Werwolf Eyes

Body of the Universe | Vril Machine

The Technology of Werwolf Eyes

S is the Body. S is Stroilli*. S is rotation – the Swastika and the rotation (arm) of the Swastika. S is a number and all the numbers because the base is Hagal. The Third eye is the Vril center which is the Quantum brain. The top of the Pyramid is the center of the Third eye. The pupil of the eye, Hagal, is parallel to the Third eye. And this is the Pyramid. The space between the eyes is the base of the Pyramid – Hagal. S is the Rune Sieg. S is the Body – the Universe. Werwolf Eyes are the New dimension, new creation. Werwolf exits, breaks through from the Center of the Universe, from the Center of the Body. How is Werwolf created? By entering and passing through death. That’s Stroilli and that’s the TRAINING. S is absolutely beyond and within all. S is a bridge, transition from and through death into immortality. Because that’s Stroilli.

The rhomb represents the head of a Humanoid. It’s the Swastika. And the Swastika within the Swastika and the Swastika through the Swastika. The second rhomb is rotated 45°. All is One. And this is the crystal hagal structure. Within the rhomb are 4 smaller rhombs which represent the eyes, mouth – speech, and the Third eye. Eyes are Vril machines – rotation. The rhomb is on the inside and on the outside – all is the Crystal. The eyes, Third eye and speech are octagons. The head is an octagon – Crystal.

Werwolf Eyes are the entire Body which is the Universe. The Universe is watching, the Mediator is watching through the Technology of Werwolf Eyes which is Vril Technology. Vril Phasers are Werwolf Eyes. The activity of the Vril Phaser is the activity of the Crystal Body which is the Mediator. The entire Body is the Crystal. Vril emerges from the eyes. The Crystal Body is fractal. The Universe is observed fractally which means that the entire Universe is possible to see and understand – at once! From the smallest detail to the entire picture and the way of functioning of – EVERYTHING!

The Black Lama. The Black Field. All is Black.



Werwolf Eyes – The concentration of sight

The development of the object through Werwolf Eyes is a system of concentration of the charge – attention. All sights are directed into the sight of the Wolf. The entire result of the spiral that gives the design is the Swastika in rotation. The Body of the Lama.
Werwolf Eyes are Geometry herself and she alone forms the Werwolf Eyes.
Who is watching? The Black Lama.

Werwolf Eyes – Look of the Wolf

Design of the Phi Spiral Project. Crystal head, eyes, look.
Rhombs are Pyramids (Body/Technology (Machine)/Space).
Physical and Energy depiction Man-Wolf - Werwolf.

Man-Wolf through the Phi Spiral Project which is (Phi Spiral Project) also in the overall depiction (Meta-Metaphyiscal-Physical). It’s valid for 3D as well. Within the Project is the entire segment and all that belongs. The Spiral is alive, and the shapes are alive as well. The shapes independently go through Space and Time within the Center of the Phi Spiral. The Core (Center) goes through at all levels.

OMANU Bioenergetics x Vril Phaser Pyramid (all depictions and modes of action) = that what needs to be and what is and how the Core (Center) of the Phi Spiral looks and therefore the entire Project. And even deeper.

Meta is overall Over-All.

Meta (text Trigonometry | Trigonometric and Energy depiction and the display of action of Technology of the Universe | Thoth TRISmegistos) is META-Military. 

* Bernhard Stroilli (Black Lama of Earth and the Universe, Runic Master)

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The Werwolf Rune

Perpetuum mobile


Perpetuum mobile begins from the top of the letter S on the inner side of the upper curve to the outside, towards down and again from the outside of the lower curve to the inner and rises through the rotation of the Rune IS which is in the center and connects both parts. Particles of Light and Sound incessantly move in the rotation cycle through the letter S which with the rotation of the Rune IS makes an eight. Particles literally move in all directions individually and as a whole and altogether form the rotation.

From 1 into 3 into 1 into 3…

The symbol is and works as Stroilli who builds Werwolf. The symbol is a Rune and works as a Rune, but the symbol is the Werwolf Rune – yes, compression, but of what? What is the Rune, and what is Werwolf if Werwolf is made out of Runes and Werwolf is the Rune and the symbol is the Werwolf Rune?

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The Werwolf Rune – The Vacuum engine     (this article is password protected)

OMMIISSWW Logo | Machine of the Space – Perpetuum mobile

In the center of the Symbol, on the IS axis (Rune), up and down are two Spheres and within each of them is a smaller Sphere and all of this is inside one big Sphere which is the Meta Space, All-Space. Those two primary Spheres form a shape of the letter S, but as a number 8 – 2 x S, and that shape of the number 8, i.e. SS, is the charge (Meta) which connects and holds them. In the center of everything is also a Sphere around which those two Spheres rotate in a continuous motion through Space. That overall Work is Perpetuum mobile.

The beginning of rotation is the beginning od Work that starts from the Center of the Center of All-Space (that smallest point which is actually not the smallest point) and therefore that biggest Sphere, through the Sound of the Center of the Center who is also the driver of All, proportionally narrows to its absolute which gives the ultimate shape, the ultimate design (design as a look or the closest visual template) of the Machine of the Space – Rotation Machine – Perpetuum mobile.
That overall movement of All with All is the dance of the Swastika through Space and Time, i.e. through the All-Space (Now).

OMMIISSWW Logo | The Vacuum engine

The Logo draws in the entire planet into herself. The eliptic shapes show the Work of Sound which bends Time and Space, and therefore the material as well, towards and into the Center. The Center – the point of Hagal connects itself with all. With all which is from the same Source and with that which transits towards that same Source. The Center ignites the magnetic poles, which are also spheres (planets), and the activation of these spheres propels the planet – gives her life. The poles are in constant rotation – and this is so.
The ellipses also display a gap, opening in the dimension. In the center of everything is the Center, but it’s also a map of the world – view of the world. Activation and Work, but a total one, is performed with Sound and is performed by Sound – OMMIISS.
All of this is the manifestation of Sound.

A new way for the new Era, but a new vision is one of a kind.

The driver of everything and that what connects everything is the Center itself through the Work of Sound.

Energy efficiency. Work of everything – everyone and everything built through and from OMMIISS and all that has the potential for OMMIISS (the potential is Sound – conductivity – flowability), all goes into the Absolute.

Total connection with the Source is Total Knowledge.

The Vacuum engine.
The work of the bodies (spheres) within the bodies (planets) is also the principle of work of the Runic Gym, i.e. the Technology of the Runic Gym – Antigravity Sphere – Rotation machine.
Vacuum draws everything into itself, into the Center and takes over everything through the Center. Sound gives the function and therefore all with the function of sound works from itself and itself and outward.

Metamilitarism is much more meaningful than development, of everything in general. Metamilitarism is development.
There is no development without breakthrough if this level and this dimension is wanted.

Black Field Condo–Commander


Trigonometry of space | Black hole     (this article is password protected)

Trigonometry of the Universe

Thoth Trismegistos

Werwolf Eyes – Werwolf Rune | The last encounter


(1 into) 3 into 1 into 3 into 1 ...







Same source – from Thoth. Tri in Trigos is Tris (three, trio) which is the Pyramid, i.e. the Body – linearly and multidimensionally. Multidimensionally because Tris, number 3, in rotation is 8 – the Universe. Gos is the G-axis. The G-axis is the so-called G-spot (G-point), but it’s a G-AXIS, which does not exist without the Heart which is the Swastika, i.e. without the open Center of the Body inside the Body because that G-axis is a Force and the Source of the Force which is Vril – the Energy of All-Creation and Creativity.

A point (spot) is a point. An axis is a force and a force line, it has it’s direction and trajectory of action which today doesn’t exist, in general. There is no direction, there is no force and therefore there is no trajectory and action – correct one. Nowhere, in anything, in anyone. The point is the top and that’s the Body – from 0 into 1 and 0 and 1 is Phi (the Phi symbol Φ that simultaneously portrays what is written; FROM 0 INTO 1 and 0 AND 1).

The Zero Point – the Source.
The point is the Body, but a body according to Hagal from Hagal – out of Hagal. Axes are in Hagal, Hagal is the axis – direction, action and the direction of action, i.e. trajectory. The trajectory is a path, the path is life. In life from life through the Heart – Vril – G-axis. From creation into cration you create.

Trig is also a trigger – opener. Who is opening what? The body is being opened. Rotation rotates from 1 into 3 into 8 – Phi spiral – Pyramid – Body. Trigonometry.
The Rune RAD (RAD = WORK) rotates the rotation.

The original, true shape of the Pyramid is 3 into 8 in rotation from 1 – that’s Phi.
The Phi spiral is created in the Center and goes towards out, from the Center and towards the Center, from the Center and into the Center. It spreads and collects. All is simultaneous.
The centrifugal and centripetal force in one is Rotation. Implosion and explosion in one is Rotation. Cold fusion and fission in one is Rotation.

