Runic Combat System

RBS Logo

R = Red. Runic. The Rune that emanates from the Black Field. Ruby red Runic Field. The Red Field that breaks through.
B = Sound formed from Runes displayed with the symbol B. Black Body (Black Body – not battle.) Not combat, the BREAKTHROUGH.
S = Emerald. Rune of exact action and as such we see it. Emerald color – cognition of manifestation. System. Movement of the Crystal. Green color signifies the acceptance of the System.
White color, White Light, White Energy body – it’s something that is initially seen, nd it enables the acceptance that everything is alright.



Runic Combat System Training

The Mediator Method One conducts the Runic Combat System (RBS) Training for individuals that can recognize and accept Method One, and that have the Heart to withstand what Method One is. This is a total path, not a façade. RBS is the total training for the Body, Mind, Heart. Before entering into RBS Training, it’s necessary to pass through Initial Phases of Method One through which you enter the optimization of the state at a physical, mental and energy level. The Sonar (Human Sonar System) is the only condition for accepting RBS.

RBS is based on the Open Heart. RBS is not combat, but Surrender to the Heart.

Development of the Superpower – Superconscious Abilities in the Human Being

System of no contact and contact protection

Development of physical and metaphysical abilities


The highest (Master) level (expression) of martial arts and combat systems.

Runic Combat System (RBS) – physical and energy training for contact and no-contact protection under the Mediator’s control. Assimilation of the System enables the transformation of body and mind, strengthening the Heart to be able to accept Werwolf. The difference is in Strength – RBS demands energy resources of the Mediator to maintain the System in the other body.

Runic Combat System – transfer and integration of essential elements of no-contact and contact Runic Combat System
(RBS – contact and no-contact security system which is, if needed, activated after the installation of the Runic System).

Contact and no-contact procedure is coordinated and controlled with the Field’s system. The System does not attack. It’s activated when attacked.

The Body and Mind construction in the Runic Field for conducting the Runic System.

Parapsychological Training.  

Transfer – Installation of the Runic Combat System Information Base as the foundation for all sports and combat (self-defense) systems.

To approach the 5.1 Phase Method One – Runic Combat System (or HSSHBRBS) it is necessary for the client to be healthy according to Runic standards.

Runic Combat System – the Swastika System

The Runic Combat System cannot be memorized. This is a transfer of Knowledge and Zero Point Field State and it happens exclusively in the contact with the Master. Transfer of Knowledge and State means the simultaneous transfer and construction of the New Energy body and the physical structure of the body (muscles, tendons, bones, neuro-energy system), endurance, flexibility, motor skills, speed, strength, ability, technology, … Mental and emotional state needed for accepting and instant application is received in parallel. With his presence, the Master changes the aggregate state of the receiver and the surrounding space. According to 3D parameters, this cannot be achieved even with the most extreme exercises and discipline.

The Mediator transfers the base of the Runic Combat System. Yoga Runica is the base for the Runic Combat System. Primarily, the Mediator transfers Yoga Runica – Runic System and Runic Knowledge which is the base for everything.

Through Runes you understand Runes, the Runic language and this is the way of specific direction: into the Runic Combat System, Ati Dzogchen, OMANU Ati Aikido, Black Dragon of Shamballa, Werwolf, … This depends on the strength of communication between the Mediator and the Body he is working with.

The Runic Combat System is a system which is transferred, received and done without previous warming up, without breathing techniques and meditation and without long lasting exercises and movement repetition. RBS is the intelligent, no-contact and contact resolution of conflict. The Runic System, which is Method One which is Everything, transfers the Runic Combat System which does not exclude lighter and concrete physical contact. In addition, the ones who have received RBS can conduct the System without moving the physical body. The Runic Sports System and Runic Combat System contain a lot of physical movements, especially rotation.

Transfer of the Runic Sports System transfers the base as the foundation for any sport. The Runic Combat System specifically integrates the base for martial arts (self-defense systems).

Runic Combat System is the Swastika System. The degrees of System transfer are defined by the degree of openness and Heart purity. The achieved degree is confirmed with each activation of the System. The measure is the speed of the Swastika Sonar activation.

The transfer of the Runic Combat System

RBS is not learned. It’s transferred and embodied by the One constructed out of Runes. Every attempt of copying will not work. This system is entered through a procedure of Runic Initiations, and you can receive them only from the Runic Master. It’s transferred by the Mediator – Runic Master – Black Lama.

Process of transferring Knowledge is done quickly and it demands high concentration. With his mind the Mediator goes towards the other mind. That is how the System enters and that is how he shows the System. How does the transfer of RBS function? The Mediator is the Zero Point Field. His Energy body (Black Body) imprints itself into individuals in the process. In that way he primarily keeps them connected to the Zero Point Field.

