Black Dolphin

Black Dolphin – Black Field Body – Atlantis Body.

Atlantis is the Crystal Body – living Crystal which spreads through Space – Intelligence that provides nature in its full sense.

This is the biological way for the protection of life and living.

Black Dolphin – body created with a pure Information, Body of Pure Energy and the most powerful information base. The body is war technology.

Black Dolphin Metamilitary Field Protection Biocomputer

Black Dolphin Metamilitary Training

Beyond all trainings, abilities and skills there is Black Dolphin, the pure Humanoid. Metamilitary Training is the human's future, is Metamultihumanism that even goes beyond all theories of transhumanism.

The Human body is the most powerful technology, indestructible, but not artificially created intelligence or a machine. It is the Machine of Consciousness that was built by Consciousness, the eternal Black Field of Atlantis. Black Dolphin is a Quantum Body, Black Body. The Black Body is a part of everything and as such it acts towards everything. Life on this planet, as well as on every other, can be preserved only by the Field which created it. Exactly this Field builds the Black Dolphin Metamilitary Biocomputer. Many have information that this Field exists, a few have the experiences that confirmed them this information, but it is an inconceivable and mysterious secret for all. Without the Open Heart everyone is far away from Knowledge and even further from correct action and relation towards it.

Biophysical transformation of the body into the Black Dolphin Metamilitary Field Protection Biocomputer creates the soldier of Consciousness. Such soldier is an intergalactic security and protection, his action are multidimensional, he doesn't carry and doesn't use a destructive weapon, doesn't set mines, doesn't detonate bombs although his body is the most powerful weapon in the Universe. No, this is not just a SF story. The Universe is Superintelligence. Black Dolphin is created from the Universe itself in order to stop and transform everything that is against the Universe, in this case to resolve the situation on planet Earth. Someone had descended to Earth to bring Knowledge and the solution to earthlings. Not to save them by some miracle. You are living here, this is your home. You are fighting. It is up to you to transform. This is Consciousness, not occupation. You are occupied now.

A built, trained and disciplined Metamilitarist never loses Information about his Energy body, i.e. he never loses contact with it. Exactly that Energy body (Black Body) does all those complex multidimensional actions because it is the Quantum Biocomputer. It is not some foreign body from some universe, it is You who knows that he is connected with the Source, with Himself. This is the key to Consciousness, and Consciousness changes and transforms absolutely every state. A single built, transformed and conscious Body is the entire Quantum Field. We stand behind this that One is enough. Each One protects and spreads the Original Field globally. There is no greater protection of Cetaceans, planet Earth and the Universe you live in than this.

Black Dolphin Metamilitary presence and action of the Body in the water

Training of the Body that conducts Vril Propulsion Technology in all conditions and in all aggregate states because such body acts metamilitary, spherical and multidimensional, through each body in the water world. Occupation of the sea is 1 Body – 1 Base. Swastika powers all the Technology and she is the Black Dolphin Metamilitary Operator and Scanner. Black Dolphin Vril Propulsion System is a navigation system, from the Mediator (Black Field Condo-Commander), of the Black Field for the purpose of establishing the New dimension which is the New, Black Field – 1 Body.

Black Dolphin Metamilitary Training

Every procedure in Training is the procedure of opening the Heart and the level of flowability of the body which is under 24 hour presence of the Black Dolphin Black Field Condo-Commander who conducts the absolute pressure of the Matrix to each body in the Procedure – all is 1. This is the Total Training. Either you are transformed or you are out of the Procedure – disintegrated. “Totally” surpasses all boundaries and all levels of what is physically possible. And that is why it’s Training of the Heart. Because with the Heart you act Now! Black Dolphin Training surpasses all boundaries because it is beyond. The Training is beyond the Matrix. Everything is possible in the Black Field of Omnipotence. It is impossible to understand something that doesn’t exist in the Matrix because no one has ever experienced and survived the Procedure. For now.

Homo Delphinus

Human Sonar – technology of the future, adaptability for all conditions of life. With Kabalistic Information, Transformation of the Body into the State of Homo Delphinus, the Sonar is installed and built – the most sophisticated sense. Transformation begins on land (humankind natural habitat) and ends in the sea. Land and sea are the natural habitat of Homo Delphinus. Sonar adapts the body for breathing under water and develops sight of several hundred meters when under the sea. That’s one of Modus Operandi of the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. Total genetic transformation. It implies functioning in the water medium as it was the original habitat. There is a special training and preparation for this achievement. Natural ability of OHBB is shapeshifting and bodyshifting – complete body transformation, structure and function. Level of shapeshifting – Homo Delphinus, Phase shift into plasmatic aggregate state of functioning.