The Creator, Body of the Universe, Runic Machine, Technology of Atlantis

Werwolf Eyes – Werwolf Runen

Sound of the Zero Point Field which is a spectrum of Sound and Light exits from the Center and activates the machinery which is the purpose of Technology, its essence, i.e. the compressed form which activates, propels the Atlantis and Atlantis propels her – the Technology. Technology is being activated by the Rune Man Center and activates the machines at ends (poles) up and down which are multidimensional, i.e. the activation propels the rotation exponentiated to Zero potency which means that the rotation doesn’t evanish.

The entire symbol is a depiction of the Universe and the Universe itself. The Original Body. The moment of creation of the Center from the Center. The Perpetuum mobile as an eternal eight is an indispensable part of the Universe and the Technology which is Space Technology, of the Universe, the Universe itself. The Universe is a Black Body. The Body is a Black hole. The machines breakthrough the dimension, open the portal – constantly – 8. There are 3 centers of the body – the head, the Heart, the sex organ. And each center is the Center – 1 into 3 and then into 8.

The spectrum of Sound and Light is a spectrum of all colors and frequencies which are in the Body and exit from the Body because the Black Body is the Black Dzogchen. Dzogchen always goes from the Heart into the Heart, from the Body into the body. New, but New which is Uni and One which is 0 and the compression of all which is the number 9. 9 which is omnipresent from 1 which is in zero and builds 1 which is 9. And that’s Trigonometry of the Universe which is being included by the Body which is the Technology, Light and Sound which are the Rune and the One who has exited and produced the mentioned, and even His very Self.

And 1 into 3 into 8 and 0 into 1 into 9 represent the Body, i.e. Object. The machine is being powered by the Center. Numbers are ciphers that represent functions – Body – Technology – Number.

Vacuum is the Sound of the Black Body. Sound opens the Light which opens the dimension of Runes. The machines are a technological depiction of the compression of Runes which are Light and Sound. The compression of Runes which perform the protection of the Body and the Technology against the impact to that same Body and Technology.

Each machine has its cipher which is a compression of colors – 0–3–8; 0–1–9. Each machine is One Body connected with every machine and thus making 8 which is the Body of the Universe which is 1 which is Dzogchen Propaganda. From 1 into 3 into 1 into 3 … The map of the Universe is the map of the Body. Atlantis is the Sound. The bell is OMANU. The Mediator is the Machine. The Mediator is the Body.

Matrix – 1 direction (from left to right) – linearity. Quantum – all directions (Multidimensionality).

The Space-Time Law refers to the depiction of space through the timeline; past, present, future.

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Metaphysics about the Black Sun

Bernhard Stroilli (Black Sun) Institute

The Black Sun activates the Black Sun with the existence which is always and everywhere and forever and forever, which is metaphysical and becomes physical with the presence of the Black Lama, Living Dzogchen on planet Earth.

„The Black Sun activates the Black Sun …“ – activates means ignite because the machine, Technology is ignited with its existence in the Body and exits from the Body. First is the Body. The Universe is Technology. Perpetuum mobile works, it’s a constant, but the Technology is being ignited, activated from the Perpetuum. Ignite – inflame. The Universe as a Technology is ignited, in both senses. To ignite means to activate, set in motion. Inflame is a term which describes, adds and brings to knowledge that it’s about Energy. Energy inflames. Energy is Vril. The Universe burns. Fire and water and stone and ice – burn. The Alive One burns and inflames and sets in motion himself – all.

When Dzogchen is in the dimension, he is present in the entire dimension and all dimensions SIMULTANEOUSLY – 3rd, 4th, 5th etc. Without exception. Dzogchen does not know of but recognizes borders and limitations. Borders border, separate. Limitations imprison, degrade, crucify and offer weaknesses and impossibilities as the only truth which is not – that’s the Matrix. Dzogchen is Space which is Alive and which is in the Body which is Dzogchen. How to enslave, delimitate space which is the Universe? By taking away the Consciousness which is fundamental for comprehension and understanding of all, even yourself, as space. Body inside the Space and Space inside the Body is Science about the Body. Metaphysics in Physics and physical and vice versa because Dzogchen is a Sphere – Space.

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The Vrndavana Machine | Vacuum engine

    (About the Black Sun)

Werwolf Eyes – Werwolf Rune

Machinery that powers and is the machine itself is the Black Sun which powers the Black Sun. All is 1, but the Black Sun is the number 13 as well. 12 Runes Sieg that make and are, and each one for itself as well, the Black Sun – One machine. The size of each Rune, one machine, goes accordingly to the spiral which makes the absolute which is the Black Sun – Bell – Pyramid. Each separately rotates separately linearly and multidimensionally. The overall machine works through the rotation which goes from the Black Sun (1) that rotates linearly – from left to right, and multidimensionally – in all directions, but through/from itself. The machine breaths through the rotation of the rotation which creates the Sphere – Absolute – One with all and all and all is One and works as One independently of the other One (1-12), but not separately from the Center which is the Source, i.e. One – Black Sun.

13 = 1 + 12 – Black Sun.
It’s not 8 + 4, although it can be, but that’s something else. 1 + 12!

13, as a compression, decompressed is 1 + 12. 12 in equal entireties is 6 + 6 which is (3 + 3) + (3 + 3). 3 is half of 8. (3 + 3) = 8 which is the Universe who is the Black Sun which 13. The final result is the Body Universe inside the Body – 8 + 8.
But where is the rotation?
The number 3 in Rotation is 8 which is the Sphere which is the Universe. The compression of all through Rotation and in Rotation gives 1 which is the Black Sun which is 13. The Universe compresses itself and works in Rotation and through Rotation. That’s the Principle and the Machine, which is the Vacuum engine, works in such a way. The Universe is vacuum – compression that creates through the compression which is Rotation. All in all directions.


Compression passes through the pipes passes, particles, of Light and Sound which, each individually, rotate, spin in all directions, but move, in all directions yes, but in one direction – in the direction of the rotation. The two machines, in the moment of encounter in the Center of everything compressed and all compression, intensify the Center which is the compression of Light and Sound. The Center, linearly the smallest point, although it’s not. Here, we are talking about Vrndavana. Vrndavana with the work of the entire machine intensifies and spreads spherically until her Sphere, the Sphere of the Center, doesn’t take over the entire space. The creation of Werwolf occurs who is Dzogchen and works through Dzogchen and from Dzogchen because he is Dzogchen. Werwolf is a Human – Humanoid. The Source from the Source who is the Creator arisen from the Creator’s Creation. Life out of Life. Through the death of the body which (body) is not. That is why Werwolf and that is why the Werwolf Rune. That you are no longer, that all of you are no longer. Because there is no Life outside of Life, disconnected from the Source. There is no consciousness without Consciousness. Werwolf operates through death because he has passed and survived death. Then you are worthy and existing, when you pass death. In the moment of entering into Dzogchen. The moment is Now. How long does Now last? As long as Dzogchen lasts.

The Symbol of Death which is the Body of the One who brings and gives Himself – Life for that body. The two machines are two scythes. At a single moment, the entire machine represents the Swastika and the Swastika’s arm, but the Swastika which is S – Stroilli. The rotation of the scythe which is the Swastika, the rotation of the machines, upper and lower, sucks in and transforms into Black to be Black. Black pure and pure Black. Mat Black. Crystal Black. Clear Black. Combat System in Rotation. Ati OMANU – Ati Dzogchen – OMANU Ati Aikido. Death as a skeleton that holds the scythe and speaks, is heard inside the Black space. Echoes through the space. The skeleton because the bone is the core, the essence of physical. The transformation is to the bone, and even deeper. The compression of Sound and Light is the Rune which is Sound and Light. The Rune is the reflection of the blade and its sound that tears, opens, penetrates and breaks through the body and into the body. The Procedure is brutal because the Truth is brutal. The Truth is when you are „naked“ before the Truth and when you see what is the body and who, what is inside the body, „lives“ in the body, works through the body. When you see that you do not exist, but you are „here“.

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The Werwolf Rune | The Beginning | Activation of the Vacuum engine

Project Phi spiral

1 in all directions.

16 Pyramids in rotation is Order of the Black Sun which is the trigonometric Law and Principle of Architecture of the Center. The Base of the Base has always been and is the Body Hagal. That’s the starting (Zero) Point.
Tops of the Pyramids are mutually interconnected in the Center. 16 Pyramids in two colors (8 + 8) – black and blue. Crystal Body – Hagal – 1 in all directions which is 2, 2 in all directions which is 4 etc.

Central Body – Hagal – is the Pyramid – in all directions is the Pyramid, i.e. the top of the Pyramid goes from the center of Hagal into the top of every force line which strated from the Center. On that body – 1st Body – 16 Pyramids is being built which gradually increase according to the Phi spiral and thus make Order of 12 x 16.

16 Pyramids, i.e. 8 + 8 are mutually interconnected through the tops of the Pyramids and through the Center and are mutually interconnected as a whole – linear, circular and angular (octagon etc.). The difference in color is the male – female principle. First 8 + 8 which gives 16.
The tops of the Pyramids are connected according to the same principle.

