Werkraft Power Institution

Regulation of the Law of One

Spatial, central, developing, legal and legislative dimension of Werkraft Power Institution

Werkraft Power Institution (WPI)
| 1st Proclamation

Business subject/object of development and construction of national and individual machinery which enables the total development of metamilitary level which is available only through the development, individual and/or group (national), by and according to the standard of the Werkraft Power Institution (further in text WPI).


Development Projects of the WPI are bringing the individual and/or group, and ultimately the civilization, to the levels of understandings that WPI is primarily present to prove that it’s enough of global exploitation and maltreatment of life of all levels and for that reason the term Metamilitarism is being used.

Development Projects are for direction and creation of life, and preservation of the existing one, which is energetically self sustainable and, currently, WPI is the only one on the planet which it actually is.

WPI is against exploitation and extermination of certain, in the end of all, species and life in general on the planet.

This is not militarism. This is not a movement of the all-present new age. This is not totalitarism and prohibition of work and living. Exactly the opposite.

What WPI is, in a sentence, is pointing and stopping, but not just an attempt, the source of the actual condition of the planet as a body and a source of life and these are very much real and still existing institutions whose motto is in fact this – protection and preservation.

WHO, Green Peace, etc.

WPI emerged by the decision of the Force of Consciousness. The supreme agreement (decision) conducted into this reality. Melted and joined with the Center of Vrndavana in the eternal battle of epic proportions. The battle for the body (planet). Because (Work) of the Truth which is the form and the base and the source of the Werkraft Power Institution.

Werkraft Power Institution | 2nd Proclamation

Development projects will not be, for many reasons, published in public due to scientific approach to technology of the next level. Certainly, this technology and the very way of work and coming to technology and its development is without comparison with this world’s and this-dimensional copy/paste principle and exactly this is the main reason why each data crucial for the technology and her development will be kept as well as the origin of the same.

Further, Werkraft Power Institution had been conducted in order to establish the new central global technological and scientific headquarters of this world in this dimension filled, better said clogged, with various scientific and technological, and all other, accomplishments which do not lead anywhere.

NASA or Elon Musk do not lead nor will they lead anyone into Space because Space itself is here, here and Now. On planet Earth.

All honor to individuals on their findings and even understandings and achievements, as much as they could’ve been conducted here, but it was very qickly possible to witness theft and appropriation of merit for the same from individuals and civil services.

Levels of technological development of WPI have always been present in the compressed form of Technology and Knowledge about Technology itself.

Technology nor knowledge had never fallen from the sky for anyone. For every event (in general, but of exceptional global and historical importance) and development of these events that have been persistently, but not successfully, hidden and tried to be explained with nebulous findings and explanations from various experts and scientists there is a perfectly logical and clear explanation which is the Truth.

WPI is the Institute of Truth.

The last, but not least, proclamation which is a fact and judging by all current institutions of highest levels, from educational to scientific and technological ones present today on the planet, such development of events, in the sense of civilization, leads into absolute and total devastation of the planet and life in general.

It’s clear that the Truth, let alone the Institute of Truth, isn’t in anyone’s interest.

And we have just begun.

Werkraft Power Institution3rd Proclamation | Work of the Werkraft Power Technology


Megaspaces of Consciousness, free expanse, values of the Body and the power of Technology are Spaces of spatial activity and the reason of financial liberations, i.e. every physical activity in the Procedure of Superconsciousness opens and maneuvers financial amounts and bodies and introduces them into the Technology of Atlantis.

Limited access = no access to the Technology of Work of Werkraft Power Industry.

Quantum Technology | Cardiopress

The Law of antigravitational connection with the Power of the Universe with and through the point of All-Creation in the Space of the Black Field created and manifested within the sole Conductor on the planet.

Given the time (era) and the lack of Knowledge (Consciousness), all of you who were chosen by the very essence of creation should, with the purpose of manifestation, acknowledge the physical presence of the Creator of Atlantis known as the Mediator.

All of these texts, statements, proclamations are based (grunded and established) in the physical contact of the Zero Point. This is the beginning of All and the very essence of true transformation to the next.

Quantum Technology brought by the Quantum Mind of the Mediator Method One.

