Werkraft Power Institution | The declaration of the war of fields

Information war

We will not speak about theories.

Facts are that the war of fields is being led outside and in this reality (dimension) against the development of humankind in the direction of continuous progress towards realization, understanding and conducting, i.e. development and manifestation of all crucial science branches of a civilization. This is primarily about the development of events across Europe and the world that predetermine their development, i.e. perform the installation of the field.

The war with information, the information war is something most secret and highest possible in this dimension.

"Dolphin Project" Frequency impact on the entire world

The construction of first dolphin bodies constructed and processed according to construction instructions from this dimension. The special construction of dolphin, and all other bodies, performs replacement, kidnapping of already existing bodies. Every newly constructed body is used and serves for locating the bodies in this, Method One dimension, dimension of the Zero Point Field and performs replacement and theft of information and technology. Such bodies work as a high-range, but multidimensional, antenna. Each and all information are transferred through the all present and interconnected russian-american (Pentagon) technology. All “non-existent” technology (black helicopters, submarines, ships, …) are technologically and control independent. The purpose of work is the sonic, specific frequency impact on the entire world.

Establishment of the Law of Fields (vs. the border wall)

To Donald Trump,

construction of the border wall is void and doesn’t solve, yet it amplifies the border and social state in the USA and thus the status of a president tyrant who not only separates and sets apart himself from other presidents, but places the rest into minor figures with work which is unimaginative and opens the possibility for a potential continental war. And the general disagreement with the UN and the EU, though understandable, with such approach to resolving the situation could lead to reverse reactions and in a concrete way such as the refusal by all members of the EU to issue visas to US citizens. All that is left is the far Eastern Europe (Euro-Asia) and the Middle East – where you had sowed, you will be.

Freedom of movement is a right. Disturbing the lives of the inhabitants is punishable.
Bodies are made to impose „their own“ in any situation and any country in the world. Either as newcomers, immigrants or officials.

The only solution is at the same time the correct and non-destructive and/or intrusive one is the Metamilitary Shield – establishment of the Law of Fields.
Elaboration of the Vril Propulsion System is embedded into the member and into what/where he belongs. It is a barrier which is not brough into the concept of warfare. A member of something, instituion or country, independent on his/hers status is an official of what and where he/she belongs. He/she is an official person representing and defending himslef/herself and that country/institution in the world, even (especially!) if it's a tourist vacation.

The citizen of a country is a citizen of the world as well and he/she represents, i.e. defends that country and this world in any country in he world – Law of the unifrom.

Collision of worlds: Diversity is not liberal

Absence of original, fundamental, traditional and genetically correct foundations embedded into the heart and the entire system of aboriginal people from the age of all original to today where the process of genetic engineering is carried out transparently and publicly through all public figures, known and accepted (elected), and especially through military and police trainings and drills of Europe where the preparation of people is in strike into a human shield from the arrival of the non-belonging, but also exiled parts of the society from different continents, primarily the Middle East.
The new movement brings a new nation brings the a new religion – collision of worlds.

Vladivostok – Novosibirsk | Underground

Special development and training of high political individuals for protection of parapsychological blackmail and information extraction under various circumstances by the secret service.

Putin sees the development and is involved and controls much more than the known Russian territory which includes the relation Vladivostok – Novosibirsk.

Underground is the clash of dimensions and the exchange of resources.

Novosibirsk is entering into the outer world

Novosibirsk is entering into the outer world. Putin is seeking for a regular approval, the legality of the act, with which he will take down all governments, all political tops (the U.S. and China as well). Mentioned countries systematically overpower the Russian forces in terms of global centralization and have support from the west and the rest of the demagogically structured world.
All Russian force, military and paramilitary, is the collateralization of presidents, i.e. everyone is going in the same direction – against Russia.

Contracts of Worlds

Contract of Worlds is a contract of parallel dimensions.
Putin must know that he doesn’t need, yet alone are necessary, negotiations and agreements with other governments. Contract of the parallel world between Russia and China is the space of Siberia where research and handover of artificial intelligence to this level takes place.

Brexit doesn’t exist. Brexit and the entire happenings about Brexit are nothing else than a paravane for the return of colonization.
Handover of the Old World is the control of the royal family outside the union.

