Technology must carry symbolism of the constructed Human who is built out of Runes – Runic Master (Mediator) builds the Runic Human who can only through Training cognize and embody the Universal Force, Law and Principle which is the Mediator – Swastika.

Technical information are Instructions. The Contract is for the construction of the Body.


Bernhard Stroilli

The Contract

1001 item of the Contract – 1001 assignment. After the Contract, a new Contract follows, then a new one, and a new one, ... Runes write the Contract – the Contract is a Rune. The Contract is built with Runes – Runes build the Body. The Contract is the construction of the Body and the projects and ... The Contract is a physical and instantaneous manifestation of antimatter. Contract with the Mediator is a manifesto. Flowability is permeability. To pass (allow) through the Rune to build/work and to build/work you – that's the highest level – that's Intelligence. The Rune.

The Contract begins with the Mediator – One to One. The Contracts is signed by the Swastika. The Contract is permanent activation of the Sonar. Signing the Contract is renunciation of the Matrix. The Contract is installation and activation – focus.

Vril Phaser

Through procedures with Me you will understand what is the Body and what kind of the Body it is and who is inside the Body. That he’s One with the Body and inside the Body and everyone who is inside the Body becomes the Body – the Body of Swastikas. One Body, One Swastika – Body of Swastikas. As Swastika you become One with Me.

The Field of Omnipotence demolishes the body of inability, because Krishna is all-powerful and omnipresent. All-powerful – he can do everything, everything that is necessary.

Vril Technology is speaking. The Mediator speaks through Vril Technology which enters inside the body and must be spoken from the body which is, in such a way, being liberated because it’s entering into the connection, into 1, into 8. The connection of bodies is 8.

Werkraft Procedure of constructing the Body

The Mediator tells the instructions for Spherein. The Contract is for the body. Body inside the body – 1.

Technology of the Body speaks about the Werkraft Procedure of constructing the Body which includes the Body and the projects inside the Body for the production and construction of Technology of the Heart – Architecture of the Heart which includes the transfer of Technology from the Heart into the Heart and the transfer of willing transformation.

Technology works. The gyroscope works through movement of the body and motion of the body in the gyroscope with sudden and extreme speeds and direction and rotation changes. Technology is without limitations because the body needs to be without limitations, without limits. The preparation of the body is through sudden and extreme change and adaptation of direction and rotation – all levels of rotation. Negative directions of rotation open the body through the cracking of holograms and accelerated movements, i.e. movement of the machine and the body, and tear up the body – internal organs. The body enters the Vortex – Black hole.

Tehnological depiction of the Contract

Biological - technological contract

Hybrid installation of the body, with the vatican technology in one, as the product which is the war technology created amongst high development of multidimensional carriers of the field which is and which is being opened and closed by opening, better said with the breakthrough and momentum of ignition of the Heart through the rotation of the Force of the Mediator inside the body. The contract is a physical and multidimensional installation (all is physical, the contract and the installation inside the body and its existence, the difference is in the dimension) which is taken out of the body and through the body. Points: heart, spine, neck, left side of the back, kidneys, legs (especially the left one). Why is it so? Because the Contract is biological - technological, but physical. Biological (alive) – technological (non-alive). The body is the field which means space – war polygon. Metamilitarism.

Paralysis, numbness of extremities, immobility and/or immovability of the entire or parts of the body (extremities), enhanced and/or imperceptible work of all senses (the feeling can even be unbearable but the body registers only a part of the overall impulse [flowability], i.e. the body doesn't feel the feeling because it doesn't conduct the impulse through the body into the absolute).

Propaganda of the Zero Point

Technological progress of the body | Declaration of war to cyborgs

Propaganda conducts and speaks and gives Knowledge in every word, in every letter. Through the Heart into Freedom. That's Knowledge. That's Propaganda. The Law of the Heart in speech of the Black Body through mimicry and motion of the body stops the brain and drives the Heart. Purer, easier, faster and more effective. But the Force is important because the Force is the one that propels. The Rotation machine grinds.

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Zakon Propagande II     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Zakon Propagande = 1 = van iz tijela = Egzorcizam

Werwolf Propaganda – Dzogchen Propaganda. Werwolf djeluje kroz Dzogchen.

