Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment | Ra’s Al Ghaul | The Compressed Space | Training of compression of the Black Body into the body | About the Ninjas (Shinobi no mono)

Work/War lineage of the body.
The conducted Total System.
Line – Lineage
Bernhard Stroiili
Mediator – Lama – Bernhard Stroilli

Empowerment is purpose (reason) of Work, War, Race.
The necessity of passage and arrival.

The necessity of Physics.
Race is Ra’s Al Ghaul.

The Body Mediator wearing a Cloak of the Black with a hood which forms a pyramid and it falls on the shoulders.
Stance of the Symbol is the Stance of the body is Ra’s al Ghaul.
Empowerment je (A)Em-Power-Ment
Aem Ment Power
Aem Ment = Ament
Amentha = I Am Power

Ra’s Al Ghaul – Bernhard Stroilli

Black eternity – passageway into the Eternal Life
Ra’s Al Ghaul in a Black Uniform puts the Cloak of entrance – into the Amentha – the Space of Time.
Hood which forms the Pyramid. The face is transparent, then it isn’t. Half of the face is visible – vertically, then horizontally, then under an angle.
Hagal – Amentha.

There is no face. The Body has disappeared. The only thing left is the Cloak, visibly black – dark black and a white reflection of light at the physical border of the Cloak’s beginning/end.
Black into Black. The Space into Black. The Space is Black.
The Cloak is still physically standing, but where is the Body?!
The Body is Space.
The entrance into Totality is the passage through death into immortality.
Twists, bends, takes over and occupies.

Bernhard Stroilli
Ra’s Al Ghaul

After this, not even the shadow remains a shadow. Everything is the Black Body.

Order of the Immortals
Is the body in a uniform or is the uniformed Compressed Space?
About the Ninjas!

The Space has no measures, dimensions. The Space cannot be stopped or concentrated into something or somewhere.
Only the (Black) Lama conducts the Training of compression of the Black Body into the body. All the rest and all other bodies, even energy bodies, are physics.
This is the Black Body.

Vril Propulsion Energy (RA-D RA-T RA-S)

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Ra's Al Ghaul | Order of the Immortals – Bringers of Destiny


Training of the Ninja. Training of Darkness. Training of Consciousness.

Bringers of Destiny occur for the end. From their bodies they pull out a pointed star shaped like a Pentagram. The last chance for transformation, the last chance to transit to the other side, the side of the Truth.
Ninjas occurrence is an honor, a privilege. Only few came to the moment of encounter with the Bringers of Destiny. Eye to eye.

It’s not a sentence, it is an honorable opportunity for the final decision. Departure is the only option. Life or Death. There is no return. Life repeats itself. Death is eternity.

How does it come to the occurrence of the Ninja? Ninja doesn’t occur. Ninja is the appearance of Destiny.

Has anyone ever seen the Ninja or is it a feeling when you know that the Time for the Decision had come.
Readiness doesn’t exist. There is only the choice of Destiny. The choice to appear and the choice to take you over.
Nobody knows for sure who the Ninjas really were and where they come from.

For the end remains the Question of Time about Life and Death.
How does it come to this? How does Death happen? Where is the End and where is the Beginning?
Is it a Myth and Mysticism? The gateway into the Black Eternal?
Some arrive, others leave. The Ninja goes through Death into Life. Black. Eternal.

There is always One over again in the essence of Darkness and Silence the carrier of Knowledge about Time.
Life or Death.
There is no hope for the hopeless. There is no salvation for those who do not fight for salvation.

Will. Reaction. The will for reaction. Consciously. Freely.

Ra's al Ghaul.
The Ghost of Time. Pure simplicity.
Willingly. Consciously. Freely.

Pentagram is a compression of Consciousness. The compressed shape of Space and Time. In the center of the Pentagram is an empty circle from which five arms stretch and each of them forms a pyramid. Each of the five arms is sharp at the edges. Tooth of Time.

The Call: It is Time.

Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment

Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment is Werkraft Power War Technology and that’s the reason for the Empowerment. That’s why there is the part which speaks about the ultimate necessity and what is the ultimate necessity. The initial state.
Werkraft Power Institution Industry is the Swastika in the Swastika which is the AH – BS Symbol.

I am Power – (A)Empowerment – Amentha – that is when Ra's al Ghaul and Total Technology which is Bernhard Stroilli (Total Body) began.
War is Raw! (mirrored)

To the bone is not even the beginning of everything. To the bone and further, into the deep, into the center, first to the center and then into the very center, is the reality of the multidimensional dimension of non-humanoid technology and that’s the observatory (objective observation – Sonar) and the war field.

The reality which is even wider than this one, but it is in the bones. War poisons (gas) – war field – secretion of the gene.

Ra’s al Ghaul is an apparition. Formless and shapeless, but owns all forms and shapes.
You saw once. You have understood all at once.

Black is unconditional.

Bernhard Stroilli – Simbol Smrti

Razor Vremena

OMANU Ati Aikido | Ninja Warriors – the Light in Darkness

OMANU Ati Aikido - Rotation Movement – Infinity – Black belt equals Black Body

The uniformed space of All-Space of the Black Lama is the Black Body on the assignment.

Black Body is the Space. The Ability is to be and to conduct the Space into the space. Into all the space. Into any space. Time is location is the body which is trained to conduct the Black Body of the Black Lama. Lama compresses, multiplies and sends himself (Black Body) to the assignment.