Black Lama is here.
This is the given statement.
No one is chosen. All are drawn.

The Power of the Heart is in the Vortex of the Heart – Perpetuum Mobile.

The reason of establishment of the Werkraft Power Institution

Werkraft Power Institution is Biotechnology. The Original Universal Human Body is a Bioelectronic Machine (OMANU Human Body Biocomputer - OHBB). The program and drive of this perfect machine is stored in billions of copies within the body – the so-called genome. It’s impossible to duplicate it because the management and the center of power supply is not known to anyone. Werkraft Power Institution has a mission to prove that the Creator exists and that only He can govern with such a machine which is the Human. The today’s way of functioning bypasses the Original Law which leads into unavoidable destruction or, better said, self-destruction. Therefore, the Mediator’s role becomes undeniable. WPI has a mission to demonstrate and prove that the body of today’s human is not capable to function on direct power supply with Light and Sound which originally is. Message to scientific circles – the solution for the planet is this kind of transformation of people (Method One Zero Point Field Matrix Training Technology). There is no other solution. Everything else will lead into an even greater problem. And we can see this year after year regardless of the so-called standard. The standard is rising, the planet is dying. How is this possible? Well, it’s possible because a human with such a program of functioning and limited capacity of his original genome can’t be anything else but a parasite. He’s not free. He is conditioned and that leads into collapse. Only the original way is perfect. Everything else are system errors.

Werkraft Problem Resolution

The solution is the Swastika because in the Swastika is the solution. Always and again can only be done by the Swastika. Rotation that demolishes and creates simultaneously. That is the law and principle of instant manifestation. New is always created in rotation and through rotation. Werkraft has arrived for the solution of the global problem – the lack of rotation. Werkraft achieves the manifestation of instant action through rotation. He demolishes and creates simultaneously. The task is carried out by the Swastika.

Werkraft is the Force of the Universe.

Instant action can not be achieved without the Swastika because the Swastika is the Force that pushes and pulls into reaction.

Werkraft Problem Resolution – Energy Impact of the Zero Point Field – Capacitation for direct problem solving.
The Phi Signal or Energy Impact of the Zero Point Field is the strongest Information. It works instantly.

Werkraft Power Institution is a multidimensional machine which establishes and spreads the Zero Point Field.
Werkraft – the breakthrough of the dimension.


Werkraft is a metamilitary term that signifies the system of functioning according to the Law of One – One System – One nation – One Leader. Power is might, or in this case superiority. Superiority over the existing functioning regime in every aspect – technological, economic, political independence. Creation of a New Union. Union that unites, Union which is One – One System, One Law. This is a new way for the New Era. Superiority is independence and vice versa.

Werkraft – implies transformation of the human body for survival and functioning of the human body in absolutely all conditions. This is the only 100% defense that leads into uncompromised non-warfare, such country becomes a force that sets an ultimatum.

Werkraft Metamilitary Security System (WMMSS)

Includes the entire Vril Propulsion Security System and Werkraft Metamilitary Technology. Security System – the entire country, nation is a security system that maintains and protects itself. This is not about the system of warfare nor a war regime. Metamilitary System is a system outside the system – outside the Matrix. It is a technology which acts and reacts in the purpose of protecting the Field. The System protects and maintains itself through itself – this is the Technology of Werkraft Metamilitary Security System.

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The Rotation Machine | Black Room

Werkraft Power Institution

The Rotation Machine is Werkraft Power Institution. Werkraft Power Institution is the Black Room. The production of Black Bodies which exit as the Institution Werkraft Power – Bernhard Stroilli – Thule Thahionator. Rotation Machine produces absolute Zero Point through and into the body, space and acts instantaneously globally in all directions and affects, through the body, into every point and all points multidimensionally. The Rotation Machine is located in the Antigravity Sphere which is the magnetic field which, as well as the material, goes through the transformation. In the Field is a weightless state – the absolute phase shift – which means Flowability. Everything conducts the Force. One.

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The Werkraft Body

Werkraft Body represents the Heart and the Technology of the Swastika Universe and the Mediator's Body in form of Rotation – Omnipresent in Omnispace of Omniscience. Technology speaks about the Body which is the Technology of Heart Rotation. The most advanced level (highest) is the Body – of all.