Bodyshifting – highest technology of knowledge and ability transfer.

Homo Delphinus is a multidimensional being completely adapted to life on Earth (land and sea). Werwolf is a high level of shapeshifting. Werwolf is Homo Delphinus, an Energy body completely adapted to Multidimensionality. His purpose is penetration through dimensional barriers, entrance into and transformation of the other physical body. Strength necessary for Deimplantation and embodiment. Werwolf itself has levels, purpose and way of operating.

Werwolf is a superior being on land, but when Werwolf finds himself in the water (sea) he becomes the superior being Homo Delphinus.

Black Dolphin special training for Homo Delphinus and Dolphins

Metamilitary Black Dolphin is a special training for Homo Delphinus and Dolphins (Bottlenose Dolphin). Common action. Black Dolphin is the Black Energy body created by the Mediator Method One. The Mediator had also created a way of Training for accepting those energy bodies into physical bodies.

Biotechnological Crystal Body

Homo Delphinus, Black Dolphin and Werwolf

All of these are Crystal Bodies with the same, Crystal gene. They’ve developed different phenotypic characteristics which adapt them to the environment and purpose of existence. Also, the difference between them makes the degree of development, i.e. the strength of the Swastika and, consequently, the level of Consciousness. Their Bodies are Biotechnology which means that they are biotechnologically conscious, they are conscious who they are and what for. As such, they are ecological, prophylactic and curative for all other beings and the environment. Their presence spreads the Zero Point Field and that means that they change the aggregate state which is the foundation of every transformation, movement and potentiation in accordance with the universal standard which is the pure, unadulterated Consciousness and Possibility. Their action is directed towards harmonization of everyone and everything with the Universal Law, Antigravity, Black plasma. Pathology, as a term, is being erased only in such conditions. By placing the charge into balance, literally all reasons for aggressive and destructive action, within each body and between all bodies, are being erased.

Homo Delphinus is a being adapted for life in the sea and land. He has the ability of changing the aggregate state and control over all functions of the body. With his presence and movement he transfers his state to the environment, to the medium in which he is located. Through the medium, the state is being transferred to other bodies. In any case, the vibration and flowability rises, plasma and healthy Information are being transferred. Homo Delphinus is the basic level of Metamilitarism. A completely non-violent way of “warfare”, i.e. prevention of conflicts, slaughter, …

Black Dolphin is a higher level of Metamilitarism. Specially created Bodies in the dimension of the Black Field and trained for specific tasks in the aquatic medium (seas). With their presence they can produce an enormous force which can, in case of emergency, have a devastating effect. Black Dolphin can cause devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, activate volcanos. In short, they manage with natural forces.

Werwolf is the highest level of Metamilitarism. He is a multidimensional shapeshifter who is also Homo Delphinus and Black Dolphin. Werwolf has all the necessary Knowledge and Abilities to influence the gene, i.e. he can and should enter into other bodies with a purpose to transform them and change their damaged genetics into a crystal structure. When Werwolf acts nothing is accidental, but a precise and ultimative procedure into the Sphere of Correctness.

The reason of every conflict is energy, i.e. the imbalance in the energy flow. Cumulation and retention of surplus somewhere causes a chronic deficit. A different view on the same issues is that someone rules and subjugates someone else. All of these are the reasons why it has to come to conflict, wars, deviation in every sense. Today there is no memory of a different condition, different possibilities. Everyone would want this but it’s impossible to accomplish. Earth and earthlings need a chronic solution. Werwof Training, projecting and construction of the Humanoid Technology is given for the reason to bring back to Earth the natural order and original state of the human and the planet itself. Therefore, this Training is not for encouraging aggression, madness and bloodthirstiness towards any species or individual. During the Training it’s explicitly mentioned that all species have the right to existence. Also, all species have the right to existence without anyone subjugating, threaten, enslave, deceive, exhaust them. Technology of the Zero Point is powerful, she is the direct conductor of natural forces which is why no one can’t go against her. There should be no reason for resistance because Consciousness itself maneuvers with this technology. The primary goal of the Training is to return all, even the human, into the natural state. Towards the aggressive, unnatural forms that endanger life or prevent life, this technology can act with a stronger force in purpose of destruction or annihilation. This is the final option of action and it is used only if life is endangered.