Russian-American (U.S.) border – The Balkans

Today, February 22nd, our metamilitary operation detected and broke through the barrier from the other dimension. This is the reality of this world in the 3rd dimension. A single terror which has been present from the beginning of time.
This so-called border is a titanium construction from the 4th dimension held and its existence is maintained by UFO Technology of Russian-American (U.S.) agreements and contracts. It is only fair to note that these agreements and constracts are multidimensional. This is just the beginning of the breakthrough of our Technology towards liberation of space and time. Our only means (Technology) is our Body is the Black Body is Total Empowerment and Total Compression of Technology of the Universe.

The Balkans are the center of the front. The center of the center is Croatia.

We are here, led and empowered by the Center of the Universe.
Some of you may know the true meaning of the 3rd Reich, others my know about the curse of the Templar Order. There are no connections. We are the Destroyers of Time.
All of the happenings in the 3rd dimension are nothing but a fragment of the truth behind the curtains. The real story, the real influence, the real diemnsion which determines everyone's life is manipulated and controled from the 4th dimension and because of this all life and all existence ceases to exist.

You have all been abducted. Your life is being led by UFO Technology.

Consciousness is speaking.
Your mission in the Universe is total confrontation with the Universe breakthrough into the other dimension.
Consciousness is sharp and bold. All of you have been set up by the reptilian civilization. Existence is Total Consciousness. Return to your home into your body.

The Swastika of the Universe - Thoth

Matrix Machine | Bernhard Stroilli Ra's Al Ghaul | Art and skill of warfare

The titanium monster of the outer-dimensional wall called the Matrix is a machine of this globally-universal system and of all system which are not within and do not function according to the Law of the Universe. The beginning of horror is the ascertation that the entire Matrix system (globally-universal, but multidimensional) is inside the body, i.e. each body on the planet is a body of the Matrix and is born from the Matrix Machine. Read More The non-humanoid creation cannot produce and give birth to a humanoid (human) and all force of the Machine is directed to total implantation even of the smallest remaining humanoid part of the body. There are only a few of the kind remaining on the planet regarding the "western world" and under the term "western world" I include the entire global system lengthwise and crosswise except a few tribes in certain parts of the world which still live according to their heritage and tradition whose foundation is life in harmony with the Universe. Loyalty is not punished and the reason why the Universe is not destroying them is the same reason why the global Machine wants to destroy them – their transformation and transition into the life beyond this one, i.e. into the Living Truth is in fact unquestionable.

This is about a race and the creation of a race of 100% non-humanoids. A race of cyborgs, a race of human beasts which is neither one nor the other. Genetic manipulation of genetic engineering is practically transparent, i.e. public. There is no more time for hiding. It is becoming more and more obvious who is who and what is what and this is what is being strived for. Propaganda rises and glorifies such approach as the sole possible step in progress of the civilization. Washed brains are at their peaks, all is ready for the transformation – into what?

While in parallel everyone has their own version of perfection and the perfect self, what is in fact and exclusively a projection of the implanted gene, here and now, on this side, from the Dimension of the Truth, the metamilitary transformation into the Meta Human (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology & OMMIISSWW Special Training) is entering into force.
Ra's al Ghaul is Eternity and its form. Bernhard Stroilli is the necessary Truth of the Destroyer of Time.

While in parallel it is being written and stated about the presence of global implantation and the destruction of life, about the presence of alien technology and race which is in control of all of this from the other dimension, it is also being written and reasons are being stated why it is to and the answer is being given. There is no way without the Destroyer of Time. This is not a call nor is it a propaganda material. This is beyond all ways because one cannot go into something and against somenthing that is unknown for all.

Collision of the U.S-Russian front about which is being spoken is a statute beyond this dimension established and immortalised inside the rooms of the Pentagon (4th dimension). The titanium field which rules the planet is the dimension of the cold-blooded the non-humanoid. The Machine is alive and the way of execution of its mathematical algorithms is infallible and lethal for anyone who knows that it exists. Knowledge is Consciousness. Each Information of such level with itself brings the resolution of the system for destruction and deletion from memory and that's how plagiarisms and deviation of history and historic facts occur. The collision of fronts is a pact, agreement of nations about the elimination of global Knowledge from time immemorial.

Technology to the Matrix | Technology to Croatia

The Mediator is speaking.

Technological Field of the Werkraft Power Institution grounds and lands nationality within the individual and takes over the legislature and supreme reign in the body and such body is the Law and Government and Nation.
Werkraft Power speaks and conducts the development of technological outlines of the dimension that opens the doors of independence of all the space. Territoriality of the ones who belong to that space (territory) is established in the Technological Field of Werkraft Power Institution and survival, i.e. retention on native land is not predetermined, although it can be, yet it’s being developed through the very presence and development of the Technological Field of Werkraft Power Institution. Development or inability for a portion of the territory to survive, whether it’s a larger or smaller part, is a matter of the Law of the Body and the installed Technology inside the body, and space (territory) as well.