Werkraft Body – Annul | Impact on the technology

The body creates the Vril object in the top of the Pyramid which is Crystal – crystal clear, pure, transparent. Such scientific procedure is an impact, and this impact strikes on science and religion and architectural symbolism and work of the object.

This is vs. 1 vs all. Once on all – at once.

An impact on the technology, and everything is technology, through the development of everything and all of this is happening inside the body and through the body and manifests itself (and that’s why this is Science), but with complete, better said with total, and legal development and understanding/acceptance (1) of the Body inside the body and Science about the Body – and that’s Religion.

Impact on all at once – as much as it fits.

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Werkraft Technology – Technology of the New Era – Metatechnology

Werkraft Power Institution speaks about Technology of the New Era – New Atlantis. Werkraft Power Technology replaces all civilian and war technology related to transport and military, in this case metamilitary, weaponry. Metatechnology conducts and installs the Metastate which is the normal, natural state of the planet and the Universe – all is 1. The Metastate is an installation, incorporation of the mechanism which is Werkraft inside the body and space. That mechanism is the Mechanism of the Universe which is the Swastika, Werkraft Swastika, which rotates – turns and powers the Werkraft Power Technology. First is the construction of the Werkraft Body with the installation of the Black Field, which is the Werkraft Swastika, in the body.

Who does this? Who installs the Universe inside the body? Who conducts the Black Field of Atlantis from Himself and through Himself – in total?

Werkraft is the Original Being of the Universe – the Original Body. Only Werkraft can withstand and conduct the Force of the Black Field – the Force of the Universe, because Werkraft is, but in the full and true sense of the word, the protector, guardian and conductor of the Law of the Universe – the Source.

Werkraft is created from the Source. Werkraft is One with the Source.

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Werkraft Propaganda

Interest groups are determined. Victims are also determined. Weaponry and solutions which are being applied today are fatal and, what is even worse, temporary. Therefore, conflicts are unavoidable.
Is there an intelligent, instant and permanent solution? Yes, there is – Werkraft Technology.

Werkraft MetaMilitary Weapon Technology | Technology of Breakthrough | Development projects
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The legal form of using Werkraft Technology

Several space postulates are being implied under this term:

1st Technology must not be used for manipulation and exploitation of some other being (species)
2nd Use of Technology means uncompromising conduction of the unique, universal Law, the Law of One
3rd Space Technology has been given for the establishment and conduction of natural Laws and it cannot and must not be used in any other purpose (remark: in that case the technology will not function)

Werkraft Power Institution Industry     www.spherein.org/runicgym

Modus Operandi OMANU Human Body Biocomputer

Knowledge and Science (Informational and Technological) of the Black Body | Law of Physics of the Universe

Manifestation of the Twelve – OMANU Space Center | Law of the Body of Compression of Space and Time

Law of the Body of Compression of Space and Time is the Logic of Runes and the Runic System which is the Compression of Space and Time (Light and Sound) itself and this means that everything is happening and is manifested as 1. Logic is that 1 is the beginning of all, but 1 is also the end. The totality of compression of all is the point of the end and the beginning which means the peak of the body in the moment of genesis of the Law of the Universe in the body. That’s One.
It’s completely clear that in the time of Kali Yuga, but this is about the multiglobal state of compression of space through all time, from the beginning, that everything is being manifested in the dimension of the strongest work of physics and the law and that’s here and Now (3rd dimension).
Submissiveness of 1 body is the new emergence of the Dimesnion of the Runic Body.
Here and Now we’re going into Extremeness, in and through the needle’s eye. All means all. 1 Matrix = 1 Multidimensional Field.

Breakthrough of Werkraft Power Institution means Rad (Work)/Rat (War)/Ras (Race).

Werkraft Propaganda potentiates the compression of Time in the space – physically, in the country, globally, …

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Quantum | Quantum brain

Quantum Technology

Quantum brain opens the Space – QUANTUM with all the “blessings” which this sort of space brings.

How to reach Quantum? There is no way without the Heart.