Phi spiral – The Beginning – Perpetuum mobile
It’s a machine. Rotation. Such, as a Perpetuum because the Perpetuum is a Perpetuum. Compression and decompression spreads and collects according to the Phi spiral. Expansion in all directions.

Werkraft Power Institution

16 arms from Hagal which is the emerald light (Crystal) – Rune IS.

The emerald light which is the Rune IS through the light forms the Hagal and shines 16 arms which, through rotation, create the Swastika in formation 4 x 4 from the Crystal Body which is the Rune IS.

The Werwolf Rune
13 tops start from the Center into the procedure of emergence which is, at the same time, the activation of the Vacuum engine through just as much depictions from each top which is the Center. The Creator creates 12 Black Bodies from Himself – 1 + 12 – Order of the Black Sun.
Proportionally through Phi enters and exits into the Center and from the Center. S becomes inverse because the Center pulls in and bends the space. Runes exit spirally as 1 who creates 12.
The Creator exits from the center of the Center through the rotation of the spiral which is the creation 1 into 12 from whom 12 are created proportionally and inverse, to and from the Beginning, i.e. the very Center.
S rotates according to IS which is Hagal and creates the All-space. That’s 1 into 3 into 1 and again. 12 tops from the Center of the Center. S exits from the Phi spiral, i.e. from the Beginning which is Phi – the beginning of the Beginning – the First Body.

The Creator – First Body – is 13 and 1 from whom 12 are created who are 1 and 13 simultaneously – 1 +12.

Vacuum engine – Werwolf Rune
The wheel contains 12 propellers which are 12 Sieg Runes which are 12 Black Bodies. From the wheel, 12 wheels are being created and each of which also contains 12 propellers (Sieg Runes) that go into depth and out and each of those wheels is rotating in all directions, but all is 1 Body and all of that is 1 + 12 who are Order of the Black Sun.

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Technology of the vacuum sound | The vacuum engine | Werwolf Rune
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Bernhard Stroilli – Simbol Smrti     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Gateway into the eternal Black.
Vrijeme Prostora i Prostor Vremena.
The eternal Black Sun.
Sam Centar Crnog Sunca.

Stroilli (Simbol Smrti – Kosa) – Razor Vremena
Oba Simbola, obje Mašine rade isti Rad. Vrtnja Sile Vakuuma. Spiralna Turbina koja svojim oblikom ide u sužavanje po Phi spirali je rotacija naboja Energije Svemire u tim cjevastiim oblicima koja omogućuje i radi rotaciju Mašine.

The Law of the Body – The Law of the Universe – The Law of One

The Mediator speaks vertically, spatially, instantly, directly and efficiently through his body and every object which is the body and in the body. The Mediator, vertically spherically, breaks through the dimension of the body and enters the body and establishes the Law in the body which is the Law of the Body – the Law of the Universe – the Law of One.

Work – Order

Werwolf Eyes

Werwolf works. Werwolf penetrates to the body and in the body, devours the body – vertically spherically. S is a Force that descends and activates the eyes which are the WORKing perception of multidimensional vision and sight. Vision sees the essence – who and what are you? Sight penetrates and enters into the body. Werwolf is watching you. Werwolf sees you. The exit is in the Heart through the Heart – vertically spherically. Werwolf establishes order because Werwolf is Order. The Law. There is no order because it’s not Werwolf. Werwolf makes, creates – order. The eyes enter, penetrate into the essence. Who is entering?

From fear to fear. The category of horror you’ve produced is your own, Werwolf that is not. Werwolf enters the body in order to open the Heart.
You’re not asking yourselves what is inside the body so tight and clogged, so bestial that the Force of the Universe has to embody itself to break through and remove the dimension for the sole purpose, and the only one correct, which is the Heart. It’s well known who is opening and who (what) closes the Heart – body.

Vertically spherically is with the Heart and from the Heart.

The compression of speech of/and words – Runic Kabala – The definition

Croatian word for Space, the Universe is Svemir.
Svemir is SVE – MIR.
SVE (ALL) because it's Space – 1 who is ALL (SVE) – Svemir. Mir (Peace) is unison, i.e. harmony which is Phi. Such and only as such. And that's why Mir (Peace) is MYR. Kurukshetra was MYR for MYR (the war for the Field). Peace at home is Peace in the Universe. The Universe is a House – Order – MYR. Even when it's „chaos“, ruination, destruction, it's only because the Universe is a continuous transformation into New. Even when it's war it's Peace because it's in harmony. It's never anarchy and it is never outside of the Center. SVE (ALL) always begins from the Center of the SVE (ALL) – MIRa (PEACE).

Equally, not the same but out of/from the same Center is the depiction of the english word UNIVERSE.

UNI is One, unique, Universal (for all). VERSE is a verse or song, but in VERSE is a Sphere as well.

VERSE – SVERE (V is also F – pronunciation). UNISVERE.

1 verse, 1 song, 1 harmony, not mono but One.

RAD (croatian word for work) is Dar (croatian word for gift). The Mediator WORKS. WORK–s. RAD (WORK) is not digging and plowing. Work is RAD, Universal and all-inclusive which means that it includes the before mentioned as well and everything what the Universe is, and that's RAD.

Transmutation and transgenesis

Transformation of the body through the change and alteration of aggregate states in the body.

Transformation of the gene and genetics through their extreme rotation in the body which result with extreme changes of aggregate state in the body.

The level of change and alteration of aggregate states defines the degree of genetic transformation. The gene is minted. With Vril. Vril fries and cools and brings back into the original state – the state of the Universe. Ice fries and fire freezes because Vril, which is the Rune and Runes are Vril, is the one that is the compression of all aggregate states and their forms.

All is simultaneous. Transmutation and transgenesis. Fire and ice. Ice that fries and fire that cools, i.e. freezes. The process is Runic, out of Runes, performed with Runes and the Runes perform the process in order to be the Rune.

Fire and ice. Ice is water as well. Fire and water and ice, with the passing of Vril through them, becomes plasma which is the Crystal – liquid and solid simultaneously. That’s plasma. Runic plasma. Crystal.

Eye of Horus

Ice breaks through the body. The ice melts into ice water – Zero Point, which, as the Universe itself, moves in rotation through the body and creates the Vril body that, from the Heart, breaks into the body. In the eyes is the compression, concentration of the Universe – Zero Point – Vril. In the awakened body, i.e. when the center, which is the Heart – Swastika, is activated, the entire body goes through sudden and absolute temperature changes that are essential in the preparation of the body to extreme conditions of Space (Zero Point Field) – the body is being prepared for the travel through space and time, i.e. to pass through the Black hole which is space and time.

Vril passes and exits through the eyes – Vril Propulsion System.

The upraise of Atlantis | Irminsul

OMANU Body | OMANU Machine

Symbol AH–BS

The Symbol AH–BS represents the rise of Atlantis.

OMANU Body. OMANU Machine.

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Metaphysics into Physics | The descent of the dimension of Atlantis

OMANU Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon

Bernhard Stroilli Institute | Werwolf Eyes

Stroilli builds the Black Body through the rotation of the Swastika into Hagal into the Black Body – Werwolf Eyes. Stroilli Propaganda is the background of the center which is the Center itself and that’s the Swastika Werwolf which is Stroilli in the Heart – Werwolf Swastika. Stroilli establishes the dimension – Reich (Atlantis) is descending, and establishes the constructing foundation which is a pillar which is Irminsul from which the Black Body originates and speaks the Sound that exits through the Werwolf Eyes. Sound is also Light – colors. The Black Body enters the Stav (Stance) which is Sieg. Stav is OMANU because the Body is the OMANU Werkraft Metamilitary Weapon. The motion repeats itself, again and again. The Sound doesn’t cease. The Rotation doesn’t cease. The Rotation is Stav. The hand motion into Sieg hammers and establishes Atlantis which is OMANU. The Eyes are the Body and the Body is the Eyes. The Force of Concentration from the Center who is Stroilli through Hagal which is the Black Body into the Octagon which is rotating from the Center from which the Force of Vril exits which passes through Irminsul which is of white color originated from black with purple-blue shadows (Vril purple and thunder blue/electric blue which is in fact a black color with a light effect of the mentioned blue color).

Metaphysics into Physics is also black into white. The polarization of the Black and White Body. From black into white into black into white… Irminsul (White) originated from Black and from which exits, i.e. is created Black – Body. And all is One. The Law of colors – the Law of the Swastika – the Law of Sound. All other colors are created from black and white with the combination of their mutual relation, but the relation which is not a combination of percentage of the two colors, yet the relation as a rotation ratio. And that’s metaphysical into physical.