Black Dolphin Playmaker

Black is a beautiful color. Game of the Black color has no end. Black Dolphin is the Black Body. His capabilities have no limitations. To be a Black Dolphin means to have absolute control over every throught and therefore over every action which in the end means – over creation. Black Dolphin is the completely embodied law of nature (force of nature) which means that he is the original co-creator of everything in existence. Liberated. Free. Gives freedom. What it means to be liberated is being discovered only and solely in the Method One Procedure on the way to the Black Dolphin Playmaker.

Black Dolphin – the Body of Sound

The physical Body of the Black Dolphin/the Mediator produces and spreads the original Phi Sound from which everything is being created, this Sound is Life. Such Body produces a healthy medium.
What is impossible to believe for everyone, especially scientists, is that without the transformation of you’re their own body they will never find nor speak the truth. The body in flowability is that fundamental basis from which Knowledge is being distributed.

When it comes to speaking about the Zero Point Field, it is about the Phi Sound. Yes, the Field is Sound, but a Medium as well in which that sound is being spread and not distorted. Even the slightest resistance in the body distorts the sound which means that it doesn’t spread the pure, original Information from itself, i.e. it doesn’t conduct that original Phi Sound. This brings to the conclusion that not a single body, in such circumstances which are present today on Earth, can’t be healthy nor spread a healthy field.

Inside the Spaces of the Mediator, and Black Dolphin and ZPF Conductor, controlled conditions of the Zero Point Field are being established which means that the sound of the environment is neutralized in such a space and primarily the sound that is being produced inside the body that came from the outside in such a space and the body is being exposed to the pure sound of the Zero Point Field. This enables the Transformation, i.e. the acceptance of the new way of functioning from the embedded Human Sonar.
Human Sonar is the only instrument that can produce the pure Phi Sound. With all due respect to technology that is being produce today on Earth, no one and nothing can produce the complete cypher of the Zero Point Field. Exactly this makes the Mediator and his space so special and priceless and precious for every living being. This is science on which VETO Medicine is based upon and what makes all “miracles” possible and the instantaneity of reparation, i.e. Transformation.

Black Dolphin doesn’t believe in miracles, He simply produces them. He is the one who has absolute control over his thoughts which in fact means the Zero point itself, as the absolute of Consciousness and Force, produces thoughts and gives the initial impulse of creation. There is no mistake or accidentals.
On the way to Black Dolphin it is necessary to accept that even the most advanced brain can’t control itself (it can only to a certain level) because there is no initial Force and Power to do so. The 3D brain also has to accept that it takes enormous force that will break this exact walls that surround it and why it’s 3D and push it into the higher dimension, i.e. make it flowable to become the perfect instrument of the Zero Point Field. That’s the absolute dimension and here we are no longer speaking about the so-called human factors. If someone becomes the perfect instrument of Consciousness then it cannot be anything other then Consciousness. Then it’s the Law. This erases the impossibility and ignorance. Then it’s health. Then it’s freedom. The planet is being liberated when the brain surrenders to Consciousness/Heart.

Superconsciousness created Black Dolphin

Homo Delphinus is the material for Black Dolphin Training/Embodiment.

Black Dolphin – Ruler of the world.  He is menaged by Delta state (Force).
Delta waves eradiate from his frontal forehead lobe which are the universal drive (FORCE) which is ability of maneuvering the force of the Zero Point itself. He is absolutely aware of his body and controls it perfectly. That same Principle, which is Superconsciousness, spreads out around himself, through the space and corrects every irregularity. This is why Black Dolphin is an ecological project for planet Earth (Black Dolphin – ecologycal project for planet Earth). Metamilitary and Matrix Training Procedure enables a long-lived Body and the participation in multiversal existence and actions. Knowledge gained with this kind of training is impossible to emagine with the 3D brain. Black Dolphin has a quantum brain and zero flowability (absolute flowability).

The role of the Black Dolphin Black Body is impossible to explain from the perspective of today’s human. To understand this one needs to become the Black Body which in fact is the goal of the entire Method One Procedure.

For most, the term Black Body is insurmountable. The Zero Point Field is the compression of all and all originates from it. That’s why it is black. Atlantis is the Black Field (Zero Point). Black Dolphin is the embodied Black Energy Body which is the embodied Atlantis. Body created from the very (pure) essence. It is the Crystal Body of Antimatter and as such it receives and becomes the source of everything. The indestructible Body of Atlantis. It’s not fiction, hypnosis, autosuggestion – the human on Earth is under heavy hypnosis and oblivion so he/she refuses even the possibility that these information are the TRUTH. Black Body is the true nature and origin of the human. The human should not be a rigid matter subject to decomposition, but a plasmatic Crystal of eternity. Black Dolphin.