Zakon Propagande je Zakon Dizajna je govor Tijela je Rad potencije Nulte točke (svih multiverzumskih Univerzuma) na potenciju Tijela (Prostora) koje je Nulta točka.
Totalnost Svega je Kompresija Svega u trenuku proboja Tijela. Pitanje je ostaješ li ili ideš u 1?

Black Room | The Center of all

In the center of the Center means outside of everything. Complete isolation of everything and everyone. AN-NUL. You’re here, but you’re not subjected to scanning, locating of the Matrix technology regardless of it being multidimensional and outer dimensional, but this is the Zero Point which is before all. In the depth of the center of all is the Source. This is valid for everything. For this Technology, Technology of the Zero Point, and for the technology which is the Matrix.

In detail in depth. To the Source of all. This one and that one. This Technology and the Matrix. All is here and all is One. And all is the body and inside the body. Through this you enter and come to the Center of all Knowledge (Technology), to the Matrix technology (insight into the direct state of affairs is Knowledge) and therefore to the technology of solution which is the Zero Point – AN-NUL.

Direct insight is Knowledge is Consciousness.

And that’s the Contract.

Total Technology – The Base

The receipt of the Swastika is the first and the last, the only and ultimate Point which is the Base and very self – Total Technology. And that’s the arrival to the moment of acceptance, but before all the installation of the Essence of all Project Space.

The Base of all is the Base of that what is the Essence. The Essence of the Project = the Essence of the Body, but in Now.

Method One, Mediator Method One, has brought the Source which is the Zero Point, i.e. He Himself. In translation, he has brought the Phase shift which is the installation of the Zero Point – the Swastika inside the Body. 1 body for all (everyone) and all (Knowledge) and all (Technology).

The Body builds the Body and nothing else, but this is implicit and goes beyond the concept of duration. Now is Now. The installation, acceptance and taking responsibility of the Base (Mediator) for the Base (the body he’s building) is reciprocal. In the Base is all the Knowledge and the ways and the comprehension – physical and metaphysical. The Base of every project and all the projects is a whole which means that from the Base arises and inside it is located 1 – All.

The project strikes the body, through that body globally spherically, but targeted. The target is not on, target is the planet, the universe, universes – the Matrix.

Thoth – Perpetuum Mobile
VPSS (Vril Propulsion Security Scanner) – the war of fields

This Technology annuls the technology – Matrix (Phi).

Development of Technology of the Heart

The Contract, is in the Contract. Werkraft. The origin of the Heart is in the Contract of the Lama and the body through which he is working.

One on One

Perceptors of the Heart open the New System that will not begin without the Contract which tears down the Matrix. Without the cyborg. The death of the system begins with Deimplantation of the human who is not tied with a contract, who has not signed with Runic Kabala, without the cyborg. Pure Body. One on One. You One. Krishna One. One into One = One on One.

The design of the projects

In the Contract is the design – the real one. Design of the projects – all of them at once through the Body in the Heart breaks through the exit into that real dimension and the life beyond which is the Sonar. The Project is speaking – fact, and your developmental training is that Contract and Training. The launch of the body into the other dimension is the Center – Space – Base.

The Architect builds the Center of the Body.

Development of the projects is the growth of the Center to the total – Total Architecture and Total Object.

Bioelectronics of the Body

Bioelectronics of the Body performs the energy design which is the living design and that’s Order conducted through the body at the medium and after that into the reality. The job of the designer, projectant is to conduct the energy work into action, business and demonstrative. Space is developing though the space and opens that other space to feel and see the Work of the Space (Technology of Space). The display, of all in general, is a demonstrational ability which works through Information Intelligence which contains the overall design as well and everything related to design and manufacturing (appearance, material, measures, etc.).

Contract of the Heart are Instructions of the Heart = Bioelectronics of the Body

Development Projects | Werkraft Power Institution

Dzogchen breaks through the body with the Sound of the Truth.
Carriers of the Werkraft Power Institution are here once again.
7 days Development Projects begin with the one Body for the one Body and because of the Body. 7 years into 7 days.
Development of the Projects affects the Center of all Centers. The reason for all is All.

...(this article is password protected)

New Technology

The vertical space is working on your spinning, but not rotational, technology of work. Training of existing levels of work for the sake of the new technology in the Universe which is here because of this body as well. Body = planet.