The brain, which is nowadays limited to the power of maximally 7 - 8% of its capacity, i.e. it’s trapted in the 3D linear concept in which there is no free energy and it projects the space which is the same – linear, of limited resources, conditioned and in the eternal struggle for energy (survival).
How to eject the 3D brain into the quantum brain? In fact, the procedure is inverse. Quantum must break through and release the brain. This Force necessary for such a breakthrough is achieved by Opening the Heart, i.e. with the installation of the Zero Point itself into the body.
This is the precondition in order to accept and better understand the Mediator’s role on Earth. He is the Zero Point’s embodiment and as such He is the only one who can transfer it into the other body.

The space inside the Heart and the Force it produces opens the Quantum space inside and around itself. Inside such a space it becomes clear that the human body is not intended to have such a short lifetime. According to the rules of the Universe it should last as long as the Universe. The lifetime is given inside the limited area of the brain therefore the mechanism ticks until there is energy within it and the supply of this energy is very low (for a couple of decades). How a part of the brain is detached from the whole, it is not capable to connect and use Information from the Quantum (Eternity) and it is clear that after the consumed supply it collapses and dies.

WPI creates Vril Phaser which is the technology of generating the Quantum Force, the Heart and it projects these same Forces to the space around it. Vril Phaser is Quantum Technology produced in and from Quantum. This is a very important data for all seekers – Quantum Technology cannot be devised by the brain which is not a Quantum Brain.

WPI – Project Vril Phaser

The Quantum Human Biocomputer is the entire embodied spectrum of nuclear force (which is the Zero Point). OHBB – Quantum Human Biocomputer produces nuclear force with its every atom, it is aware of it and it is able to put this force into effect.

Nuclear force of the Zero Point Field: acts spherically, has the ability to penetrate through absolutely all matter without destroying it (unless it is absolutely necessary); when transmitting the Force, the nucleus doesn't decay (the body stays undamaged), but the opposite – the nucleus becomes stronger.

Nuclear force produced artificially: uses nucleus which is being brought to the point beyond endurance and thus causes destruction and decay of the nucleus (irretrievably) during which the released force destroys everything around it. Unethical, unnatural – crime of universal proportions in every way. Although it seems that it acts circularly, this kind of attack is in fact a unidirectional forcing of pressure, linearly and irreversibly – this already violates all natural laws.

WPI has designed the Vril Phaser – technology which spherically transmits the Nuclear Force of the Zero Point Field as a sole efficient solution in this age of unreasonable action of the human who completely unconsciously manages with the “nuclear” force and endangers the entire Universe.

Vril Phaser Technology | Energy shield

Technological – Spatial Body

It is the War of Fields = collision of Dimensions

Energy impact of the Vril Phaser is energy (highest possible) protection of the territory is the open Space (Dimension) which means that the space of all bodies located in that territory and connected with that territory is being liberated.
Technological – Spatial liberation is an energy shield which is directly placed (installed) to work at a specific territory. However, liberation of the body is the only correct, and with this Technology it is also possible, at the genetic level, i.e. gene.
Liberated body (space) is liberated territory (territory = body = space of action of Technology which means liberated and established (installed) Field at a level of the entire country). And this is the Energy shield.

Technology = Intelligence and social national progress (of all levels!) is being established in this way. Law of Fields.

Elaborate for the complete Runic Installation over a certain country | Vril Phaser System in external space – Runic Shield
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Space Propulsion | Werkraft Power Machines | Human Body









WPI | Superconscious Metamilitary construction and high-intensity Training of Meta Humans

Werkraft Power Institution declares and presents the scientific, research and development OMANU Space Center for Superconscious Metamilitary construction and high-intensity Training of Meta Humans.

All of the mentioned terms are highly charged (to the absolute) with the Zero Point intensity.