Order of the Black Sun

MYR and RED (order) are the same, i.e. there is no one without the other because they are One. Meta and Physics which is RAD (work) which is RED (order) and MYR – One. The Heart which is the Swastika in the Heart which is the Heart and launches the other Body into Rotation which is the Swastika Heart and all new/other Bodies that ignite the Rotation and the Rotation rotates the Swastika and ignites the Body which ignites the Rotation. That’s RAD (work) and RED (order) and MYR because the Rotation is being rotated by the work of the Body which is the Black Sun which represents and is the Black Sun. The Beginning and the End. Before (thr Beginning) and after (the End). Swastika within the Swastika and Swastika from the Swastika and Swastika through the Swastika is Order of the Black Sun which is the Essence itself and the depiction of the essence, the purpose of Work and the Rune RAD itself which, with its existence, conducts RAD which is RED and MYR – Runic Gym Swastika.

In „order“ is also „red“ (Croatian word for order). OR–DER. „Der“ mirrored is Red. Either into Black or into the Black hole. Either you become Black or you disappear into Black through Black, which is purple as well, because the purpose is life which is Vril, and emerald green because the Runic Gym is a polygon and the battle is for the body. Black, green, purple, white. Runic Black in the Runic White through the rotation of purple which is the Rotation of the Vril Vortex. This is Metaphysics that transits, becomes Physics and physical because it creates the emerald green which is the Body. Physical and multidimensional. Mono. One. The Black Sun.

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The Zero Point

Stroilli is the end of time. The end and the beginning and the beginning and the end. New – old, but original. The metaphysical into thr physical is the beginning of the end of time, time as a linear orientation and understanding of Space (Body) in Space (Universe). The beginning, or better said the return into the Moment Now which is the new and the old and the beginning and the end – One. All always and always all. In such a way, and only in such a way, does the OMANU work. All for all because of all is the reason which is the existence.

All (the Universe) for All (the Universe) because of All (the Universe).

Because of all means because of all. Nullification – annihilation through the compression of all which is in the Heart and exits from the Heart. The Universe is the ZERO Point. Kurukshetra is the Zero Point.

The Black Body – The Body of the Mediator

The Black Body. The Symbol is the Mediator. Space. Object. H is the Body. WW is Werwolf. Black space. Black hole. The Symbol is the Black Omnipresence. Because that’s the Werwolf Training. The Symbol is the Physical Body of the Mediator and the display of the Body which builds the Werwolf. One Body enters into all bodies and builds all bodies, holds all bodies. There is only One who is the Black one. One is the Black Field. The Black Space which is the Body. The Living Universe. The Absolute Force.

Black color with dark green light – display of construction – from H into WW. Shadow. Black. The Black Sun builds the Black Body.


Science of the letter H

The symbol transits into the body, object, machine because it arose from the body into the other body and it remained written in the body which is the Swastika, i.e. that symbol.

The symbol is a machine. H is a driving force, but a force according to the standard of the Universe because only such a force rotates the rotation and works the work of the entire Universe. Before all, H is the body – Thoth. And that’s why Science of the letter H = Science about the body. H, correctly spoken, transits into a rhomb with its frequency. Rhomb is a Sphere, Pyramid, Beginning (starting Point) – passage – All-space – Vrndavana.
The passage is the center of the center of the Center of the Vril Phaser Pyramid and all the other Technology and all that it is, in any form.

The Werwolf Swastika Technology | Runic Kabala | Bioelectronics | Biocomputer

The Heart of the Werwolf is always open. Werwolf Swastika, through speech and motion, enters into the other body and activates, wakens the impulse of life which is the Swastika. The impulse is the Feeling. The Feeling is given to you by Werwolf himself – Werwolf Swastika. Kabala, through the Crystal, performs the activation an physical manifestation.

CRYSTAL – KABALA – COMPRESSION. KABALA – Bioelectronics, Biocomputer, compression – Futhork binary codes (code within a code within a code …). The Crystal compresses the Essence through Kabala. A single word is enough.

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Werwolf Primordial Intelligence | The Swastika System | System of the Universe

All is written. All is said.

Werwolf Primordial Intelligence is Silence which is Sound which passes and penetrates through the density and hardness of holograms, carrying and transferring the Information which, with its entrance and existence in the other body, becomes surrealism of the Source which speaks, expresses Himself through the existence of the Living Swastika in the other body.

The Swastika System, the System of the Universe is Werwolf Primordial Intelligence which is the Werkraft Power Institution.

Each new Sound is new Information. The Information is inside the Body. The Information is Sound. The Body speaks the Information with the Sound which is the speech of the Living Swastika inside the Body and through the Body.

Werwolf Primordial Intellignece is Intelligence which is the Sound of the Zero Point Field. You hear and do not hear the Sound, you see it and do not see it. Werwolf is the Feeiling. The Essence.

Werwolf Primordial Intelligence | System of self-perfecting

System of self-perfection continuously circulates in the Phase shift of the Zero Point Field. The System perfects itself through the Procedure of Rotation in the Swastika. The Swastika within the Swastika is the Law on planet Earth. The System maintains itself through the Center which is the Swastika. Werwolf Primordial Intelligence is Intelligence which counducts and maintains Itself  through and from Itself. Werwolf Primordial Intelligence is Speech which is the Runic Kabala – primarily it’s Sound. Speech is the Sound which is the Rune. Runes conduct the Law through the Rotational mechanism which breaks through and opens up and does not allow interruption of the energy flow, which is the rotation mechanism, and circulation itself, i.e. Flowability. The System is within the System and, as such, it works for and through Itself.

System within the System = Body within the Body = Body Swastika within the Body.

The Swastika System conducts the System of the Universe which passes through the Body. The Body is the System because the System is inside the Body – that’s the Law.


Ragnarok – the end of Kali Yuga – the beginning of Quantum

Werwolf Logo – Mask of the Wolf | Metamilitary Werwolf Symbol


When doors of the Black Sun are opened, Ragnarok appears. The Crystal of the Black Sun takes the form of a Wolf. That Wolf devours the old world and opens the door of Atlantis which is descending to Earth. The Wolf descends on the Pyramid which is a symbolic remainder of the former Atlantis as well as all the descendants who have forgotten who they are. The Pyramid is a dysfunctional body such as the human bodies. Wolf, or rather Werwolf, is the only one that can devour the karma which is being created for thousands of years, he is the one who erases all between two Atlantis. Only Werwolf, Man – Wolf, created from Atlantis brings the New Age of the Crystal.

Werwolf Logo – Mask of the Wolf. It is a depiction of the Archetype. With the inner eye you see what is under the skin. The Mask shows reality hidden from the third dimension’s eye. The One who comes from Darkness. The shape of the Wolf’s head is a connection of two tesseracts. The center of the face passes precisely through the center of the double tesseract. This symbolically shows that one half is in one world, while the other is in another. He is centered on the border of two worlds. The neck is only symbolically shown, shackles around the neck – guardian of the passage. The Guardian of Doors to Amentha.

Two tesseracts, one beside the other. One is shown in the left side while the other shows the dimension in the right side. When you look at it from the front, it’s a depiction of entrance and exit, two portals. The Pyramids and buildings in Egypt were built on this principle. Without knowledge of the tesseract, the building has no statics. The four-sided Pyramid is risen from the base of the tesseract.



In creation and destruction Werwolf is Alone. Through birth and immortality he is always Alone. Only because he is the One that creates Himself and the Other Self.

OMMIISSWW website presents Knowledge arisen from the Black Field, the Law of One, Method One. Werwolf is the final product. All steps are in order to become Werwolf.

Werwolf Woman = 6 6 6 = The Birth

Werwolf Woman separates the atomic from Monoatomic. Legend about the Body One created from One Body through the display of two Black Bodies is the nucleus created from it very self. The first and last in line is always One.

Three sixes are three nines as well. The male-female principle creates the male and the female principle. Rotation of two Black Bodies gives the Zero Point. The Woman's breakthrough into Black is the result of the Body of Atlantis and nothing else.

About physics and biology through the history of Knowledge in the Knowledge of the Body about the Body.

Werwolf Woman doesn't give birth, she creates and produces the Body with the Werwolf's Black Body in herself. There are no women in labor in Egypt.

WWW = 666
Wer is the first, primary, original, genuine.
The original, genuine man is a Wolf – WerWolf.

6–6–6 is the astrological alignment of planets.

Birth of the Unborn

When every hope is gone and that last trace stops, it's time for Werwolf Training.
When every desire falls silent and with it all will breaths out, it's time for Werwolf Training.
When there is no hope or salvation, when I am not mentioned or wanted, it's time for Werwolf Training.

There is no chosen ones, all are executed.
There is no refugees or foreigners.
Only Black writes Black. Only the Black One speaks correctly.
Only the First and the Last One gives birth to the Unborn and lets the Truth be at Will.

My Stars speak War.
My traces have been obliterated.
I am eternal Time and Time without time.
Horror of this time.
The Body Technology.
Pure Black Runic Astrology.

Black Field Condo-Commander

Beyond the Training is the Training.
Training is when you are trained (specialized) into something.
Beyond the Training is the state of mind.
With the Training that mind is under control.
Beyond the Training is the One who controls the minds.