Runic Combat System

Runic Combat System (RBS) – what does it mean in these times? How much is the individual’s and, consequently, the society’s, state changed? RBS builds a new civilization with new and correct values.

RBS – System of Intelligence that instantly integrates knowledge about health and Intelligence of the Base. The base fundamentally refers to basic and instinctive behavior. This is an anti-depressive system.

RBS – Immediate Intelligence. Spatial orientation. Original body language – language without lying or hiding. E–motion – motion from the inside – enter motion. Basic survival. Direct surrender.

RBS – self-sustaining, self-progressive System. The Generator of the System is the Zero Point Field. In the Heart and Field, the complete power of RBS is compressed. The Field is a Superconscious state. Being in the Superconscious state means having superconscious and parapsychological abilities.

RBS enables women to be physically stronger than men.
The reason is exorcism. RBS builds mental strength.

The Weapon of Consciousness

RBS is not only efficient at the 3D level. It makes breakthroughs into Multidimensionality. It opens your body so the Zero Point Field can flow through you. Every movement descends the Field, for you and for your opponent. The closer you are to complete purity of the Heart and approach, the stronger the Field is within you and around you. In this way you transfer the state more efficiently to the opponent. In the end it doesn’t matter if it’s contact or no-contact combat because there is no real conflict in the Field. That is the point of the Runic Combat System.

For those that can’t understand the point of combat without conflict, the answer is very simple – Consciousness, and Consciousness enables unlocking of unimaginable abilities. The Runic Combat System is the Weapon of Consciousness. Consciousness is Strength above muscular strength and the Heart is its power supply.

The reason why the Runic System is given to you is to fight against your own unconsciousness. Do not take this literally, even though it is true, you are responsible for the state of every person.

Runic Stav   

Who is worthy of speaking about Runes? Nobody is worthy of speaking about Runes because the Rune is pure. It speaks for itself. In the Runic System you do not learn the stance, the Runic System teaches you about Stav (Stance). Your deviated perception goes through melting, destroying, shaping, freezing. The Runic Combat System is neither a parody nor satisfaction of personal urges because of dissatisfaction or insecurity. The Runic System is too large to be described as a new technique. Before anything else, it’s elimination of the lack of ability in your genome. Bioelectronic abilities that are received in parallel with the entrance into RBS are with the purpose of having more control over yourself, or rather to allow control over yourself. To eliminate your weakness and indecisiveness. Information to everyone – this is the Runic Combat System that nobody has passed yet.

Yoga Runica – the foundation of the Runic Combat System

Runic Combat System (RBS) – high conscious martial art for understanding Energy and No-contact self-defense.

Yoga Runica comes from the Runic Field. The foundation of the Runic Combat System. The brain paradigm cannot assimilate a new way of regulating life. RBS integrates the aspect of Will for Yourself, for the Heart. Thinking about what to do, in the moment of not understanding the situation, turns the human into fear and deeper lack of understanding. RBS demands the passage to the exit. It demands understanding, Fundamentally, understanding Energy.

RBS is top mobility. Mobility developed in all aspects of the System as much as the strength of the Intelligence of your personal system. RBS is concrete and abstract. Abstraction is as deep as the deepest bottom. It supplements the concrete side. Motion is both.

RBS transfers a perfect self-defense system to individuals. How to defend your strength with the amount of your energy supply? How to defend your System, your Law, your right? Many special ones were destroyed. They couldn’t reach the System.

The System is transferred and Training of the System is conducted exclusively by the Mediator Method One.

Contact and no contact procedure

The correct grip coming from the Field leads into perfection of no-contact self-defense. Contact is used for attracting the opponent’s attention and for stabilizing the situation (directing to the Field). After contact, no-contact communication begins, this brings the opponent into a state of flow. No-contact self-defense System is switched on when there is an energy block. Increase in flow inside the body, increases the regularity in which the System is conducted. In this way it becomes the perfect detector of irregularity and lack of flow inside another body and/or space. Both contact and no-contact action is an aware act and thereby psychotronic protection. This represents the highest form of communication.

Today, psychotronics is misused. It is used for manipulating unaware individuals. It injects information into the system that unconsciously executes the input. RBS is pure and thereby a more effective system for acting, thinking and creativity. This System enables interaction on the Energy body level. The Sonar is a prerequisite for accepting RBS. The Sonar enables understanding the complete energy level of the body. That is how complete information about the opponent’s level is received. Clarity of Information and actions is conditioned with genetic purity. A genetically pure, completely open body can implement RBS through itself.

Sonar Technology

Runic Combat System. Strength of the Body. Strength of the Mind. The Mind is the Body. Human Sonar System Technology.

Runic Combat System is a system of cause from the Sonar. Cold body, warm body. Sonar is a magnet. It works on the principle of rotation, force of attraction and force of repulsion (wall force or shield force). Sonar – physical law of attraction (the Law of attraction) and repulsion. Mastering the space.