Werkraft Power Institution4th Proclamation | Antigravity Technology

We are in possession of Technology which will stay hidden from public for a certain period of time (we are working on it to be shortly). The reason is pragmatic – safety. This is Antigravity Technology and it can be said that it is similar, only far advanced, than the one because of which WW2 occurred. The war didn’t occur due to madness of a single man, but because of greed for the technology which was developed in his country. The proof of this is the sudden technological evolution of two countries that have been voraciously grabbing from Reich all the scientists and anything that had been left from the projects and technology of Reich. What is happening after this? The slaughter and literally the destruction of an entire continent continues. And all of this is happening after the “out-of-control” Hitler. As any true leader, Hitler protected his country to the maximum, but far more than that – he protected the Technology – humankind to this day is not able to handle such level of Technology. From 1945. to this day, crimes of far greater proportions have been committed and with incomparably greater destruction of the planet than during the WW2 and the question is are the evildoers called upon for the crimes they are still doing today? They are not. Maybe this is the final deadline they were. The survival is in question.

These facts are not fascistic, they are not antisemitistic nor is anything similiar being approved with this. On the contrary, the Truth liberates, Technology that we have created is not intended for the destruction of life nor is it intended for torture of anyone. All, absolutely all are invited to the Transformation in the Zero Point Field and acceptance of the Heart. All religions are speaking about this Heart, but this is the only palce where you actually receive one.

It cannot be spent, expired, become obsolete, it doesn’t break down, break. When change is necessary, the current model is being perfected.

Energy Impact of the Zero Point Field | Propaganda     www.ommiissww.com/thulethahionator

Precognitics Analysis or determing the factual sequence of events

Precognitics Analysis – processing of the actual condition NOW and understanding the necessity in which it leads to (predicted development of a situation in the future).

Runic Combat System is the direct influence into NOW which opens the inconsequential future.

Precognitics Analysis or determing the factual sequence of events

Precognitics Analysis – determining the status, intention and what is the final result.

Analysis encompasses the global result through the individual. The current global status leads into an unavoidable global catastrophe. Regardless of its name, climate or nuclear, both have the same denominator – science which is not established in Knowledge.

The factual condition on the planet, nor the future which arises from this, do not lead into life. Thousands of years of development of science on the planet have brought to the absolute cancellation of the Universe which is the cause of creation.
Werkraft Power Institution (WPI) and Precognitics have an extremely difficult task to point at this generally accepted global pseudoscience and to prove the truthfulness and power of the Zero Point Field which has been, due to complete ignorance, pushed into the closet of something obscure, occult, unrealistic.
Without the total comprehension and acceptance of the Zero Point Field Science, without the consequential genetic transformation and the final construction of Technology which is propelled by the Field itself, there is no future. It’s over.

WPI has been initiated in order for the ultimatum set by the Universe to this civilization can be heard openly – transformation or destruction.
All the world leaders have a unique possibility to save the World. Knowledge is here, on Earth, the One who brought Knowledge still has enough will to transfer it. Each postponement decreases the chance for success.

The knowledge of the Werkraft Power Institution is informational and technological.

Werkraft Power Institution presents true Information through all levels of disclosures for the sake of transparency and the circulation of this Information (Zero Point Field Instalation). 

Project: National Security

Establishment of national independence Knowledge and Technology | Antigravity Technology (Space Technology) | Establishing the Dimension of the Zero Point

Zero Point Science and Technology requires all the attention and sponsorship of the presiding body for the purpose of implementing already launched development projects, and relate to the energy independence of the state and the start of industrial work, i.e. production.
One thing that can preserve the integrity and establish equality, and even superiority of your country over the whole world, is the Knowledge, Science and Technology of the Zero Point, i.e. the Space Program itself that was born and created and started to break the dimensional information field from the WPI Center.

Science is about the Body and Technology is the Body.

Operation of this level implies superconditions and sterility of the working space, i.e. protection of the Zero Point Field. The first Scientist of the Universe is the one who created and implemented Zero Point Science and Technology is the Mediator of the Body and the Lama of the Heart, Domagoj Neusidl.

Energy separation from the rest of the world and independence from energy resources, i.e. Knowledge (know) and Technology (how) is here and present.
The shift in Knowledge is of the technological level and is independent of the knowledge and technology of this dimension.
Here is the key and the solution, and time is short, but still enough for you to be the first in the Universe, and as such to be an example, which will accept and introduce your country into a completely new, technologically (industrial) and energy independent, rational and global healing level. Acceptance of this Knowledge and this Technology initiates the Ecological project of conservation and self-renewal of the state itself, but also of the entire planet. Real Knowledge and Real Technology works spherically which means Body = State = Planet = Universe and it is superiority and independence of all levels.