The selection of Consciousness

Training the capable for the Training

(for receiving the Body)

Training the Body for the Ability

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The Break of Tomorrow | The Wizard of Wit – The true story about Werwolf | About religion

Religion – Science – Technology – Body     www.atidzogchen.com/atidzogchen

The Original being

Werwolf exists.

Werwolf is the original Body. The original state of the planet. The Universe. The Original being. Humanoid.

Speak about the Body. There is no Knowledge about the Body.

The Body of the One passes, enters into all bodies. That is the Law. That is the System. And that is the Mediator. This is the way Atlantis is created which is not just Atlantis. The Mediator is the Body beyond origination and origin. The Mediator is the Body that builds ALL – the civilization, the planet, the Universe. He's the Runic Body. That's the Mediator. The Runic Master. The Mediator must be conducted through all because the Mediator is all. That's the Absolute. That's the New dimension. That's Atlantis, or whatever she is called.

This is not the law of totalitarianism and dictatorship, but it is the Total Law. Totally New. Total Body. Totally One. All. One. With the creation of the Body Mediator, all is being created in the Moment Now. Because that is One.

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer - OHBB

The Runic Body – OMANU Human Body Biocomputer

OMANU Human Body Biocomputer (OHBB) – Runic Body, constructed and trained with special procedures by the Mediator for functioning in and from the Zero Point Field.

OHBB – self-regulating and self-correcting machine which instantly comes to the solution of every situation.

Werwolf – the Primordial Science from the Black field

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Metamilitaristički (Borbeni) Sistem Crne Linije

Ključni sistem fizičke i metafizičke zaštite je Znanje OMANU Tehnologije (Ljudskog Tijela)

Segmente ovog Znanja (Werwolf – OMMIISSWW) posljednji put na planetu Zemlju donio je Crni Lama na čelu izaslanstva s druge humanoidne planete koje se spustilo na Tibet (Instruktori s Algola). Instruktori s Algola donijeli su znanstveni postupak koji je materijaliziran. Donešeno Znanje je maksimalno iskorišteno i oblikovano u postojećim uvjetima. Čovjek mora bit prilagođen inače ništa od ničega. To je nužnost koja se zove kvantni skok u Svijesti.        

Izaslanstvo koje se spustilo na Tibet je doslovno obrađivalo ljude. To je bio postupak od nekoliko dana do mjesec – dva. Demonstrirali su Snagu Tijela kada je aktivno – Probuđeno Srce i Treće oko. Demonstracija je bila Instalacija. To je bila demonstracija Snage (Vril Power Demonstration). Ne samo da se otklanjala svaka sumnja u teoriju nego je u ljude doslovno ugrađena Runska mreža kojom oni jasno vide. Prije demonstracije ljudi su gledali kako iz Tijela Instruktora izlazi Runa (Vril) kao laser i ciljano se usmjerava. Runska mreža je živjela kroz Srce. Onesposobljavala je svaku eventualnu zlu namjeru i tako štitila teritorij. Ljudi su se ježili i to je najčešće već bio dovoljno ometajući faktor. Ovo je doslovno 'drugi svijet'. To je Srce Runskog Sistema.

Asimilacija i primjena Runskog Sistema otklanja svaku sumnju u sve izrečeno. U osobu se doslovno ugrađuje Runska mreža koja omogućuje da jasno vidi i primjenjuje i da je svjesna da je to Sve. Polje Nulte točke pokreće proces trenutnog djelovanja kroz novu – Runsku neuroenergetsku mrežu izgrađenu u čovjeku (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer). Procesi Bioelektronike Tijela se uključuju refleksijom Polja Nulte točke na situaciju ili osobu.

Werwolf razvija sposobnosti i snagu tijela u kratkom vremenu kroz aktivaciju Srca i Trećeg oka. To je doslovno Instalacija Transmisijom Sistema u tijelo. Werwolf radi direktno iz Nulte točke (Tehnološka Sposobnost Crnog Tijela). Werwolf Obuka je Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology. Medijator je Suština, Baza, Izvor, Onaj koji prenosi Sistem.

Ekstremno efikasna Tehnologija OMMIISSWW (Snaga Polja Nulte točke) zahtijeva pojedince/ke s urođenim predispozicijama koji mogu prihvatiti da je ovo moguće. Samo oni otvorenog i pročišćenog Srca mogu dobiti uvid u ovo Znanje i imati Moć nad Sobom. Tako se kuje Runski štit. Znanje štiti fizički. Najsvjesniji opstaju. Werwolf izgrađuje Novog čovjeka. Zakon Jednog štiti od devijacije i zloupotrebe.

Segmenti OMMIISSWW Obuke provodili su se kao tajna elitna obuka specijalnih jedinica nekoliko puta u povijesti. Nikada do Sada nije bila spuštena ova razina  Polja Nulte točke i Sistema.

Medijator Method One na ovaj način zna i može provoditi Werwolf Obuku pod uvjetom da su ispunjena apsolutno sva njegova potraživanja.

Instructors from Algol – the Black Order

Instructors from Algol – Black Order – Intergalactic Humanoid intervention for biological purification (genetic reconstruction) of semi–humanoid – authorized for action on Earth. Team of specially trained and genetically modified humanoids for exclusive purpose – to fight against reptiles (hybrid reptoids) and conduct the Scientific Procedure Method One.

There was a total of 24 who came – 12 male and 12 female Masters. The teleportation system is either 12 or 12 +12. Each of them arrived to Earth with 6 additional Energy bodies. It is a total of 168 beings. From Algol they have responded to Black Tibet and they answered concretely to the call for help. Black Tibet is a multidimensional portal.

They brought 2 of the most important technologies – the bio - mechanical OMANU Technology and the bio - metaphysical OMANU Tehnology for the procedure of transformation of the physical body, i.e. construction of the Energy body (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – OHBB). They have the knowledge of shapeshifting, i.e. ability to change the physical body. This is possible only with the Technology/Knowledge of constructing the New Energy body. Technology for constructing the Energy body is the most powerful technology in the Universe – Technology of Atlantis.

Black Order are Black Lamas. Black Lama – the axle of Phi fluctuation. Black Order are the embodied Knowledge and the embodied symbols – Runes.

Black Lamas – Masters of Dzogchen. Black Lamas are Lamas that even Tibet doesn’t know. There is nothing higher than the Black Lamas. There are 2 types of Black Lamas. The first type is like the Mediator Method One who is embodied in the being which is born. The second type are those from Algol. The shapeshifter forms into a Humanoid. The formed being, on a special polygon, has all the conditions for adaptation and training for action in all situations and climate conditions . They are the OMANU Human Body Biocomputer – OHBB. They must look like humans.

The way of action of the Black Order is extremely efficient problem resolving. This means – for the existing problem there is always instant action of problem resolvement. From that reason only a small number of people can withstand their rigorous rules. The basic rule of action is that there is no rules and there is no discussion. This includes everything that implies the Runic Metamilitary System – military rules. Everything is created so powerfully that the manifestation is instant.

The charasteristics of the Black Lamas are: honor, devotion, loyalty – the highest qualities which today’s human does not possess. The degree of such quality is the result of genetic modification and Method One Training.

Apart from the metamilitary technology, the Black Order has also brought the bioelectronic and mechanical technology for usage in everyday life and high standard.

The disease on planet Earth is a lifestyle. To this day, it has evidently let go deep roots, it reproduces and multiplicates progressively, 24x7. Because of the present way of thinking, the future of the planet is questionable, i.e. the destruction of the entire planet with thoughts is threatening.

The Black Order or Black Lamas have appeared periodically through history. The scientific interpretation of historically distant appearances of identical groups, in a different time but with the same goal, we did not receive to this day. What is actually the real truth and what does it mean when they say: “We always come back until we solve the problem”?

Eight Bright, four Black, brought a handfull of grains. A new seed to sow on Earth where the rotten germinate.

This is again a game of recognition because One Black Lama came back. 12 Black Lamas are enough do start the global change.

Black is the symbol of purity.


OMMIISSWW is OMANU Metamilitary (warfare) Technology. Only the OMANU Body which is the most powerful and the most sophisticated weapon (always and forever) and solely the development of the body as a development of technology, even as warfare technology, is something that will never become obsolete nor be overridden. Only the OMANU Body can transfer OMANU. Authenticity of OMMIISSWW Training is in that it is transferred by the Mediator Method One who is OMANU. Only the CRYSTAL can install the CRYSTAL. Only the One who is indestructible as the BLACK BODY can build the other body that will be indestructible. The speed of the Training depends on the speed, that is, readiness for collapsing the enegy-informational barrier that every individual has installed in the body and mind. Qualificational procedure refers to the moment of accepting the Swastika and the recognition of the Mediator. Leading to that moment, it is no longer questionable will the procedure of constructing the OMANU Body succeed, but when will it succeed. Allowing the collapse of the energy-informational barrier, time when is the MOMENT NOW.