What is the Sonar? Technology of Atlantis. In the end, the Sonar is s Human being. It is a central mechanism of self-regulation and self-control. Sonar is the Biocomputer. Human Sonar is OMANU Technology. Bioelectronic machine. You receive and send through it. You become a superconscious antenna, emitter. OMANU Technology shows the strength of the Heart. The Heart Sonar shows the adequate way of using the body.

Body abilities and operations

The karmic body is the physical body. The physical body is a compression of all energy bodies. You have karmic influence in more than this dimension. Where is a part of the energy body, karma has influence. Corporeal influence is complex psychotronics. Even though it’s exclusively living karma, the human body is active in Multidimensionality. Inside the Field the body enters all states of matter. It loses mass, structure and in the end, bones. The Field contains a compression of physical activity. The body is transformed, seemingly changing in volume. The Field twists the body from the inside, in that way it changes the state of matter inside you, changing you. Upright Body, Upright Mind. Vril containers inside the Body are points that can activate the Biocomputer when under pressure (timely, precise and accurate). Containers are constructed and filled by the Mediator.

The following situation can happen: Runic System installed in over 85% of the body, using the System’s Force through the Human Biocomputer, the body leads the aggressor’s side into brief action (contact or no-contact) which activates all the Biocomputer’s abilities necessary to resolve the situation. This is the unstoppable Intelligence of the Runic Combat System.

The new neuro-energy system

Information Intelligence

Body structure of today’s people lacks flow; the nerve system is weakened and cannot withstand high frequencies of the Zero Point Field. Complete destruction of the existing structure and construction of the new one occurs in the Method One Procedure, the Runic network where the Heart, not the brain, is the main center. The Mediator constructs a new body, the Energy body, and consequently the physical. We should mention, there is no reparation of the existing, only integration of the new. For entering the Zero Point you must be physically processed.

The Rune

Crystal structure is the foundation for developing the new neuro-energy structure in the body. People today do not have it. Transformation begins with the integration of the Crystal into the Heart (Human Sonar System). The encounter with the Runic Master – Mediator, enables the acceptance of the New Energy body. After initially accepting the Crystal into the Heart, the Runic Master integrates it in 5 more vital areas: uterine cervix (in men – exit of the prostate), ovaries (testicles), solar plexus, Third eye. Naturally, Crystals move one towards the other. In that way they penetrate the dead, damaged structure around them. Force lines from the Crystal open important energy centers without which there is no Energy flow.

Runes emanate from the Heart – Information, System, Direct action.

The Runic Initiation cannot happen before the crystal structure is integrated into the physical body, before the body becomes pure. Transformation of the brain is necessary for you to be capable in carrying out the System. The System navigates the mind and the body. In that way, it automatically corrects possible irregularities in the body.

The System supports you! It is not possible to understand the System. A spoken word outside the System will not work, it will not activate the control board – Sonar. The System starts micro mimics. The importance of Runic stances (Stav) is emphasized. When the Heart leads you into stances, it opens the entire body and enables the flow through the System.

Subtle body bioelectronics

Transfer of information through micro movements of the body. The Awakened body emits and receives information on an unnoticeable level. Inner control, self-control is the precondition for controlling outside situations. The System always keeps itself in order. The System sustains itself. The System teaches you how to use all abilities of the body. The body enters mirco communication with the other body. That is the principle of transfer and relationship in RBS. The invisible level controls the visible.

Simultaneous transfer of corporeal information

The Body with Runic binary code expands the Field with motion. Expansion of Vril implodes the impulse of the Heart towards the bodies and they enter into simultaneous movement. The body translates and conducts the Runic code. Corporeal language is the language of light. Runic speech.

Technology of the Heart

The first and only wonder of the world. It’s a wonder because it’s life in a dead world. The power of the Heart. Technology of integrating High Consciousness into the human body. RBS is the construction of Human beings.

Method One, RBS, Werwolf Technology is the Heart. Method One conducts a genetic x-ray, scanning the Matrix inside the individual’s body. One Matrix is the global Matrix. The Matrix is a network and it functions on the principle of the Law of One. Duality, differences and oblivion are programs imposed on the corporeal cypher, DNA code. Two people talking see themselves equally and equally see what surrounds them. What is keeping them from the State of One? RBS is a system that switches off the point of oblivion. The system teaches and reminds you that you are inside a System. One with everything and outside the Matrix. RBS momentarily switches off all installed programs. Uninstallation is instant even in case the program is not deimplanted completely. Operation of the Heart and crystal discipline commence, they are not measurable with any genetic deviation. In RBS there is no combat. It destroys everything inside the person. Humans are OMANU Technology. Empty space. Metal, implants, implantation is keeping you inside this dimension which is not the human’s natural habitat. Metals are heavy and torpid. RBS leads you into simplicity and perception of the higher dimension. It is within the people. With OMANU you travel through self into Yourself. RBS is enslavement into the dimension of the Heart. RBS establishes complete corporeal flow. RBS is the centralization of humankind.