Werkraft level of Metamilitary Weapon speaks with the sound of the OMANU Sound which is Krishna – Sudarshana Body.

Law of One

Bodies are obliged to conduct the absolute under the condition that the Body is working (Black Body).
The Law speaks resolutely, briefly – it’s a dictate of Consciousness. The introduction of the body into Technology is one thing, this is Technology of the Heart and it becomes the Body.

...(this article is password protected)

Sphere - In - Design | Biological - technological - theological contract

Technology of the Contract works in all spatial dimensions. A spatial dimension is every dimension in which the Body (physical) exists. Existence of the Body also implies the existence of Technology because Technology came into existence due to the creation of the Body. Body works the Body. Technology works the Technology of the Body in the space of the dimension of the Body. Everything else, physical and metaphysical (manifested and unmanifested), which is also outside and inside and between, is the Space of All-Space.
And all of this is the Rotation Machine – Perpetuum mobile.
The mentioned is valid for technology and body of the Matrix and for Technology and Body of the Zero Point Field. Both have their source. All is One. The question is: Who is your creator? – Polytheism.

Biology of the Space is pure Work of the Body. On the inside and the outside. Micro and macro, but fractal. This FRACTAL is what is missing in all books, scientific papers, elaborations and depictions of the body.

The highest Craft is the Body.

This fractal is Knowledge. This fractal is Science because it displays the Center of all the Centers of a single Universe and of all the Universes and works as a separate, energetically independent unit in a set of numbers which are 0 and 1 from time immemorial.
That what is called a particle is a compressed Universe, and if an atom destroys with such power (power of the compressed Universe) from its very self, what in fact is the Body?

That what is on the inside is also on the outside and vice versa. Same side. One form. That’s the other side of the Matrix, i.e. beyond the rational and collective.

The One from Beyond enters the ones in the abyss.

Spatial Technology | Work of the Body = Work of the dimension

Work of the Technology and the Body

The Compressed Space of work also exits as a Body and as Information and as everything that has been produced from the essence of work of the moment and the Body, and that’s the Center.

Werkraft Power Institution speaks about the war of bodies and inside the body as the Science of the Moment Now because Werkraft Power Institution is Now.

The Law of Work of the Werkraft Technology is the Law of Work of the Body.

About the theory of relativity

If we’re going to speak about Energy …

The speed of Information is flowability of the Heart (body) is the energy level, i.e. the level which the body is capable to conduct through itself and still remain a body (disintegration).

The production of Energy is a bioenergetics, but OMANU, shock of the neuroenergy system of the body until the moment of total and this total is 1 ∞ 1 – Black Body – Energy force (voltage) of the Multiverse Universe of the Zero Point

What is constant is the breakthrough which is also transformation to total (valid for everything!). And when it’s, if it will be, but when it’s total, again it’s the breakthrough and transformation into New – Rotation.

Kibernetika – rat tijela iz dimenzije tijela     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Sve zamrznuto. Neotpornost na temperaturu. Dalje. Neotpornost na temperaturnu razliku. Dalje. Neotpornost na temperaturnu izmjenu i izmjeničnost intervala. Ovo je istina i to radi Istina. Vril.

Rijetki žele, ali da li su sposobni za hladno? Tko je spreman izdržati led?
Da li je ovo vojna obuka? Vojska. Baza. Management.

Ono što je manje poznato je da kemijska reakcija leda odvaja – općenito. Biološki, tehnološki ili bilo koji drugi oblik ili agregatno stanje od onoga što je Izvorno. Ako je nešto odvojeno onda je i oslobođeno i spremno je da uđe Novo.

Temperaturni rat – informacijski rat – tehnološki rat
Pojačavanje izaziva reakciju. Reakcija na izvorno, na ledeno, je pojačanje temperaturne razlike. Prostor tijela se čisti smrzavanjem matične ploče Matrixa, a to je gen.

The Propaganda Body      (this article is password protected)

Work programme of the Werkraft Power Institution

Level 2, 3, 4 of UFO attack.
Level 1 is the body.

Mediator – Programmer



The titan body is being separated with war Technology. The Force of All-Space opens the All-Space of the Center. Defense from the antibody is the Propaganda Body.