Physical (energy-physical) and scientific-technological establishment and protection of the state (territory)

A fundamental human right is freedom. Freedom is rotation. Rotation is the Knowledge and Law and Technology of the Universe. Knowledge / Technology protects.
Everything has stopped, not to mention failed or is on the way to it, and here is the Rotation and everything she is. Absolute.

Establishing the Dimension of the Zero Point in the conditions of sterile space and work, i.e. the establishment of only one of the Antigravity Technology Projects (Space Technology) can and would make a quantum shift (jump) in intelligence, development and liberation, i.e. independence of the state which means that the only solution of complete physical and energy protection and the establishment is precisely the Technology of the Universe that needs to be materialized.

Explaining the Laws of Physics and the application of the Universe is superfluous, but knowing and having information about the existence of Antigravity Technology in your country is a matter of national interest and duty to provide the necessary minimum for realization.

The technology of the Universe requires experts of the Universe, and there is only one - Mediator / Lama, Domagoj Neusidl.

Your sponsorship would provide a totally new way of understanding and insight into the physical and energetic body through direct contact with Antigravity Technology. Each of the Projects is based on the physical and energy level of Information Intelligence and each of the Projects is a completely new body of metaphysical manifestation which means that the work of such a body is Spherical Intelligence which establishes the Zero Point Field and protects the territory with the Zero Point Field.

National security is independence is a global project

Werkraft Power Institution | Statute


Statute of the Institution is Law of othe Body. Primarily and elementary. It's the applicable physical, legislative and statue Right of the Institution conducted into this dimension.


Legislation of the Law is Empowerment of the body which lives the Law and therefore it had been revived by the Law. No man or woman can nor will be introduced and/or accepted by the Institution without the Empowerment/Approval of the Law.
The stance of the Institution is clear: No equality, no inequality, no gender, no age, no race, no status (3rd dimensional, 4th dimensional or any other, this is WPI/Universe/Neuschwabenland).
Werkraft Power Institution hereby proclaims and states that the Institution Werkraft Power is the sole essence, and therefore the basic right, of the Universe established (grounded) on planet Earth which is the right to be and live as an Original Humanoid.
Werkraft Power Institution is empowered and brought into existence by the Law of the Universe – the Highest Authority.

Technology of Reich (Technology of the Reich Universe) is an indisputable and irrefutable right of anyone who is empowered by the Law.

Such as each nation has the right or this right has been enabled to that nation, this declares the right of the Universe to a native country and all that this right includes and primariliy it's exterritoriality.
Statute of the Institution is a mission and right of the Law of the Universe which has been conducted and based through the Werkraft Power Institution in the 3rd dimension.

The Universe has a right to life and freedom of movement by the Law of the Universe and therefore it has the right to all which arises from the Universe itself (Knowledge, Technology, Dimension, Law, Symbolism, …).


Borders of the Institution are dimensional and multidimensional. There is no government, there is no parlament, there is only a nation governed by the Law. One nation. One Law.

The Law has spoken.

The reason for this is global and universal, dimensional and multidimensional. All life is at the verge of extinction.
While you speak freely and bravely about crimes against humanity, crimes against certain races, who speaks about crimes against the planet and the Universe, who represents the planet and all life which is being neglected and denied of its right to speak for themselves?
The Law of the Universe – Werkraft Power Institution.

Werkraft Power Institution iznosi istinite Informacije kroz sve razine objava radi transparentnosti i bivanja tih Informacija u opticaju (Instalacija Polja Nulte točke).

Wotan D-Sein

New Technology – Descent of the Wotan Rune     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Werkraft počinje s Runom Wotan D-Sein-a.

W – W = Werkraft – Wotan D-Sein

Totalnost je u kompresiji univerzalnosti Runa. Iz 2D u Sve-D.