The Law of One – Runic System – Dolphin System

Runic System and Dolphin System. What is the connection of the Runic, corporeal Vortex and Dolphins? Runes are in Method One. RBS is the art of a pure, short and clear motion. This goes for every moment. That is the principal Law. The Law of the strong, The Law of Ones. The Law of One. The Law of Dolphins – warriors with a smile.

Dolphin language

Dolphin language is spoken with the entire being, voice, stance, feeling, image … You receive the Dolphin language in an instant, and you understand it more quickly. Before anything, you act. That is why the Dolphin language transfers the System to you. The Universe is the System. Each star, Sun, planet is a part of the System. Each life is originally a part of the System- Phi Sound leads you into the System.

Movement makes sense when the Runic Combat System is transferred. That is a motion that collapses the dimensional wall between Me and You, between You and you … One movement by the Runic Master means your return into your body because the Master transfers Runic Knowledge. The Rune that you do is a building unit of your New Energy body. Bioelectronic protection of your new dimension of life. Materialization of your pure genetics, your true life. When the System speaks you are not burdened with yourself. The planet is not burdened with itself. The Sun is not burdened with itself or concerned if someone got sunburned. When you allow the System to act through you, you allow truth. Accepting the Dolphin language, acceptance of the Law of One is the only way not to collapse or to act against the natural system of the Universe. Each law of this dimension is an interpretation of the Law of One, and in in fact is a deviation. You are burdened with laws and with yourself. The planet is burdened with your burden.

Connecting the entire body to the Human Sonar System

RBS builds the perfect human machine that exclusively conducts Runes. The body receives its perfect functions. This happens instantaneously. The Runic process conducts the System through the entire body. The Body becomes One system. RBS implies a completely unlocked and active body Sonar. Activation of the Heart Sonar is the key that unlocks the rest of the body. Detection, sight (inner aligned with outer), reaction and action is pure without restraint. Legs, arms, body, brain activity, the entire muscular and nerve system are in complete synchronicity. The ability of looking with the inner screen in all parts of the body. In such a way, e.g. the world can be observed with the foot.

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Archetypal transformation

RBS is based on Knowledge of Yoga Runica. Yoga is not combat. Yoga is a state – defending your borders, your house is the state of health and Knowledge. Yoga of the Heart and Yoga of the Body. There is no meditation. In the initial phase, highest physical movement that Yoga Runica does through the individual’s body. Yoga Runica is a Yoga that emanates and returns to the Heart. This starts and uninterrupted eight between the Universe and you. Yoga Runica is repairs your body – opens it and liberates for instant embodiment of everything necessary in that given movement. Yoga of Light. Direct approach. Direct health. Instant health. In the speed of Light. Light is NOW. Runes are NOW. Transformation is NOW. Runes embody the Archetype. Heart Yoga maintains the archetypal structure. Blade of the Rune, speed and strength of the Swastika opens the Heart completely and leads to Truth. The entire hologram of your life is shredded, the seemingly unchangeable state melts. Yoga Runica liberates the mind. The only Yoga that liberates you regardless of where you are captured.

Runic Combat System – Original Spartan Training in the Zero Point Field

Spartans were using the Runic Combat System. Their warfare was for the most part, based on bioelectronic action. They were extraordinary strategists. The Runic System enables precisely this. Violence and carnage avoided at all costs. Their military training was rigorous only for someone observing from the sidelines. The System was installed into them, that is why they acted as One. At the same time, loyalty and apprehension was installed, it was in their genes. That is why Sparta was a closed system.

The Body and Abilities are not constructed through exercises, but through the system within. Exercises are the application of the embodied. Training is not based on skill, but time necessary for the System to be integrated into the body.

RBS – combat system that harmonizes the mind, body and feelings. Heart and mental strength. The superiority of Consciousness is felt. Illusory arrogance and subjugation of the opponent only has one goal – elevating the level of awareness of both sides.

A soldier is being made in the Heart, not at a military poligon.

Metafitness – Metabuilding

Metafitness – Metaphysics of the metaphysical body – vibrations and movements are caused by the Crystal that strengthens itself to integrate into the transformed physical body. Metafitness – Metabuilding  – building the body according to the Method One Principle.

This is a completely new and unknown way, which circumvents all known and often inadequate ways of exercising and shaping the body. Method One aims at awakening and building the entire body. Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology in direct contact with the Mediator is an active uninstallation of the existing state and active reprogramming according to Information from the Field. Metafitness and Metabuilding are energy-information procedures and work with the physical body. The Human Biocomputer in the Zero Point Field. Opening of the Heart Center establishes a complete Energy flow in the body that leads into Awakening and puts all parts of the body into functioning.