The Rotation of Time, the Law of Space and Time from the Law of the Black Body = OMANU Ati Aikido.
The Ability of the Ninja.

The unexplainable and the impossible speaks and conducts the Black Lama.
About the transformation of the body.

Walk - in Time | Warfare technology without war technology

Warfare technology without war technology.
Compression and decompression of Space.
1 Body is everything.
The same ability cannot be exercised in the same way in two different bodies.
Walk-in Time is space cleaning.
The glow of the Black Sun illuminates the darkness of the Earth. How can the Black Sun be evil?

Walk - in Time – the Ability of the Ninja.

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Bernhard Stroili Empowerment | Werwolf | The Law of One 

Physics of the Zero Point Field | Bernhard Stroilli Empowerment

Bernhard Stroilli Institute and Institution of Religion, Science and Technology

Total Mayhem

Stroilli Empowerment


Stroilli goes to the depth of everything, into the total horror of total mayhem which is ruling here, today. Stroilli is the compression of time and space.

Revealing the body is opening the body in which all, but literally all laws of space and time (dimension) are ruling, i.e. the reason itself is the opening of the Dimension of the Heart and the passage through Stroilli’s Heart – Center of all Centers.

War is duty/necessity.
Dimension of the body is a war field.
The battle is to tear down that dimension and to see and embody the Total Dimension which is Bernhard Stroilli himself.

Tearing down the center of all centers – geopolitics.

Alpha, Beta, Theta and Zeta states and techniques – technology new age – the generation without brain – proclamations from the future means the proclamation of annunciation of everything.

Lama doesn’t judge. Lama is being judged. Deciphering history and prehistory.

Information Intelligence is a breakthrough into the Truth. Truth is the Law. Truth vs Oblivion. Law vs Law.
Information Intelligence is a breakthrough into Memory = Remember/Feel.
Technology of Architecture is the Truth about the occupation of the bodies.

Bernhard Stroilli Ra's Al Ghaul | Art and skill of warfare | Matrix Machine

The titanium monster of the outer-dimensional wall called the Matrix is a machine of this globally-universal system and of all system which are not within and do not function according to the Law of the Universe. The beginning of horror is the ascertation that the entire Matrix system (globally-universal, but multidimensional) is inside the body, i.e. each body on the planet is a body of the Matrix and is born from the Matrix Machine. The non-humanoid creation cannot produce and give birth to a humanoid (human) and all force of the Machine is directed to total implantation even of the smallest remaining humanoid part of the body. There are only a few of the kind remaining on the planet regarding the "western world" and under the term "western world" I include the entire global system lengthwise and crosswise except a few tribes in certain parts of the world which still live according to their heritage and tradition whose foundation is life in harmony with the Universe. Loyalty is not punished and the reason why the Universe is not destroying them is the same reason why the global Machine wants to destroy them – their transformation and transition into the life beyond this one, i.e. into the Living Truth is in fact unquestionable.

This is about a race and the creation of a race of 100% non-humanoids. A race of cyborgs, a race of human beasts which is neither one nor the other. Genetic manipulation of genetic engineering is practically transparent, i.e. public. There is no more time for hiding. It is becoming more and more obvious who is who and what is what and this is what is being strived for. Propaganda rises and glorifies such approach as the sole possible step in progress of the civilization. Washed brains are at their peaks, all is ready for the transformation – into what?

While in parallel everyone has their own version of perfection and the perfect self, what is in fact and exclusively a projection of the implanted gene, here and now, on this side, from the Dimension of the Truth, the metamilitary transformation into the Meta Human (Method One Training Procedure/OMMIISSWW Special Training) is entering into force. Ra's al Ghaul is Eternity and its form. Bernhard Stroilli is the necessary Truth of the Destroyer of Time.

While in parallel it is being written and stated about the presence of global implantation and the destruction of life, about the presence of alien technology and race which is in control of all of this from the other dimension, it is also being written and reasons are being stated why it is to and the answer is being given. There is no way without the Destroyer of Time. This is not a call nor is it a propaganda material. This is beyond all ways because one cannot go into something and against somenthing that is unknown for all.

Collision of the U.S-Russian front about which is being spoken is a statute beyond this dimension established and immortalised inside the rooms of the Pentagon (4th dimension). The titanium field which rules the planet is the dimension of the cold-blooded the non-humanoid. The Machine is alive and the way of execution of its mathematical algorithms is infallible and lethal for anyone who knows that it exists. Knowledge is Consciousness. Each Information of such level with itself brings the resolution of the system for destruction and deletion from memory and that's how plagiarisms and deviation of history and historic facts occur. The collision of fronts is a pact, agreement of nations about the elimination of global Knowledge from time immemorial.

The beginning of the Universe | Training of the Body

Spatial Technology are the gates of the Dimension of Reich Universe and here we are at the very beginning of the Universe and for this is the Training of the Body.
There is no space, there is no time. All that passes is that what enters and for what is being trained – Black Body.

The Center of the Universe is Lama of the Universe is the Black Lama of Earth and the Universe. The beginning of all is the Source of all. This means that the launch is through the Heart into the Pristine, into Meta. The Space is Lama and it belongs to Lama. Yours is the Destroyer of Time. Only the Truth sets free. Only Lama opens the Heart–Body and the entrance into the Truth.

Technology is I. And the most sincere form of this is the compressed Space and Time and Physics which is Heart–Brain–Head. That’s my Body. That’s Space and Time.
I destroy. I introduce. One.

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