Complete chaos occurs in the space. Disorder and carelessness go hand in hand. Disorder of the entire coastline seeks absence of the entire society (society that is not and does not „belong“ to the coastline) from politics and will result in forced and violent separation from the government. Legislation of feudal principles will result in bringing new boundary branches within the nation itself – counties that in fact are not counties. The country is working against itself and shuts down the path for unification, but a total one, and the sytem of functioning of the government is a handover of majority power to smaller territories – pressure „decompression“.

War fields of north and south create the effect of a more and more powerful resistance against themselves and open the path for a free entrance from the east. Centralization of the capital city has weakened with the entrance into this millennium and from then is in absolute downfall.

The energy depiction is the war of fields within the country which is also clear at a physical level.
Decentralization of the capital city has brought to the more and more powerful pressure and tension between the spaces of north and south and this same space is under attack from the sea (from depths) and between (from) the space of Platak and Učka. The attack from north to south, and vice versa, is being effectively rejected and, on the vertical, it opens the space on the east. The attack passes through the space of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it stops on the Croatian-Serbian border. The mentioned depiction creates an energetic pyramid with the center of impact on the east while, through that open space on the east, the semicircular flow interflows from the south-east part of the central Bosnia and Herzegovina into Croatia and beyond. The entire image is a display of the hammer and sickle. There is no industry, the industry is dead (Rijeka), what is left is the sickle – slaughter.


Werkraft Power Institution – Institution of the Force of the Universe

The legal right of Werkraft Power Institution is the territory of western Croatia separated by the Force of the Universe – Propaganda Body of the Universe.
Werkraft Power Institution is the representative office (consulate) of the Universe on planet Earth.

West is the territory for the fall of the existent.

The only thing valid here is the Law of the Body which is the Law of Space which is in fact ability – to be the Body of the Universe and to conduct the Universe.

Outside the Law there is no law. The brain determines and rules. This is Heart-Body-1.

Tito’s Space program | Area 51

Tito’s underground city Project is the Space Program.

The construction of the drive for space shuttles.

Yugoslav engineers were the first in the world who constructed and demonstratively presented the drive and the first calculations from the moment of take off to the landing on the Moon. The underground city is Area 51.

The drive, fuel, exact calculations of the technology (inside the orbit and outside).

Tito’s Space program built a significant part of what was later taken over, upon agreement, by NASA, i.e. the American government. Not exclusively terrestrial technology was available to Yugoslavia. Partially, that’s why Goli otok (Naked Island) was open – spies. The underground city was due to the protection of information and technology itself. All projects of the Space program are still in the hands of CIA and the U.S. Secret Service.

The Yugoslavian engineering reach was, even for today’s standards, far more sophisticated and demanding than orbiting around the planet and the planets.

But why the Moon? Does it have anything to do with the distance or is it something else?

Occupation of the planet and the bodies. The Space base is the planet – the Moon. There is no stopping to building and drilling the tunnels. There are more and more bodies, but which bodies? Whose bodies?

The American-Russian agreement concluded after WWII is soon coming out in public. Nobody is free nor liberated.

Tito protected Yugoslavia through the technology. And then they’ve sold it. There is no technology nor industry, and how can there even be one without the other.

Silos Rijeka – tower and gateway.
Vrata Jadrana (Gates of the Adriatic) – the entrance into the dimension of Yugoslavia.

Project: National Security

Establishment of national independence Knowledge and Technology | Antigravity Technology (Space Technology) | Establishing the Dimension of the Zero Point

Zero Point Science and Technology requires all the attention and sponsorship of the presiding body for the purpose of implementing already launched development projects, and relate to the energy independence of the state and the start of industrial work, i.e. production.
One thing that can preserve the integrity and establish equality, and even superiority of your country over the whole world, is the Knowledge, Science and Technology of the Zero Point, i.e. the Space Program itself that was born and created and started to break the dimensional information field from the WPI Center.

Science is about the Body and Technology is the Body.

Operation of this level implies superconditions and sterility of the working space, i.e. protection of the Zero Point Field. The first Scientist of the Universe is the one who created and implemented Zero Point Science and Technology is the Mediator of the Body and the Lama of the Heart, Domagoj Neusidl.