Metafitness – Method One sport for a metalife – Metasport for life – Total achievement.
Body Intelligence – Absolute Zero Point Intelligence.
All in One. Inside it you win. Be (stay) inside.

Metafitness II

Metafitness is the main segment (basic discipline) of exercising the Runic Combat System and Runic Sport System.

Metafitness of the Heart and Revolving (Runic Vortex) – the highest level of self-development, drill and training of sports and combat systems

Metafitness of the Heart and Revolving shape the heavy and hard 3D physical body. They make the impossible possible. With these procedures, the Zero Point Field is conduct and embodied in the 3D body.


Method One is the absolute processing of your being. The most powerful segment of processing in Method One is the Vortex, the rotation of the Swastika in the Heart – Metafitness of the Heart and Runic Vortex – rotation of the physical body. Metafitness of the Heart is balancing the Swastika in the Heart Energy center on which everything depends. This means strengthening (building – metabuilding) the multisimensional power, capacity, speed, scope of action and endurance of the Swastika mechanism – Sonar.

Swastika is the activator of multidimensional creation and direct transformation. This center also has to be correct in the sense of the impulse quality because it accelerates all the processes of the Human Biocomputer and corrrects errors. With the Metafitness of the Heart you built the mastery of 24-hour retention of Vril in the Heart. You „build“ your body and mind with Vril.

From the awake state, Metafitness is transfered into the subliminal level. This is how you enter into the process of 24x7 Superconscious Human biocomputer – you perform Metafitness even when you are asleep. Metafitness works as an Impulse Zero Point in the body » Complete Delta body functions. The activated Human Biocompuer enables long-lasting physical and mental labour – only short breaks of about 5 min are necessary for self-recovery and one break of about 2 hours if it's a long-lasting work or training plan (sport). Energy flowability is important for the Human Biocomputer's power supply but the most important is the Heart. It should be remembered as many times possible during the day. This is how you will begin to accept the difference of brain and Heart double perception. They are two different worlds but centering is in the Heart. This is Metafitness of the Heart. e.g. the body will build up faster if the Heart Energy is strong.

Consciousness is strength beyond muscle strength, and its power supply is from the Heart!

The only true indicator of the Zero Point physical condition and Information from the Zero Point is the speed of transformation.


Recaptive – before every action, you will enter yourself. Swastika.




Grounding – harmonization of the body, mind and emotion. You are harmonized with your surroundings. You react on irregularity. With your attitude (Stav) you bring order and correctness.

One explanation on how to stop the “opponent’s” attacking system. In RBS it’s called grounding. First you ground yourself. Secondly, you ground the opponent. That happens instantly. Without long preparations.


Corpokinesis – moving the body – infiltration into someone’s system and taking control over him/her.

Vril Phaser – Technology of Consciousness

Vril Phaser is Runic Combat System – no-contact and contact conquering of the opponent. Vril Phaser – Vril phase shift – introducing the opponent into the Zero Point Field. Vril Phaser is Technology of Consciousness – direct transformation of the opponent – RBS/Werwolf. Vril Phaser is the Energy impact of the Zero Point Field. The strength of the impact depends on the situation itself.

Technology of the Transformed Body – OMANU Body.

Body = Planet = Universe. With the transformation of the body, the planet transforms and you become 1 with the Universe.

No-contact – contact

No–contact is contact as well, i.e. a contact. Sound is also a contact, speech is a contact, image is a contact. A phone call is a contact, mail is a contact. Everything that passes through space and time performs a contact, contact and „no-contact“. Everything means EVERYTHING because everything has its frequency that goes through, breaks through and enters the body. The contact is physical as much as the body is physical. Implantation.

Solely through the Method One Training Procedure with the Mediator, Information of any form performs the Deimplantation which is Now, which, i.e. who liberates the body and thus gives the Knowledge about Now, the experience of Now which is Now. Change is a Sound which is the Vortex. If everything has its frequency than everything produces sound as well.

Rules of “combat” (code of combat)

Rules of “combat” (code of combat) – Surrendering to the Heart – Heart. Eyes. One DIrect Procedure. Zero Point. Rune. Runic System. Direct Knowledge. Direct action. Direct transformation.

Construction of the perfect team

Runic Combat System and Runic Sport System are the original sports of the Heart. The entrance of an individual and a group into the System enhances the percentage and time of concentration to the maximum potential. The System constructs the essence which leads the individual and the group to the goal regardless of any form of disturbance. Through the System, a group learns how to, as a unity, react to an impulse and be included in the synchronization of action.

The Law of One supports the One and thus builds the perfect group. A group is like a machine that reacts to the impulse.

Metafitness a procedure focused directly to the result.