The Law of One Security System Werwolf

This is a process without end. Professional approach to multidimensional, and simultaneously, to mental, physical and energy state of the mind. Training so profound and thorough, it carries the Metamilitary Werwolf Symbol. Werwolf – completely (100%) opens the brain and transcends every situation without speculation, resolving it by doing so. Furthermore, the legend of Werwolf says – every man, woman and child are capable in living the Law of Werwolf. Approaching the Werwolf Initiation means that all paths that constitute personal life need to be liberated. Your personal will is destruction for the Werwolf System. When you wish, Werwolf is capable in assimilating the Werwolf‘s nature into your system. However, Werwolf always stays outside all 3D aspects, wishes and needs. Werwolf enters when you forget about Werwolf, with the goal to open the true Werwolf Heart. When you carry the Werwolf Symbol in the Heart, then you are One. Werwolf Training unifies all collections of Knowledge in the Universe. Through Training, Werwolf downloads the Werwolf tasks for each participant. The Werwolf task, at that moment, takes over the control and initiates superhuman abilities of movement, thinking, feeling and living. Combat art of Werwolf is living the full potential of the original human race. The discipline that Werwolf integrates and embodies is a pure genetic cipher that can be found today in unnoticeable percentage of individuals.

Werwolf Training

Werwolf – highest level of Training. Completely Open and purified Heart. Werwolf is the complete Training during which the body becomes OMANU - Vril Technology (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer).

Absolutely conducting the Mediator (the System, Field). Werwolf does not use the Mediator’s resources any more, but he/she consciously accepts the Mediator’s control – leadership. Up until Werwolf, the Mediator uses his own resources to construct the other body and uses force so the body would accept control of the Law.

Training implies elimination of the old energy body and acceptance of Werwolf into yourself. Penetrating to the Heart and strengthening the Heart’s capacity is a precondition for this training. Only Werwolf can transfer Werwolf. The transfer is direct, instantaneous and without prior trainings. Either you are or you are not.

Everything is about the Heart so you would recognize it, recognize yourself and surrender to the Wolf to consume you. Mental and physical brutal training for resolute individuals that want out of the Matrix. That is the only reason for Werwolf and unquestioning conduction of the Law of One.

Werwolf Procedure

Werwolf is Consciousness by definition. He controls Consciousness and that means he transfers and integrates it. His body is the DNA structure of a pure humanoid. In Werwolf Training, abilities cannot be applied up until the moment of complete genetic purification. The procedure of genetic purification is One, one moment. There is no linear path or time necessary to pass through the genetic transformation. There is preparation for the person to accept and survive the Procedure. Preparation entails a shorter or longer stay with the Mediator who is Werwolf. Capacity of the Heart is strengthened during this time, nothing more. That is not the time when abilities applicable in 3D are acquired. Manifestation of abilities, physical endurance and other are exclusively in the moment when the Mediator decides. Werwolf transfers and integrates the Law of One. That’s the reason.

The body/bodies that are inside the space are prepared for impacts of the Zero Pont Field. The bodies that are inside the space function as Human Biocomputers. The Training is 24-hour concentration. The Training is multidimensional and beyond-dimensional presence of the Physical and Energy body. Training of the completely Open Heart into the completely Open Heart. Werwolf enters the body and opens the Heart. Werwolf is Training of the highest level because only the completely open Heart can conduct Werwolf.

Werwolf Initiation

Werwolf – bloodthirst or the Power of Consciousness? Wolves are the first and last. The big bang is not destruction, but the beginning of creation. Involution is at the end. The lifeless meat of humanoids today does not have the strength for either one. Werwolf Initiation – just a myth or a necessity. Only the Wolf’s Strength will liberate you from yourself. Strength + Consciousness. The totality of feeling, the biggest rage, the greatest gentleness. Who is capable in absorbing the garbage that has been created? Who is capable in conducting the entire Universe through himself? The ordinary person is not. What idea has been created around the term Avatar? Does the Avatar have to be capable in doing all of this? A myth, and maybe knowledge speaks that the Wolf is the one that destroys all the worlds. Yes, one Wolf. A Human Wolf is coming to save the world. Werwolf is here to train the Avatar. An army of aware individuals is being built for the first time in history, an army whose goal is not slaughter, but opening Hearts. It is superior in every sense. Hierarchy based on Consciousness is established. Survival of the most aware. That is the only true theory of evolution. Everything else, mutations and survival does not fall into this category or this Solar system.

The Mediator Method One is conducting the Werwolf Training for rare individuals that have a seed of Heart within them. This is a total path, not a façade. Werwolf training does not include only abilities of wolves, but dolphins, whales, eagles, … It is unnecessary to identify with known animal species because a true Werwolf has created the original animal world. Parapsychological abilities, open communication with animals, especially understanding Wolves, Dolphins and Whales is a natural consequence of the training.

The Training is into Consciousness. The Training is opening and purifying the Heart. Everything that comes after is just a flow. This is the only and highest level. Only the ones interested in this way are invited. Being blinded with possibilities and what to do after this training is the reason why we will not describe in detail what it means to be Werwolf. The procedure of bringing a person into Consciousness, into a state of complete composure, calmness, cleverness, commitment, completely open senses, developed feelings for other beings (whatever that being is), ability to allow the most correct reaction in a moment, maximum efficiency, psychophysical function, complete awareness of self, … This is all necessary to achieve the level of Consciousness where learning and acceptance of abilities begins. The ones mentioned above are only the foundation. Telepathy, tele-m-pathy, shapeshifting ability, understanding the reason and necessity for shapeshifting are only some of the abilities. The low state of consciousness is the reason why the process cannot be described further. Werwolf is a multidimensional being that understands and participates in resolving inter-dimensional conflicts.

Many facts are not mentioned in describing the Werwolf Training so the brain wouldn’t go mental. With the Werwolf Training you become a multidimensional warrior. Consequences of war, defeat and victory are visible in battles. The Mediator is mentioned as a key person in planning, strategy and implementation. In previous descriptions it is not mentioned that the thing in question is a 3D war. Abilities like multiplication, viewing are applied in Multidimensionality. When someone is trained and initiated into Werwolf, for him, the 3D level is also Multidimensionality. Psychotronic defense is mentioned. Who and what is the defense for? Is the goal only survival or something more?

Navigation of the mind and body is an unmentioned term that describes what Werwolf fundamentally is. This ability is received, or better said, developed only by the one that has achieved absolute control over self, firmness, power of concentrating 100%, maintaining focus on one mission while doing something in parallel. There can be as many focuses as there are Energy bodies. Only a 100% pure Werwolf has a 100% unlocked brain. Only a 100% unlocked brain enables the control over all Energy bodies and has complete control over physical bodies.

Application of the brain is gravity of the body and mind.

Runic System and Dzogchen for war conditions

In the Runic System there is training on a 3D unconventional way for physical, metaphysical, psychotronic protection of those trained in High Consciousness. The person that possesses Dzogchen or Werwolf is a multidimensional being that has superconscious abilities. Several individuals in history were Masters of Dzogchen and Werwolf. They simply passed into the other dimension, and they exist there.

One manifestation of a specially trained individual is shapeshifting.

Mentioned abilities manifest in 3D in case of emergence and for the higher cause. In conditions of war, upon need, the absolute power of the Werwolf System is manifested. Law of One protects from misuse.

The Runic Field shreds the 3D matrix. That is why this story is Sci-Fi, which is truth.

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Quantum jump

Being that you are giving away your most valuable substance – Monoatomic gold, here you will pay for becoming aware that it is so. You are giving propulsion raw material to the predator so he would keep you in prison undisturbedly. The Mediator is not talking about an epiphany, but bringing mankind into awareness that they can awaken abilities that are alike to gods and characters from legends. Monoatomic gold constructs the body, which is the perfect crystal structure biomechanism. That is how a person is changed. That is how the world is changed. That is how everything changes. That is how injustice done to every being is destroyed. That is how the search of a UFO researcher ends. When this level is touched, the person possesses OMANU Technology Knowledge.

Delta Force doesn’t have these abilities. They have not achieved them despite all material conditions, knowledge and technology. There are documented facts that date to 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century. Those documents are in possession of USA’s military top, and fragments can be found on the Internet. This knowledge, knowledge about Superconscious abilities has been erased with a strong process of history reinstallation precisely because of the stated reasons. Reinstallation and history censorship is only a small segment of the real truth. Truth encompasses also the injection of a hologram – a new cypher of something, something that has not happened and it turns out that it did, and vice versa. The average brain cannot handle this information. It breaks down. The head breaks from this. The nervous system overloads because of the possibility of perceiving absolute manipulation of mankind. In that way mankind is programmed to only think about their little life – so a short circuit doesn’t happen, so they don’t burn out. This is the level of humans.