Energy separation from the rest of the world and independence from energy resources, i.e. Knowledge (know) and Technology (how) is here and present.
The shift in Knowledge is of the technological level and is independent of the knowledge and technology of this dimension.
Here is the key and the solution, and time is short, but still enough for you to be the first in the Universe, and as such to be an example, which will accept and introduce your country into a completely new, technologically (industrial) and energy independent, rational and global healing level. Acceptance of this Knowledge and this Technology initiates the Ecological project of conservation and self-renewal of the state itself, but also of the entire planet. Real Knowledge and Real Technology works spherically which means Body = State = Planet = Universe and it is superiority and independence of all levels.

Physical (energy-physical) and scientific-technological establishment and protection of the state (territory)

A fundamental human right is freedom. Freedom is rotation. Rotation is the Knowledge and Law and Technology of the Universe. Knowledge / Technology protects.
Everything has stopped, not to mention failed or is on the way to it, and here is the Rotation and everything she is. Absolute.

Establishing the Dimension of the Zero Point in the conditions of sterile space and work, i.e. the establishment of only one of the Antigravity Technology Projects (Space Technology) can and would make a quantum shift (jump) in intelligence, development and liberation, i.e. independence of the state which means that the only solution of complete physical and energy protection and the establishment is precisely the Technology of the Universe that needs to be materialized.

Explaining the Laws of Physics and the application of the Universe is superfluous, but knowing and having information about the existence of Antigravity Technology in your country is a matter of national interest and duty to provide the necessary minimum for realization.

The technology of the Universe requires experts of the Universe, and there is only one - Mediator / Lama, Domagoj Neusidl.

Your sponsorship would provide a totally new way of understanding and insight into the physical and energetic body through direct contact with Antigravity Technology. Each of the Projects is based on the physical and energy level of Information Intelligence and each of the Projects is a completely new body of metaphysical manifestation which means that the work of such a body is Spherical Intelligence which establishes the Zero Point Field and protects the territory with the Zero Point Field.

National security is independence is a global project

WPI – Project Vril Phaser     www.ommiissww.com/WPI

Werkraft Propaganda | Space Technology


Space Technology in Croatia.

Werkraft Technology of metamilitary action is an invention project of the Universe and Space Tehncology. Work of this technology is the production of compression of shape of Sound and the first such project miracle is the Vacuum engine.
Technology itself is the Universe itself and only this can, because it is, pass as Space Technology.
The Engine is Space – Vacuum.
The compression of sonority of Sound in Work that fulfills the shape (any object or machine, but it's about Space) and performs the Space of the Vacuum Space which is a physical space, physical machine which means that produces, with its very existence, the Sound of the Universe.
Sound is a force. It's the Force of Sound and the Force is Sound = Energy, i.e. the Zero Point itself.

The product of Werkraft Technology is a rational, clear, authentic and established Technology of Force of Sound of the Universe (Zero Point).

Briefly, the Vacuum engine, the Vacuum force, i.e. Sound of the Universe continuously produces Itself. It's about Space.

Consciousness, Intelligence, Force, Technology is Space, but the Vacuum space, i.e. the manifested technological depiction through the Project and breakthrough through physical manifestation (sponsorship, construction, existence, i.e. presence = WORK).

Tehnologija u Hrvatskoj     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Znanost Polja Nulte točke – Tehnologija Polja Nulte točke – Antigravitacijska Tehnologija i Znanost

Projekt potpuno nove i nepojmljive, a do sad i nepostojane razine poimanja i djelovanja Znanja i Tehnologije.

Ako se itko pita što slijedi, što je budućnost i kako i kojim smjerom krenuti, odgovor je ovdje i odgovor je Sada. Budućnost počinje ovdje i Sada.
Antigravitacijska Tehnologija polazi od pokretanja ovdje, u Hrvatskoj.

Zaštita teritorija, Industrija u RH (samostalnost) – Antigravitacijska Tehnologija

Antigravitacijska Tehnologija je u Hrvatskoj. Pojam nesvakidašnji, ali istinit. Realnost ovoga nije upitna.

Pitanje je da li je vrh Republike Hrvatske spreman na totalnu rekonstrukciju i osamostaljenje?

Ovo je Neovisnost! Od Vas se traži vrijeme i spremnost na izlazak.

Tehnologija je ovdje! Znanje je Znanost je Tehnologija je ovdje.

Biological - technological construction of OMANU Black Dolphin Body


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