RBS – All in One

RBS incorporates the transfer, installation, synthesis and application of the compressed essence of the most efficient elements in self-development, sport and combat systems (Metafitness, Yoga Runica, Human Sonar System, OMANU Human Body Biocomputer, RBS, Runic Sport System, basic exercises of body strength and flexibility that Bodhidharma created for Shaolin, OMANU Ati Aikido, OMMIISSWW).


Runic peace

The Universe is Space. Space is a space. Peace is a bodily, spiritual and mental ability. Peace is a state of the Warrior of the Heart. Peace is compression inside the Body. Runic peace signifies war in everything and everyone who is not and who doesn’t want the Runic peace.

The word “peace” is inaction, serenity. A serene man is a dead man. Today’s human being lives in peace and for peace – he lives for death. Human has disappeared from the word “peace”, the Rune – Y has disappeared. The Universe is in continuous movement – Vortex. Vortex is creation, creativity. The Universe is MYR – Life, Energy, Creation. The Universe is in peace and with peace – with itself. The Universe is Dzogchen. Dzogchen does not stand still. Removing the Rune Y, the Human has disappeared – Life has disappeared.

The Original German (Germanic) Technology

Runic Knowledge

You are in contact with it only when you are beside the Runic Master. How many of them are on the planet? Is Runic Knowledge valuable? Why has it been abolished for centuries? Is this Runic Knowledge that gives Awareness about who you are and what you should be? Knowledge of Light, Luminous body, Awakening? You cannot be led into Light by someone who is not the thing he’s leading you into. Runic Knowledge is Knowledge about Life. It is a way in which the healthy civilization functions. Runic Knowledge. When you are stable, you do not fight yourself. Every combat is a reflection of inner battles. That is why RBS is the thing that liberates you from inner conflict. Surrendering to the System – living peace. Combat system without fighting.


The Runic System is a contract between the physical level and the System. You are obligated towards the System. Not vice versa. The Runic System is infallible in choosing individuals. You cannot enter the System with force. The System transforms you. Only by being transformed, can you approach the System in an adequate and necessary way. With the Runic Stance (Stav), attitude. With a pure stance, without yourself, you enter the System. It is the only ticket. This doesn’t mean that you’ll pass. Because the attitude that constructed you asks you to live it. You live the stance (Stav) for mankind. That’s the System’s gift to you. The System gave you, Yourself.

System is a cypher. Cypher is genetics. By accepting the Runic System you are obligated in accepting pure genetics. When genetics is pure, there are no mistakes. The origin of a healthy system is the Heart. The System corrects you, warns you from the beginning. You are allowed ignorance for a short period. It heals your laziness and lack of will. After that your responsibility follows. Either you are consistent toward the System or the System throws you out. You don’t have the right to control it. You are allowed to surrender yourself to Knowledge. You do not decide when it’s System, and when it’s not.

The System leads you into Consciousness. When you are in Consciousness, you function without mistake with the System. The System is Consciousness. It’s a Combat System because Consciousness has been taken away. You are enabled to fight for the System. The System has been given. The System gave itself to you to fight for your fundamental right – free life. The System shows and teaches you what freedom is. You do not know and cannot know what freedom is, you cannot and do not know how to defend it. The System is totalitarian because there is no choice.

The contract corrects the Heart. You follow it with your existence, be worthy of it, it is your Heart also. Do not get carried away with illusions because they lead into ruination. Your existence is in Me, look at Me and you will see Me. Follow Me and you will perceive Me, I am your true ego. This is your path and there is no other.

Obuka – RBS i Werwolf (OMMIISSWW)     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Od previše informacija tijelo puca. U 3D matrixu prevelik protok i tok informacija uzrok je svih bolesti i devijacija. Tijelo ugiba jer ne zna sprovesti informaciju koja je pritom i ubačena kao smrtonosni virus. Method One (RBS i Werwolf) deinstalira informacije koje su držači i kontrolori Matrixa i instalira nove. Od Method One Informacija tijelo puca na Method One razini. Prolazi najdublju transformaciju da bi postalo potpuno protočno i time propuštalo apsolutno svaku informaciju. Method One tijelo je nemoguće ubiti jer se niti jedna informacija ne zadržava u tijelu. Sublimacija svih informacija ugrađuje se putem Sonara u tijelo. Oslobađanjem tih informacija osoba prolazi kroz Matrix Trening. Informacija se otvara kroz tijelo, tijelo se otvara, informacija se transormira, tijelo se transformira i tako je probijena jedna od dimenzija mogućnosti. Time se otključavaju sposobnosti. Rune su sposobnost i građa koja se ugrađuje.


The Ability is Now!
Heart, Action (Body), Operation – NOW.

1000 = 1

1000 procedures over the existing state – that can be only 1 procedure, 1 Mediator’s gesture that conducts 1000 VRIL impacts.