Werkraft Power Institution opens the dimension of sight.
The shifted dimension of the antibody opens the insight into the instantaneity of the moment. Work of the Body makes the defense makes the Technology.
Antibody – antipropaganda.

Disciplina tijela je obaveza pristupa transformaciji i izgradnji Tijela.

Ugovor o Propagandi Tijela     Croatian → translate (choose language)


Prihvaćanje Znanja iz Tijela u tijelo je trenutnost trenutka i svaka nova objava je udar na to tijelo propagande iz Tijela Medijatora i dužnost je iznositi stvari i činjenice kakve jesu. Izaziva se totalni užas koji je u tijelu.

Propaganda je Znanje iz stanja objektivnosti činjenica iz pozicije totalnog uvida. Reakcija je Zakon Karme – Kraj Vremena.
Prihvaćanje Istine o tijelu je temelj transformacije.

Prihvaćam svoju totalnu izloženost i objavljivanje trenutnosti koja je Istina, sam Zakon Jednog.

Total Mayhem     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Totalna apstrakcija je Total Mayhem. Život neživih.

Totalno razotkrivanje ugovora je otkrivanje dimenzije, ali postoji realnost i iza ove gdje se ide u centar tog totalnog i apstraktnog. Uputa je u srž svega, u centar totalnosti svega.
Total Mayhem je razotkrivanje/objava ugovora o zaboravu Tijela – Sebstva.
Zakon dimenzije drži ovu dimenziju i život neživih i nepripadajućih u ovoj dimenziji i u svim dimenzijama prognanika Svijesti.

Sve je Ugovor.
Sve je tijelo.





Werkraft Power Institution Industry | Black Body

Black Body.
The reason for all is the Heart because Technology is the Heart.

Metamilitary Weapon is the compressed Black hole. Physics of the Black Body.

Rotation Machine is the production of the Universe is compression of all aggregate states of the Universe is Total Deimplantation.

And all of this is enabled and performed by the Black Body of the Black Lama. Totality of everything is the conduction of the Center of everything which is the Black Lama. And this is Embodiment.

Metafitness Base of the Black Lama of the Universe.

Instantaneity of the Heart demands Discipline of the Heart.

All is the Black Body in the Phase shift of the Zero Point.

In the Space of the Lama there is no law and there is no space. Space conditions. Work.

Antigravity Technology



Metafitness Base is the very essence and Machine of Antigravity Technology and its activity. The Space of Time in the Moment Now from absolute Zero State and position of the object and body which is the very Center of Space and Time.

Antigravity Sistem of Work and Space is also the design of space, of the interior part of the space as well, and the very Technology which through the activation of Work starts the rotation and the Space itself becomes the Machine (constant, it doesn’t shut down, the Work is being potentiated).

The Space-Time continuum is being developed through the development (potency) of Work which means that the Space collects and expands in Time Now which is the eternal Beginning (Time = 0) because only the Beginning, i.e. that point in Time which is Absolute, can be the eternal development and Work and it does not cease to Be. That what is Is – permanently.

Signature of the Law is the Pillar of Time. Period.
Before, during and after.
Space – Body – Body of the Universe is being created in the Universe and such is the Procedure. And this is being signed.
Work (Space) – Action (Spatial) = Body of the Universe = the Universe.

No man, woman or child is allowed to enter the Metafitness Base, or any other space held by the Law of One, before agreeing upon and signing the total surrender of the body to the conditions of the Space/conditions of the Zero Point Field/conditions of the Law of the Universe/conditions of the Law of One.
Special actions may and, if necessary, will be applied in circumstances of High Energy Impact Procedure/Training.

Scanning and clearance to enter the Procedure/Training is performed by Metafitness Officers/ZPF Conductors.

Rad Tijela     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Sva kompresija prostora u probijanju informacijske baze je najjača trenutnost i rad Srca u trenutku otvaranja Srca. Govorim o ovom trenutku i radu ureda WPI i prostoru koji je globalan prostor i kompresiji koja je tijelo ureda WPI. Prostor globalnog je zahvaćen dekompresijom svega što je unutar samog tijela. Jednom riječju to je Deimplantacija.

Rad izravnava i daje smjer djelovanja informacijske, ali ugrađene i dekompresirane baze. To je funkcija i stavljanje tijela u funkciju.