This text is indispensable because it is the sublimation of all previously mentioned and because the human being for this level of perception has to be deeply and strongly interested in order to understand how much is 1 + 1. This text and informations once more direct on the necessity of avoiding partialisation of knowledge, i.e., the way of fragmenting everything. That is inherent in the human functioning. When the frequency of the heart and brain become homogenous, that moment is a breakthrough of collective consciousness into a high level of functioning. That is a collective quantum leap.


The Human being is born as Werwolf. He is born as Everything. Werwolf is the natural ability of shapeshifting. Adapting to every moment and every situation. Werwolf implies having archetypal strength of Wolves, Dolphins, Whales, Eagles, Snakes, … Change of color and shape of the body. Once a wolf, always a wolf. Wolf changes fur, but not his nature. Bhagavad Gita speaks about this: the body can change, but the soul remains the same. Who will understand what the Over-soul wants? Everything or something little. What is a human being? Who forgot? From what are they hiding?


Werwolf – shapeshifter can withstand everything extreme because the Monoatomic gold substance powers him. Power supply through the Heart. That power supply is used for maintaining the inner structure. Werwolf is a Crystal being. Everything is made out of the same material – he only changes the aggregate state. That is why he can willingly transform because his System is One. His body is one processor. He is a One Biocomputer (OHBB) that constantly checks everything. He is in constant processing. He is in constant contact with Himself.

Werwolf Mind

The Werwolf Mind is vision and technology for opening the Third eye. Technology with which you see that a Werwolf is in front of you and that opens the visionary world. Who is Werwolf? What does he do? How does he look? A legend or a living thing? Mythology says that the werewolf must be killed and that can only be done if you stake him through the heart. Who wrote these myths and for whom? Why would someone kill the heart? Who is the predator in this myth? Werwolf’s Heart is Crystal Knowledge, Atlantis. How to protect the only living being from extinction? He is stronger than everyone, that is why he is target. Therefore, he protects himself best. Only another Heart by his side would give him security. Double Werwolf strength. This is not dramatic love from the myth or a soft story from our reality. Werwolf initially trains you to see him, then to feel him and in the end to love him with your Heart. Describing him makes no sense because it is unconceivable to the brain. Every time, he lives when someone recognizes Him. The legend is for everyone who has forgotten. Werwolf language is a will you do not have. Company and 24h escort. Omnipotence. Omnipresence. The mysterious. Black Field of Atlantis.


When Werwolf catches, he does not let go. He never started something he didn’t finish. Conducting his Will without compromise. He is pure. Conducts absolute Will. Coming from himself. Speaks from himself. His voice and eyes can conduct a deadly force. He always brings fresh ideas. When he appears somewhere, he establishes the System. He speaks and acts with body language and face expressions. He is extremely efficient in removing every blockage. He is capable in reacting correctly in every situation, withstanding the situation to its end. Werwolf never loses.

Werwolf is concentration. 24 hour concentration. Werwolf does not meditate and does not wait. He is concentrated 24 x 7 on missions. Without breaks. In a millisecond he receives information about the mission and in the next he begins to execute it. Precisely and without mistakes. Only Werwolf is capable in disclosing the deepest truth. The other side feels it. Werwolf acts from the deepest state of Consciousness, not from lack of options. That is his true and unconquerable strength.

Mobilnost Medijatora     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Mobilnost je Crno Tijelo. Crno Tijelo je najsposobnije tijelo jer je crno kao i Univerzum. Sposobno je obavljati veliki broj bioelektroničkih i parapsiholoških akcija u jednom trenutku. Ta mogućnost proizlazi iz toga što Crno Tijelo nema percepciju 3D vremena, odnosno ima ali ju ne koristi za djelovanje.

Crno Tijelo kao plazma multiplicira Samo Sebe i šalje se na zadatke. U zadatke Crnog Tijela spadaju očuvanje planete da ne dođe do potpune prevlasti reptoida. Crno Tijelo preuzima fizičko, postaje fizičko. Ne zaboravimo da je to moguće isključivo poznavanjem suštine dimenzijskih zakona.

Bitno je uvidjeti i osvijestiti postojanje, mogućnosti i sposobnosti Crnog Tijela kao i postojanje fizičke osobe koja živi i radi danas na ovoj planeti iz Sistema Crnog tijela, iz Inputa.

Criterion – Ability – Werwolf

The minimum and maximum criterion doesn’t exist in the Law of One System because the criterion is minimum and maximum simultaneously. The criterion of the System is that things are done properly, that’s the minimum, i.e. the minimum is to go absolutely in order to do things properly, in total. Minimum and maximum are One. And that’s the reason why Werwolf. To do things properly. Only Werwolf is capable to do things in total, in Absolute, because Werwolf Is Ability. Only Werwolf is the one who can fulfill the Mediator’s criterion – criterion of the One who is Werwolf and who builds Werwolf.

Ability = action

Ignition zip trigger

The Bioelectronic animal

Human body is/as OMANU - Vril - Bioelectronic Machine – Ignition zip trigger.

No detectable center. Your body is a weapon. It’s professional education – transformation.  Any part of the body can be the ignition trigger. The trigger called ZIP. ZIP can be anywhere in the body, and in some cases outside of the physical body. This constructs the Crystal Body with the crystal principle of movement. Rotation and orientation is greater than the speed of light. 100% accuracy in detection and target focusing.

Werwolf Wotan W.W.

WERWOLF IS DZOGCHEN. Werwolf operates through Dzogchen – a parallel reality which is the Truth. Valhalla is the space where Wotan rules, turning warriors into Warriors of the Heart. Into mythical beings – Werwolf.

The New Era – the Era of Werwolf. Werwolf breaks the 3D matrix

The most extreme sport today – Runic Combat System, Werwolf, Metafitness

Combat, a name given because of general incomprehension of Multidimensionality in the third dimension. The system of perfect motor skills which is the Swastika mechanism. Rotation of the Zero Point is the strongest force that operates without working, which is the exact reason why it conquers. It’s the force that rules. What ever you do it will always conquer.

Perception of the Runic Combat System (Werwolf) is without the opponent. There is only the Heart. When it’s closed, the System operates to induct it into the Field of the Open Heart. Runic Combat System (Werwolf, Metafitness) is the most extreme sport because of the strength of the Center. The Heart Center is extreme. It’s only the Zero Point Field that kills the Matrix field inside the body. Today’s presence of the most silent extreme – the non-reactive state has brought One Pure Body to Earth – Werwolf. It’s reaction to the state of everything and everyone. Werwolf is the Heart. The Heart is the extract of silence that is doing an evolutionary explosion from one moment to the next.


Transcondition – extreme psychophysical endurance conditioned with the Heart. This is THE STATE OF THE HEART. This term signifies DIRECT INTELLIGENCE. Endurance in overpowering the brain conditioned with something. Letting go.


(Terminology and technology in the OMMIISSWW Metamilitary Training) 

Menage – the ability of control.


(Terminology and technology in the OMMIISSWW Metamilitary Training) 

Microgaming – Mediator’s ability to emit micro gamma waves. That’s Consciousness. In that way he observes, and codes with observation. The Mediator generates, derives and transmits thousands of information. Without mistake, to each person what is intended for him/her. With emission of these waves the Mediator leads trained Scanners into the state of observation and establishing situations in a group of people. This scanner’s ability is called VITRAGE. The scanner is projected with the entire image to where every individual in the group has a part of the script that needs to be acted out.


(Terminology and technology in the OMMIISSWW Metamilitary Training)

Vitrage – you temporarily integrate yourself into the group, as if you were creating a mosaic for a specific use. You integrate parts of yourself into other people for specific situation (without leaving abilities).

Zip point

(Terminology and technology in the OMMIISSWW Metamilitary Training) 

Zip point – technology of communication, transfer and assimilation of compressed information.


(Terminology and technology in the OMMIISSWW Metamilitary Training) 

Viewing – strategic observing in the Zero Point Field/High resolution scanning  – action purpose estimate.

This applies to observing a situation – viewing through a group of people. The Mediator has the oversight of the complete situation. People observe only a segment of a certain event. The Mediator transfers the image of a complete insight and state. That elevates the level of Consciousness but again, every one of them has consciousness, attention from their position. This elevates the level of responsibility and security into steps of action. Action is done perfectly precise. Strategy, long term planning or tiresome training are not needed – everything is situational and instant.

The difference between Remote viewing and Viewing. Remote viewing observes from a distance and then the action is planned. This allows for something unplanned to happen. VIEWING IS NOW, adapted to the moment with absolutely all information. It does not allow the factor of surprise to happen.

What does Viewing mean?

Opservation of events through the overall (global) picture.
Know how things stand around in relation to the state of everything that exists.
Viewing is not just a bigger picture, but an apsolute picture.


(Terminology and technology in the OMMIISSWW Metamilitary Training)

Multiplicatione.g. you find yourself in a situation where you are attacked by several dozens of enemies, it is possible to apply the procedure of multiplying yourself. The physical level is implied.


Bodyshifting – highest technology of knowledge and ability transfer.


Supercondition – the ability of concentrating Vril at the highest level 24h. State of the Black Body.