Default goals or energy breakthroughs through all blockages which are inside the body are achieved through the Training, senses are being opened and the necessary state is being accomplished. The Center Heart is being opened and in parallel the brain is being trained to accept such quantities of Energy (Information) – all of this is being done by the Mediator while the body doesn’t become OHBB. The entire procedure is controlled, transmission of Knowledge and State is direct and therefore scientifically provable in the moment NOW. With the Mediator’s arrival on planet Earth, the possibility of manipulation and exploitation of other beings and the planet has been abolished.

Black Dolphin – Sound Carrier

Akhenaton – this name means Sound of Creation
Domagoj – means Akhenaton’s home (Domagoj Neusiedl – Mediator Method One)

ORIGINAL SOUND transmitted from the ORIGINAL BODY is the only Force which can penetrate through absolutely everything because ALL was created from HER. SOUND changes, programs, reprograms, determines every matter, every life.
Sound is the origin, before the genesis and the genesis is the consequence of action of the SOUND (AKHENATON’S WORDS).

Crystal Body of Atlantis is the compression of SOUND and Light. It’s the Plasma of Life. Light is a Medium and the carrier of Sound. Where Light cannot go, the Sound breaks through and in the inextricable tandem they create the Vortex of Life – Body.
The Mediator is the Original Body and that’s why his word builds Black Dolphin – the Body. This is the simplicity of the principle of creation which in heavy theories had become inaccessible.

There is no more need to cry for Atlantis, excavate her remains and loose life on wrong assumptions. New Atlantis will not be built from the found remains, no Knowledge or possibilities will not be transferred. Those remains, if they at all belonged to some Atlantis, have been long ago drowned in the heavy field of the Matrix which had chained planet Earth and their original power and purpose no longer exists. Atlantis is the Body of the Humanoid, is the living Crystal which is not in some ruins. The Mediator builds Black Dolphin, Body of Atlantis and Black Dolphin builds the New Atlantis.

Sign for Black Dolphin. Get educated for the architect of Atlantis.

Black Dolphin | Mechanics – Physics of Orcas/Dolphins Body – Homo Delphinus – Black Dolphin

Spatial orientation of the body, not to talk about physics of the body from pure 3D perspective of physical laws and mechanics of the body.

Regardless of the strength and mass of the body, but so much the more (we’re talking about mass), the ability of movement of Orcas and Dolphins in the density of the poisoned sea, which is everything but plasma, is more than obvious. The very maintainance of the speed in such density multiplied with mass, although the ability is in fact that and such movement of mass compression to the potency of the density of the medium, and the maintaining of the speed and always possible 360° maneuver of movement and turn of the body is the ability of the body inside which is the Force of the Universe – the Swastika and levitation, i.e. quantum state of the spine and the brain. The spine enables, i.e. allows (is capable to conduct/endure) uch and that kind of maneuver, i.e. movement with all the force which is passing vertically and horizontally to the axis of the spine and through the axis of the spine. And that’s why the Body enters into freedom.

Force of the Universe annuls the mass and density and flexion, the fragile one, and torsion of the spine and therefore of the brain and body as well.

Orcas and Dolphins live and conduct the breakthrough through the seas and oceans, not inside them. They swim through because they are beyond.

And to metaphysically explain the importance of the Body and the compression of the Universe, i.e. universal teratons of the Black Body which in fact are teratons, but quantum ones – Quantum.
Quantum mass, even Quantum weight, the universal one, is the compression and absolute potency of the Black Body is the Space – Zero Point.

Only the Black Lama gives the freedom of movement of the Space hrough the Space.
The Black hole looks and draws into Black.

The breakthrough (movement) of Orcas and Dolphins is the compressed rotation of the Vortex in the center of which is the Orcas/Dolphins body which is in fact a Rune and an eternal whirlpool and eternal breakthrough– 1.

Is this movement or teleportation or the manifestation of the unmanifested?
The extreme is 1 is absolute is the activation of the Black Body of the Black Lama of all shapes of the Universe in Now.

Energy depiction of the OMANU Center | The original OMANU depiction | Black Dolphin

OMANU Center – Central Operating Station | The Dolphin Brain

The Tehnology of Space – Method One Technology

Biological – technological construction of OMANU Black Dolphin Body

Black Dolphin Training experience
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Dolphin Superconsciousness

Dolphin Superconsciousness is speaking:

Momentarily the Heart becomes the belt of Knowledge and Consciousness from Consciousness – Dolphin Superconsciousness.

OMANU Black Field Condo-Commander
Black Dolphin Operating Officer

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