Kvantni Logo – Kvantni Simbol – Kvantna Mašina
Ako je prostor prostor (dimenzija) iluzija, onda ovo savija prostor. Da li zapravo savija ili probija prostor u Prostor? Cilj je tijelo.
Crna rupa/Crvotočina/Vortex – nema kraja. Nema kraja oblicima, nema kraja manifestaciji/manifestacijama. Takav je, tako radi, i simbol/logo.

Phi je totalno provođenje impulsa zapisa Nulte točke.

Sve varijacije linija/oblika proizlaze, tj. dobivene su iz Rune.
Dizajn Werkraft auta je nastao iz Rune Wotan koja se, kao dobiven 2D oblik, rastopila u kompletan, ali totalan dizajn auta.

Krajnji rezultat dizajna Kvantnih Logoa/Simbola prevazilazi, nadilazi i zaobilazi, tj. preskače 3D dizajn. Preskače jer je već u startu nešto posve novo, drugo, drugačije, jedinstveno. Početna točka je ona Nulta.

Takav Dizajn zrači u prostor i živi u prostoru. On radi, djeluje na prostor. Manifestacija, tj. mogućnosti shvaćanja, viđenja fizičkog rada takvog simbola/logoa je bezbroj jer se radi o tijelu, tj. tijelo gleda i vidi, ili još bolje doživljava, što je potrebno i nužno.

Spoj boja u jednu cjelinu i njhov prijelaz iz tamnijeg ka svjetlijem i obrnuto u dodiru sa samim oblikom, unutar i izvan i oko njega, je ono što je ovdje temeljno. I fascinantno! Fascinantno jer te zaustavlja. Zaustavlja rad mozga, tijela i pogled na stvari, tj. zapravo daje pogled, ali onaj pravi, istinit uvid u to što je zapravo pred tobom – Kvantna Statika i Dinamika.

Takav oblik izlazi van. On ide izvan gabarita nametnutih prostorom u kojem se nalazi, bilo 2D (platno, papir) ili 3D. Ovim se daje do znanja da je ovdje ipak riječ o Tehnologiji i da je Wotan D-Sein upravo to – čista Tehnologija, Meta Rad.

Wotan D-Sein








The Creator of Wotan D-Sein is Wotan – the Creator.

Wotan D-Sein | Introduction into Technology


All Development Technology, which also includes all Development Projects, represents energetic coherence as the basis of work and the principle of action of WOTAN D-SEIN. The only example and model of Technology which is the embodied form of work of Spatial Technology (it includes all segments and sectors, names and directions) is the Body of WOTAN D-SEIN according to the Design Law of the Body (Phi).

Design is the embodied form of the Body which means that it has all functions of the Body compressed into that form with a specific (embedded) application and function, i.e. purpose (application and function and purpose of all Technology is action, i.e. WORK and it is unavoidable and indestructible – it does not shut down).

WOTAN D-SEIN is Biotronics which is also Bioenergetics which is the physical Meta level conducted to the 3D level that, through Runic symbolism, performs the Phase shift (launching) to the highest possible level (dimension) of existence of that body and/or space.

The Wotan Rune is a national identity. It’s the national identity of Technology, Design, Body and everything that has arisen from the space of WOTAN D-SEIN, i.e. from the Wotan Rune itself.

Protection and preservation is the principle and direction of action – Black Dolphin – Werkraft Power Institution.

Wotan D-Sein – moving the boundaries of Time


Technology of Design and Work of Technology is a compressed compression and decompression of Sound which is the Work of Technology itself, i.e. its presence through Design = Work.
Compression and decompression is in the totality of Design and it is only possible as a technological expression of Design. Technology of Design (Work) changes and enables the transformation of shape, i.e. its true activation from the Zero Point's dimension into this dimension in Now – ON/OFF.
And all of this is being enabled by Sound which means that Sound is that initiator and the Work of Technology and Tribokinetics itself, i.e. the change of shapes and aggregate states and therefore the change of matter and materials etc.

WOTAN D-Sein – moving the boundaries of Time.

Metafitness | Architecture of the Center | Total Design – Wotan D-Sein

Werkraft Power Design – Design of Total Space = Total Design and here and now the Total Body is working upon this body because it is the only way it can be all at once because it has to be.