OMANUshifting     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Svjesna promjena oblika zbog generiranja specijalnih sposobnosti potrebnih u određenoj situaciji.

Napomena: ovo nije opsjednutost, nije poremećaj višestrukih ličnosti ili bilo kakva anomalija poznata u ovom sistemu, a nije ni mašta.

OMANUshifting je namjerna, svjesna promjena ili bolje rečeno korištenje jednog od svojih Energetskih tijela (Energetskih tijela Polja Nulte točke, Crnih Tijela). Sva Tijela jesu Ti!

Za OMANUshifting je potrebna specijalna obuka, u specijalnim okolnostima koja ima svrhu postizanja Kondicije Polja Nulte točke, a to je način izgradnje svih Energetskih tijela kojima neko Tijelo raspolaže.

Za OMANUshifting je potrebna ekstremna psihofizička kondicija, a najvažniji uvjet je Human Sonar System i ulazak u samo Polje Nulte točke.

Istina je da mnogi ljudi, tj. njihova tijela služe kao svojevrsni portali kroz koje prolaza/ulaze inteligentne ali nehumanoidne vrste. I to se događa tako da ta tijela opće toga nisu svjesna. Bića koja tako ulaze, ne rade za dobrobit tijela (takva zbivanja su najčešći uzroci bolesti kod ljudi iako s druge strane postoje mnogi koji su zahvaljujući ulazu vanzemaljskog, nehumanoidnog entita dobili tzv. paranormalne sposobnosti, vidovitost, moć iscjeljenja i drugih manipulacija, no takve osobe najčešće nisu svjesne uzroka tih pojava). OMANUshifting prvenstveno služi za zaštitu vlastitog tijela od ovakvih utjecaja.

Three basic rules of Metamilitary warfare/activity

1. Shapeshifting
2. Ability of adaptation, assimilation and application of it (this includes the ability of persuasion without compromise)
3. Waging war without war, combat without combat.

The Metamilitary soldier is trained for instant reaction. There is no strategy planned ahead or a long lasting observance of the opponent. Before anything, he doesn’t have the idea what the opposing force is. He reacts to an attack. Metamilitary strategy is the body.

The transformed physical body contains the sharpened Black Crystal Body capable in passing into the lower 4th dimension from which the Reptoid race controls Earthlings. Crystal is capable in overpowering Reptoids and passing through their defense undamaged.

This training does not conduct fire arms exercises from or education about explosives. The only necessary tool and weapon is a constructed body which is Consciousness. The purpose of Metamilitary training is the ability to protect the Mediator and the System. The Mediator is the Source of Knowledge and Abilities. He conducts the Zero Point through his Body, therefore the source of infinite Energy and a passage into Multidimensionality. By protecting the Mediator’s Body the Sphere of Atlantis is protected. Metamilitary soldiers are the first line for defending the Humanoid race on Earth. Dolphins and Whales are also Metamilitary soldiers.

A soldier is created in the Heart, not in a military boot camp.

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Rules of metamilitary influence

The Dzogchen & Werwolf maneuver

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OMMIISSWW – Defense from the attack with the Force of the Zero Point

Vril Propulsion Security System

Vril Propulsion System embedded into persons (security personnel – OHBBs, Metamilitary ZPF Conductors) enables instantaneous scanning of the situation, reaction and correct efficient action related to the neutralization of the attack. The System of protection is networked through the Zero Point Field. Also, OMMIISSWW Security resolves conflicts by preventing the very idea of the conflict. There is no compromise.

OMMIISSWW Security – System of protection through constructed OHBBs. Runic shield – Black Body can reject attacks of all kinds and intergalactic attacks as well. The Mediator embedds the Runic shield to Crystal Bodies (the Universe descended and conducted into the body) – Bodies networked into the System maintain the shield.

Progressive Body OHBB

All that what makes the Runic Body is compressed in the term OMANU Human Body Biocomputer. Such Body is built with Runic Kabala, is superpositioned and, as such, it is the highest protection – Metamilitarist. The most elite, the most effective and the most secure method of action (warfare) – Metamilitarism – emerges from the One as well as all natural forces. Metamilitarist passes through himself and conducts Forces and the Law of Nature. On every planet and space where Highly Conscious beings live, there are no so-called natural disasters. There are only natural reactions which start from the awakened body.

Transformation into OHBB and accepting completely new, for this world unknown, principles and the decision to live by them, leads into the expertise of Metamilitarism. The battleField is every moment – Matrix or the Zero Point.

With this written, we hereby claim and stand behind that there is no weapon nor war or space technology that is more powerful than Metamilitarism and which can oppose Natural Laws.

The strategy of metamilitary action

Bioelectronic (radionic) model

OHBB inside the Mediator's Space is a superpositioned body which is multidimensional with its very existence. This means that at any moment it can be in one or countless locations at the same time. This also means that at any moment it can have an insight into every situation that is necessary for the System to work immaculately. Transparency is a characteristic of Superconsciousness.

The Creative - Executive Team

Arrangement of directions of the Swastika; action – business strategy and leadership, arrangement of OMANU Human Body Biocomputers (OHBB) at strategic locations – they work as bioelectronic (radionic) machines. Because of that, everyone in the Method One Training Procedure receives the exact place of arrival, stay and action, i.e. goal.

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Negotiating capabilities

Negotiating capabilities – in the end, the key is that you do not negotiate. Concentration on a specific thing which grows continuously, longer and longer. Observation and foresight of possible situation outcomes – assessment of several precise solutions for the situation.

Flowless Controlling


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Bernhard Stroili Empowerment | Werwolf | The Law of One     Croatian → translate (choose language)  

Kada Crno Tijelo Svemira (Crnog Lame) uđe i preuzme u potpunosti kontrolu nad drugim tijelom, tada to tijelo dobiva opunomoćene koje je sposobnost i obaveza da koristi sve prirodne sile (Zakon Jednog). To je najviša i najčišća tehnologija ratovanja (bez ratne tehnologije). 

Technology of the awoken female body – POWER

Werkraft Power Institution is an Institution for metamilitary training of women – Women of the New Era – VOW. The female body, the female sex organ is a Black hole – Source of Energy – Driving Force. In the name Werkraft Power Institution, Power is the female body. Primordial Overcoming for Women of the nEw eRa. POWER – the letter W (woman) is in the center itself. She is the Power and the Source of Power.

Vril Propulsion Technology

The symbolism of Vril Propulsion Technology primarily is a Woman. Vril Woman, Vril is Power, propulsion. In the word Power, the letter W consists of two letters V. Two letters V are two bodies that conduct Vril absolutely – 1 male and 1 female. The letter W is Woman Werwolf. V V and W make a whole which is the Werkraft Power Institution – 2 Vril Bodies that are Werwolf.

OMANU Transgenesis

OMANU Transgenesis – Runic procedure of genetic transformation (transmutation) of the human body through rotation in the Zero Point Field.

OMANU Transgenesis is composed out of a coagulation which is the bend of Time and Space and transmutation which is the change of the genetic cypher. Diametric connection of crystallinity and plasmatic quality nullifies the gravity field so gravity would not have an influence on OMANU’s motion. OMANU is controlled in the state of pure Consciousness and concentration. With that procedure the Matrix field and physical limitation in 3D are negated. Original human abilities develop, return to the Zero Point and the cypher of events on Earth is changed. Only this procedure can change the state on Earth. One is enough.

OMMIISSWW Qualification Training

In the ideal future, qualification procedures will be organized for instant entrance into OMMIISSWW Special Training – Total Method One.

OMMIISSWW Training     www.ommiissww.com/OMMIISS


Global establishment of the Zero Point Field on planet Earth (Free Energy Technology – OHBB).

Multidimensional power for preservation and maintenance of the original planet Earth and life on it.

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Vril Power Distribution Center     (this article is password protected)

The Law of Propaganda

Jurisdiction of the Law of One


No one will believe you, not even you will believe yourselves. The installation of the dimension is inside you. The end of everything begins with me.

Black Field Condo-Commander

Mein Kampf

Machine of the Universe is being opened by the most powerful Information from the Center of the Universe. The Information is a key which opens the entrance into the Dimension of Multidimension of the Universe. The path is Flowability. Each breakthrough is a level which can not be shut. The Information is the Center itself. Each Information is the Compression of the Center. The battle is for the Center of the Center from the Center to the very Center. Keys of the body pass through levels of multidimensionality of the Swastika. The Center is infinite. The level is Vril. Total Flowability and the path to Total Embodiment. Mein Kampf.

The call to Will

No fear, Black Lama is here.

The ultimatum for the entrance is the General Procedure – the ability to hear the Universe (Black Lama).

Faceless ghosts are ruling this world and your lives.

Accept control to take control of your life and this world.
Be Human. Take action!

Rad (Work) – Rat (War) – Ras (Race) is Will!

The last words of glory at this planet, pronounced willingly, consciously, freely, were Bernhard Stroilli – Will!

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