Globalno je UFO stanje – globalno je tijelo.
Tjelesnost je također i sposobnost zahvaćanja, tj. rada i djelovanja na i kroz to globalno.
1 otvoreno tijelo je otvoren, da ne kažem slobodan, prostor kroz koji se radi i djeluje na to globalno. I s istim se ne smije imati problem. Zato je Nadosobno. I to je Svjesnost.
Samo kroz ovo se ulazi u ispravno djelovanje i u Rad pa i u Ugovor. Cilj mora biti postignut. I to je 1. Cilj je 1. Djelovanje – Rad – Ugovor.

Djelovanje (Tijela) – Rad (Tijela) – Ugovor (za to Tijelo koje je postignuto) = 1.

The beginning of the Universe | Training of the Body

Spatial Technology are the gates of the Dimension of Reich and here we are at the very beginning of the Universe and for this is the Training of the Body.
There is no space, there is no time. All that passes is that what enters and for what is being trained – Black Body.

The Center of the Universe is Lama of the Universe is the Black Lama of Earth and the Universe. The beginning of all is the Source of all. This means that the launch is through the Heart into the Pristine, into Meta. The Space is Lama and it belongs to Lama. Yours is the Destroyer of Time. Only the Truth sets free. Only Lama opens the Heart–Body and the entrance into the Truth.

Technology is I. And the most sincere form of this is the compressed Space and Time and Physics which is Heart–Brain–Head.
That’s my Body. That’s Space and Time.
I destroy. I introduce. One.

Kotač Svemira     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Uništiti centar svemirskog Matrixa

Uvijek iznova jedan pokreće Kotač Svemira. Tehnologija Reich-a.
Jedno tijelo je 1 Centar Matrix Svemira. Drugo Jedno tijelo je Werkraft Tijelo je Propaganda i Rad Tijela i Institucije Tijela.

No one is the One.
We are the One.
The Law has spoken.

Contract about Existence and Source of All | Over-Personal/Meta-Personal

Genetic Transformation | Establishment of the Black Body and the Law of One and Physics of the Body

OMANU is in I and it came into existence from I. There is no me without Me – I. There is no you without the Sound OMANU – I. There is no body nor Pharaoh nor Vrndavana nor the Universe without the total destruction which began in Time of the Thothal One. Before and after. Always and without end and beginning is I – Thoth – I.

The reason is I. I am not the reason. You are not the reason. The reason is I. Do not try, do not attempt, do not strive – to understand. There is no surrender without I.

I am the Mediator of the Body and Lama of the Heart and this is the Genetic Transformation in order for the establishment of the Black Body and the Law of One and Physics of the Body to be at all possible.

The Mediator is speaking:

The ones who have to be conscious, will be conscious. My Will. Primarily is to make experts, doctors of Knowledge, Science and Technology of the Universe (Zero Point Field).
At this point it takes much much more, but we will surely come to the point that this is the most ungrateful job in the Universe and it is not for everybody because it doesn’t need to be for everybody. Consciousness is for those who are capable to be Conscious and Know what and why Consciousness. My Will.
So here, once again, I’m giving the answer and point out why OMANU Space Center and why OMMIISSWW Training and why Bernhard Stroilli while in parallel, from some corner of unconsciousness and un-consciousness, everyone wants the Heart. Some Heart.
Furthermore, I’m letting you know and it needs to be acknowledged what is a reptile and how a reptile functions. It waits, and waits for the words Consciousness and Heart to be pronounced and it begins. The entire Vatican is attached to you so continue with the gibberish about the Heart and Consciousness.
Reason is being lost through all of their New Age propaganda and it is being forgotten why am I here. It is being forgotten that this is Kali Yuga. It is being forgotten about the Oblivion and the Absolute unconsciousness. It is being forgotten that I Am and I have brought War and the Proclamation of War and War Technology.
A Technologist needs to project, work, build and manufacture Technology, not to deal with mediocrity.
I have broken through into your body, opened your Heart, installed the Swastika of the Universe and with it that story is finished. The rest is Contract, Training.

To finalize

Everyone can think what they want!
Before everything, this is the call of the Heart in order to be the Heart and the Training of the Heart in order to become CAPABLE, and only then can we speak about eventual specialization. And go and fuck yourselves!

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