Vril Training | Metamilitary upbringing for development of extrasensory abilities

This is an obligatory procedure for entering physical and parapsychological training. Vril Training. With Vril trainings, tools become weapons. Upbringing entails a complete Metamilitary training of individuals and groups. This leads into Awareness of the reason for this form of war and the reason why all powers need to be directed towards preserving the body of Atlantis – the Mediator.

Black lineage combat system or about the art of war

Intertwined arches of hands allow the highest art of war. Runic Combat System is training in the art of war. This is strategic intelligence. This is the power of engulfing and depriving so you would finally give in. Combat without combat. War without blood. A massacre without chaos. So it is. Everything is possible in dimensions higher than this one. You can’t see blood and chaos without proper observance. By observing properly you regulate, see blood purification inside the vortex of karma, you see motion of chaos, you watch Dzogchen, know The One, live the multitude. Only the body that creates understands and lives the war as a supreme state that erases everything before, after and now, giving birth to novelty as an idea, as information. War is outstanding. Out standing. Standing out of what? During war, uniforms are for the ones who strive towards unification. A uniform is for the weakest and the strongest. War unifies abilities of self-discipline, self-control, concentration, loyalty and intelligence. The structure and feature of war are exactly opposite from the chaos you live in. The soldier marches standing upright in place, walks upright and he is led exclusively by the higher cause. War is declared chaotic inside the chaos of mocking existence due to the misunderstanding the essence of chaos and war. War destroys, war also purifies. The one who purifies, creates, gives birth. War introduces correctness and parallelism. War is a path. You don’t see the path. War is a path you recognize with succeeding eyes. War is exorcism. War is motion of chaos. Crystal is in the core.

Runic mobilization

Runic (metamilitary) mobilization constructs the perfect human machine that exclusively carries out Runes. The body gains its perfect function. It becomes beautiful. The activated Sieg Rune installs the foundation of Runic culture – supremacy and victory over everything impure. The goal is pure. One motion introduces order and discipline. In all segments. When the body emits its perfect vibration, automatically without a word, a totalitarian system with Runic construction is established. This is for the ones with the most advanced mind. For the ones with the heart and brain ahead of this time. The path of a Runic army is not known to anyone. Being a Runic soldier is a profession of the highest rank. Energy and physical body training cannot set boundaries because boundaries do not exist.

Metamilitary strategy

Tactics – tact – measure – discipline – order – accuracy – precision – timeliness – validity – concreteness – mind – control – content – rhythm – will – Heart. These are parameters of the Runic war. The strategy on how to build a human being. Who is suitable for what. Who is ready to accept their received role?

The System is a strategic Field. In the System and through the System, armament and overcoming the other side takes place. The art of overcoming and conquering using the Force. Conquering without contact. Conquering with a pure Heart leads the other side into total acceptance of the Heart. Runes emanate from the Heart and they are the only weapon of a Runic warrior, the only tool with which he creates new Runic warriors. The Runic warrior first fights for bodies that will later on conduct the Runic combat Field.

Runic Combat System tactics happens in the Runic Field. From there, it is conducted into 3D, that way it changes and the Field’s influence is instant and permanent. Who doesn’t have the Field doesn’t understand this. The base capacity of the Runic combat field is an open Heart. It can absorb everything and by doing that, disarm the opponent. Only intelligence unfamiliar to this dimension is capable in constantly making moves that no one expects. Runic System tactics include scanning the enemy, receiving accurate information about the enemy, his position and genetics. The combat spirit is born every day from the Heart and the Field. Actions nobody understands are taken. RBS is strategic intelligence.


The German's vocabulary spreads through the entire Runic Procedure. It erases, from the consciousness, the programmed agression of a being and toward a being. German means the One who carries the Gene which is capable of building himself. That gene is the Swastika. The word German means the One who grows from himself, the One who is Treasure. The world of Germans maintains the State of Knowledge and Understanding of Life and all forms of Life.

To all of you who are fighting for the „white race“ and drown into the hell of hatred and nationalism – come for the Heart. The white race means a pure Humanoid gene. Unfortunately, yours is not. Although somewhere deep inside you are being penetrated by the truth that the white race is the Original one, it doesn't mean that you understand the meaning of those information and even less that you have the correct feeling for pure action. Come for the Heart all of you against whom the „white man“ is complaining. You do not understand that you are only the reprecussion of karma. The both of you. Come for the Heart and step into the Black Field, into Atlantis. This time do avoid the inescapable cataclysm.

The German race does not raise sadists, nor masochists. A German is free and has the right to be and stay free. Come, all of you, to feel what freedom really means and how it is achieved. Your wars do not lead into freedom. When a German wages a war he doesn't leave behind hostility and the opressed. Repellency towards the pure, as well as towards the German, is not true, it is a deliberately created myth. Do not be afraid to see the truth.