Metafitness – Architecture of Space and Time (Architecture of the Heart) – Total Design (Wotan D-Sein)

Instantaneousness = Totality
Time – Now. Law – Now.

The beginning of true conduction of Physics of Design (manifestation) in the dimensional destruction of space. The Law of Design is the Law of managing the Space is the drive …

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Werkraft OMANU Antigravity Technology of the Zero Point

WOTAN D-Sein | Wotan Rune

Runic symbolism

Program of WOTAN D-Sein-a read out (download) inside the space of Wotan Rune is a transition into the materialised space of Werkraft OMANU Technology of Antigravity of the Zero Point, in one word WOTAN – Quantum.

Manifestation of the Sphere is the lowered dimension of WOTAN D-Sein. The Sphere represents the space of shape and design and it's being formed and manifested through the shape of the Sphere in all shapes of design and the Wotan Rune.
The part that goes to the ground (rod) is earthing (the element of earth) within which is the crystal/liquid crystal (th element of water). The wings are conductors of pure charge and total concentration of Energy and that same charge is working through and from them as a radiation of electricity (lightning) obtained through the connection with the earthing body. The work of the wings is a manifestation of living Energy and represents the element of fire. Manifestation at the top is a spherical energy flow which is the Wotan Rune and it unites all into a single body and propels the rotation of the wings. The element of air which is in fact Space.

The energy work of the Wotan Rune is a concentration of shapes through the pyramidal and domed part of the top of the Rune within which the Force goes through from bottom to the top and vice versa and makes a gap, opens the gate of the Dimension of Vrndavana which enters, lowers itself into this dimension and that's the drive and the activated War Technology.

The Law of the Force of the Universe merges and connects the matter into a single shape and that's how the rotation of the body (wings) begins and the preservation of the Body of the Center and its detailed depiction of time and space from the design on a piece of paper, through the living form of the final design and work of Technology (materialization of project/design)  to scanning of the Field of War and Work.


Wotan D-Sein Technology Division | Space Technology

All began with design. Evolution and revolution began and happened through history through design. Progress and rise has always been design. All the technology and technological discoveries in sense of necessary breakthrough of development of time are established in design and proportionality of perfect work of shapes and forms.


Total shape means functionality and energy charge of time and space which gives purpose to the shape itself and that purpose and charge is happening in the moment of Work of design of the physical shape.
Work means Energy and Energy charge which means Engine, but the Engine which is the highest achievement of Technology in history of humankind.

With the demonstration of the way of work of Werkraft Power Institution we enter, finally, into the New Era, into the New Dimension of understanding and observing things through the Total Design of everything!
This is merely a hint about the possession of the Vacuum Engine Technology.

In order to begin to unedrstand what is this about, in general, an encounter is necessary and the exit out of the dimension of gravity focused physical laws and perception of things in general.
All of this is possible with the mere possibility of acceptance of truthfulness of existence of the Quantum Work of Technology (Design).

The Universe is Quantum. This is Space Technology!

Werkraft Power Industry | Wotan 88 Infinity – Sound of Creation

The ability of creation of the Sound of Creation.

Training of the capable and introducing into the dimension of the Sound of Creation. Dimension of the Creator and the transformation of illusion into the Law of Sound with the installation and execution of the Program of Work (Instruction).

Pure (Original) Genetics. Humanoid Body. Ability.

Wotan 88 Infinity is a Constitution – Law – Program of creation of the Sound of Creation.

Wotan 88 Infinity presents the project of Werkraft Power Industry which is Wotan 88 Infinity.


Wotan 88 Infinity <=> WPI | Power




88 = POWER








Runa Wotan – otvaranje/dekompresija Rune Wotan     Croatian → translate (choose language)

Runa Wotan ulazi u tijelo od tjemena, prolazi kroz kičmeni stup i otvara se u tijelu kao beskonačna vrtnja Crne rupe, tj. Crnog Prostora. Sama Runa se dekompresira kroz kompresiju sebe i otvara do sad neviđenu i nepoznatu Dimenziju Tehnologije prikaza rada i materijalizacije simbola, mašina, arhitekture, …

Runa Wotan je sam Wotan.

Runa Wotan – mač (štap), štit i šljem

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