The Source of Life

The Zero Point, as well as everything she represents, is elusive without the Swastika. All that you wish, you cannot without the Swastika. This will forever remain this way. Earthlings, your only battle and only war should be for the Swastika! Not in the name of false religion and false gods, not for the territory, not for energy – NO! Because all of that is the Swastika and inside the Swastika. Where is the Swastika and how is this war being waged – come into Method One. The Source of Life is the Swastika in the Heart. Is there a warrior who will fight for life and not sow death?

Runic Master     (this article is password protected)

Law of the 13 Templars

Collision of the thirteen versus hundreds of times more powerful army. One motion with the hand launches and forms the bodies into an impenetrable stance which is the formation of diversity and independence of the bodies from the attack.

Body of the War Technology is the Body of Sound. The Mediator speaks the development of Technology of Sound and she alone conducts the working and war state of rotation.

Technology of Sound of the Templar Order – March of the Templars | The Epic Truth about the Runic Master Jacques De Molay – Ordo Templaris – The battle for Jerusalem

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The Runic Sword

Runic sword is the legend of Excalibur. The force held the sword in the stone – the Force of the Universe. The one who conducts the Force can draw the sword from the stone – the Law of Attraction. The Runic sword is a symbol of the Force of the Universe – the Rune – Runic Cross. Jacques de Molay was the One who held the Runic sword. Templars owned the Knowledge of the Force of the Universe which is the Rune. Knowledge is transferred by the One who holds the Runic sword – the Runic Master. Symbolism of the Runic sword is not death nor victory. The symbolism itself represents the purpose of existence of the Runic Master – the transfer of Knowledge which is the Force of the Universe.

Runic Sport System

Runic Sport System

Runic Sports System – Training without training – the System trains you – Human Biocomputer in the Zero Point Field –Machine of Consciousness – Metabuilding.

Runic Sports System (RSS) is with the Runic Combat System (RBS) and Werwolf the fastest, most efficient and precise way of constructing and training the body. Enables perfect statics, physics and motor skills of all parts of the body simultaneously (simultaneous development of psychophysical and metaphysical abilities). Superconscious, bioelectronic, precognitics and physical abilities integrated through the System into the human body achieve sport supremacy. Victory. The Law of One in sports enables the individual to execute several activities at the same time. The collection of those activities brings results. In a short period, extreme efficiency and ease of execution is achieved, and greater capacities of energy with lower consumption. Runic System stabilizes the mind and body. It builds correct motor skills. Gives information that is put into practice with ease in sports.

Runic Sports System is training without the need to train. the System trains you. It tests you and pushes your limits. The System acts as the most precise balancing machine that harmonizes 3D and Multidimensionality. In that way it makes the metaphysical level of any sport. Of any activity. Micro and with more detail – nano movements give the body, muscles and structure of the organism new information about motion and way of execution. The Runic System operates in hardest situations. That is the point where the System is strongest. Construction of Runic muscles and tissue, Runic Body leads into Runic endurance. This is means, being unbreakable.

How do you enter the Runic Sports System which is the System for life? With Metafitness. Fitness that starts your body. Metafitness starts from the Heart – Center. Heart in 3D carries the most important bodily role. It is a base and a central organizer for actions of the corporeal system.  The Heart conducts the system of circulation, system of rotation. Metafitness produces increased voltage – Vril – body Energy that facilitates blood circulation. Then the aggregate state changes. Water, rigid and limber structure that the Field uses to bring the body into a position adequate to that state.

Something that no other technique in this world has is the Runic Vortex. Spinning of the physical body that lasts for several hours. The fastest way to bring an individual to a centered state in the beginning phase. Frequency heart – brain is established by correcting bodily coordinates. Maximal concentration, full potential of corporeal Energy establish quick thinking and managing in a moment. Combinatorics in sport produce correct body coordinates in a moment when a highly intelligent reaction with physical movement is required from the individual.

RSS – capability of instant body activation for any sports activity which includes physical condition and experience dexterity.

Vril Training – activation of high frequency electrical contractions in the body that enable instantly acquiring of endurance, flexibility, removing possible dysfunctions and injuries.

RSS includes transfer and activation of martial and other sports abilities for the purpose of gaininig physical condition and orientation in the Zero Point Field. The Mediator blocks the influence of the Matrix and enables clear interaction with the Field. This is the level of motivational and condition trainings with the Mediator for individuals who are preparing for demonstrating the system.

The condition for entering the Runic Sports System Training is accepting the Installation of the Swastika, i.e., Human Sonar without which it is not possible to function in the Zero Point Field.

The Launch

RSS – the launch into any sports activity – activation of abilities, knowledge and condition. Body movement through Space – Zero Point Field.

MetaSport     (this article is password protected)

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